Friday, September 29, 2006

Cum with me

I've been thinking about you. Wondering about you really. You intrigue me, you arouse me, you make me wet knowing that you're so close. Just a small distance away, only separated by this screen. It send shivers through to know you could be reading at the same time I am. That you could be masturbating with me as our eyes follow the words. That your hand is matching my rhythm as we touch ourselves.
Do you wonder about me? Do you feel the same way? It's so vivid. I can imagine you there, your hand slowly stroking yourself, arousing yourself while your read. I do want to be there. I want to watch you... I want you to watch me. Voyeurs together. Would you want that? Do you want to see my fingers on my clit? My hand around my breast, pinching my nipple? Do you want to see the way my back arches? The look on my face when I cum? I want to look into your eyes to know you're watching me. I want to watch your movements, your hand moving against yourself, the arching of your back, hear the small noises you make as you bring yourself closer.
Just thinking about this has me touching myself. I've slid my hand down into my panties letting my fingers drift over me softly. I'm already wet. You arouse me so very much. My fingers slide down my slit, god, spreading my wetness. I can't believe how wet you have me, how aroused my body is. I'm sliding them back up, back and forth, rubbing my velvety lips with my fingertips. God, so wet. Pushing a finger slowly inside me... oh, god, I need this so much. Stroking myself with it, rubbing the way I like. I wish you could see me, hear me...

These jeans need to come off.

My panties are soaked. Should I take them off too? I think you'd rather like that. Maybe my shirt and bra as well....

I can see my reflection in the screen. It's a sensual picture. I wish you could see me this way. I've put one foot up against the desk, spreading my thighs. I wish I could take a photo of myself like this for you, but I don't want to stop. I need to keep touching myself. I want to cum for you... with you.
I'm pushing my fingers back down my slit, two fingers this time, sliding into me. My other fingers are on my nipple, pinching it hard, increasing my arousal. I can hear how wet I am... can you hear me? The sound of my fingers sliding in and out of my dripping wet cunt? god, I want that. I want you to be able to hear me. I want you to be able to hear everything, all of my sounds, my moans, my gasps. I'm stroking them faster, pushing against them, pausing to type this every now and then. I can feel my muscles tightening around them... so close...
Tell me, tell me you're masturbating with me, tell me how good it feels, arouse me more, I need to hear you telling me that you're close too, that you want to cum too. god, I need to touch my clit... I want to keep typing but I don't know if I can. It's too much, I want to cum for you. I want you to know how much I need that... god, so fucking close now, my breath is ragged... I need my vibe. I'm taking it out of the drawer, letting it rub against my wetness, coating it with my juices. Up and down, rubbing it against me. god, pushing it inside me... pushing you inside me... so thick and full, filling me. That's what I needed, so close now. Pushing it deep inside me, thrusting into my cunt, fucking myself with it. My thumb on my clit, rubbing it hard, yes, circling it around and around... fuck, yes... thrusting it harder, faster, god, I need to cum. Tell me you want me to cum... please I need to hear it from you, to hear your voice telling me to cum for you...
Oh, god, that's it, the heat's moving through me, I can feel it between my thighs. A radiating heat growing in me, building, pulsing... I can feel it flushing up my neck, up to my face. Rubbing faster, that's it, there, god, now, I'm going to cum now, cum with me, please, I want you to cum with me, oh god...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Fucking with Dirtyboy and DLG

Such an amazing day today. I've had a fabulous mention on the Playboy Radio Morning Show as the sex blog of the week. The very lovely Meme from chose my blog to mention and read from during her segment. As I mentioned in an email response to her, I'm incredibly excited and honored to have been included. She has posted a review of my blog and the audio clip from the show on her site. Please go have a look and a listen and enjoy!


In addition, I made the suggestion tonight to the very sexy and very naughty dirtyboy, Roger, that we write something together. So here it is, unedited and in the raw, straight from a delightfully filthy IM session. It was written with lust on the mind and desire somewhere else... I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. *wink* (His words are in italics)


The drive seemed longer than I remembered. It's been so long since we've last seen each other, so many days counting down to when you were flying back again. Just a few more miles, just a few more minutes until I reach the door.

I'm just as eager to see you - it's been too long since I tasted you, your lips, your skin, your sweet, warm wetness - I need you, need to feel you, to fuck you - my body aches with desire and lust.

My fingers tremble as I reach for the doorbell. Excitement, barely contained, has my body full of arousal and need. I ring and listen to it resonate behind the door. Footsteps fall and I watch as the door swings open.

I smile at you, pausing for a moment to take you all in - your delicate beauty, your sensuality, your delightful smooth curves... I want you the moment I see you - I've wanted you for hours. I slip my arms around you, and pull you close, smiling again, and kissing you sensuously, feeling your body melt against my own.

I feel your warm hard body against me, your lips pressing passionately against mine. Our mouth part and tongues swirl frantically as our hands begin to move desperately around each other. Too much time has passed. I feel you pull me tighter, pulling me back into the apartment, turning and pressing me against the wall. Your erect cock pushing hard against me.

I feel your breath on my face, trembling, needy, your body moving against mine as I push you against the wall. I kiss you again, more greedily this time, my hands sliding up over your body, sliding over your breasts, squeezing them through your blouse, my tongue slipping into your mouth as my hands unfasten the buttons, tugging your blouse open, slipping around your waist to unclip your bra, breathing harder as I slide my hands under the cups of your bra, over your breasts, my fingertips pinching your nipples as my erection grinds against you.

I moan into you as your fingers make contact. My hand moves up to your hair, holding your face close to mine as we kiss. My back arches into you, god, I need more. I wrap my fingers through the strands and pull hard on it pulling your head back. Excitement courses through me and I let my lips find your neck, sucking and biting at you greedily. My other hand reaches down between your thighs and I easily pop open your jeans button, your own erection causing the zipper to soon follow.

I groan with pleasure and a little delicious pain as I feel you bite hard on my neck - I know you're deliberately leaving a mark, claiming me, branding me - I'm so erect now, my cock pulsing as I feel your hand slide around my length, starting to stroke me, one of my hands now sliding down your body, tugging open the buttons of your pants, sliding my hand down inside your panties, straight to your sex. Brushing over your clit, my fingers find your cunt - you're so wet already, dripping along my fingertip as I slide a finger inside you, groaning again as you stroke me a little harder, biting me again.

I smile into you, knowing I've left a mark, knowing that everyone will know that you're mine. My smile fades quickly though as your finger slides inside me. It moves slowly, tantalizing in its rhythm. My hand strokes you firmer, my lips working their way back to your mouth, hungrily reaching for you. I groan again and suddenly push you back. Grabbing your shirt, I tug it roughly over your head, tossing it to the side. I reach for you again, pushing you back until you fall onto the couch. I stand before you and strip off my jeans and panties, watching as you do the same.

I can't take my eyes off you - such a delicious body, the body I've been craving for so long - as the last of my clothes come off, I lay back on the couch, my cock erect, sliding my hand around it, masturbating as I watch you peel off the last of your clothes, needing to be fucked, needing you to fuck me.

I look at you, naked and erect. Your hand sliding up and down your hard cock. I need you, I want to devour you, I have so much that I want from you. I move toward you, moving in between your thighs. With purpose and seduction, I slide my fingers down my wet slit, stroking myself in front of you, masturbating with you. I slide my fingers inside, feeling my slickness as it wets my thighs. Stroking softly, I pull them back out, bringing them up to your lips, smearing them with my juices.

I suck on your fingers greedily, lapping up your wetness - I open my thighs as I watch you, still stroking myself, my cock so hard, needing to be touched, sliding my hands through your hair, tugging your face up to mine, kissing you again, passionately, my tongue sliding deep into your mouth as I feel your breasts brushing over my bare chest.

My hand finds your cock again and I push yours out of the way. I slide my fingers around you, stroking you in the same way. I feel you groan softly. My tongue mingles with yours for a moment then slips away. Leaning down, I kiss your chest greedily, licking and sucking at you. I move further down and feel you release my hair, knowing I'll take you how I please. I let my lips drift over your belly, breathing hotly against your straining cock.

I'm breathing harder now, your fingers stroking me deliciously - I could cum just from that, but I need so much more - and as I feel your breath drifting over the swollen head of my erection, I can feel myself throbbing harder, looking down at you, my gaze greedily taking in your naked body. "God, please..." I gasp, "Take me in your mouth... suck me... suck my cock... god I need it..."

I look at you for a moment and smile lustfully. Such an anxious and greedy boy. I let my tongue drag slowly around the head of your cock, tasting you. I lick the tip, savoring the small drop of pre-cum resting there. My mouth moves again, licking down the entire length of your shaft. I wrap my tongue around your base and slowly lick back up. Your gasp gives you away. So lustful. I open my mouth, pulling your cock inside, swirling my tongue over you as I do.

I groan intensely, arching up from the couch, my penis throbbing urgently as I feel your tongue swirling and lapping over and around my length, my hips moving back and forth now, fucking your mouth with my cock, my hands in your hair as you take me in deep - god it feels so good - I know I can't take much of this...

I grasp your thigh tightly, holding you to me as I suck your cock. I feel your cock throb every time I pull you back in. I want this, need this. I swirl my tongue over and around you, moving faster as you fuck my mouth. Your pulsing cock is so swollen in my mouth. I take you deep into my throat, fucking all of you.

Fuck... I need to fuck you... but I can feel how determined you are - you can feel how close I am, my body bucking under you as suck me greedily - I need to fuck you, but I'm not gonna be able to hold it back... your lips, your tongue, feel so good... I groan again, feeling my cock throbbing harder, your lips slipping and sliding around my erection as you suck and lick... and I groan again: "ohh god... I'm gonna cum... you're gonna make me cum...

I pause ever so briefly and look up at you, my hand still stroking your cock. "Don't hold back, fucking cum in my mouth, I want you to, I want to feel your hot cum sliding down my throat." I move my mouth back to your cock, sucking urgently at you, stroking your cock in and out of my hot wet mouth.

God and that's it - you know what those words do to me - I groan intensely, arching up from the couch - there's no holding it back - I cry out with intense pleasure, gasping your name as I start to cum, orgasm pulsing through me as the first jet of hot spunk spurts into your mouth, onto your tongue, followed by another spurt, and another, so much cum, filling your mouth, my body trembling and convulsing as I cum hard...

I feel your hot thick jets of spunk shoot deep into my mouth. I swallow you greedily, drinking you all down, my tongue continuing to swirl over you, riding out your orgasm as as you buck hard against me. God, I love how you feel, how you taste. I suck hard once more, knowing you'll stay hard for me, knowing you'll need to cum again. I kiss up your chest again, letting my lips come up to meet yours, Letting you taste yourself on me. I slide my thighs over you, straddling your still erect cock.

My cock is still wet with cum, wet from your lips, your tongue - I'm still erect, still need more - I watch as you straddle me, sliding my hands over your hips, pulling you over me, pulling you against me, feeling the slick wetness of your cunt as you slide against my cock, your sex skidding along my length - god I need to fuck you...

I gasp as I feel your cock make contact with my cunt. I slide over you, down the length of you until the head of your cock rubs against my clit. Sparks shoot through me and I can't wait any longer. I angle my hips and push my wet lips against your cock, enveloping you in my warmth. My head falls back as I slide all the way down on you, filling me completely.

God... I groan with pleasure, my cock still so sensitive after my orgasm - you know how I get when I'm like this, how I stay right on the edge of orgasm - I'm gonna cum again very quickly, but I need you to cum first, need to feel you cum all over my hard cock. I pull you down hard onto my erection, pulling you over me, kissing you again greedily as my hands slide up over your breasts, pinching your hard nipples in my fingertips, my cock thrusting deep inside you as you ride me deliciously, so hot, so wet around my hard penis, fucking me, harder, faster...

I ride you hard, I'm so close to coming, this buildup has me so incredibly aroused. I grasp your hair, pulling your head back again. My lips kiss you passionately. I let my hand slide down between us, finding my clit. I rub, circling it around and around, my fingers skidding over my wet skin. Your cock thrusts up harder to me, as I push back against you. I need to cum, god, I need to cum. I can feel my cunt pulsing around your cock, wanting to cum on you, wanting to flood your cock with my hot juices...

god... I cry out as you pull my head back, so greedy, so rough.. I love it when you take me like this, use me, fuck me... you're so fucking wet around my cock... I slide my hands to your hips, ramming you down hard onto my pulsing erection - I'm so fucking close to cumming again, need to spurt my cum inside you, but I hold back, gasping, groaning... you're so fucking close - I look up at you, thrusting my cock deeper into your cunt, harder - "Come for me... cum on my cock... I need you to cum all over me... don't hold it back... cum for me... please..."

Just a few more strokes, oh god, my fingers rub frantically as I feel the heat radiating through my body. I slam back down on you one last time, crying out your name as my orgasm washes over me. My cunt throbs hard around your cock with each pulse. Over and over. My hips grind down hard against you, my body trembling and convulsing as your thrust up into me. I hear you gasp again, your cock so fucking hard. god... "Don't stop... cum in me... please Roger... cum deep inside me.. fill me with your hot spunk"

It's all I can take - I feel a splash of wetness pouring over my cock, your body convulsing, your cunt engulfing my cock - I let out a long, hard, intense groan as I start to cum, gripping your ass as my cock plunges deep into your cunt, my hot cum spurting long and deep into you, spurting again, and again, and again, filling you with all my cum as our bodies lock together, pulsing, throbbing, so fucking intense, my cum pouring down my cock as you fuck me, our juices dripping down over my balls, kissing you again greedily, hungrily, so good... god...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cunt, Cock and Feet

Discarding my blazer by the door, I walk around my office. Sun streams in the window giving everything a warm glow. I look out over the city. It seems so peaceful this time of morning. My finger wanders over my red lips as I think about my tasks for the day. I drop one stiletto and rub a stockinged foot against my calf, deep in thought.

Knocking at the door breaks me of my trance. I turn and see you enter. You look nervous. You always do. Your hands play with your tie as you wait for me. I turn and walk to my desk, flipping on the computer and gathering my papers.


You jump, startled I've spoken and move quickly to your spot. Kneeling down on the floor beside me, you ease yourself down onto the floor. I cross one leg over the other and let my shoe dangle from my toes. I hear you suck in your breath, anticipating what the morning may hold. I glance down and see your arousal already evident through your pants. I wonder what my colleagues would think if they knew you were in here. They knew I hand picked you for the job, that maybe I showed favoritism offering it to you. But I'm sure they wouldn't suspect this. I figured you out 10 minutes into the interview, first thinking you had notions of running your hands up my legs.

I answer a few pressing emails and clear off a few papers from my desk. I can see you out of the corner of my eye, anxiously waiting for me. You know when I clear time like this that I'm looking forward to our time together. Swiveling around on my chair, I lean back and smile seductively at you. Letting my shoe drop to the floor, I slide my foot slowly up my own leg, then back down. Teasing you with a brief glimpse to the top of my stockings. My toes caress over my ankle and down over the top of my other stiletto. I let them drag over the floor slightly and then back up my calf.

I watch you lick your lips as your eyes watch my movements. Your hands rest on the floor and flex against the carpet. Drifting my foot back down my leg, I hold it out for you and give you a slight nod. Eagerly, hands move to my foot, caressing it, massaging it. I groan softly and let my head rest back against the chair. Deft fingers move over my foot, moving over my toes, my arch, spreading the warmth of their touch. I can feel your hot breath against my stockings and relish in the feeling of your wet lips against my ankle. Your body shifts, your lips work their way up my calf. Hot soft lips kissing slowly over me.

I let my other foot slip out of my shoe and slide up over your thigh. I can feel the tense muscles under my toes as I glide against you. Letting the silky fabric slither over the fabric of your suit, my toes find the heat between your thighs. I feel you moan against my leg and I move my foot up further, slinking along your length. You're hard and incredibly erect inside your pants. My foot rubs softly against you, caressing your throbbing cock through your pants. I know how much you want to strip right there, but you need to wait.

Your lips tremble against my leg as my foot brushes over you. You want me, need me and your hands gently spread my legs. Your tongue moves over the top of my stocking, caressing the bare skin where they end. I gasp and help you push my skirt up. My bare cunt exposed, waiting for you. Groaning again, your lips move up the remainder of my thigh, breathing hotly against me. I feel a hand moving back down my leg and grasping my free foot as my other continues to rub you thorough your pants. Your hips rub against me, heightening the sensations.

Then your tongue finds me. Hot and wet against my clit, it circles around it, tasting me. My thighs part wider and I feel your tongue delving into my wetness. I moan softly, pulling your head to me. Your tongue swirls over me again, fucking me, then sucking on my hard little clit. Over and around, filling me with desire, needing you to make me cum. I won't last like this. My legs tremble as your tongue flicks over me again, relentless, moving in rhythm with your hips against my foot. I feel the heat building and I wrap my fingers in your hair, drawing you closer, rubbing my cunt against your lips, your face. I can feel my juices flowing over you as my cunt starts to pulse. God, don't stop. I feel you groan into my clit, a warm vibration of your voice against me. Suddenly I feel your fingers against me, sliding deep into my slick cunt. It's what I needed. It send me over the edge. My back arches violently and I can feel myself cumming hard against you. My cunt clenching around your fingers, milking them as my body convulses against you. I feel you groan again, relishing in making me cum.

Breathing heavily, I bring my leg up and push your back with my foot against your chest. Such desire in your eyes, you face wet with my juices. I lean over in my chair and take your hands in mine. I place them firmly on the floor and you know I'm in charge. I release them, trailing my fingers up your arms and down over your chest. Your tie is askew and your jacket disheveled. I move down further and undo your pants, sliding the zipper down slowly. Your swollen cock springs free as I pull your boxers down over you. I lean back and look at you again. You, the sophisticated business man in your expensive suit, sitting before me with your cock standing up in front of you, your hair tousled, your clothes a wreck. Desire, lust, hunger showing on your face.

I let my feet move back up your thighs, back up to your waiting cock. Finally, the silky fabric of my stockings make contact with your hot skin. You stifle a cry as I move them over you. Soft, gentle motions, sliding easily. I take your cock between my feet and begin to rub you, slowly, up and down, masturbating your cock with my feet. Your pre-cum oozing from the head of your cock, making my stockings wet and slippery. I rub harder against you and feel your hips thrust up, wanting to feel it harder. I hold you tighter, letting you fuck my feet with your cock. Over and over your hot throbbing cock moves against them, sliding up and down, wanting so much to cum, wanting so much to shoot your hot spunk all over my feet, all over my stockings. I move them against you, tightening and releasing with each thrust of your hips. My stockings are so slick now from your juices, soft, warm and wet. It's too much for you. I can feel your cum surging through you, your cock swelling as you get ready to cum. Your head falls back and your hands grab my feet, pressing them hard against your cock. Suddenly warm thick jets of cum surge from your cock, falling over my feet. Over and over, you thrust hard, more cum spurting from you each time, falling hotly against my stockings. You moan and press my feet harder against you, feeling the pulsing of aftershocks moving through your cock. You lean against me for a long moment, breathing heavily, trying to get your bearings.

"Lick me"

"Oh god," you mutter softly and you slowly lean back against your heels. Taking my foot in your hands, you bring it up to your mouth. Your tongue moves over my stockings, lapping up your own cum, cleaning my feet of our passion and lust. You take your time licking me, enjoying it as much as I do. Your hands reach around for my shoes and you gently place them back on my feet. Then helping me pull my skirt back down, you stand and fix your own clothing. A small spot of cum shows on the front of your pants but I doubt anyone will notice. If they do, I doubt they'll say anything. They know you're mine. I smile sweetly and hand you a pile of folders, sending you on your way to finish out the day, leaving you wondering when I'll call you to my office again.

(and yes, these are authentic DLG feet pics taken just for you...)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Making Her Mine

Thank you to the very lovely Chelsea Girl for including me in this week's Sex Blog Roundup on Fleshbot. It's such an honor to be included in such delightfully dirty company.

Her breath whispered softly against my neck. Her body was pressed tight to mine and I could feel her every curve. I've only discovered her recently and it has been heaven since. Her eyes beckoned me in when we first met, so blue, like tide pools of a cyan sea that drowned me when I looked deeply. They kept me hypnotized, something rare for me. I do the taking. But she has a hold over me. Her freshness addicted me to her. Her soft lovely body, her smooth pale skin, everything about her leaves me needing more. She still submits to me but in turn she owns me completely.

I look back and gaze into her face. She's never known a woman before but it was natural between us. We both felt it from the moment we met. Her body fits so perfectly with mine, her lips kiss so sweetly against mine. Tonight it's all I can do to keep from ravishing her. But she needs it gentle tonight, loving and I want to please her as much as she wants to please me.

I let her hands drift over my skin, her fingertips soft and caring. They feel my curves, gliding down into the small of my waist and back up the side of my hip. Back and forth, her hand creates a rhythm of sensuality against my skin. She leans closer and tentatively kisses my neck. So soft. Her tongue finds me and she licks down my neck. I tilt my head ever so slightly and she welcomes it. Her lips take my skin a bit harder, sensually moving over it, wanting to arouse me. I let her. Her fingers brush past the side of my breast and it makes me want her. But I stay where I am, basking in the feeling of her touch. She moves them up and over my collarbone, brushing my hair away from my neck. Her lips trace little kisses over my shoulder as her hand slides back down.

Fingers circle over my nipple and she gasps as she feels how hard they are. A discovery of my arousal. She kisses back up my shoulder and moves her body closer to mine. Her thighs against the back of my thighs. I reach my arm back and weave my fingers through her hair, gently pulling her lips to mine and kiss her deeply. I let her set our pace. She needs this tonight. She kisses me back sensually, feeling my desire for her as our tongues meet in a heated embrace. Her fingers find my nipple again and she rolls it between her them. I can't help but moan as the feeling centers between my thighs. She knows how to make me wet.

I grip her head tighter and roll so that I can pull her over me. I want to give her the control. She slides gracefully over my body, letting me feel her weight. Her thigh tucks between mine as our breasts rub together. Her skin is so hot, fueling my desire for her even more. I want to touch her, caress her, devour her. I let my hands slide down her body and over her soft curves. Feeling very inch I can reach, taking her all in. She moves on top of me, grinding against me as her arousal builds.
I let my hand tuck between her thighs as I reach from behind. I can feel the wetness as I slide my fingers along her slit. So wet. I need her.

"What do you want tonight," I softly whisper into her ear as my hands continue to spread her juices over her. "Tell me."

Her reply comes out in a small whimpered voice, "Make me cum, please, I need that so much... I need you."

A surge of pleasure moves through me when I hear her plea. God, I need that too. I gently push her back and roll her over as I assume the position she was in. I kiss her deeply again, letting my hands move up to her breasts, softly kneading them. I break our kiss and move along her jaw bestowing kisses and gentle nibbles. My tongue wanders over her neck as I shift my body down. My lips find her shoulder, her collarbone, her breasts. I pause there and suck around her breasts, my hand moving in time. She arches up slightly, imploring me for more. I let my tongue flick over her nipple and she sucks in her breath.

"Please," she whispers.

I lick around her nipple again and pull it into my mouth. I roll it around on my tongue, making her writhe under me. Her body arches and I feel her thighs tighten around me. I know the feeling well. With her nipple in my mouth, I move my hands down her arms, finding her them and letting our fingers entwine. Gently, I move her arms up over her body and rest them above her head. I want her to surrender everything to me. I release them slowly and let my fingers run down her arms and down her sides. Releasing her breast, I move across to her other one, taking this nipple into my mouth and bringing her the same pleasure. My hands continue moving down her body, moving gently through her soft mound of curls.

Pushing my fingers further, I let them slide down her slick skin, finding her dripping wet from her arousal. I release her nipple and move my way down her belly, kissing and licking, pausing to circle her belly button. My fingers slide further down, finding her pouting lips and sliding past them. She gasps and opens her thighs for me. Her velvety skin surrounds me, I can feel every bit of her waiting cunt as I push my fingers deeper. Her heat embraces me and I easily move them inside her.
My lips kiss the soft tendrils of hair. I stop for a moment and look at her. Such beauty before me. Such pleasure she gives me. I look up to her face and admire her, her head thrown back, her fingers clenching at the pillows, her back arched. God. I breath heatedly on her before slowly dragging my tongue up her slit. I can never have enough of her. Her thighs tremble a bit as they part further for me. I lick her again, this time around her clit. She trembles, pushing her hips toward me. I can tell she's already so close.

My tongue flicks over her once more and then I let it hover over her clit, moving in small circles, right over it. My fingers move in deeper and I add a third. I can feel her wetness covering my hand as I start to fuck her with my fingers. Her slick walls clench around me, pulsing as I lick her. I let my tongue move around and around, alternating directions, slowing then speeding up, never quite letting her get there. Keeping her in that plateau. She groans louder, rhythmically to my movements. Her hips grind against my face. She wants her release. She needs to ask for it. I move a fourth finger inside her, filling her completely, thrusting in and out of her. My tongue circles her again, little fast circle just where she wants it. Then I move away, slower larger circles, just brushing over her clit. I know she can't take much more.

"Please, please, please..." she begs in the same rhythm.

That's what I wanted. I move my tongue back over her clit, making those little movements, flicking over her, making her feel that place. Her cunt clenches harder around me and I can feel the pulsing start. She's going to cum for me. I move my tongue over and over, cricling around and around. Her body tenses and arches up from the bed. I let my other hand reach under her, holding her to my face as her orgasm begins. Hot juices flood over my hand as she convulses under me. She moans loudly and bucks her hips up to my face. I lick her until her body rides out her wave of pleasure. Moving my lips down, I lap at her juices as I slide my fingers from her. I lick her, letting her bask in the sensations. Bask in knowing how much I love making her mine.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Interview #2

I've done it again. ParadigmK over at Chilli Vanilla set forth some very interesting questions. Please go check out the interview. When you're done, pop back here and let me know what you think or ask a question of your own.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Want You

I'm feeling rather hungry today. Greedy really. I've needed you all day.

And now here we are.


What do I want from you?



I want to feel you, experience you, fuck you. I especially need you to make me cum. Come here and kiss me, passionately. Let me feel your body pressed up against mine. Let our heat warm our skin as we embrace each other. Slide your hands over me, feel me, want me. God, you feel so good under my touch. Your chest is tight to my breasts. I can feel your hardness through your jeans as you grow erect for me. I need you so very much.

Lead me to the bed and lie me back against the pillows. Caress my body with your fingers. Find my pleasure. Let me feel your soft lips on my neck, licking at me, gently. Find the buttons to my blouse and release me from it. Groan softly as I stroke you through the fabric of your jeans. I want to hear your arousal. Kiss me again, hard and sweet as your hands find my breasts. Seduce them, play with them, they are yours. God, yes. Find my nipples, pinch them softly and let me feel the sensations grow in my heat. Feel my back arch up to you as you take them into your mouth. Make me dance for you as you tease me.

My fingers tug at your hair. Make me cum. I want to cum for you. Trail gentle kisses down my stomach. Let me feel your hot breath so close to my sex. Make me catch my breath as you flick your tongue out to taste me. I so need you to taste me. Lick me. Swirl your tongue over and around my clit until I groan with pleasure. Make my body writhe for you. Taste my juices deep inside me. Delve into my wetness and drink me down. Feel my body respond to you, need you, want you. Take me over the edge. Let me feel your fingers replace your tongue. Push them in slowly. Let me feel your touch slide past my velvety lips. Slide them in and slowly back out. Fuck me with them.

Taste me again. Lick me, suck me. Find my hard little bud and make me completely yours. I want to melt into the world and feel only you. Find the rhythm that takes me there. Lick over and over. Soft little circles that make me gasp. Make me moan your name as I raise my hips to you. Fuck me faster with your fingers. Make my cunt clench around you, wanting you more. Make my body arch. Feel my muscles tense. Feel me tremble. Feel my urgency. Feel my want for you. God. Bring me there. Suck me, lick me. Feel my juices flowing over your fingers. Feel how wet you make me. Feel my cunt start to pulse as you take me. Make me feel the heat rushing through me. Make my body convulse on you. Make me cum hard, on your fingers, on your face. I want to cry out your name. I want to feel the waves crashing over me. I want to keep it there. To make it last. Don't stop. Lick me more. Keep me there. God, yes. Don't ever let go.