Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Your look of surprise when you enter the door tells me I've done the right thing. I wasn't expected today and I rarely invade your home. You look at me lying on your bed and walk toward me. Your hands work at your clothes as you cross the hardwood floor. Fingers undo your tie and you toss it to the ground. Buttons are ripped as you tear off your shirt. You only stumble slightly as your pants and boxers come down. Realizing your shoes are in the way, you stop momentarily and yank them off your feet and shake off the rest of your clothing. Standing by the edge of the bed you wait and look at me. I let my eyes wander over your body. Your cock is already beginning to harden, the intensity of your anticipation has you aroused.

I smile and nod to you, shifting my position on the bed. You settle your knee down and the bed sinks gently. Hands follow and you crawl up the bed to me. Your lips touch my toes, softly bestowing kisses as you crawl forward. Your fingers caress my ankles and then up my calves. Your tongue licks my knees and a small groan emits from your throat when I spread my legs wider. Fingers knead my thighs. You inhale deeply, smelling the scent of my own arousal. You groan again and kiss the inside of my thighs. Your fingers clench my skin as you fondle my thighs with your mouth.

I smile playfully. My fingers reach down and cup your chin, pulling you up. Your eyes flick to my already wet sex but you don't protest. It's my decision what we do together. I pull you up my body until you're hovering above me. Our bodies so close yet not touching, not touching until I let you. I beckon you down to my face and our lips touch ever so softly. My tongue flicks out and runs over your bottom lips and I feel you quiver. My hands lightly caress your skin. My fingertips run the length of your body and slowly up your back. You tremble. Our bodies still not touching. Your arms are stiff as you suspend above me.

My fingers run over your chest, down between your thighs, down over them and then back up. Each time my fingers press a little harder. My lips press against yours again, harder but still not giving myself to you. Your groan again as my fingers run up your back. My fingernails press softly, beginning to scratch you. Your cock throbs in response. You want the pain.

Your arms tremble and your eyes plead with me. I ignore them and run my hands over you again. Teasing you is arousing me. You need, your want, is what turns me on. My nails dig in deeper as they pull up your back and you groan. Precum drips from the head of your cock. A ticky trail leads down to my stomach. Your cock is hard and pink. Blood has flushed into your cock and your body needs me to touch you. My fingernails run up your back again and cause you to gasp. Your eyes plead for more and I do it again and one last time. Your cock pulses hard and touches my skin. The slick precum makes a wet sounds as it touches me. You're almost ready for me.

I press my hands against your chest and push you back onto your knees. Your cock juts from your body, standing firm before you. I tell you to touch yourself for me. Your moan at my request and run your hand along your length. I watch as your fingers spread your precum around your head and then you slide your fingers all the way down. You move slowly letting me watch, not wanting it to go too quickly. As you stroke your eyes flick from me to your cock back to me.

I lean forward and let the tip of my tongue brush over the head of your cock. Your raise your hand to grab my head but think better and put it back. I lick over the head again tasting your saltiness. Your hand moves faster and I open my mouth to let you in. You gasp as my hot wet mouth wraps around the head of your cock. I hold you there and let my tongue run along the underside of your cock. Your body shivers and I cross over the underside of your head. My hand replaces yours as I hold you there for me. I want your hard. I want you so incredibly aroused.

I let my tongue run along your length before I allow you to sink further into my mouth. My hand moves, fucking you as you slide deeper. Your gasps come quickly as I start to fuck your cock with my mouth. I feel you pulse and grow harder as my fingers and tongue move over you. My tongue swirls greedily and I push you to down my throat, letting your full length penetrate me. My other hand reaches down and cups your balls. I press against them, squeezing softly. Your body fights the urge to push your hips up to me. You can't unless I allow it. The tension causes you to grow harder. Almost hard enough to fuck me. I open my mouth and pull you out, my fingers stroke over the slickness I created.

I raise my head and look at you. Your eyes are small slits, the desire is so clear in your features. You groan when you realize my mouth is gone and you look to me. I push you back further still and you fall to your back. You're almost hard enough for me but I need you more from you.

I crawl up your body, grabbing your hands and push them above your head. My fingers clasp around your wrists pinning them there above your head. You gasp at the suddenness. I straddle your waist, letting my wet cunt rest against your stomach. Your hips press to me but do not succeed. My breasts dangle in front of your face and I push a nipple to your mouth. Your lips part greedily. Your tongue winds around the hard bud and your suck at me. Pleasure tingles though my body. I tell you to bite me and you groan in response. Your teeth press against my flesh and the arousal blossoms in my clit. This time I groan. I press my other breast to your mouth and you do the same. Pleasure courses through me.

All the while your hands fight against me. You want so much to run your fingers over my flesh but I won't let you. I pull my breasts away and slide my body up further, my hot cunt right in front of your face.

to be continued...


At 11:49 AM, Blogger Dan said...

Jesus. I have *so* ached for someone to do this with me.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, i had to cum about halfway through, i tried to restrain myself and hold on until the end. But it was impossible. Your words are so erotic and arousing. I am relatively certain that if you tried really hard, you could make me cum without me even touching myself. Well, at least that's the feeling i get. You are really that good. Without a doubt the best erotica writer out there. I'm longing for the next part!

At 6:51 PM, Blogger Nolens Volens said...

Welcome back! I enjoyed the "artistry" of your words painting the actions. :)

At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Charlotte said...

Gorgeous, it left me...squirming.


At 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah the beauty and seduction of control!

xoxoxo mina

At 11:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg, you are so amazing! I wanna see the rest :D

At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmm I am tingling all over with anticipation

At 1:24 AM, Blogger MikeCindynJoe said...

Damn! You're nearly as cruel with the suspense-breaks as I am! NOW what am I gonna do?


At 3:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice :) you rock

At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'll be waiting for the next part..

it really aroused me.. lol..
your words are more sexy..
the small details really made me

At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Squirming" is an understatement...writhing against my hard on is more apt...

Looking forward to the continuation ;)


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