Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Secret Meeting

We meet in the afternoon. It's warm out but we both feel a chill of anticipation. I wordlessly get into your car. We don't speak as you pull out of the parking lot. We arrive at the room and you help me out of the car. Your hand brushes mine sparking desire. You open the room door and we go inside. You close the door behind me, not sure of what to say. I say, "Don't talk."
I go over to the bed and push on it. It's firm but has enough give to be comfortable. I climb up onto the bed and kneel before you. I start to caress my breasts through my shirt and ask if this is what you've wanted to see. You lick your lips and nod as I slowly begin to move my hands under my shirt. You can see me reaching into my bra to play with my nipples. They harden immediately with my touch. I am so turned on I can feel the wetness in my pussy.
I begin to slowly pull my shirt off over my head revealing a black lace bra. I continue to touch my breasts sliding my hands in and out of my bra. You move to the side of the bed, obviously aroused by the look of the hard bulge in your pants. You undo your pants allowing them to fall open. Your straining cock can't wait to come out. It's straining hard against your underwear. I ask you if you want to touch yourself. You say, "Not yet, I want to watch you first." I ask, "Do you want to watch me touch myself?" You say, "Oh yes, be nasty, I want to see you fuck yourself."
I undo my bra and toss it to the floor. You can see my breasts fully now and my nipples are totally erect. I move my hands over them occasionally pinching my nipples. A small moan escapes my lips as I do this. I can feel the heat building in my core.
I begin to feel across my stomach, reaching down between my legs. Through my skirt, I begin to press my fingers against my clit. This sends shocks of desire through me. Wanting you to see me better, I lift my skirt up revealing the fact that I'm not wearing panties. A low moan escapes from you as you can see my juices on my thighs. You can see how wet and aroused I am. Being too much, you bring your cock out of your pants and begin to stroke it slowly. I can see how hard you've become and it causes me to get wetter. I'm stroking my pussy now a bit faster. I slide a finger into my cunt and start pumping it in and out. With my other hand I start playing with my clit. Not being enough I slide two fingers in, then three. I am so wet my juices have completely covered my hand.
You have begun stroking yourself a bit faster now. You say, "Let me see your pussy, let me see you fuck yourself." I smile and take my skirt off and lie down on the bed with my pussy facing you. I reach back and pull a vibrator out of my purse. I hear your breath quicken when you realize what it is. I start to rub it along my pussy, getting it wet. I then push it into my cunt with one fast stroke, gasping at the feel of it. The thick shaft completely fills me. I start to pump in and out feeling the sensations. You say, "Turn it on, I want to see you ride it hard." I comply and almost orgasm as soon as the vibrations begin. I look over at you and see you stroking your cock harder now. It's larger now and I can tell by the look on your face that you're close. You have me so hot. Watching you get off is ready to send me over the edge. I continue to pump the vibrator in and out of my cunt while I wet my finger with my juices and push it into my ass. The feeling is so intense and overwhelming that I scream out loud as an orgasm rocks through me. Seeing this was enough for you and you moan loudly as your cum shoots onto my stomach and breasts. We stay there for a minute, breathing hard, not needing to say anything. As we pull on our clothes, walk out of the room and drive back to my car, we don't say anything, but have a smile on our faces knowing that we'll talk again soon.


At 8:26 PM, Blogger Torn Shorts said...

Found you through your comment on DirtyBoy's blog. Damn, girl you know how to write! Good stuff.

At 4:42 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

Thank you ts. I'm glad you came to find me. Please feel free to check back anytime, My mind never seems to stop thinking of dirty thoughts and I need to post them somewhere :)

At 11:55 AM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

mmm... fun, arousing and delicious.
very much loved the idea of cumming all over you as you came - just what I love to do...

At 5:58 PM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

And just what I'd love you to do - cumming on me, me licking it off... delightful

At 1:28 PM, Blogger The Seeker said...

Mmmm... that works really well. Excellent progression.


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