Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Naked in the Rain 3:2 - Domination

Sauntering back into the room, the sight makes me stop for a moment. There he is, the man I've been talking to for all these months, been cybering with all these months, naked and stroking his cock right there on the edge of my bed. It's something I've been longing to see, something I've needed to see. Quickly composing myself. I look over him.

"Did I say you could touch yourself?"

"No Master," he whispers softly as he swiftly removes his hand, "I'm sorry." His cock bobs for a moment, pulsing.

I walk to him and put my bag down. Leaning forward to eye level, I run my fingers through his hair, grabbing it as I reach the back. I pull his head back sharply and he hisses at the pain. I look down and see his cock pulse again, grower harder. I smile. With his head pulled back, I taste his lips, sweetly, softly. I hear his fingers dig into the bedspread. I move my lips across his jaw and over to his ear.

I whisper in it, "I trust you're going to be a good boy and do what you're told? You're my whore, my slut and I'll use you as I please"

"Yes," he whispers back breathlessly, his cock throbbing between his thighs.

"Tell me what a slut you are. Tell me you're my dirty fucking whore," I softly demand.

"Please, I'm your whore, your slut, I'll do anything you ask, god, please," he moans under my touch.

"Good boy," I say gently, "then you need to make me come. Get down on your knees and make me come."

I release his hair. With a gasp, he drops off the edge of the bed to his knees. His hands slide up over the cool black leather covering my calves. His lips follow in their wake. He takes his time exploring my legs, feeling them for the first time. His lips tease gasps from me. My fingers graze his shoulders as he slowly makes his way up the inside of my thighs, his hot breath lighting me on fire. His fingers brush over the front of my panties. They tremble slightly as they gently stroke over my sex. He looks up at me then, his eyes full of desire. I smile at him and get a small one in return. It's then that he looks away and pulls my panties off to the side. I can feel his warm breath on me, tantalizingly close. His tongue flicks out and licks me. He moans at my taste. He does it again and again. I tangle my fingers in his hair, drawing his head closer. He drags his tongue over my clit. My knees weaken. One hand snakes up my inner thigh and I spread my legs wider for him. His fingers trail up the length of my slit. I hear him gasp as he discovers how aroused I am. His fingers easily slide through my wetness. His tongue focuses its movements, circling around and around. Fingers probe my lips, feeling them part for him, he slides them inside. I gasp as I feel him fill me. He moves them, stroking me with them, trying to discover me, my likes. His tongue is merciless and my fingers tighten in his hair. I'm filled with sensations, his touch, his feel. I know he's meant to be here, I know he's mine. My hips move to his fingers, thrusting back and forth. He strokes me, deeper, faster. A third finger slides in and I groan. I can feel myself tighten around him, pulsing. Fire rises in me. I can feel my legs tightening, my sex throbbing. He's taken me there. God, that's it, I need to come. It rocks me and my legs almost give out. I come hard, then, right then. My juices gush over his fingers and I pulse hard around him. I feel him moan into me as he feels my body convulse. My fingers grab his hair hard pulling him into me, grinding my hips against his face. He continues to lick me, letting me ride it out, coming down slowly, breathlessly.

It was only then that I noticed his other hand, there, stroking his cock. Masturbating while he licked me. I don't even think he realized he was doing it. But he saw the look on my face and his eyes filled with terror.

"What a filthy slut you are," I scold," I didn't give you permission to touch yourself, did I?"

"No master," he whimpers, frightened of his punishment.

"You need to learn to ask permission. You need to learn how to me my whore. Stand up."

He stands quickly. His cock growing more excited. I know how much this turns him on, to be used, degraded. I turn him around roughly and push him down so his hands are on the bed. I admire his naked ass for a moment. Such a lovely ass. I reach down into my bag and pull out a leather crop. He needs to be punished. I pull my arm back and spank him sharply with it. I hear the air hiss out of him as the pain stings him. I do it again and again, appreciating the red welts the crops leaves. He moans this time, feeling more aroused with each spank. At four hits, I stop. I can see his cock is painfully swollen now. The pain mixed with the pleasure has him on edge. I pull him back up to standing and gently rub my hand over the welts, soothing his skin.

"I don't think you've learned yet," I whisper menacingly into his ear..

"No, please," he responds

"Please, what?"

"God, please..." he says, beyond words at this point.

I reach down into my bag again and pull out a leather wrist restraint he helped me pick out. I need to use him, to take him, to make him truly mine. I grab his wrist and tighten the cuff. He moans at the feel. I put one on his other wrist and lead him to the side of the bed. I motion for him to crawl onto it and he does, lying down on his back. I pull his wrist to the side of the bed, fastening it to the headboard. Walking slowly around, I fasten his other wrist, his arms spread out beside him. I move down to the foot of the bed and restrain both ankles in a similar way. His cock is throbbing, yearning for relief. I have my own ideas for him. I take out a blindfold from my side table and, over his protests, fasten it securely around his eyes.

A passionate shiver runs through me as I look at him lying there, exposed, restrained. His breath is quicker now. He’s trying to anticipate my next move, growing more excited. I walk around the bed, watching him. I know exactly what I want. I kneel on the bed in between his legs. My fingernails make the first contact, lightly dragging up his calves. I study his face as he struggles with control. I let my fingers trail over and around his legs, ever so gently brushing over his skin, my touch - deceptively soft. I move up a bit further, kneeling between his knees, careful not to make any contact other than the tips of my nails. I rake up the insides of his thighs, pressing just a little harder. Faint red marks follow my fingers as they begin their movements upward. I watch his cock throb under my touch. I briefly let my fingernails press deeply and hear him moan from the sweet pain.

My fingers wander up over his hips, feeling his taught muscles. They move in small circles, grazing over his stomach and down either side of his cock, so close but never touching. My body aches for him, but he hasn’t submitted completely yet. He still strains against me. I move up his body, straddling over him, my thighs brushing against his. I hover there, my sex right over his cock. I know he can feel me, my heat. His hips try and trust up to meet me… not yet. My fingers resume their torturous movements, up and over his chest. I let him feel the pain now, my nails dig in hard and firm. He gasps again. I know how much he loves the sensations, the precious pain.

I lean down and lick his chest, tasting him. God, I love his taste. My teeth nick his skin. His nipples are erect and too tempting to pass up. I pull one into my mouth, rolling it between my teeth. Groaning, he arches up to me, wanting more. I bite him then, hard, and he cries out.

“Is that what you wanted slut?" I ask menacingly. “You want the pain? You want me to treat you like a dirty whore?”


At 3:42 PM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

ohhh god yes... please fuck me like that... I need it.. god yes...

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous C said...

Your dirty whore, dlg.. god, please..

*thrusting my hips to meet you.. wanting you there*



C xxx

At 5:13 PM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

Boy - I asked you if you wanted me to treat you like a whore, like my slut. I'm not going to fuck you until you beg me properly...

C - not yet, my pet, you need to learn patience...

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Pandora said...

DLG... you are so wicked ;) You know how to make em beg!

At 10:50 PM, Blogger Kyma said...

Yes Master, bite on me like that, make it hurt. Treat me like a dirty whore.

At 11:30 PM, Blogger Hot 'n' Horny said...

I wish I was there....watching you...waiting for you to take him...C x

At 8:42 AM, Blogger Rex Venom said...

Damn! Hot stuff!
Rock on!

At 11:32 AM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

Master - please forgive me - I am your whore, your dirty little slut... please fuck me... please treat me like your dirty whore... I'm begging you...

At 3:17 PM, Blogger Aragorn said...

My goodness ... A true master, in writing and 'playing' ... Ah, so very, very exciting dear ... !! Congratulations. - A

At 3:56 PM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

pandora - yep! no rest for the wicked they say.. lovely to see you here, btw, watching ;)

kyma - mmmm, that's what I wanted, to hear you beg for me, such a dirty slut

C - but you are here with me, watching me take him and use him, I love having you watch us xx

rex venom - mmm, thank you!

Boy - that's better, though you know that I'm the one who decides when you fuck you, my dirty fucking whore, you need to learn control...

A - my, such lovely praise... well, then I hope you enjoy what's to follow ;)

At 4:14 PM, Anonymous C said...

My bad, dlg.. I should be punished.. hopefully :)


C xox

At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and if i beg??

what will my treat be?

Grumps xxx

At 6:26 AM, Anonymous nez said...

mmm, this is an ever so tasty recollection... i think i thoroughly like your style ;)

very much enjoying your archives, thank you xxx

At 3:29 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

C - mmmm, you're a bit eager aren't you? I don't think you've learned yet ;)

Grumps - Oooooooo! It's so very lovely to see you back. I've missed you! *big hugs* And you know I'll give you a very special treat ;)

nez - thank you, such a lovely comment. I'm very much enjoying having you. Have lots of fun in the archives! xxx

At 4:25 PM, Anonymous C said...

Mmmm, dlg.. treat me as your dirty whore.. :)


C xxx

At 3:05 PM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

C - Oh I will, you're going to be my slut, my whore... and I know how much you're going to like it... x

At 4:40 PM, Anonymous C said...

Mmm.. make me your slut, dlg.. make me your whore.. *kisses deeply*

C xxx

At 11:32 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

C - you are, m'dear, you already are...

At 4:37 PM, Anonymous C said...

and I like it, dlg.. you know how much I like it..

*kisses softly*

C xx

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Dirty Filthy said...

Hey, you can really write. Very erotic, it's hard to achieve that whilst still maintaining subtlety.


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