Monday, January 30, 2006

Three for Me Part 2

You groan at my climax. I know you can feel how hard I'm cumming and I know you can feel his cock rubbing against yours through the thin wall separating your cocks. From the intensity of your pace I know you're close. My prey is grunting with each thrust into my ass, his pace has quickened as well. You give me no rest, I can feel my body starting to react again as you both continue to fuck me. The cock in my mouth is swelling, growing harder, thicker. He's close too. God. I need you all to cum for me, to fill me with your hot spunk. My mouth works harder over his cock, stroking him in and out of my wet mouth. I press my tongue along the underside of his shaft to intensify the feeling. He grabs my hair, hard, and groans. I feel his cum pulsing through his cock. He's cumming, shooting his cum deep in my throat. I drink him down and continue sucking him as I moan around him. This has set you off, knowing that he came in my mouth, down my throat. Your hips buck up off the floor and you come hard, deep inside my cunt. My prey can't hold back either. The intensity of watching the two of you cum pushes him over the edge. He growls and thrusts hard into my ass, shooting his hot spunk deep. I can feel all of you convulse in me. God. Such a delicious feeling. Your prey sits back on his heels, pulling his cock from my mouth. I tilt my head down and kiss you, passionately, letting you taste his cum in my mouth, on my tongue. My prey pulls his cock slowly from my ass. I moan from the loss of him. I feel his hands over my hips again. He gently lifts me from you, letting your dripping cock pull out of my cunt. Then I feel him. He gently licks the length of my slit, tasting me, tasting you. His tongue probes my cunt, drinking us down. As his tongue moves forward again, I look down at him and notice his hand around your cock. You suck in your breath as he gently massages you. I know how quickly you'll be ready again if he continues. His tongue finds my clit and flicks over it, sending sparks through me. God. I need to come again, but I need something else first.
I slowly move myself off to your side, pulling away from my prey. I turn my body around so I can straddle your face. I position myself over you and lower my cunt down to your waiting lips. I lean forward to my prey and kiss him, hungrily. I feel your tongue push into my cunt, pushing in to taste me. I love how you do that. I love when you lick me like that. Reluctantly, I pull my mouth away from him, I know what he really wants. I watch as he leans down over you and pulls your cock into his mouth. Your tongue hesitates for just a minute as you give in to him. You gasp. Your tongue finds new life and begins licking my clit. You drag the flat of your tongue across it, my legs tremble. I feel hands on my hips again. It seems your prey has recovered as I feel his hard cock pressing against me. He rubs his cock against my ass, slick from the other's cum. I know he wants to fuck me. I look down at your cock. He's sucking on you greedily now. I watch as your cock slides in and out of his mouth, so erotic, so arousing. Your hips move to meet his motions. Just watching you getting sucked is enough to make me need to cum again. Your tongue works faster at my clit and I feel your prey push two fingers into my dripping cunt. I moan and push down onto your face, grinding onto you. I can feel your breath getting ragged. His fingers curl forward, finding my g-spot. Oh god. I can't last like this. I know you can sense this. Your hand reaches up behind me and you take his cock in your hand and begin to stroke it. You move him forward, pressing his cock head to my cunt, encouraging him to fuck me. He complies and pushes his cock deep into my cunt with one thrust. I cry out with pleasure.
I look down at you again. Your cock is buried deep in his throat. He lifts his hand to my mouth and pushes his fingers in. Our eyes meet. You are going to love what he wants to do. I suck his fingers, getting them nice and wet. He pulls his fingers from my mouth and trails them down to your asshole. You groan. I watch as he gently massages your hole before slowly pushing a finger inside. He doesn't go deep, just up to his first knuckle, but it's enough to make you raise your hips off the floor. You groan again into my clit, his mouth working you faster. I know you're going to cum soon. he works his finger in and out of your ass, stroking you gently, but going deeper with each stroke. You're trembling beneath me. Your prey is fucking me harder now. He can feel my cunt clenching around him as my own climax draws closer. Your tongue moves in circles around my clit, alternating its movements. You need me to cum for you, all over him. God I want that. I push my hips back to him, forcing his cock deeper. His hands reach forward and pinch my nipples, rolling them between his fingers as he fucks me. That's what I needed. My cunt clenches his cock as my second orgasm rock through me. I moan and grind down hard on your tongue. Your hands hold my hips as I cum hard on both of you. My juices drench his cock, dripping down onto your face. I can't stop cumming, the pleasure pulses through my body. You wanted that, needed that. You groan loudly, cum surging through your cock. I reach down and pull you from his mouth, just in time for you to shoot your hot cum onto my lips. God, so much cum. I lap at you, drinking you down as you continue to pulse. He leans forward, lapping at you as well. Our tongues meet and we kiss, drinking you from each other's mouths. Your prey can't hold out any longer as he watches us. With a cry, he pulls himself from my cunt and cums on your face. You greedily lick up his cum as he spurts on you, on your lips, your tongue. He leans against me as you tilt your head back and lick off his cock, sucking him clean. We collapse together on the floor, four sweaty tired bodies, sated. I look at you and smile. I got what I wanted and so did you.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Three For Me Part 1

You said you had a surprise for me tonight. I was to dress sexy for the evening. Intrigued, I opted to forgo any panties and slid into my black lace bra. I then shimmied into my black and red paisley dress and my favorite knee high black leather stiletto boots. I know you love these boots. And I know you'll love the surprise of discovering my naked cunt later on. You meet me at the door with a long slow sensual kiss. This is going to be a good evening. You wink at me and hail a cab. You give the driver a name of a club I wasn't familiar with. Excited, I let my hand drift over your leg and up toward your cock. Smiling, you take my hand and put it in yours, "There will be plenty of time for that later," you smugly whisper.
We reach the front of the club, it's dark now and the neon sign lights up the line of people outside the door. I notice the range of very attractive men. Oddly enough, I see no women. Recognition dawns on my face as I turn and look at you. You smile wickedly at me and take me to the front of the line. The bouncer nods knowingly and lets us in. You lead me to the bar and we settle ourselves in with a drink. You lean in close to me and whisper, "You can have anyone you want this evening. I want you to have them. I want us to enjoy them together." "Them?" I ask happily. You nod at me and I smile broadly. My attention is now focused on the hunt. I let my gaze wander over the room, watching the bodies grinding together on the dance floor. I spot them in the center of the floor. They're a gorgeous couple, well built, handsome and very much into each other. I motion to you and you turn and look in their direction. You nod your approval. We make our way out onto the dance floor and begin our seduction. We move sensuously against each other, making our way closer to our prey. We make our way to them and you turn me around so your cock is rubbing up against my ass. I move against you as I catch their eye. I hold their gaze and make my intentions clear. They look away but their bodies betray them. I know they want us. I move you around so they can see your ass, pushing against you until your body meets theirs. They move seductively against you. Their hands wandering over your body and mine. They turn you so that they can flank you, grinding you from the front and behind. You look me in the eyes. You're doing this for me. You know how much I love watching you. You know how much this arouses me. I look at you again. I need this, now. We both take their hands and lead them off to the side. No words are spoken as we lead them outside and hail a cab. Four hot, sweaty, aroused bodies pile into the cab, the tension is palatable. We know where this night is leading. The cab stops outside our door and you quickly pay the driver, sending him off. The few steps to the door are filled with sexual anticipation. We enter and I lead us into the living room. No hesitation. I shed my coat and push one of our prey against the wall, kissing him hard, greedily. I hear you groan. He responds to me, wrapping his hands around my back, pulling me to him. My hand moves down to the front of his pants, rubbing his instantly hard cock through the fabric. I can feel you watching us, I know what you want. I turn my head to you and smile encouragingly. You smile back and move towards the other man. You push him against the wall and he moans. Your mouth meets his, your tongue sliding into his mouth. Your take his hands above his head and pin him to the wall. I watch you grind your body into his, your hard cock against his. Your mouth makes its way down his neck. My breath catches in my throat as I watch you. I slide my hand into my guy's pants and wrap my fingers around his cock. I slowly start to stroke him. His head falls back, he groans again. He turns to look at you. You are on your knees now, undoing his pants, sliding everything down to the floor. Your hands reach up and grasp his cock, stroking it. His fingers move through your hair. You smile at me again and pull his cock into your mouth. My prey groans louder and I know he loves what he's seeing. He turns me around and rubs against my ass with his cock. His hands travel up my thighs, pulling my dress up with them. He gasps as he exposes my naked cunt. His hands quickly move to shed his clothing. Naked now, he moves up behind me again, stroking his cock against my ass harder. I can't take my eyes off you, your mouth around his cock. You suck him exactly like you like to be sucked. God, so good. I can't take this. I move forward and bend over to you. I push my tongue into your mouth as you suck him, sucking him with you. He moans and his hips buck into us. You back off his cock and kiss me, passionately. You lean back on your heels and pull me over you. My hand reaches up and continues to stroke your prey's cock. It's so slick and wet from your mouth. My prey knows exactly what you're doing and he moves with us and we settle to the floor. His hands reach down and finger my clit, my cunt. God. I'm so wet. He moves my hips so that I'm right over your cock, your cock head pushing against my hot wet cunt. He leans into me and pushes me down on you. You gasp into my mouth. His hands grasp my hips and he starts to move me on you. His fingers find my cunt and he pushes two in beside your cock. Groaning, I feel myself getting closer. He slides his fingers back out and wets my asshole with them. I know what he wants. God. I need him. I need him to fuck me in the ass. I know if he does, it will make me cum. I gently move the other man's cock out in front of me. He moves and kneels over your head. I look at him, he's watching the both of you. His cock throbs in my hand. I can feel the my prey's cock rubbing against my asshole now, massaging me, getting me ready. I can feel the head of his cock pushing against me, entering me slowly. My cunt is starting to pulse around your cock. The heat is starting to move through me. His cock pushes deeper. I take the other's cock into my mouth. God. That's it. I'm filled. Completely filled. A cock in my cunt. A cock in my ass. A cock in my mouth. It pushes me over the edge. I can't stop it. Waves of pleasure rush over me as I convulse on your cocks. You thrust up into me hard, feeling my cunt pulsing around your cock. He pushes his cock in deep, hard, greedy. You both fuck me as I moan around the other's cock. I'm cumming hard, cumming so fucking hard, my juices streaming over your cock. Ecstasy, pure and raw...

to be continued...

Friday, January 20, 2006

Fire In Your Eyes

Startled, I looked up and saw you standing in the doorway. I smiled warmly at you, I had missed you today. You didn't smile back, our eyes met. There was a fire in yours, a passion, a lust. I knew you wanted me. I knew you needed to take me, to fuck me. I stood up slowly from my chair, I could feel my body already starting to react. You stepped inside and closed the door behind you. Your gaze never left mine, so intense. I took a step forward, but you were faster. In two strides you were here, grabbing me roughly and pulling me to you. You kissed me hard, greedily, passionately. Gasp. Your hands are instantly all over my body. I'm helpless against you. I moan and sink deeper into your arms, wrapping my hands around your neck. You turn us around and push me back against the wall, hard. Your hand moves itself down between my legs. You push your hand against my sex and rub me. I push back hard against you. God, it feels so good. Your other hand grabs both of mine and you pulls them over my head, pinning them there. Your mouth grinds hard against mine. You possess me. I am yours. Your mouth breaks away moving along my jaw, alternately kissing and biting me. I raise my leg up and wrap it around you, trying to hold on. Your mouth reaches my ear and you hiss, "Leave your arms there, don't move them." I gasp again. Your mouth makes its way down my neck, continuing to kiss and bite me. Your hand pulls the collar of my shirt aside and you bite me hard, marking me. I groan. I feel your lips pull into a smile at the sound. I can barely keep my arms over my head, I just want to touch you. I start to move them down. "Don't," you hiss and I freeze. Your hand at my cunt is still rubbing hard. God. If you keep that up you're going to make me cum. Your other hand moves down and pops open each button on my shirt, slowly, teasingly. Your tongue follows your hand, licking down the center of my chest. I arch my back a bit to press closer to you. Your hand is in my bra now, your fingers deftly moving around my nipple. I close my eyes and let my head fall back. Your fingers pull my breast from my bra cup and your mouth hungrily sucks at my nipple. Oh god. I can't take much more of this. I writhe against the wall. I know you love seeing me this way, at your mercy. You suck harder and roll my nipple between your teeth. I suck in my breath. Your hand at my cunt has found the button on my jeans. You pop it open with ease and pull down the zipper. Your hand slips inside and moves down into my panties. I'm so wet for you, so fucking wet. Your fingers push over my slit and suddenly delve deep inside me. I cry out at the intrusion, shock and pleasure. You gasp at my wetness as my cunt clenches around you. You remove your hand from my breast and down to your own pants. You quickly undo them just as you did mine. Your mouth moves down across my stomach as you start to kneel down in front of me. Your hand leaves my cunt just as quickly as it came. I moan at the loss. You roughly yank down my jeans and make me step out of them. I look down at you and watch your head moving close to my cunt. I can feel your hot breath on me. Your fingers reach inside my panties and pull them to one side. Your tongue flicks out and licks up my slit, my body trembles. You do it again, harder. I lean back into the wall to help me stay standing. You push my thighs apart and lick my cunt, pushing your tongue deep inside me, tasting me. Your fingers move up to find my clit. You rub over my hard little bud. I can't take this. "Please," I moan. "Oh god, fuck me, please fuck me." I hear you catch your breath. You stand up suddenly, your face at mine. "Is that what you want?" you ask menacingly. "You want me to fuck you?" "Oh yes, please, please fuck me." I whimper as your fingers circle around my clit faster. I'm so fucking close to cumming. Then you stop. Your hands grab my shoulders and you spin me around, pressing hard against me and into the wall. "Keep your hands on the wall," you hiss again. You pull my hips back and force my legs to follow. Your hands grab my panties and yank them down. I feel exposed, aroused. I can hear you removing your pants. I turn my head as far as head I can, and look at you. Your eyes are hungry, your hand is stroking your rock hard cock. God, what a sight. You move up close behind me and nudge my cunt lips with the head of your cock. I need you inside me. You know I need you. With a growl, you push your cock into my cunt, hard. My fingernails claw the wall. You press in deep, holding me there, holding your cock deep inside my cunt. Then you pull out and thrust in again, harder, fucking me. God. You're ramming in so deep, so hard. Your hands move around me and find my clit, my nipple. You rub me in little circles right over my clit, bringing me back up again. I push my ass back harder into you. You're fucking me so hard now, you're lifting me up off the ground each time you thrust your cock into me. I can't last. I can feel my cunt pulsing around you. I know you can feel it too from the groan you utter. Your hand moves faster against my clit. God. You're fucking me harder. That's it. God. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I cry out your name and writhe against you. Oh god. Yes. Heat shoots through me and my cunt pulses around you. I buck my hips hard as waves of pleasure roll through me. You needed that, needed my surrender to you. You can't hold back any longer. You groan again and thrust hard, shooting your hot spunk deep inside my cunt. You pulse and continue cumming deep inside me, filling me over and over. My hot wetness floods over you as you climax. You collapse against me as we both come down. We struggle to catch our breath and laugh a little, enjoying the euphoria of our fervent fucking.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Watching Part 2

I smile at her and pull her face toward mine. I languidly kiss her as her hands begin to roam my body, searching, exploring. I pull back and kneel beside her, allowing her better access to my body. She sits up then gets to her knees as well. She presses her body close to mine and we begin to move in a slow, sensual rhythm together. Her hands move through my hair as her lips caress mine, soft and gentle. Her hands move down my back and slip over my ass. They feel over the curve of my hip and back up the outline of my body. My hands do the same, tracing her. I move slowly around so that you can see us both. Our breasts touching, our hands exploring. Our tongues entwine, moving together in a heated passion. I can feel the desire rising inside me. Her hands find my breasts and cup them. Fingers trace lightly over my shape as they slowly circle toward my nipples. God. Her fingers are met with my rock hard buds and she brushes over them sending a shower of sparks throught me. I moan. Her fingers continue their assault and roll my nipples between them. I grasp her ass tighter and pull her cunt to me, grinding my hips into hers. Gasping, she moves her hands down to my ass as well and pulls me into her. The only sounds are of us kissing and breathing heavily. I melt into her. She feels amazing. Her hands move further down my ass to the back of my thighs. They trail up the insides and I spread my legs a bit for her. Reaching from behind, she lets her finger dust over my wetness, trailing it back up my slit. I need more. I start to push her back, but she resists. Smiling, she whispers, "Your turn." I smile back and allow her to lay me down. She's kneeling between my thighs now. Her hands making circles around the insides of my thighs. I watch her, seduced.
She leans forward and kisses the inside of my thigh. I sigh and close my eyes. Her hands push my legs further apart. She moves her head to the side and kisses the other thigh, up slightly higher. The anticipation of the movement has me so aroused. I look up again and past her to the open door. I see you out there in the shadows. From the movement I can tell you are touching yourself. God. Seeing you heightens my desire. I need her to fuck me. I let my hands drift through her hair, gently pulling her to me. She glances up, smiles and flicks out her tongue to lick me. My hips involuntarily lift up in response. She moves closer and licks the full length of my slit. Gasping. Her tongue delves into my wetness, tasting me. I open my thighs wider. Her fingers move up to find my clit, circling it. Her tongue pushes in again, deeper, fucking me with it. All the while her fingers swirl around my clit making me quiver. God, she know just how to do that. Her tongue leaves my cunt and moves up to join her fingers, then taking over. The flat of her tongue trails over my clit. I groan. Her fingers move down to my wetness, pushing two inside me. It's not enough. "Three," I moan. She moans against my clit and pushes three fingers inside. She's stroking me faster now. Rubbing. Her tongue swirling over my clit. I can feel the heat. She going to make me cum. I look up at you again. You're closer to the door now. This is what you want to see. I'm going to cum for you. For her. She can feel my fingers clenching around her, my cunt starting to pulse. She knows I'm close and tongues my clit faster. My fingers tighten in her hair and I pull her head up. "Sit on my face," I utter breathlessly, "I want to taste you too." She crawls up the bed and turns around, straddling my face. She lowers herself down on me and my hands reach up over her ass. Her head lowers back down to my cunt and resumes it's seduction. I flick my tongue out and taste her wetness. So sweet. I lick again, drinking her. She's covered in her juices. I push my tongue deep inside her and she moans. God. My tongue moves forward and finds her clit. My hand slides to her wetness and I push two fingers inside, stroking her. She so fucking wet. I feel myself getting close again. I want her to cum with me. I lick her clit passionately as my fingers stroke in and out of her. God. I'm so close. I bring my other hand down and stick a third finger inside her. Her hips grind down harder onto my face. I pull my one finger back out and trail her wetness up to her asshole. I massage her opening, getting her lubed and slowly push my finger into her. She's filled, my fingers in her cunt, her ass. She groans loudly and pushes her hips at me. She's going to make me cum. My cunt pulsates around her fingers, spasms. I can't control it now. I feel it rushing through me like a fire. My hips bucks up and she pushes her fingers in deeper, fucking me hard with them. Oh God. I cry out and cum hard. She needed this. I feel her cunt tighten around my fingers too. I go back to licking her clit still cumming hard against her. She floods my hand with her wetness and cums hard on me. God so fucking hard. She cries out, her cunt pulsing hard. We ride each other out. Licking and stroking until we both come down. We both slowly remove our fingers and she crawls off me, lying down next to me. I prop myself up and lean over her, kissing her sweetly. I gently stroke her hair as I think to myself that she has no idea how happy she has made us.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Voting Has Begun

Voting polls are now set up for the Best Sex Blog from The Best of Blog Awards. To vote for your favorite *wink* go here.

And the voting is under way. Please be sure to check everyone out as there are many more categories that need voting as well!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Watching Part 1

She was just standing there admiring the exhibit's most popular painting when I noticed her. Trailing my eyes up from the floor, I notice she's wearing strappy stiletto sandals. I move my gaze up her long lean legs to a short pink jean skirt topped by a white tank top. Her blond hair rests gently on her shoulders. Her arms are crossed in front of her as she inquisitively studies the painting. She has a beautiful face which is covered in a thoughtful expression. I glance at you and notice that you've seen her too. I watch your eyes wander over her and I smile. You must have felt me looking at you and you turn to smile back at me. I know we're both thinking the same thing.
I walk over to where she's standing and settle next to her. She glances over and smiles, then looks back at the painting again. I take a quick glance back at you before I say to her, "I really enjoy this painting, you?" "Yes," she says back. "I just love the artist's use of color and line," I say. She looks at me directly now and replies, "You know, I was just thinking that." I laugh and respond, "Well, great minds do think alike." She laughs at this. Hooked. We banter back and forth a bit more before I suggest she join me for a drink. She thinks for a minute and agrees, "Sure, I have no plans for the evening." Perfect. I make eye contact with you and you know what to do.
The bar is crowded and we are forced to sit close to each other. My bare leg brushes against hers and she makes no effort to move it away. Intrigued, I move a bit closer. She raises her eyes to meet mine, there's no hestitation there. We sip our drinks and chat some more. Her hand drops down and brushes over my leg. I can feel myself getting turned on. She's so beautiful and is making it clear she's attracted to me as well. I look to the end of the bar and see you watching us. I smile slyly and nod. It's going to be a good night. I let my hand fall down to her knee and lean forward to whisper in her ear, "What do you say we get out of here?" Then I gently kiss her neck. She sucks in her breath and puts her hand on mine. "Let's go," she throatily whispers. I pay the tab, take her hand and lead her from the bar. I notice that you have already gone.
We step from the cab and walk up to my door. She is close behind me. I can feel her breath on my neck. The key slides in easily and we enter. The apartment is dark, but I can still make out her shape. I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom. I let her walk in first and glance back. I see you around the corner. Good. I leave the door slightly ajar and walk to her. I know that you'll be watching everything from the hall. My hands reach up and cup her face. I lean in and gently kiss her, tasting her. She melts into me. My tongue traces the outline of her lips. She sighs. I probe her lips with my tongue and she opens for me. My tongue slides inside and caresses her. Her hands reach up to my waist and pull me closer. I let my hands drift through her hair and down her back. My hands waste no time and reach up under the back of her tank top. Her skin is so soft. She moans into my mouth. My hands unhook her bra. I effortlessly pull her tank top and bra over her head. I need to have her. I push her back to the bed and lie her down so that you can see her from the door. I take off my own shirt, exposing my breasts. Her hands instinctively reach up and gently stroke them. God, such soft hands. I kneel down and remove her sandals. Not being enough, I undo her skirt and slide it down over her hips. Her pink lace panties are the only thing left and I strip them off as well. I strip off my jeans and panties and straddle over her. I grind my cunt down on hers and kiss her mouth hungrily. Her hands fly up and around me. I press my breasts against hers, my hard nipples brushing over hers. My hands move to her breasts, cupping them, caressing them, fondling them. I roll her nipples in my fingers and she arches up into me. I can feel the heat from between our legs, her wet cunt against mine. "More," she moans.
I slightly shift my body off to one side, tucking my thigh between hers. I'm pressed tight against her side now. I take both of her hands in mine and pull them above her head. My other hand reaches down to across her belly. I drift my fingers around and feel across her soft strip of hair. My fingers delve into her wetness and she moans louder. God, she's so wet. I stroke her with my fingers as she writhes under me. My mouth finds hers again and I kiss her greedily. I can just imagine your view from the hall. The thought makes me want her that much more. My fingers stroke in and out of her wetness, I can feel her cunt clenching around me. I move my palm up to her mound and press down, rubbing her clit. Her hips push against my hand. My mouth slips from her and I hungrily find her nipples. My tongue flicks over them and they harden more. She's moaning in a rhythm now, lost in her own pleasure. I increase the pressure of my hand on her cunt. She's so close now. I can feel her pussy starting to pulse around my fingers. I roll her nipple between my teeth and can feel the waves of pleasure rippling through her. Her breath is ragged and her body is starting to tense. She groans my name. I know this is what you wanted to see. This is what I wanted too. She feels so good to my touch. I need to have all of her. I need her to cum for me. I need to feel her cum for me. Then it hits her, hard. She cries out and cums all over my hand. Her body arches up and dances for me, her cunt pulsing around my fingers. I ride her out, my body pressed tight to hers. I continue to rub her and kiss her until she comes down. She takes a deep breath, sighs, and looks at me through sated eyes. I release her hands and she brings them up to my face. "Now what can I do for you?" she asks, smiling wickedly...

Three Firsts

It's been a long time since I've had a first of anything when it comes to sex, but today has become the exception to that. I have been chosen as one of the ten finalists in The Best of Blogs Awards for the Best Sex Blog. Regardless of the outcome, I am honored to be included in the pool of incredible talent that has been selected. I am so excited and am now off to write a new post just for you.

My other first for today is the inclusion in Viviane's Sex Blog Roundup on Fleshbot. I am so honored to be included on her list as well.

And to top it all off, I have done a guest-author post for The Insatiable Mr. W. Please take a minute to visit his site and enjoy a dirty little girl's story of voyeurism.

Wow! What a day!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Teasing You

You've been teasing me all day - flirting, playfully smacking my ass, planting kisses on my neck when I'm otherwise occupied. You've made it plenty obvious that you're horny. Do you want me? I think so. Let's go then. Strip off your clothes and hop into bed with me. I shed my clothes, letting them fall to the floor. You beat me to the bed. I smile at you, wickedly. I slip under the covers and join you. Your body is warm against mine, hot to the touch. I press myself against you, pushing my thigh in between yours. You kiss me sensually. Your lips brush over mine. I slip my tongue past your lips and violate your mouth. You respond hungrily. Your hands come up to the back of my head and tangle their fingers in my hair, drawing me closer. My hands slide over your chest to your back. I pull you tight to me, crushing my breasts against your chest. My nipples are hard, pressing into you, they send an ache through my cunt. I groan. Your thigh tightens over mine. My hands move down to your ass, cupping it. Your hips rock forward pushing your hard cock into my clit. My hips respond by grinding into you. Your hands move down to my breasts. Your fingers deftly circle my nipples sending shockwaves thorugh my body. I moan into your mouth. God. I need you. I push you back and slide astride you. My hands find yours and we intertwine our fingers, holding on tight. I kiss you greedily now, my hips grinding harder against your cock. You're thrusting up into me forcing your cock to skid over my pussy lips. God. I'm so wet. I know you can feel my wet heat covering you. I move your hands over your head and push them down into the bed, pinning you. I break our kiss and smile at you. "You are mine today," I whisper and you smile back. "I'm going to use you. I'm going to control you. I'm going to work you until you beg me to fuck you." You groan. You struggle a bit against my hands but I push them down firmly. I lean down and tease your lips with my tongue. Your head comes up trying to kiss me and I pull away, teasing again. I lean down across your body and crush my lips against yours. I love your taste. I move my hips in a rhythm now. Your thrusts meet mine. We are covered in my juices and your pre-cum now, your cock is slick against my slit. My lips slide off your mouth and kiss my way along your jaw line. You tip your head away from me, exposing your neck. I take it in my mouth and bite you. You gasp. I trail my mouth down your neck kissing, licking, sucking. Sliding my tongue over your collarbone, I dip my head down to your chest. Your nipples are hard and I can't resist taking one into my mouth. You hiss and arch your back into me. I roll your nipple around between my teeth eliciting more moans from you. Your hands are pushing hard against mine, wanting to touch my body. I sit up and push back. I take your mouth again, hard. Your mouth responds, frantic against mine. I can feel your urgency. I rub myself harder against you. God. I can feel my own body reacting to you. My cunt is starting to pulse. I'm coming close to the edge. I use your hands as leverage now, driving back against you. Your cock is throbbing under me. You can't take it any longer. "Please," you say, "please fuck me. I need you. I want you. Please fuck me." I kiss you hard, shoving my tongue back in your mouth, fucking you with it. At the same I angle my hips and press your cock head to my cunt. In one move I slide you deep inside me. I don't let up. My tongue continues to fuck your mouth as I start to fuck your cock. Your hands grip mine hard, your hips pushing up into me. I fuck you hard, pounding down onto you. My body moves up and down on your cock. I pull up and tease your head for a few strokes then push down hard. Fucking you hard. Needing to fuck you. Wanting to fuck you. God. That's it. I'm going to cum on you. I'm going to cum hard on your throbbing cock. I know you want me to. I know you need me to. My orgasm hits me hard. I break our kiss and cry out as the waves of pleasure overtake me. You can't hold back. The pulsing of my cunt around your cock pushes you over the edge. Your hips raise up and you thrust hard, shooting your hot spunk deep inside me over and over. We convulse together, moaning, gasping for breath. Such pleasure, such exquisite sensations rock through us. I kiss you again, passionately, feeling the pulsing of your cock as it empties every last drop into me. I break our kiss and smile at you again, that sated wicked smile which means there's more to come later.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Masturbating For You

I am missing you terribly today. I need to feel your touch. Feel your lips against mine. Feel your hot breath on me. I close my eyes and think about you. I can almost feel your body pressing against mine. Sigh. I let my hands start to wander. I move them over my body imagining they are your hands. I move them along my curves, feeling my hips, my breasts, my thighs. Circling around on my body I let them drift over my belly and up under my shirt. My hands move dreamily over my skin. The feel of my fingertips is feather light. I can feel my nipples hardening as my fingers move closer to my breasts. I lazily let them drift across the top of my bra. I can feel my hardness. My fingers tuck into the top of the cup and I circle my nipples. God. I instantly feel the desire pulsing in my cunt. I move my hands in deeper and roll my nipples between my fingers. Heat shoots through my pussy. I arch my back and pinch my nipples harder. God, it feels so good. Needing to intensify the feelings, I move my hand back down over my belly and slip it into my panties.
My fingers brush over my pubic hair, teasing it. I drift my fingers down to my clit and linger for a moment, just pressing on it. Giving in, I begin to move my fingers in small circles. I suck in my breath, my fingers on my nipple pinching harder. I can feel your tongue on me, your teeth grazing me. I moan softly as the pleasure starts to rise in me. My fingers are bringing me to that place, that place where the world starts to disappear and all I can feel is desire, want, need. I push my fingers further down my slit invading my wetness. My fingers are slick against my skin. I open my legs wider and push a finger inside me. My hips involuntarily push up to my hand. I stroke my finger in and out slowly, leisurely, enjoying the sensations rippling through me.
But it's not enough. I remove my hand from my breast and tug at my panties. I need them off. NOW. I push another finger inside me, imagining your that cock is thrusting into me. I move my other hand to my clit, rubbing a harder. I see your body in my mind, moving above me, thrusting into me. I need you. I want you. God. I moan again. I push a third finger inside me, frantically, desperately. My fingers work faster on my clit. I prop my leg up, spreading my legs further. Opening myself up to you further. I'm so close. I can feel my cunt starting to pulse around my fingers. My clit is throbbing. I need to cum. Imagining you, right there, touching me, fucking me. Oh god. I can feel it. I can feel your cock. I can feel your hardness. I can feel the heat searing through me. Oh god. that's it. My hips push up into the air, my hand buried, deep in my cunt, my fingers on my clit. I groan. My cunt spasms around my fingers, pulsing, clenching. Oh. Oh. Waves of pleasure rush over me. I can feel it in every nerve, every muscle, every essence of my being. I let out a rush of air, gasping for breath, cumming so hard. Groaning loudly, I feel the release.
Relaxing myself back down on the bed, I continue to stroke my clit softly, gently, riding out the rest, enjoying the feelings. I slowly remove my fingers from my cunt and bring them up to my mouth. I lick off my sweetness, knowing how much you love the taste of me. Sigh. Such wonderful feelings. I can't wait to share them with you.

Monday, January 02, 2006

You Need Punishing

You're late. I look at the clock on the wall. You're late by 30 minutes. I know you're going to give me an excuse. I don't want to hear your excuses. The door opens and you walk in. You see me standing at the stove, several pots and pans are out. You can smell the cooking aromas. You look at me dressed in my tight gray skirt and button down shirt. You look down at my legs clad in knee high gray stiletto boots. Then you look at the floor. You know you're late. And you know what else you've done. "Take off your clothes," I say and you immediately comply by stripping off your jacket and tie, followed by your shoes and let them drop to the floor. I watch as you unbutton your shirt revealing your pale chest. Your hands tremble a bit as they fumble with the buttons. Good. Your shirt joins the other clothes on the floor. You undo your belt and then your trouser button and slide the zipper down. Your trousers make their way over your hips. You've hooked your fingers into the waistband of your boxers so they come down as well. You only have your socks left and you hastily pull them off. You are now standing before me, naked with your eyes cast down at the floor.
"Come here." I say. "Kneel down in front of me." You quickly rush to where I'm standing. I know you're feeling excited by the growing hardness in your cock. "I expected better from you. I expected your trust. I expected your faith in me. I expected your complete submission to me. I'm very disappointed." Your face has a look of panic in it. "Do you want me to be your Master? I'll still give you the choice if you want to leave. I'll release you if you want to go." You look up at me with a stricken look in your face, "No Master, please, I'm sorry. I respect you, I trust you. I'll be good, I promise. Please." I turn from you without saying a word and go back to cooking my meal. I know you're behind me. I know you're upset. You should be. I finish cooking and make a plate for myself and walk to the table. Your eyes are still down looking at the floor. I eat my meal, slowly, giving you time to think about what you've done. "Are you staying?" I ask. "Yes Master," you whisper. I can hear the anguish in your voice. I get up from the table and walk over to you. I look down at you and stroke your hair. "Get up," I say quietly. You stand slowly, stretching out your cramped muscles. I beckon you to follow me into the living room. "Sit," I command and you sit down on the couch. I stand in front of you, my legs apart, my hands on my hips. "Are you mine?" I ask. You nod. "Show me you're mine," I say, "Make me cum. You may use anything except your cock to make me cum." "May I look at you?" "You may look at my cunt, " I say. You groan softly and run your hands up over my boots. I know you love the feel of the leather. Your hands then make their way up the inside of my thighs. You lift my skirt to my hips and reveal my red lace panties. You suck in your breath. Your tongue darts out and licks up my slit through them. You notice that they're already wet. You groan and lick harder. I spread my legs a bit wider and you take the invitation to pull my panties aside. Your fingers hook them and your tongue dives into my cunt. I moan and my head falls back. Your tongue swirls around inside me, fucking me. Your tongue moves up my slit to my clit and darts around it. I grab your hair and push you closer. "Make me cum bitch," I hiss at you. You grab my panties and pull them down. Your fingers push their way into my cunt and your tongue goes back to my clit. Licking it. Sucking it. Wanting to make me cum. Wanting to please me. Wanting to please your Master. You push your fingers in harder as I grind my hips against your face. Stroking me with them. "That's it, you dirty slut, make me cum." You groan and work your tongue faster. You desperately want me to cum. Need me to cum. You know what you want to do, but are afraid to do it. I gave you permission, but you're still unsure. You tentatively let your finger drift back toward my asshole. I don't stop you. You drag my wetness back and finger the opening of my ass. I suck in my breath. "I'm close, make me cum now," I say breathing hard. You push your finger in my ass hard and deep. I cry out and feel my cunt pulsing around your fingers. You push them in harder. That's it. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum hard all over your hand, your mouth. You lap at me furiously, pushing me over the brink of my orgasm. I cum so hard. My hips buck against your hand as my juices run all over you. My legs tremble violently. The sensations rock me. I stand there catching my breath. Your tongue is lapping up my juices from my thighs. Your fingers are gently rubbing my clit, letting me ride it out. I step back from you, breaking the contact. You look up at me and immediately realize your mistake. You look back down at the ground. I caught the mistake. You've made so many lately. "Come with me," I say and head up the stairs to the bedroom. You follow me unsure of what to expect from me next...