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Washington D.C. Series 1:3 - The Beginning

Eva walked past Brent into the main foyer of the brownstone. Her lust was momentarily distracted by the beauty surrounding her. Everything about the space was elegant from the spindled banister that led up to the second level to the deep mahogany floor beneath her feet. It screamed money and Eva was suddenly unsure as to what she was doing here. It was then that she felt Brent strong arms circle her waist.

"I know it's a bit much to look at," he said into her ear, "but it's all just things. They're not important to me." With those words he turned her slowly to him and kissed her softly.
Eva relaxed into his kiss and slid her arms around her neck. He knew what to say to her to make her feel comfortable here. She wanted him more than ever now and passionately kissed back. Their bodies felt the need and the fervency became more evident as their hands began to roam. Urgent and hungry movements overtook them.

"Let's go upstairs," Brent growled into her ear.
"Yes," Eva responded breathlessly, "Lets."

Brent took her hand and the two of them quickly made their way up the carpeted stairs to the master bedroom. Brent swung the door open and grabbed Eva tight to him once more. Their movements were frantic now. Helping each other undress and flinging clothes everywhere, Eva and Brent quickly stripped down. The first moment Brent's bare skin pressed against Eva, she knew this was exactly what she wanted. His warm skin fueled her desire and his hard length pressed firmly against her belly ignited her senses. She wanted to have him, all of him. She wanted to lick his skin and inhale his scent. She wanted to feel him inside her—deep inside her until she moaned with pleasure. She wanted to take him in her mouth and and taste his cum.

They stumbled toward the bed. Each ravishing the other. Each kissing and licking and biting, desperate for the touch of the other. The back of Brent's knees hit the bed first and he tumbled backward pulling Eva with him. Giggling for a moment, Eva pulled back to admire him. Brent's chiseled looks extended beyond his face. His hard sculpted chest led down to perfect abs that made Eva want to lean down and lick, His hard cock stood erect between his thighs. It was thick and long, more sizable than the men she normally dated. Eva wanted so much to have him inside her. To have the feeling of this hot hard thick cock sliding up into her inch by inch would be divine.

Eva leaned over Brent as he nestled his hand against her cheek.

"Oh Eva," he whispered as his lips met hers again, "you are so beautiful."

Eva murmured a soft response and kissed him harder. She felt his cock throb between her thighs as his lips crushed his. Her hand snaked down between them and wrapped around his cock. Her small hand began to stroke him, gently at first, feeling his penis throb again at the attention.

Her hand moved up and down his thick shaft, masturbating him slowly as their tongues swirled in each other's mouths. His hand wrapped itself in her hair, pulling her closer to him. Each stroke of her hand caused his fingers to grip tighter. His other hand cupped her ass, moving her against him in the rhythm of her hand. He pulled her toward him, harder, trying to will her to fuck him.

"Not yet," she gasped, "I'm not going to fuck you yet."
A low moan escaped his lips and she felt his cock suddenly pulse in her hand, growing slightly harder than she thought was possible.
"Please," he uttered, "Eva, you have me so close to cumming already. I don't know if I can hold out."
"No," Eva whispered softly and again his cock pulsed in her hand. She wanted more of him first. She wanted to wrap her lips around him and taste his cock. She wanted the feel of his erect penis in her mouth.
"Oh," he gasped," Eva... please... really, you have me so aroused."
"No," she said wickedly as her hand felt him pulse harder. He liked this, she thought to herself, he liked being teased this way. Each time she said no his cock grew harder. Eva wanted to test this further now. The thought was arousing her too. She could feel the wetness between her thighs. He excited her.
She stroked him firmer and made Brent gasp her name.
"Eva, god, please, I can't take this."
"No," she said harsher than she wanted but he reacted again, pulsing harder than before. Her harsh words added to the sensations. Eva had an idea. She whispered again, "I'm not going to fuck you until I'm ready, no matter how much you beg."
A strangled cry came from Brent as his cock went rigid in her hand.

Triumphantly, Eva smiled as she slid down his body kissing his neck as she inched her way down.
"Eva, please, I can't take this, ohhhh, bite me," Brent whispered. "Please."
Eva shuddered with desire when he said those words. It wasn't the words he said, it was the desire behind them. The longing was so clearly evident.
Eva licked and kissed his neck more before suddenly sinking her teeth into his neck. Brent groaned loudly and bucked his hips up to her hand. His cock pulsed hard in her hand, his erection going violently hard. She bit him again and he reacted again. Eva writhed on top of him. It was a strange sensation denying requests and inflicting pain on Brent and having him react in such a lustful and aroused way. For Eva it was stranger feeling herself become aroused while she did it. She wanted to hurt him more. She wanted to feel him grow harder. She wanted to hear him groan with pain and pleasure. She wanted to torture him until she came.

Eva stopped for a moment, aware of her thoughts as they filtered through her brain. She was abruptly confused by her thoughts. What was he doing to her. What were these sensations. How could she purposefully hurt him like this. It wasn't right.

Brent broke the silence, sensing her confusion. "Don't stop, Eva, please, I need this, I want this, I want you."

He sat up and wrapped his arms around her. His lips found hers again. His hand found his way between her thighs and stroked her gently. Brent gasped softly as he slid his fingers through her wetness. Eva was dripping wet from the arousal of the moment. She moaned as his skilled fingers found her clit.

Brent whispered to her then, "I like it when you bite me. It arouses me. I want you to hurt me. I want you to take me. I'm yours. You know you want to have me like this. I could feel it in your kiss and I can feel it between your thighs. You want to do this to me. Use me, Eva, however you want. Don't be afraid." He coed softly into her ear. His warm breath exciting her, his gentle yet suggestive words arousing her more.

Eva's hands slid up Brent's back and up into his hair. With an inhaled breath, she decided to test his words. She pulled sharply back on his hair and Brent cried out. His already hard cock, swelled and pulsed against her. His fingers moved faster as a hissed "yesss" rolled from his lips.

Eva pulled his hair hard again, snapping his head back. He groaned loudly as his fingers became frantic against her. It was all too much for Eva. It excited her beyond belief that she liked hurting him and he liked to be hurt. She needed him, now.

"Fuck me Brent," she harshly whispered in his ear...

to be continued...

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At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, you are a very naughty girl. You made me cum all over my hand and now my hand is all sticky with my cum. You have to come over here and lick myhand clean, that is your punishment for making me cum so fast and hard.

At 11:24 AM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

After experiencing part two, and following on straight away with part three, I didn't even make it to the sex - I came from just the denial - twice, in fact - seems I rather like that ;) xxx

my word verification, by the way, is: dikcla lol

At 2:43 PM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

anon - I don't know if it's much of a punishment licking your cum from you ;)

roger - it does seem to make you a bit harder and hotter when you're denied like that... maybe we should test it further ;) xxx

Loved the word verification!


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