Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tied - Part 2

She moans quietly into the bed and her thighs shift apart slightly. You smile and pick up your first choice. Lifting her ankle, you slide the strap of the butterfly vibrator up her calf and move to do the same on her other leg. You tease the straps up her thigh until you hit the bed.

"Lift." you say and she immediately attempts to lift her torso as high as she can. Her body barely moves but you appreciate her effort and eagerness. Your hand cups the soft curve of her hip and you lift her up so the vibe can nestle against her clit. Sliding the straps tighter, you secure it to her. A small move of your finger on the remote will now tease her little button any time you wish. You place the remote on the floor between her thighs making sure it's easy to reach.

Her hips roll a little against the bed, pushing against the vibrator. You smile and let her. It's the one allowance you'll let her have tonight. You watch as she subtly moves. She doesn't want you to notice but it's so obvious that you have her very aroused. Her cunt lips glisten with her juices and you almost forget why you're punishing her. You need to taste her like this. You lean forward and allow your tongue to slide slowly up her slit. Her moans are welcome to your ears. You lick her again teasingly, savoring the flavor invading your mouth. Your hand reaches down to the remote and you slide the controller ever so slightly. The vibrator comes alive with a soft hum and she moans louder. You lick her again, teasing her cunt lips, feeling her juices start to flow.

That's enough.

You have her where you want her, aroused, willing, open to whatever you want to do. You sit back and stop the vibrations. She gasps softly in frustration but doesn't protest.

You admire her ass again before picking up the bottle lying on the floor. The thick lube warms instantly as it hits the air. You spread it around on your fingers before touching her. With slow deliberate movements, you spread the lube over her ass. You tease her first, applying a thin coat to her ass cheeks and then sliding down between her thighs. She doesn't really need the lube at her cunt, but that's not the point of the game. You spread it over her lips, pushing your fingers in her eager cunt briefly before spreading the rest around. You pour more warm lube over your fingers and begin to rub over her ass. Her tight little hole resists you. You're not concerned, though. You have all the time in the world. Your fingers massage over her, gently working her, easing her into relaxing, knowing she'll give you what you want.

She whimpers at first, then begins to groan into the bed. She tries to raise her ass for you and starts to relax. Your kneading fingers feel so good and she wants desperately to please you.

"You know you want this," you say quietly. "You know you were going to get this if you were bad. I'm going to take this, slowly though. It's not going to be how you want. It'll be how I want."

"Yes," she said in a half moan.

You raise your hand and slap her hard on the ass, startling her.

"Ohhhh, yes, I'm sorry. You can punish me any way you see fit. It's not my place to say-ohhhh."

Your finger pressed into her ass just as she finished her sentence causing her to groan loudly. Her body tenses then relaxes. Your finger slowly pushes into her, a little at a time. Kneading her, massaging her as you do. She relaxes more and her body lets you start to slowly slide your finger in and out of her ass. Her hips roll against the butterfly and she gasps.

"Good girl," you say softly as you slide your finger from her. Reaching down, you pick up the lube again. This time you spill some of the liquid directly on to her ass and spread it generously around.

The toy is sitting by her ankle. You admire the slim vibrator for a minute. It's not much thicker than your thumb, but it's the length that will provide the most pleasure and it's an added bonus that the batteries are new. You smile again as you rub the vibe against her ass, getting it nice and wet for her.

to be continued...