Sunday, March 30, 2008

Masturbatathon Part 1

Hello all!

The Masturbatathon on Saturday was a huge success. Not only did we have a delightful time, but the event garnered international attention - we drew in participants from the US (both east and west coast), UK, Sweden and India. Following is the first part. Names have been changed but comments have not. Many more orgasms were had in the three hours, 16 that I know of, so stay tuned for more! Thank you again to everyone who participated! xoxo


dirtylittlemindgirl: do we have everyone?
Tboy: Yes
Tboy: I'm here
TDHand: i thought there was more?
dirtylittlemindgirl: good because as I recall Tboy was starting to get naughty
dirtyboy1uk: hope I haven't missed too much yet ;)
dirtylittlemindgirl: I'lll look
Tboy: Ohh, i was. Is that a bad thing?
dirtylittlemindgirl: absolutely not
SabM: hello! i'm feeling a little under the weather, so not sure how much I'll be participating...
dirtylittlemindgirl: and we have everyone so far
dirtyboy1uk: please continue Tboy ;)
dirtyboy1uk: a little voyeurism to start the evening would be perfect ;)
Scruffy: naughty is the new green
dirtylittlemindgirl: I think I'm going to have to join you soon
Tboy: mmmmm
dirtylittlemindgirl: I rather like the thought of you stroking your hard cock through your boxers
Tboy: Then it's your lucky day
dirtylittlemindgirl: tell me what you're doing now then
Tboy: I have a firm grip, slowly stroking up and down, not too fast or else I'll get overexcited
dirtyboy1uk: mmmm
dirtyboy1uk: and here I thought I';d have to start things off - I can relax and watch - perfect ;)
Tboy: I'm gently massaging my balls with my other hand
dirtylittlemindgirl: Keep stroking yourself then, slowly, sensually don't reach into your boxers yet
Tboy: Wow, i feel my cock growing even harder
dirtylittlemindgirl: just how I like it
Tboy: Every stroke sends a shiver of pleasure through me
dirtylittlemindgirl: mmmm, perfect
dirtylittlemindgirl: just let yourself feel it while knowing I'm watching you
Tboy: mmmmm
dirtyboy1uk: do keep going, I rather like watching this...
Tboy: I switch hand, letting my right hand feel the hardness too
dirtyboy1uk: I may have to touch myself too, but I'm going to wait my turn ;)
dirtylittlemindgirl: That's what I want
Scruffy: and we like watching everyone else watching
dirtylittlemindgirl: wonderful
Tboy: I'm not sure if the fabric of my boxers is gonna hold together, it feel like it may burst
dirtylittlemindgirl: perfect
dirtylittlemindgirl: then stop for a moment and just feel
dirtylittlemindgirl: feel how hard your cock is, how aroused you are, how much you want this
Tboy: Well, actually that's not necessary, my boxers is weird, there is a hole on the front (not a damage (that's perefect to take it out of)
Tboy: Respond to Roger
dirtylittlemindgirl: you want him to touch himself now?
dirtyboy1uk: I definitely want him to touch himself
Tboy: Anyone is allowed to say something arousing, to help along i mean;)
Tboy: Like dirtygirl is doing
dirtylittlemindgirl: ah, I'm sure he will then
Tboy: So, i very slowly move the fabric aside, taking my cock out of the hole i described. The head is very swollen, throbbing
SabM: i'm just enjoying the view and visuals in my head....
Tboy: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm
dirtylittlemindgirl: as am I
dirtylittlemindgirl: How are you touching yourself now, tell me
Tboy: I'm imagining that I am in the same room as everyone else, watching me
dirtylittlemindgirl: mmmm
Tboy: Right now I'm just using the index finger and my thumb on my right hand to slowly move my foreskin up and down, not too fast
Tboy: I mean my left hand, my bad
dirtylittlemindgirl: perfect
Tboy: I increase the rhythm just a bit
dirtylittlemindgirl: what's going on in your head?
dirtylittlemindgirl: tell me what you're thinking about as you touch yourself
Tboy: It seems they are liking it as much as I am
dirtylittlemindgirl: oh, I'm sure they are
dirtylittlemindgirl: bw - I've slid my robe open
Tboy: I'm thinking about you dirtygirl, lying there in your bed
Scruffy: i need to move the keyboard
dirtylittlemindgirl: mmmm
Scruffy: hes unsnapping my jeans
Tboy: I have taken hold of my cock with my whole left hand now, slowly stroking up and down, down and up
Scruffy: i love how his hands feel
Scruffy: unbuttoning
dirtylittlemindgirl: mmmm, how lovely
dirtylittlemindgirl: Tboy, keep stroking for me
Tboy: Mmm, I'm stroking slowly, not wanting it to end too quickly
dirtylittlemindgirl: my robe is fully open, my nipples are erect
Scruffy: and there are others a room away so we must be careful
Tboy: Mmmm, ohh god, please touch your breasts for me dirtygirl
dirtylittlemindgirl: naughty couple sneaking in a little fun ;) I love it
Tboy: Mmm, me too
Scruffy: im on my back
dirtylittlemindgirl: My hand is slowly sliding around my breast as I type
Tboy: mmmmm
dirtylittlemindgirl: teasing my nipple and pinching it
Scruffy: waiting to poke inside
Tboy: My cock is in my left hand, i stroke it firmly, stopping once in a while to not get over excited
Tboy: Damn, i haven't been this hard in a long while. To think this is turning me on so much
dirtylittlemindgirl: my fingers slide over my other breast, cupping it softly
dirtyboy1uk: I'm loving this, don't stop...
Scruffy: he is rubbing my clit between two fingers
Scruffy: still not inside
dirtylittlemindgirl: I love turning you on
dirtyboy1uk: mmm god
dirtylittlemindgirl: please keep describing things for us Scruffy
dirtyboy1uk: breathing harder here
Tboy: Mmm, please do
dirtyboy1uk: moving against the bed on my tummy as I watch
Scruffy: it always happens
dirtylittlemindgirl: what always happens
Scruffy: i am so wet
SabM: i'm trying to behave but i'm very turned on... i've been feeling my leg calf where i just shaved, and occasionally teasing my nipples through my satin nightie
dirtylittlemindgirl: god, yes
dirtyboy1uk: god...
Tboy: Mmm, a little precum is glistening on the head of my cock
dirtyboy1uk: getting hard here too...
dirtylittlemindgirl: SabM, please don't behave
Scruffy: and i get very wet lol
dirtylittlemindgirl: I don't want anyone to behave tonight
Scruffy: oh his first finger is in
dirtyboy1uk: I'm absolutely not behaving ;)
SabM: lol i thought we'd have to wait turns ;)
Tboy: Mmm, how about you dirtygirl. Are you feeling wet?
dirtyboy1uk: so erect watching this
dirtylittlemindgirl: my fingers are pinching my nipple harder
Scruffy: now the 2nd
dirtylittlemindgirl: oh yes, very wet. I can feel it spreading in my panties
dirtyboy1uk: turns might be better, but hey, I can follow this ;)
Scruffy: hard to type
Tboy: I'm stroking my cock faster now, up and down, bolts of electricity shooting up my body
dirtylittlemindgirl: don't stop typing
Tboy: Go on SabM, i want to hear more from you
dirtyboy1uk: keep going , this is gorgeous
Scruffy: his left hand holds open my hood
dirtylittlemindgirl: oh yes
Scruffy: out
Scruffy: thumb rubs
dirtyboy1uk: ahh god
Tboy: Whenever i feel myself close to orgasm i stop, i want this to last as long as possible
Scruffy: everything smells of pussy
dirtyboy1uk: stroking myself too, but I'm just keeping myself hard, wanbting to watch first
Tboy: The tip of my cock is glistening of my precum
Scruffy: my perfume
dirtylittlemindgirl: that's such a strong line - don't stop
SabM: pinching my nipples, taking everything slowly... resisting reaching down....
Tboy: mmmmmmm
dirtyboy1uk: this... is... intensely... arousing...
SabM: would love to lick that precum off... yum
Tboy: mmm yeah
Scruffy: hes furiously moving
dirtyboy1uk: god
dirtylittlemindgirl: keep going, keep feeling
Tboy: Would love to feel your breasts SabM, mmmm
Scruffy: the waves begin
dirtyboy1uk: god yes
dirtyboy1uk: dont hold it back
Scruffy: the ist spasm
dirtyboy1uk: god yes, cum for us
Scruffy: ohhhhh
dirtyboy1uk: don't hold it back
dirtylittlemindgirl: oh god yes
Scruffy: i love his fingers in me
dirtyboy1uk: wanting you to cum
dirtyboy1uk: so deliciously
Scruffy: he knows everything about my pussy
Scruffy: ohhh
Scruffy: ohhhhhhh
dirtyboy1uk: all of us holding on here I think ;)
Scruffy: im not ready yet
dirtyboy1uk: god
Tboy: I have paper towels ready for when i decide i want to cum
dirtyboy1uk: good plan lol ;)
dirtyboy1uk: we have plenty of time ;)
Scruffy: i want to get to the edge
Scruffy: ohhh
dirtylittlemindgirl: feel our eyes on you, know we want you just as much
Scruffy: oooooh
dirtylittlemindgirl: know we want you to cum for us
Tboy: mmmm, come for us Scruffy
Scruffy: his fingers glisten
dirtylittlemindgirl: give in to him
Scruffy: my spin is everywhere
dirtyboy1uk: needing it
dirtyboy1uk: wanting it
Scruffy: feeel
Scruffy: just feeelinnng
dirtylittlemindgirl: feel it deep inside
Scruffy: oh
dirtyboy1uk: so sensual
dirtyboy1uk: watching you like this
dirtylittlemindgirl: feel it blossoming deep inside you
Tboy: Damn, I'm also close, i will stroke more slowly
dirtylittlemindgirl: i know you know what I mean
Scruffy: dont want to
dirtyboy1uk: give in to it
dirtylittlemindgirl: mean
dirtyboy1uk: surrender to it
Scruffy: now i will let go
dirtyboy1uk: yes
dirtylittlemindgirl: mmmm, then hold on to it
dirtyboy1uk: cum for us
Scruffy: hes looking directly in my eyes
dirtyboy1uk: mmm god
dirtylittlemindgirl: mmmm
Scruffy: his fingers pump
dirtyboy1uk: breathing harder here
Scruffy: i kno its time
Tboy: Feel your pussy tightening, and then cum for us
Scruffy: oh
dirtyboy1uk: pulsing in my hand
SabM: mmmmm
Scruffy: oh'
dirtyboy1uk: throbbing
Scruffy: now now
dirtyboy1uk: god ytes
dirtylittlemindgirl: oh yes
Tboy: mmmmm
Scruffy: now
Scruffy: more
Scruffy: more coming
Scruffy: more
dirtyboy1uk: god pulsing as I watch
dirtyboy1uk: hard to type
dirtyboy1uk: so good
Scruffy: please dont stop
Scruffy: not fimnishd
SabM: oh god... i'm so wet
Tboy: My cock is throbbing, growing harder watching this
dirtyboy1uk: I'm so very erect
dirtylittlemindgirl: slipping my fingers to my panties as I watch this
dirtyboy1uk: need to cum too, holding off
dirtylittlemindgirl: so beautiful
Scruffy: not the big one
Tboy: SabM, please touch yourself
Scruffy: now
dirtyboy1uk: fuckkk yes#
Scruffy: yes
Scruffy: yes
dirtyboy1uk: god
dirtylittlemindgirl: that's it
Scruffy: yessssss
Scruffy: need to stop typin
dirtyboy1uk: god so good... trembling as i watch
dirtylittlemindgirl: just let go and feel, we'll be here
dirtyboy1uk: still breathing hard - that was so sensual
dirtylittlemindgirl: can't help but touch myself
Tboy: Mmm, how are you touching yourself dirtygirl?
Scruffy: he kissed me as the big one hit
Scruffy: he always does
dirtylittlemindgirl: how sensual and absolutely lovely
dirtyboy1uk: I loved that - thankyou xx
Scruffy: i echo with his love
Scruffy: he rubs my spin on my tits
dirtyboy1uk: who's up next...? ;)
Tboy: Damn, I'm sweating from arousal
Scruffy: they glisten now
dirtylittlemindgirl: very sexy
Kyma: hi everyone
Tboy: Definitely
Scruffy: i am used up best
dirtyboy1uk: I think DLG should treat us ;)

much, much more to come...


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Mina said...

bummed i had to miss it.. but so glad to hear it went wonderfully!

At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Tboy said...

I had such a faboulous time! It was both great fun and very arousing:) Many kisses!

At 10:08 AM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

ahhh, such a wonderfully intense evening - and so much disgracefully filthy behaviour still to post - I suspect your readers are going to enjoy it ;) xxx

At 10:46 AM, Blogger Kyma said...

It was fun for me being there... just wait for the next installment ;) Thank you ever so much for inviting me to your event.

At 5:11 AM, Blogger unbridledesires said...

Sorry I missed this...but thank you for posting it for us to read...glad it went well.


At 7:39 PM, Anonymous pub friend said...

Sorry I missed out too, but kudos on pulling it off (pun intended)! Looking forward to reading more from the post-event peanut gallery...OXO

At 4:29 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

mina - sorry you missed it too, but very glad your move went well!

tboy - So glad you were able to join us! kisses!

roger - oh yes, much much more to come ;) xxx

kyma - very happy you made it to the party! xo

unbridledesires - it's my pleasure to post - maybe next time you can join us ;)

pub friend - thank you and there's many new installments to come (pun intended)! ;)


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