Sunday, January 19, 2014

What I like about Sex

My, it's been awhile since I've been in here. I know, I know, fun blog then BAM she disappears. While I won't divulge my personal life on here, I can say that the last 3 years has been an exciting and rewarding ride, and the future looks amazing. This doesn't mean I haven't thought about writing. I have. I just needed time to live the "other" part of my life.

I'm going to get back into this slowly. A post here and there, but I'll do my best to ramp it back up. I miss it.


Someone asked me recently what I like about sex; aside from the obvious end result. It's a good question. I love sex and everything about it, but here is what it comes down to for me. Sex is raw. It's dirty and messy. It's fun and decadent. It's also intimate and tender. Sex wraps up the basic human emotions and presents them in an atmosphere in which it's ok to show. Sex is where you let your guard down. You let the other person into your personal space, and allow them to see you naked, literally and figuratively.

Of those qualities, I like the raw, dirty, messy part best. I like the complete abandon of losing track of everything else but the other person. Like fucking in the back seat of a car, in the middle of the day, in a public place and being so in the "zone" that nothing outside that moment is even registering on your brain. Not other cars driving by, not the way your body may look, not the sounds you make or even the absurdity of fucking in the car when you're far removed from teenager status. It centers on the primal urge and need to connect with the pleasure center in the brain.

Did I mention the dirty and messy? Sex isn't pretty. Ever really study someone's O face? Seriously though. I love both men and women's bodies. I don't care if there's a little extra fat here and there. I don't care that one breast is slightly larger than the other or the baby weight never quite came off. A beer belly, pshaw. Please, we all have our flaws. I have mine, I'd tell you but that's not the point. I don't care about any of those things. I care about your pleasure. That means I care about touching you all over, feeling you, tasting you and enjoying you. I like the sounds, smells, tastes and yes, messiness of what sex brings. Sweat, bodily fluids, messed up hair, raw lips, flushed skin… just thinking about it turns me on.

And the fun. Sex is FUN! Laughing during sex is ok, in fact, preferred. It might be a hot crazy moment but when your teeth clink together it's ok to giggle. Sex is not a serious sport. At least not for me. It's enjoyment. I'll cheer you on, and encourage you the whole way to the finish line. (I'm vocal but not in a demanding way… unless of course you're in the mood to be dominated)

The other person matters to me. I like giving pleasure more than I like receiving. Don't get me wrong, I love receiving pleasure. LOVE it. However, nothing gets me wetter than the sounds and sights of my partner feeling pleasure. I want to know that my efforts are having an effect. The catch in the breath, moans, fingers tightening in my hair and digging into my skin… wow. And when the other person totally succumbs to the moment -- the complete abandon of the body to the feelings -- I practically come with them.

Call me a slut. Go ahead, it's ok. I am to a degree. I have relationships with men and women. I love sex and everything about it. I've had many partners. I haven't come across anything I'm not willing to try in the bedroom and embrace most of it. I will be your dirty little whore or call you one. I embrace my sexuality. I do have a line though. I don't fuck anyone I don't know. I don't randomly pick someone up at a bar and take them home. I have a relationship with the person, whether it's a friend with benefits or a long term partner, I have a connection. Don't make the assumption that because a woman is sexual that she sleeps around. Call me a slut for that reason and I'll have words for you. Call me a slut because you like the dirty girl in me, and I'll show you just how dirty I can be.

Missed you xxx


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Touching Myself

My hands run over my body and I let out a soft sigh. I need to ease the ache between my thighs. I need to touch myself. I need to cum. Wanton desirous thoughts invade my mind. The feeling overwhelms me and I can't do anything else until I'm sated.

I'm already naked. I shed my clothes to the bedroom floor and now lie on the bed. The ache deepens. My fingers slide down my neck. I shiver with anticipation. My nipples are already taught when my hands find them. I feel the ache intensify. I roll them between my finger tips and gasp as a pulse begins in my cunt. I squeeze my thighs together wanting so much to cum. My breasts are soft and full in my hands as I caress them. My chest heaves with anticipation. If only you were here to watch me.

I slip one hand down. I know what to do to ease the ache. I know how to satisfy myself. I know you know this and the thought of having you as a voyeur stokes the flames further. The decision now is to make it quick and hard or draw it out slowly. My fingers slide through the wetness pooling between my thighs. Slick juices coat my fingers and I spread it around my clit. I moan softly. Electric waves run through me as my fingers start to circle my clit. The room has disappeared. The outside world has disappeared. Desire, need, want is all I feel.

I let my thighs fall open and slip my fingers to my cunt. Heat envelopes them as I slide two inside. I wonder what you would think now. Would you want to join me or continue to watch. I groan. My hips rise and fall. I need more. My other hand trails down, taking the place on my clit. My cunt throbs with pleasure. I imagine you inside me, filling me. I slide another finger inside, greedily filling myself, thrusting them in and out to keep rhythm with my hips. I lift my leg, needing to push deep, feeling the velvet walls of my cunt squeezing tight around my fingers. My arousal surges. My legs tremble. I wonder if you can feel me. I wonder if you know I'm masturbating for you.

My clit throbs. I press harder, stroking myself. My fingers are slick against me. My body begins to succumb. I don't want to draw it out any longer. I need it too much to let it last. I need to be greedy. I need to be satisfied. My fingers move frantically over my clit. My cunt pulses harder. I feel the heat building inside me. I gasp again and a small cry escapes my lips.

I can't control my hips as they buck up against my hands. My heart pounds as I feel pleasure flood my body. Hot breath rushes from my lungs as I cry out. Warmth pulses over my hands and I careen into bliss. Can you feel it?

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I lay waiting for you under the tree. My hair down around my shoulders, my body propped on one elbow, two bows strategically placed around me. I wait for you, hoping you come to me soon, waiting to feel your touch to warm my skin on this cold morning.

I anticipate your touch. I wait to feel your hands sliding through my hair. I wait to feel your lips press against mine drawing the passion from me. I wait for your fingers to slip down and untie the bows, to feel your fingertips caress my skin. I wait for the moment in which we surrender to each other. In this moment the passion will break free, a hunger in need. I wait for the feeling of your body pressed against mine, your hands and lips devouring me. I want you to feel to heat between my thighs, the ache and desire that waits for you. I want you to feel how wet I am just thinking about you here with me.

I wait for you on this Christmas morning, come to me.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Distant Desire

Her gaze lingered on me, her eyes flashed white hot beneath long black lashes. Her full lips parted ever so slightly with a quick intake of breath. She sat opposite me in the crowded bar but I could feel the attraction weave its way through the crowd between us. She shifted in her chair. The glass in her hand made its way up to her lips. She made a point to touch the glass with her tongue before taking a sip. Her gaze never left mine.

Leaving the glass, her fingertips found her long neck. I watched as they trailed down to the top button of her blouse. She was looking to seduce and I would not deny her the pleasure. She trailed long nails lightly across her skin, daring me to ask to see more. I gave her a soft smile, matching her gaze. Her returned smile sent shivers down my spine. There was venom in it, but also a promise. It's one I wanted her to keep.

Her fingers slid down across the silk fabric above her breasts before coming back up to her lips. She slowly licked a finger and trailed it back down her neck. I gave her another smile. I wanted the show to continue. She leaned back against the bar and lifted the drink to her lips again. I watched as she shifted her hips toward me. Her skirt slid up as she moved revealing more of her long firm legs. My gaze traveled over her as she slipped one foot up the side of her calf, caressing it her heeled shoe. She oozed temptation. Did I dare?

She shifted again, turning the face the other direction, pausing to part her thighs for me. The room was too dark for me to see but my imagination could fill in the gap. I pictured her in my mind, pictured myself with her, between her thighs, tasting her lips. She leaned forward, appearing to stretch and let her hand fall to her knee. Her fingertips traced small circles along her thigh as she brought her hand up her body. My body quivered.

She turned from me then to face the bar. Her long hair fell across her back, hair I wanted in my hands. Hair I wanted in my grip as I pulled it
back to kiss her, to possess her. She leaned to whisper to the bartender. She rose as she did, purposely pushing her ass toward me. She was asking everything from me and I was willing to give it.

I watched as she slipped money onto the bar.

I watched as she rose from her seat, pausing to look at me, and walked to the door.

I watched her saunter through the crowd and leave.

I watched the door for a long moment.

And then I followed.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


His lips told me the words I wanted to hear. I didn't care that he didn't mean them. I didn't care that I was being used. I needed to feel a touch, a hint of desire.

His mouth lingered on my neck, alternating between kisses and talk of his want. He caressed my body with his, his chest against mine, his thigh pressed between mine. The heat poured from him making it all that easier to surrender. I knew he felt me succumb to him and I felt his smile against my skin. Another one conquered.

His fingers splayed out across my breast while his body began to take what it needed from me. I felt his length grow hard against my flesh. His lips moved down further, his tongue swirling over my skin. My own hands encouraged him, telling him to take all of me. His mouth sucked my nipples and I arched up to him. My body throbbed with a desire long forgotten.

His hands slid over my soft belly and down between my thighs which parted eagerly for a chance to be fulfilled. His fingers began a slow dance, teasing my senses. My hips pushed up to him with want. I didn't need the waltz, he didn't mean it anyway. He could save the seduction for someone else. I pushed his head down to ask him for more. I wanted the pleasure I knew he would give.

His mouth found me and gave me what I desired. His lips and tongue quickly brought me the feeling I so long missed. I gave myself over to the sensations. My body responded in kind and allowed me the pleasure I sought. I gave it all to him and he took it.

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Friday, October 29, 2010


Once, you loved me.
I had felt the desire.
It burned hot against my skin.
It grew around me,
Engulfing me in flames of passion.

Once, no day passed in which I felt neglected.
You wanted me, desired me.
You yearned to feel my skin against your own.
You yearned to caress my breasts,
And run your hands along my body.

Once, you couldn't contain your hunger.
Your cock would grow hard at my scent,
And my body would become wet from yours.
Your mouth would find me,
Licking, tasting and craving me.

Once, our minds and hearts fulfilled our needs.
There were no others.
There wasn't a need for more than us.
There was only flesh and need,
Our bodies and breath mingled as we sought out pleasure.

Once, we found delight in bringing each other delight.
I would open my thighs for you,
And groan your name as you filled me.
We would move together,
Seeking the heat.

Once, we were lovers,
Filling our time with carnal needs and desires.
There was no if, only when.
There was no time,
Only each other.

Once, we found happiness in that.
I thought I was an everything,
Instead of a something.
That I may have been enough,
That I could have been.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Savannah 4:3 - The boy's turn

Following is the much over due continuation of Gwen's experience with the boy. To read from the beginning of the chapter, you can find part one here and part two here. If you'd like to read the Gwen's story from the beginning, go to the links on the left and scroll down until you find the Savannah Series.


A disappointed look washed over the boy's face. Gwen had to stifle a laugh.

"Trust me," said Gwen. She pushed the boy over onto his back and crawled up to straddle him.

"There's more to sex than fucking. In fact, some of the best sex can be had without any penetration at all. It's about the arousal, pleasure and ultimate satisfaction of your partner." With those words she slid her dripping cunt along the length of the boy's cock. He groaned softly. "And you want to satisfy your partner, don't you?"

The boy nodded and licked his lips.

"That's what I thought."

She slid off him and down between his thighs. Her mouth began to trace light kisses and nips across his stomach, over his hip bones and down the tops of his thighs. The boy writhed underneath her. His hips bucked, trying to guide her mouth to his cock. Gwen merely smiled and continued down his legs. Her hands caressed his thighs and calves. She ran them over his ankles and back up the insides of his legs. She cupped his balls softly and brought her mouth up to kiss and lick them.

She looked up and saw the exquisite look of pleasure and frustration on his face. Deciding he had enough teasing, Gwen moved up, her body forcing the boy's legs wider. Taking his hard velvety cock into her hands, Gwen began to slid her fingers over him. Slowly at first, feeling him, feeling his length, his hardness and the small trail of pre-cum emerging from his tip. She breathed warm air over him, her mouth inches from his throbbing erection.

The boy moaned, pushing his hips to her. Gwen complied with his unspoken wish and ran her tongue over his head. He gasped as she did it again. Swirling her tongue over and around the head of his cock, Gwen began to stroke his length. HIs body trembled under her and it fueled Gwen's own arousal. Her wetness was seeping down her thighs and thoughts of fucking him went against what she lectured him about.

The boy gasped out his request, " Please, god, please suck me. I don't think I can take much more." His hands moved through Gwen's hair, urging her on.

"I don't want you to come," she said. "I want you to stop me if you get too close. Tell me to stop."

The boy whimpered, not convinced of her tactics. "But I want to come. God, just like this."

"No, you don't. You want to come inside me. You want to feel your cock sliding into my hot wet cunt. You know you want to fuck me. Make it last."

The boy groaned. "Oh, yes," he said.

"Then stop me if you get too close."

The boy grunted his agreement and Gwen turned her attention back to his cock. She opened her mouth and slid her lips slowly over him, taking as much of his length as she could. Her tongue swirled around his length as she pulled back. Her saliva made him slick as she slid his cock in and out of her mouth. She kept it slow, wanting to keep him on the edge, not wanting to trigger his orgasm. She lazily slid her tongue around the head of his cock and back down his length. Her hands wandered up over his chest and back down his thighs.

The boy writhed harder, his breath coming out in gasps and groans. He tried to keep his hands steady but they trembled as they moved with her head along his cock. "I don't know if I can take much much more," he moaned.

Gwen pulled her lips from his cock, looking up at him. A fine sheen of perspiration dotted his brow. His face flushed red and his eyes turned dark.

"Then let's take your mind off it," she suggested.

"But I don't want you to stop," he whined reminding Gwen of how young he really was.

She grinned wickedly at him. "Who said I was stopping?"

She crawled up the bed and kissed him hard. Their mouths met hungrily. Gwen allowed herself the pleasure of enjoying his fierce kiss for a minute before pulling away. She crawled up further on the bed and turned.

"I want you to lick me again." With those words she straddled his head and lowered her eager cunt over his face. The boy gasped. His hands quickly slid up her thighs and guided her down to him. "Lick me like you did earlier."

He wasted no time complying. His tongue ran the length of her slit, tasting her arousal. Gwen shuddered. Slipping his tongue down to her cunt lips, she felt him push inside her.

"Oh, perfect." she whispered before lowering her body to his. She kissed down his stomach to his still hard cock. Just as his tongue slid back to her clit, she pulled his length into her mouth. She smiled at the sharp hiss of warm air against her.

As she slid him in and out of her mouth, the boy matched her rhythm over and around her clit. As Gwen sped up or slowed down, so did the boy. She could feel her pleasure building. Her hips found their own rhythm, grinding down against him.

Her tongue ran up and down his hard cock, her mouth assaulting him. His cock throbbed hard, wanting to surge, wanting to spill his cum for her. She took care to back off each time she felt him throbbing too hard even though she had trouble concentrating. The boy's ministrations were becoming too much. His tongue ran over her clit while his fingers found her cunt again.

He thrust them inside her. One at first, then two, then three. Fucking her with them, moving them in and out of her dripping cunt. She moaned around his cock knowing he could feel it. Her fingers caressed and squeezed his balls as his hips came up to meet her. Gwen felt the familiar tension building, once again, inside her.

She lifted from his cock. "Don't stop," she groaned and ground her cunt against his face. "Make me come again."

The boy moaned into her sex. His fingers and tongue working together, creating a sensation taking her over the edge. Her core burned with desire. She moved her hips over him, her hands coming up to her breasts, pinching her nipples. His fingers thrust hard inside her and she exploded over him. Thick hot waves of pleasure coursed through her body as she cried out again. Her cunt flooded him with her juices as he continued to lap at her.

She suddenly pulled herself from his grasp and crawled down his body. She stayed on all fours and looked over her shoulder to him. Her ass was to him, her swollen cunt glistening from her wetness.

"Now you can fuck me."

to be continued...