Sunday, November 15, 2009

In a mood

EDIT: I just realized I missed my Blogiversary. It was back in October. I really must keep more up to date with this blog. Anyway, Happy 4th Blogiversary to me and thank you all for being such wonderful readers over the years. Cheers!

The familiar ache slithers through my body. I can feel it tug on my nipples and wind around my clit. My body needs you this morning and it's not going to be denied. I roll over to your sleeping form and slide my hand along your shoulder. Warmth transfers to my fingers and a shiver goes down my spine. Just the feeling of you makes me ache more.

Moving down, I let my hand drift over your back and playfully over your ass. You mumbled something, not yet awake. Bringing myself to one elbow, I allow my hand to slide across the front of you, my body moving closer to spoon behind you. The heat of your body feels good against the coolness of mine. Slowly you stir, sleepily reaching a hand back to rub my hip. Grinning, I whisper to you. I tell you that I want you this morning. I tell you that I'm incredibly aroused and that I need you. I want you to fuck me. I want you to touch me and taste me. While my lips move against your ear, my hand slides around your growing cock. Each word I say, you become harder in my hand, throbbing with an ache equal to my own.

Your breath is deep, heavy as I stroke you and your hand reaches further behind, trying to touch me, trying to pleasure me. Suddenly you roll over, pushing me back. The lust takes over you. It's what I wanted. Strong hands slide beneath my head and grab my hair. Roughly you pull my face to yours, our lips meeting in an undeniable hunger. We taste, take and feed off each other's cravings, our movements primal in our urges. It's not slow lovemaking I want today and I know you feel the same. It's sex, pure fucking that I want.

A hand slips to my cunt and your mouth breaks free. You look at me for a minute, my mouth red and raw from your assault on my lips, my hair disheveled, transparent lust filters through my eyes. Grinning wickedly, your head drops to my breast. My head falls back as your lips find my nipple. New strings of ache pull at my clit as your mouth and teeth barrage my body with kisses, licks and bites. My hips push up to your hand. And you push me back down. One leg goes over mine, trapping my body to the bed.

Your hands slides over me, pushing my legs wider. You gasp around my nipple when your fingers slide down my slit. I am already so wet for you. Greedily, you slip a finger inside me, a moan escaping from me as you do. You lift your head and tell me how wet I am. Tell me how much it arouses you, how much it makes you want me, to fuck me. I groan in response. It's what I want. You won't give it to me yet, though. You want to tease me more. You want me writhing for you.

Your finger slips out, bringing its wetness up to my clit. Pleasure spirals through me as your fingers find me. As your lips return their attention to my breast, your fingers being circling over me, rubbing me, heightening my arousal. My hips push up as best I can. I need to feel more. Sensing it, your fingers slip back down, slowly pushing two inside me, then three, starting to fuck me cunt with them. I can't take much more.

I start to beg.

I need to be fucked. I need to feel your hard cock inside me. I want to come with you buried deep inside me. I want to feel your cock as my body climaxes and pulses around you. You groan, not willing to give in but so ready to fuck me. You don't stop, going back and forth between fucking my cunt with your fingers and circling over my clit. I gasp, and moan and beg until you have me where you want me, the edge of my arousal, a frenzy.

Pushing my legs open with your own, you settle between my legs, your cock smoothly rubbing against my wetness. Rubbing over my clit, letting me feel the length of you, your heat. I groan again, my hands, grabbing at your sides and back.

It's only then you let me have you. Angling yourself, the head of your cock presses at the lips of my cunt. Watching me, you slowly begin to push. My head falls back, my mouth open in a low moan as I feel your length begin to enter me. Your hot hard cock begins to give me what I need. I melt. Pushing still, your body pins me below yours, letting me feel you everywhere, all across my skin, totally enveloping me in you. I can't help but bring my legs around yours, drawing you closer. Your mouth covers mine, kissing gently at first as we both stay still feeling each other's body, adjusting to each other, taking in the nuances. It doesn't take long, the kissing starts to get harder and deeper, your body starting to move now. Slowly thrusting, shallow at first, teasing me more. My fingers begin to knead your back, urging you on. BIt by bit, your thrusts become long, slow and deep, creating a rhythm of pleasure.

Gasping into your mouth, I thrust my hips up to meet you, wanting you more, wanting you deeper, wanting it all. Pulling from my grasp, your arms lock above me, hovering over me as you thrust. Taking advantage of our separation, I snake my fingers down to my clit. It's so engorged with arousal. You groan this time as you feel my muscles tighten around you as my fingers begin rubbing over me. Pleasure pulsates back and forth between us. Gasps and groans fill the room, neither one of us truly aware of the noises we're making.

I feel the heat growing from my core, I know you can feel it. My cunt tightens, pulsing, wanting, needing. It's only you and me, fucking, thrusting, groaning, pulsing. Out bodies are slick with sweat and a flush slowly creeps across my chest and up my neck. You know I'm close. My fingers circle my clit faster. My other hand claws at you now, harder, deeper. You watch, wanting so much to see and feel me come for you. Heat envelops me, My hips buck up to yours, matching your thrusts. I need to come. I tell you, I whisper that I'm going to come for you. Groaning, your push your cock in hard and deep, knowing you'll come when I do, not being able to hold back. Your mouth crushes mine just as I let out a cry. I come hard, my thighs clamping around your body, my cunt throbbing around your cock. My back arches up to you and you release my mouth and bite hard on a nipple. I cry out again, the desire and satisfaction ebbing through my body as wetness floods your cock. It's what you need too.

A throaty growl erupts from your throat. You tell me your coming, crying out my name. Once, twice, three thrusts and your cock erupts inside me, hot spunk spilling from you, filling me. I pull you tighter as your body bucks against mine, the last of your lust leaving your body. Collapsing against me, we breathe heavily, the fire consumed.


At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Tboy said...

Mmmm, my hand is around my hard cock. I'm fantasising about fucking you. My hot hard cock deep inside you, throbbing. Your cunt so tight around my cock as i fuck you...

God, i think i need to cum right now.

At 11:08 PM, Blogger Cheeky Minx said...

Oh. My. This is delicious, delectable, dirty. Love, love, love your work.

You've just made the mercury on this already very hot Sydney day climb that much higher... Time to strip and be very, very bad.

At 7:16 PM, Anonymous mina said...

Happy 4 years! every entry more delicious than the last!

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Dick said...

I should not read your feed while I'm supposed to be working... now I'm fucking horny. Thanks!
Morning sex is the best and your writing really makes it hot.
I'm subscribed to your feed, linked to your site, and will be back often!

At 11:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Four Years!

More years of making a great deal of people cum ;)

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Kitty said...

Wow. I've just come across your blog for the first time today, and can't imagine anything more delectable to read. Your work is amazing and detailed to the core... as well as being more than enough to cause my hands to stray a little downward...

Congratulations on your many years writing and pleasuring people with your work! Hope to read more from you.

At 3:38 PM, Blogger MikeCindynJoe said...


Four years for a sex blog is a milestone. We are approaching four years also.


At 5:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit!

At 7:27 AM, Blogger this one time i... said...

morning sex is great. i love how turned on guys get so easily. i have some true stories of what ive been up to if you wanna check them out. i think im gonna have to read a few more of yours now and make myself cum now.

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Mitch said...

mmm my hand is around my cock and I am pumping harder with every word..keep up the stories my god;)


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