Sunday, February 14, 2010

Savannah 4:1 - The Boy

He sat across the room from her on the rigid desk chair. He looked nervous and he voice shook ever so slightly when he spoke to her. Gwen felt a kindness for the man across from her. She shook her head. She was having a hard time thinking of him as a man. The boy had just confessed he really wasn't the twenty-five year old he led Madame Gretchen to believe. He was really only nineteen. He had confessed this to Gwen within minutes of their meeting. He blurted it out after Gwen probed him a little. She suspected as much and thought it was cute that he was trying to impress her. She also got him to confess that while he had been with two other girls before their meeting, he hadn't lasted very long and he was quite embarrassed by the whole thing. That's why he hired Gwen. He was a pretty boy, handsome in a sweet way. A few more years and he'd become a very good-looking man.

Concerned for him, Gwen also probed him as to where he got the money to hire her. She wouldn't feel right if he was robbing a college fund. As it turned out, the boy's parents were both wealthy and divorced. They threw money at him to make him like them. From the tone of his voice, she could tell he was quite bitter about the whole situation. Gwen turned onto her side and stretched out across the bed. She felt a liking for the boy and wanted to help him.

"Come here," she said gently so as not to startle him. She patted the bed next to her.

The boy hesitated for a minute before getting up and coming over to her. He tentatively sat on the edge of the bed. Gwen figured it was close enough for now.

"Tell me what you want out of tonight. You can have anything you want, anything at all."

The boy looked at the floor and chewed his lip. Gwen could sense that his embarrassment was growing.

"Here," she said, "look at me. I'll close my eyes and won't look at you. Tell me what you want." She did as she said and closed her eyes. She suspected that the pressure of her looking at him made him nervous.

"Well," he started, "I do want to learn how to last a long time."

"And…" prompted Gwen.

"And I want to learn how to make a girl feel good too. I don't think I did before."

"Did they say you did?" Gwen asked, her eyes still closed.

"Sort-of. They said it was nice, but I didn't get the impression they… they…" the boy hesitated."


"Yeah," his voice was low. Gwen knew she needed to get him over his shyness.

"Then we'll have to work on both with you, because I'd very much like you to fuck me and I'd very much like to come for you." Gwen opened her eyes and looked at him.

His mouth turned into a small smile.

"How do I start?" His voice was so low it was practically a whisper.

"You can start by kissing me." She turned her face up to him. "Lean over and kiss me. It's one of the most sensual things you can do and it's a hell of a good start to foreplay." She winked at him and he laughed. She had broken the ice.

The boy shifted on the bed to get a better angle. Placing his hand on the bed to prop himself up, he leaned over and kissed Gwen softly on the lips. He pulled away and looked at her.

"That was a nice start," she said. "Kiss me again." She reached up to slide her fingers through his hair.

His mouth descended upon her again and he kissed her a little harder. His lips were soft and gentle and she teased him with her tongue. His mouth opened a little and Gwen darted her tongue inside. The boy's breath quickened and he opened his mouth a little wider. His tongue touched Gwen's lower lip and darted back. Gwen let out a soft moan to let him know it felt nice. The boy groaned in return.

Suddenly his lips pressed harder and his hand found Gwen's neck. He pulled her to him, his tongue sliding over hers, his mouth assaulting her. He took her by surprise and took breath away. The passion and yearning in the kiss was overwhelming and Gwen felt a sudden flush of arousal.

She pulled her mouth from his. "Your kissing certainly isn't the issue."

He laughed and he, all at once, looked more relaxed.

"Come on," she said, pulling his hand. "Get up not he bed with me. You now know that I wan't bite… yet." She winked at him causing him to laugh again.

"Why don't we start by getting rid of some of these clothes. Do you want to watch me strip or do you want to take them off?"

The boy thought for a moment before answering, "Watch."

"Such a dirty boy." She laughed and got up from the bed. The boy propped the pillows under his head. He was turning out to be a quick study and Gwen knew she was in for a fun evening.

to be continued...


At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

DLG you are a little tease! How can you leave us hanging like this? The poor boy is rock hard and dying to taste Gwen, don't make him waiR!

At 2:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lovely writing
please waiting for the "to be continued" :)


At 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait! This is torture!
Post soon plz

At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been coming to your website almost every day hoping you've written yet another wonderfully erotic tale.
But lately its been dissapointing 'cos you've not been writing.
I assume you're busy but pardon me but i do believe you deserve a spanking on your buttocks for keeping your readers in this very long suspense.
Hope to hear from you soon or I'll be sure to bring a whip to your doorstep:D

At 3:21 AM, Anonymous Taryn said...

I came here a few days ago and now I'm sad the story hasn't continued yet! Please come back soon x


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