Saturday, April 12, 2008

Masturbatathon Part 3

As you may have read, our Masturbatathon went on for 3 very intense hours. It's impossible to post the entire thing here as it runs on in in MS Word for 40 pages! So, I've skipped ahead to what I consider a very erotic part of our session which involves almost everyone. It's unedited, except for change in name, and completely in the raw. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 please feel free to go back and read them.


dirtylittlemindgirl: let me get situated
dirtyboy1uk: mmmm... "situated" ;)
dirtylittlemindgirl: getting my vibe from the drawer
dirtyboy1uk: ohh god
Scruffy: oh my
TDHand: mmmm
Tboy: I was just going to mention a toy;)
TDHand: wish i could help with that vibe
dirtyboy1uk: you just made me pulse
Kyma: ooooh, even better... wondered when toys would enter the fray....
dirtylittlemindgirl: i have several but tonight it's a blue vibe, about 1 1/2 inches around
dirtyboy1uk: might be easier to type if you kinda sit on it ;)
dirtylittlemindgirl: lol
Eter: the thought of dlg and her vibe is making me throb
dirtylittlemindgirl: leaning back
dirtyboy1uk: so looking forward to this...
Tboy: Very erotic scene
dirtylittlemindgirl: will try very hard to keep typing
Kyma: hehe, the thought of DLG filled with a vibe.... or using it against her clit....
dirtyboy1uk: my hand back down at my cock, stroking slowly, my breath already increasing
Tboy: Mmm, same here
dirtylittlemindgirl: turning it on
dirtyboy1uk: omg
dirtylittlemindgirl: it's on low to start
dirtylittlemindgirl: running it over my chest first
dirtylittlemindgirl: letting it drift over my breasts
dirtyboy1uk: mmmm
dirtyboy1uk: picturing you
dirtylittlemindgirl: feeling the soft vibrations
Tboy: mmmmm
Tboy: So hot
dirtylittlemindgirl: god, my nipples are so hard
dirtyboy1uk: god
dirtyboy1uk: pinch them, dlg
Tboy: Yeah, roll them between your fingertips
dirtylittlemindgirl: letting the vibe run over them
dirtyboy1uk: ohhh
Eter: mmm, wrapping my hand tightly around my shaft and stroking gently as i watch dlg
dirtylittlemindgirl: put the vibe down fort a minute
dirtylittlemindgirl: pinching my nipples
dirtylittlemindgirl: oh
dirtyboy1uk: mmmmmm god
dirtylittlemindgirl: god i love that
Kyma: oh god.
dirtyboy1uk: watching you move
dirtyboy1uk: so erect
dirtylittlemindgirl: squeezing hard, feeling it in my cunt
dirtyboy1uk: wanting you
dirtylittlemindgirl: god
dirtyboy1uk: fuckkk
dirtylittlemindgirl: picking up the vibe again
dirtylittlemindgirl: running it over my nipples
Tboy: mmmmm
dirtylittlemindgirl: circling them
dirtyboy1uk: fuckk yes
dirtylittlemindgirl: bringing it up to my mouth
Tboy: Mmm, suck on the vibe as if it were a cock
dirtyboy1uk: omg
Eter: mmm so naughty
dirtylittlemindgirl: licking it
dirtylittlemindgirl: (same minds lol)
dirtyboy1uk: lol
dirtylittlemindgirl: licking it again
Tboy: God, so hot
dirtylittlemindgirl: sliding it into my mouth
dirtylittlemindgirl: getting it wet
dirtyboy1uk: just how many of us are imagining that's our cock ;)
Tboy: What is running through your mind DLG?
Tboy: Hehe Roger:P
dirtyboy1uk: ;)
Kyma: great minds think alike roger hehe
dirtylittlemindgirl: exactly as roger said
Tboy: mmmm
dirtyboy1uk: imagine us all around you dlg
dirtylittlemindgirl: i needed mnore than my fingers this time
dirtyboy1uk: sat watching
dirtyboy1uk: stroking
Eter: its such a good thought
dirtyboy1uk: keeping rhythm with you
dirtylittlemindgirl: mmmm
dirtyboy1uk: knowing we want to cum with you, want to watch you come so hard
dirtylittlemindgirl: moving the vibe down
Kyma: cum so hard that you're shaking afterwards.....
Tboy: Mmmm, god i would have wanted that vibe to be my cock
dirtylittlemindgirl: i don't think that will be a problem
Kyma: wouldn't we all Tboy
Tboy: Ohh yeah
dirtylittlemindgirl: moving it down further
dirtylittlemindgirl: rubbing my cunt lips
Eter: starting to squirm in my seat as my hand moves quicker from the base of my shaft to the tip of my cock......dirty girl driving me crazy as i begin moaning
dirtylittlemindgirl: feeling it all through me
Tboy: Are you very wet?
dirtylittlemindgirl: very
Kyma: dripping?
TDHand: rubbing my dick under my jeans
dirtylittlemindgirl: slides so easily over me
Tboy: Can you feel the wetness dripping down your thighs?
dirtylittlemindgirl: my bedspread is wet
Tboy: mmm
dirtyboy1uk: mmmm god
Kyma: oooooh...
dirtylittlemindgirl: slipping the vibe inside
dirtylittlemindgirl: slowly
dirtyboy1uk: fuckkkk
Kyma: oh god....
dirtyboy1uk: pulsing
Tboy: so intensely erotic
dirtylittlemindgirl: inching it in
dirtylittlemindgirl: god feels so good
SabM: mmmmmm
Kyma: fill your cunt with it.... my cock is hurting again, that hard....
dirtylittlemindgirl: pushing it all the way in
Tboy: Mmm, imaging it being a hard, pulsing cock DLG
dirtylittlemindgirl: i already am
Tboy: Super
Eter: starting to drip precum from the head of my cock onto my fingers and slide back down, covering my throbbing cock like it was dlg's wetness
Tboy: Tell us what you are fatasizing about as you fuck yourself
dirtylittlemindgirl: moving it in and out
SR: alowly take your Time
dirtyboy1uk: this is so good
dirtylittlemindgirl: arching to it
Kyma: your hips starting to buck....
Scruffy: feel it all
dirtylittlemindgirl: thinking about being slowly fucked, a man over me sliding slowly back and forth into me
dirtylittlemindgirl: taking his time
dirtylittlemindgirl: and a girl next to me
Kyma: mmmmm.... that's my sort of fuck....
Tboy: Mmmm, so hot. Describe him to us
dirtylittlemindgirl: her hands on my breasts
Scruffy: yes
dirtylittlemindgirl: kissing me
Tboy: And describe her as well
dirtyboy1uk: ohhh my god....
Scruffy: oh yes
dirtylittlemindgirl: her tongue in my mouth
Tboy: mmmmm
dirtylittlemindgirl: fucking my mouth as he fucks my cunt
Scruffy: yes
dirtylittlemindgirl: his cock is thick and hard
Kyma: omg...
Tboy: fuckkkkk
dirtylittlemindgirl: his strong body pulls me to him
Tboy: His cock in your tight wet cunt
Eter: my balls are swelling as i imagine it is me inside you.....watching you lick her sweet pussy as i thrust back and forth into you
dirtyboy1uk: so intense
SR: Deeper
dirtylittlemindgirl: she pinches my nipples hard
dirtylittlemindgirl: god
TDHand: so hard
dirtylittlemindgirl: trembling
Scruffy: and you hers
dirtyboy1uk: god don't stop
TDHand: gripping my cock in my palm as i jerk it
dirtylittlemindgirl: purposely keeping it slow
dirtylittlemindgirl: i don't want to cum yet
dirtyboy1uk: I'm so erect, stroking harder
dirtylittlemindgirl: i want to savor it
Scruffy: no hurry
dirtylittlemindgirl: pushing the vibe to my clit
dirtylittlemindgirl: circling
Eter: mmm, im savoring every moment of it while i to cum at any moment but not wanting to yet
dirtylittlemindgirl: feeling her tongue as she moves down my body
SR: Is it hard
dirtylittlemindgirl: he backs up, giving her room
Scruffy: oh yes
dirtylittlemindgirl: holding her head as she moves her lips to me
dirtyboy1uk: this is just gorgeous
dirtylittlemindgirl: stroking her hair as she licks over my clit
dirtylittlemindgirl: getting hard tp type
dirtylittlemindgirl: god
TDHand: dont stop DLG
dirtyboy1uk: stroking harder
TDHand: my cock feels so good right now
Scruffy: yes feel
dirtylittlemindgirl: i feel her warm tongue
Eter: omg i am going to burst watching you dlg
Scruffy: yes you do
dirtyboy1uk: arching up to her
Tboy: mmmmmmmmmmmmm, so hot
dirtylittlemindgirl: she moves slowly
dirtyboy1uk: thighs spread wide
dirtylittlemindgirl: sensually
dirtylittlemindgirl: he doesn't stop fucking me
dirtyboy1uk: god
dirtylittlemindgirl: slow rhythmic
Scruffy: and she kisses
dirtylittlemindgirl: she licks his cock as he pulls out and tastes me
dirtyboy1uk: ohhh fuckk yes
dirtylittlemindgirl: and then licks me aain
dirtylittlemindgirl: gos
Tboy: mmmmmmmmmm
Scruffy: yes yes
dirtyboy1uk: making me throb harder
dirtylittlemindgirl: pushing the vibe back inside
dirtyboy1uk: fuckk yes
Kyma: my god
dirtylittlemindgirl: her hands find my mouth
Tboy: His cock going into your pussy again
dirtyboy1uk: ohhhh
dirtylittlemindgirl: pushing her fingers in
dirtylittlemindgirl: getting them wet
Eter: mmm fuck yes
dirtylittlemindgirl: still licking me
Tboy: ohh fuck
dirtylittlemindgirl: my hips moving up
Scruffy: you taste him from her kiss
dirtylittlemindgirl: yes
dirtyboy1uk: god... getting close here... holding back still
dirtylittlemindgirl: she moves her fingers down
Tboy: I'm also very close
dirtylittlemindgirl: dripping with my saliva
Scruffy: yes she does
dirtyboy1uk: dont want to cum yet, but getting so hard to hold back
dirtylittlemindgirl: bringing my legs over his shoulders
SR: Cannt hold much longer
dirtyboy1uk: god dlg
dirtylittlemindgirl: sliding her fingers over my ass
Tboy: Soo hot
dirtyboy1uk: making it hard to stop here
dirtylittlemindgirl: licking me
dirtylittlemindgirl: god
Eter: im starting to squirm uncontrollably as i fight to hold my hot cum inside
dirtylittlemindgirl: so close
Scruffy: oh yes
Tboy: Mmm, i'm imagining being there filling your cunt with my cock
Kyma: this was too much for me.. couldn't keep it in lol...
dirtylittlemindgirl: she pushes her fingers against my tight hole
dirtylittlemindgirl: he's in my cunt
dirtyboy1uk: ohhhhhhhhhhhh
Scruffy: first one
Scruffy: then two
Eter: ohhh god, so fucking hot
dirtylittlemindgirl: her fingers slip into mt ass
dirtyboy1uk: god
dirtylittlemindgirl: her tongue lapping
Tboy: Shit
Tboy: So hot
dirtylittlemindgirl: fucking me
dirtyboy1uk: im gonna fuckking cum
dirtylittlemindgirl: so wet
Scruffy: yes oh yes
TDHand: mmmm
TDHand: finger fuck that asshole
dirtylittlemindgirl: so close
Kyma: omg omg...
dirtylittlemindgirl: he fucks me harder now
Eter: mmm, squeeze that thick cock and her fingers so tight
dirtyboy1uk: trying to hold on, so close here
dirtylittlemindgirl: god
dirtylittlemindgirl: her fingers slip deeper
dirtyboy1uk: wet sounds from my cock as i stroke
Scruffy: she touchs you more
dirtylittlemindgirl: fucking me with him
Scruffy: yes deeper
dirtylittlemindgirl: her other hand on my breast
dirtylittlemindgirl: pinching
dirtyboy1uk: ohh
dirtylittlemindgirl: rubbing
dirtylittlemindgirl: so fucking close
dirtyboy1uk: fuc kk
Tboy: mmm
dirtylittlemindgirl: my hips up
Scruffy: oh yes
dirtylittlemindgirl: fucking the vibe
Eter: my hand is covered in warm sticky precum, i want to let it go so bad
dirtylittlemindgirl: god
Scruffy: feel him feel her
dirtylittlemindgirl: going to cum
dirtyboy1uk: stoking harder her
dirtylittlemindgirl: god
Scruffy: yes
dirtyboy1uk: faster
dirtyboy1uk: can feel my cum pulsing
dirtylittlemindgirl: need to
dirtyboy1uk: wanting to spurt
Eter: ohhhh shit
dirtylittlemindgirl: oh
dirtyboy1uk: wanting to cum all over you
Tboy: Ohh yes DLG, feel your muscles tightening around his cock
dirtyboy1uk: goddd
dirtylittlemindgirl: fuck
dirtyboy1uk: cant holddsback
dirtylittlemindgirl: there
Scruffy: around her fingers
Kyma: cumming around her fingers....
TDHand: soak his dick
dirtyboy1uk: sjiott
dirtylittlemindgirl: now
dirtyboy1uk: fuc kcf im cum ing
Scruffy: yes dlg
dirtylittlemindgirl: cumnjbiub nohw
Scruffy: yes yes yes
Kyma: oh god dlg.....
dirtyboy1uk: uuunnnngfr
dirtylittlemindgirl: ohhhhhhhghvjk
Eter: playing with my swollen balls as my hand thrusts so fast up and down my cock
Kyma: that was intense....
Eter: going to burst
Scruffy: feel it all
dirtylittlemindgirl: fuck fuck
Scruffy: keep feeling
TDHand: pounding your cunt hard
TDHand: stretching you out
TDHand: her fingers gaping your asshole
Scruffy: all the waves
dirtyboy1uk: oh...m my... god...
dirtylittlemindgirl: still pulsing
Tboy: mmmmmmm
Eter: fcuk..cummninggg
dirtylittlemindgirl: god
Scruffy: yes
dirtylittlemindgirl: god
dirtyboy1uk: god i have cum all over my hand...


At 3:56 AM, Blogger kinkyboots said...

Oh my god.....just discovered this site. Thank you , thank you , thank you

At 4:18 AM, Blogger shawnstring said...

wow. that was hot.

so DLG when is the next one? I wanna join in this time. I didnt see the notice for this one until after it ended.

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Jimmy Olsen said...

Based upon Dirty Little Girl's current readership statistics, her blog will receive its 2,500,000th hit around Sunday 10 August 2008.
And the 3,000,000th hit should happen around Monday 29 December 2008.
I guess we readers should save the dates.
Who knows what might happen, when exactly the milestones will occur, or what, if any, participatory celebration she might devise, but there is certainly nothing wrong with planning ahead [no pun intended... well, at least not consciously intended].

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good lord thats amazing ... i just happend on to this site and im so greatful too >.< thank you! i hope i can be around for the next one


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