Friday, July 06, 2007


Thank you to Jefferson of Fleshbot for the pantry raiding, jelly on top mention this week!

You said you needed me tonight.

You say that more often than you'd like.

I come anyway, knowing the kind of night I'll have. The evening is hot and humid, typical of the season here. I slip into black lace panties and black bra. Envisioning your expression, I slide into a short flirty skirt and tight blouse. Of course the outfit would be incomplete without my favorite pair of "fuck me" pumps. I know how much you love those. You like it when I leave them on so you can feel the heel cutting into your flesh.

The weather outside that greeted me was slightly oppressive. I hoped we would be adjourning somewhere cool for the night. Walking down the sidewalk to meet you, I hummed a sultry tune in my head, looking forward to feeling your skin pressed against mine, the feeling of your cock in my hand and your hot breath gasping against me.

The restaurant was mostly deserted, a few customers wrapping up the last of their conversation as waiter went about their closing duties. You're in the back. I can hear you barking orders at your crew. I smile to myself. Always the leader, always trying to be the dominant one. Amused, I walked through the swinging door to the kitchen. Standing there with my legs slightly apart and my hands on my hips, I raise an eyebrow at you. A broad grin crossed your face. The others did the same but picked up the speed in which they were working. "She's here," I could hear them whispering and they scurried to get their work done.

Sauntering over to you, I look you over. These clothes wouldn't do for tonight, I knew. Patience, however, is a virtue of mine so I meander back to the office to wait. You didn't keep me waiting long, you never do. The doors were locked and the restaurant free of employees save you. Getting up from the desk chair, I walk over to you. Anticipating my mood, you had already removed your apron so I took it upon myself to remove the rest of your clothes. Stripping off your uniform and tossing it to the floor, leaving you naked in the office. The heat from the night was palpable, the heat from our exchange was more so. Pushing you back against the wall, my mouth crushed yours. An unbridled passion surged between us on this hot night.

A groan escapes your lips, rough and longing. Movements were frantic and needy as you tried to fight me back, trying to push from the wall. I like the struggle as do you, your cock growing hard between your thighs as you wrestle me. Snaking my hand down your torso, I wrap my fingers around your cock. Hot and hard in my hand. My fingers begin their movement, stroking you slowly and my lips find you neck. Sharp teeth graze over your skin, slicing at your flesh. Groaning loudly, you push against me again, trying to gain some control. You never will.

Your cock throbs hard in my hand as my teeth bite your neck, leaving my mark. You're fucking mine. Grabbing your wrist with my free hand, I slam it back against the wall. "Please," you moan, not wanting to give everything to me but knowing you will. My lips slide over your collar bone, alternating licking and sucking as I move over your chest. Your free hand claws at my back in a mix of desire and repulsion.

"Please," you utter, "please, let's do this somewhere else. Everyone knows we're here."

"Do you think I fucking care, slut? You wanted me so here I am."

You groan but don't respond. My fingers stroke you firmer and your body tense beneath my touch. I know you want this.

Suddenly I release you. "Don't you fucking move." I say as I walk out the door into the kitchen. After a few minutes I walk back in with the things I gathered. I watch your eyes as I place them on the desk.

"Do you still want me here, whore?"

You make a barely noticeable nod.

"Get on your fucking knees," I tell you and you drop down in front of me. "You want to be fucked, is that it? You want me to fuck you?"

Again I get a nod as you look at the floor. Your brow is starting to sweat now. I drag one of the kitchen towels I brought in and toss it behind you and kneel as well. My hand wanders over your ass and up your back. Pressing you down to all fours, I make it a point to let my nails dig into your flesh. You groan and comply. My other hand wanders over your ass and down across your hip. Reaching farther forward, I take hold of your cock again. It's hard thickness pulses for me as my fingers wrap around you. I stroke you slowly eliciting a gasp from your lips.

"Hand it to me," I whisper to you.

You hesitate for a moment. My hand comes off your back and spanks you hard across your ass. Once. Twice.

"Hand it to me."

You reach up and pass the bottle back to me. I let go of your cock for a moment and open the lid. Oil dribbles out of the bottle and down your ass. You shudder underneath me, squirming a bit.

"Don't you dare fucking move," I say again. "You wanted to be fucked. You called me and said you needed me. You called and said you were my dirty fucking whore and you needed me tonight. I came because you said those words. You know you didn't really need me. You just needed to be fucked. You need to be treated like a fucking slut."

You start to protest but then stop as my fingers slide through the oil and around your tight hole.

"Say it. Tell me what you need. Tell me you want to be treated like a dirty fucking whore."

I watch you struggle with the words as my fingers press and massage your ass. My fingers push against you, never penetrating but bringing you immense pleasure. I tease you as my other hand slides back down to your cock and I hold it there.

"Say it."

You finally groan the words and I let my fingers slowly slide into you. Gently and slowly sliding into your tight ass and my hand begins to stroke you again. I hear you blow a long breath out as you give in me. Stroking firmer now, I feel your precum coating the tip of your cock and my finger presses deeper. I hold still for a moment longer, letting you get used to the feel of me.

"Is this what you wanted, slut?"

"Yes," you moan and I begin to move again. My hand strokes over and around your throbbing cock as my finger starts to slide in and out of your ass. Your hips buck a little as you move back against me. Pushing and pulling against each other, moving painfully slow. A small moan escapes your lips with each movement and I feel your ass tighten around my finger.

"Are you ready for more?"

A small nod and I push a second finger against you, sliding in your tight, hot hole. You stifle a cry as I start to move them faster. Starting to thrust them now, I push my fingers deep into your ass. The oil is dripping down you, sliding off your balls to the floor. My hand strokes you faster keeping rhythm with my thrusts. You cry out again and I can feel your cock pulsing and surging.

"Don't you dare fucking cum. You're not to cum until I say you can, got it slut? You're mine and will do what I say."

You groan again, trembling now beneath me. Sweat is dripping from you and I can feel how close you are. My fingers stop, eliciting another groan from you. You try to push back against me but I stop you.

"Please," you utter still trying to push against me.

"Oh, you're going to have to beg better than that. Fucking beg me, whore. I want to hear you beg me to let you cum."

There's a tremor in your voice when you speak again, begging me to fuck you, begging me to let you cum, telling me you're my dirty whore, telling me you're my cumslut, begging again to let you cum, you need this, to be treated like this, begging me.

"Cum for me then," I finally say and tighten my hand around your cock as I resume masturbating you. You gasp and press back against me as my fingers slide hard into you, fucking you hard in your ass. A third finger joins the others and I press them deep. That's what you needed. It pushes you over the egde. With a long cry your body tenses and spasms, I feel your cock surging with your cum and overflowing onto my hand. Spurt after spurt of cum coating my hand and falling to the floor. My fingers push deeper, still fucking you as your cock empties itself of your cum.

Easing my fingers slowly out of your ass, I stand and turn to walk from the room. Glancing over my should I see that you're still on your knees. Your head is down against the floor next to your spent cum. I wonder how long it will be until you call me again.


At 3:47 PM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

I love it when you take me like this, hard, rough and greedy. I'm your dirty fucking whore. Do as you please with me xxx

At 5:15 PM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

mmm, and I love taking you like this, whore. xxx

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Leesa said...

I love masturbating my man, too!

At 10:38 PM, Blogger Al Sensu said...

Hmm, I think he'll call tomorrow.

At 8:41 AM, Blogger Mina said...

gawd dam! That was so hot. Dam I missed you baby!

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Mina said...

Hey sweetie .. I think you are wonderful and that's why I tagged you... come see me...

At 7:43 PM, Blogger ~ Storm said...

Simply lovely and so fucking hot. It's the only drawback to long nails. However it inspires me to tell the story of the time in the bar with my "cock" strapped to my thigh under my skirt.

Mmmmm... thanks for this tonight... I needed that edge.

At 8:12 PM, Anonymous mouse said...

very hot... the best part is I know a chef who might just appreciate this ;)

At 12:05 PM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

leesa - it's such a fun thing to do, I agree!

al sensu - I think you're right ;)

mina - i missed you too! and thanks, I'll get to the rockin' blogger girls soon

storm - now that's a story I want to hear... and it was very much my pleasure to arouse you. xo

mouse - ooo, I think maybe you'll have to give him a call at the office.

At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Sex Kitten said...

I love a man in uniform!


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