Thursday, October 27, 2005

An A?

I watch his bicep flex as he nervously shifts in his chair. Such a tight young body. Lithe and full of energy. And legal.
"Wait," I say to myself "What am I thinking? He's 10 years younger than me and I'm his professor."
"Do I really have to finish these before I go?" he asks.
"Yes," I say, "You knew everything had to be done by the end of class today."
"Alright," he says and shifts in his chair once more giving me the pleasure of watching his bicep flex again. How nice.
"A girl can still look," I declare to myself. I feel myself getting wet and I unconsciously shift in my own chair and recross my boot clad legs under my skirt.
Was that a look up my legs I caught? Is that a little smile on his face? No, I must be imagining it.
"I have 2 left," he says and I watch him look at my legs again. He catches my eyes and smiles nervously before looking back down at his paper.
Ah, so he is feeling the same attraction I am. I feel myself getting more aroused. The wetness is seeping through my panties.
I get up and walk over to where he's sitting and lean over his shoulder to look at his work. "Good progress," I say, "keep pushing that idea."
"Okay," he says. "By the way, what do I need to do to get an A in your class? I don't think I'm far off, but think I might need some extra credit or something to help me get it."
"Well," I say, " I could use a student helper if you were interested."
His eyes light up and hold steady on mine. He knows exactly what I'm talking about.
"I could start today," he says.
"Could you?" I ask as I sit on the corner of his desk.
"If you'll let me," he responds. I say nothing and keep his gaze.
He tentatively reaches up and slowly slides his hand up my boot toward my knee. Seeing that I make no move to stop him, he continues his hand up my thigh and underneath my skirt. I move my legs so that they are more open for him. He moves his other hand up my other leg, exploring it. He pushes my skirt up a bit and moves one hand to my soaking panties. Feeling them, he lets out a small groan. Pulling them aside, he traces my lips with his thumb, spreading my wetness. I reach back and lean on my elbows, allowing him better access to my pussy. He moves my lips aside and strokes my core, circling around to my clit. The fire explodes in me. He may be young but he knows how I like it.
Wanting this to last, I sit up and move his hands to my breasts. I run my hands along his biceps. So firm, just like I thought they would be. I lift up his shirt and help him off with it. Exquisite chest and abs are revealed to me. I can't help but lean over and take one of his nipples into my mouth, nibbling it gently. He groans again. I suck harder causing him to shudder. I move my hands down across his stomach and down the front of his jeans. His rock hard cock quivers when I touch him. Definitely built like a man. I remove my hands and undo the buttons and zipper and slide his jeans down. I begin to rub his cock through his boxers. To my surprise it continues to grow and get harder. I definitely picked the right student.
Sensing he was getting a little too close, he pushes me back on the desk and moves my shirt up to expose my ample breasts. He pushes the bra cups down and sucks greedily at my nipples. I wrap my fingers in his hair moaning at the pleasure he's giving me. Torturing me. Alternating between licking, sucking and biting, he brings me to the edge.
"Stop," I say, "lick my pussy. I want to feel your mouth on me."
Complying, he gets down on his knees and pushes my skirt up. He expertly removes my dripping panties and buries his tongue in my cunt. He rotates between tongue fucking me and circling my clit. His soft warm wet tongue dragging across my clit causes me to shiver with excitement. Then, flicking his tongue across my clit, he pushes a finger inside me. I can't control my hips and they rock with the motions. His sweet tongue laps at me. He pushes two fingers inside then three stroking them in and out. My legs begin to tremble and the feeling becomes almost too powerful to bear. He pushes four fingers into me as he sucks my clit furiously and it pushes me over the edge. I feel the release through my body and screaming, I come hard all over his hand.
"Fuck me," I moan.
He pulls me up, turns me around and pushes me over the desk so my ass is up in the air waiting for him. He teases my pussy for just a second before he rams his thick hot cock inside me. We both cry out in pleasure. He strokes in and out hard then slows down. He repeats this pattern a few times. Fast then slow then fast again. The change in rhythm drives me wild. He fills me so well. I can feel him so deep inside me. The feeling is heavenly, I'm so slick from my juices that he slides smoothly in and out of me. My juices are running down my legs. Reaching around, he cups my breasts, mercilessly rolling my nipples between his fingers. The pleasure shoots through me. He reaches one hand down to my pussy and fingers me clit. That's all I needed as I come again squeezing and sucking his cock with my pussy. Harder now, he pumps his cock furiously in me unable to stop the feeling, he cums hard with a loud moan. His cock pulsates inside me spurting his hot nectar. Grinding hard against me he rides out the wave.
Catching his breath, he withdraws from me and immediately drops to his knees to lap up the juices running down my legs, licking up every last drop. Looking up at me with a wicked grin he says, "When are your next office hours? I could come by and assist you again..."


At 6:32 AM, Blogger The Silent Man said...

Hmmm...I think I need to take your class. Something tells me that I am a 'C' student so I will need lots of extra credit work, professor.


At 8:31 PM, Blogger leatherargento said...

Could this be a group project, Professor? I mean, I'm only auditing, but I'm fairly positive this could be an... enriching... experience for everyone with... a hand in it...

You are a Goddess... That's exactly how a Lady Prof/Boy Stud[ent] Fantasy should be written: Quick, divinely dirty, and with the promise that the bell ringing will always be the Lady Prof's '-}~

At 6:13 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

SM - come to my offce then ;)

leatherargento - a goddess? oh my, I've never been called that, but I'll happily accept the compliment. thank you. And yes, group projetcs are sometimes much more fun, come here and give me a hand ;)

At 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that was brilliant. I love this one. I'm very wet now, thank you. I wasn't planning on becoming wet, but you just had to have this here for me to read, didn't you? well...
no it's marvelous. you truly are a gem.

At 5:36 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

seraphimdeath - of course I had this in here just for you... I love making wet... and love making you cum all the more. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmm... i had 2 fingers thrust in to me, and i didnt even need them

At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Holden said...

I breathe in your perfume that seems to emanate from deep within your deep and distracting cleavage.

I am distracted by the sight of your scarlet red, satin bra strap peeking out of your top, contrasting vividly against your smoooth, cream shoulder.

And when you kneel towards me, my eyes involuntarily are drawn towards the most beauteous sight in the world: your breasts encased in satin and lace, and your cleavage so tempting.

I am aware of my jeans bulging obscenely.

I lower my eyes, but only to have them confronted with the sight of your pedicured feet in fuck-me red stilettos, your toenails painted scarlet red.

As you lean over my shoulder, I am aware of your full breasts pressing against me...

Oh, I so want you, I so want to be fucked by you, I so want to be your slut, your slave, your boytoy... I so want to worship you, kiss you, lick you, suck you, fuck you and be fucked by you...

So want to feel your fingers, your lips, your teeth, your lipstick on my nipples, on my cock...

So want to feel you straddle me, your full breasts hovering over my parched lips... as you raise your arms, revealing the sheer smoothness of your scented and shaved armpits...

At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Holden said...

Yes, a goddess is exactly what you are. And you deserved to be worshipped from feet up. Maybe I could kneel down and begin my kissing your feet, licking the spaces between your toes, and then sucking them alternately, one by one... feeling your hands in my hair, tugging them, as I make my way up your shins, the back of your knees, your toned, lower thighs...

I can't believe, so can hardly describe the state of arousal I have been in since I discovered your blog. Oh I so want to please you, to learn to pleasure you...

I hope you won't be put off by my obsessively writing you comments in my lust, my cock so hard and so wanting to be touched, caressed, licked...sucked, fucked


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