Thursday, February 21, 2008

Washington D.C. Series 5:2 - Eva joins the party

Eva settled in next to another female lawyer from her floor and Mr. Denhurst indicated to Brent to sit. Brent looked around before realizing he was meant to sit at her feet. Eva watched him curiously. Brent seemed to vary between a state of arousal and a state of embarrassment. He sat tentatively next to Eva's chair and she squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. Just as Gretchen delivered her wine, Elizabeth McCabe strode in through the door.

All eyes turned to look at her. She was a vision dressed in a black sequined strapless gown. Her long legs sat atop black sequined stilettos and her long hair was up in a loose up-do. Behind her trailed a gorgeous woman dressed in a loose silk robe, obviously naked underneath. Beside her walked an equally gorgeous man in silk pajama bottoms and from the bulge between his thighs, nothing else either. Ms. McCabe smiled broadly at the crowd gathered in the room.

"I see we're all here, wonderful," she clasped her hands together. "Shall we begin then?" The crowd murmured their agreement and the lights slowly dimmed. The room took on a soft sensual glow from the multitude of candles. It was only then that Eva realized the room was filled with large luscious pillows and various other comfortable seating. She also noticed a long dark wooden table against the far wall which held a sizable selection of leather-looking goods. She'd have to check out that table later.

"Feel free to join in when you feel ready," came the whisper by her ear. Eva turned to look into Elizabeth McCabe's eyes. "The only rules are to wait for the granted permission of the slave's master. Anything goes once permission is granted." Ms. McCabe then kissed Eva full on the mouth, a warm soft sensual kiss before sauntering off with her companions trailing behind her. Eva felt her cheeks flush before turning to watch what would happen.

The mood in the room visibly shifted. It was immediately more electric. She watched as the two other partners Mr. Fabian and Mr. Walker slowly undressed their companions. There was no hesitation and no embarrassment as far as she could see. She watched mesmerized as Mr. Fabian directed his tall lithe blond girl, another lawyer from her floor, toward Mr. Walker's girl. She wasn't anyone Eva recognized but she assumed she worked at the law firm as well. This girl was shorter and had short cropped brown hair and was equally as beautiful as the blond. The two women happily embraced each other. There was a tenderness present that made Eva think these women had been with each other before. The women smiled and kissed deeply as their hands began to roam. Mr. Walker and Mr. Fabian looked on as the women sank to the pillows at their feet. They too sat as the women began to writhe on the floor together.

Eva looked down at Brent and saw he was watching as well. His cock was visibly hard and he tugged again at his tie.

"Take it off," Eva whispered to him. Brent eagerly ripped off his tie and Gretchen appeared out of nowhere to take it from him.

"Can I take anything else?" she asked.

Eva surveyed the rest of the room. Many couples were beginning to strip down. "Your shirt, Brent. Take it off too," Eva demanded. Brent happily complied and handed the shirt to Gretchen. Eva took the opportunity to extract her gift for Brent from her purse. Carefully, she reached around the front of him and placed the black leather collar around his neck, buckling it into place. Brent looked up at her, his hand reaching up to feel the leather. He smiled broadly.

"Is this so they know I'm yours?" he asked grinning.

Eva nodded and kissed him softly before turning her attention back to the rest of the room. Brent sat a little closer to Eva and caressed her leg. Eva watched the women closely. The brunette had moved astride the blond, each burying their face in the other's sex. Eva could see how visibly wet Mr. Fabian's girl was and it made her ache with desire. The brunette was over top of her, her thighs straddling the blond's face as each licked and sucked between their thighs. The brunette gently slid her fingers in and out of the blond cunt and from the movement of her body, the blond was already close to orgasm.

Just before the girl shuttered with her climax, Mr. Walker said, "Stop."

Eva blinked hard as she watched the girl immediately stop. The blond whimpered softly but made no movements to try and get the brunette to continue. Instead she dutifully continued licking and sucking at the brunette.

Mr. Walker gave Mr. Fabian a sly smile and a nod crossed between them. He got up and walked over to the girls. As he did so he said, "Make her cum, slut. I want to feel her cum as she sucks me. I want to watch her writhe on top of you while she sucks my cock. Only then will we let you cum." Both girls groaned at his words. Mr. Walker moved closer and stood in front of the brunette. She looked up at him, almost shyly before sliding her hands up the front of his pants. Her attention was clearly torn by the woman between her thighs and the man standing in front of her. With a struggle, she slowly undid his zipper and eased his cock out.

Eva gasped as she saw his member, standing hard and erect in the girl's hands. The scene and evening had become visually overwhelming. Not only was the presence of the naked men and women scattered about the room hard to take in, she was watching people she knew and worked with. The girl opened her mouth and slid the length of his erection all the way inside as Mr. Walker's head dropped back and he moaned softly. The brunette began slowly sucking and licking at him as the girl between her thighs brought her closer. Just as Mr. Fabian moved and knelt by the blond's head, Eva heard a soft voice speak to her.

"Miss Eva," Gretchen said, "Ms. McCabe would like to offer you her slut for the evening."

"Excuse me?" Eva asked as she wrenched her eyes from the orgy in front of her to turn and look at Gretchen. Elizabeth McCabe was standing close behind Gretchen, smiling at Eva. Eva looked from Gretchen to Ms. McCabe to the gorgeous specimen of a man standing beside her. It was the same man who followed her into the room earlier.

"I thought you might enjoy Drew's attention for the evening. And Brent and Drew are already acquainted... very acquainted." With that she winked at Brent who promptly looked down at the floor. Eva looked from Brent to Drew and the connection dawned on her. With the realization, her body temperature immediately went up a few degrees. She could feel the wetness between her thighs and knew she needed to say yes.

"Thank you, Ms. McCabe," she graciously responded. Elizabeth McCabe gave her nod of approval and walked off. Drew moved to Eva's side. Eva smiled at Brent and gave his hair a stroke of her hand reassuringly. It wasn't his choice what they would do tonight but she still needed to let him know he was hers. She removed her hand and ran her fingers through Drew's hair. He closed his eyes for a moment as she tangled her fingers in his soft curls. With a surge of arousal she suddenly grabbed his hair hard and yanked his head back. Drew's eyes flew open, not in surprise, but in his own arousal. She kissed him hard and he responded just as greedily. His tongue slipped into her mouth and swirled around her tongue. He kissed different than Brent but just as good. Eva tightened her grip in his hair before breaking the kiss.

She practically growled as she turned to Brent, "I want to see how well you know each other. Show me, whore."

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At 8:20 AM, Blogger Mina said...

As always you leave me wanting more... I can't wait till he shows her how well they know each other!

At 8:37 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

mina- Brent and Drew will definitely not disappoint you ;)

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Eponine said...

mmm... eagerly anticipating what will happen x x x

At 4:29 PM, Anonymous pub friend said...

Hey DLG, I'm sitting here wishing I was Brent. Is that wrong?

At 4:17 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

eponine - glad I have you hooked ;)

pub friend - It's never wrong to wish you are a part of the story. I want you to feel that way - it's why I write. I want you to feel like you and I are the only ones in the room and this is all happening between us. xo

At 12:11 PM, Blogger JaneyRuth said...

You're a very fine writer.


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