Friday, June 29, 2007


Thank you to Viviane of Fleshbot for the lovely Red, White and Blue mention this week!

I lie here naked on the floor breathing heavily as I feel the result of your lust pooling between my thighs and dripping down my back. You had taken me greedily this evening. I barely had the door open to greet you when you pushed me inside and up against the wall of the foyer. Your kisses were hungry and passionate - more carnal than loving. Your hard body pressed tight against mine, temporarily taking my breath away. Your mouth roughly moved over my lips, pushing your tongue into my mouth, invading me. Your arousal was evident as I felt your hard cock pressing against my thigh.

Hands moved over my body, feeling, groping, needing. Your fingers brushed over my nipples, hard against the fabric of my shirt. Making me gasp into your mouth as you pinched them. I whimpered softly as you pulled and twisted them in your hands. My body didn't know how to react as you moved against me. It became too much for you though. Slamming me back against the wall, your lips departed from mine. Your fingers found the buttons on my blouse and with one sharp jerk, your ripped it open scattering buttons across the foyer floor. Growling softly, your mouth assaulted my breasts, licking and biting at them as the while pinning my arms in the sleeves of my blouse. Writhing against you only caused you to press your thigh in between mine, pinning my hips as well.

Your tongue circled my hard nipples, over and around torturing me with your touch. Pulling them into your mouth, you sucked hard, causing me to gasp again. Rolling my nipple between your sharp teeth, you bit hard. My body cried out as your teeth left their mark on my breasts again and again.

Suddenly you released me, backing away for a moment to quickly strip your jeans and boxers off. As quick as you had released me, you were back pressed tight to my body. Your lips pressed hard against my neck and your stubble scratched my skin. I could feel your ragged breaths as you licked and sucked at me. Your hips moved, your hard cock rubbing against my skirt. I could feel the precum seeping through the fabric as you continued to thrust your hips against me. Your groaning was much more urgent, growing louder as your erect cock slid against the fabric of my skirt.

With a movement I wasn't expecting, you whirled me around to face the wall. Pushing me hard against it, I moaned as the cool surface touched my breasts. Your hands made quick work of my blouse, tossing it to the floor beside the scattered buttons. I felt your hand pressing between my shoulder blades as your mouth moved over my back, alternating licking and biting it. My hands clutched at the wall as your body moved against me.

Withdrawing slightly, your other hand grabbed the edge of my skirt, shoving up up over my ass. Your groan intensified as your hand traced over the skin next to my silk thong. Your fingers threaded through the soft silk, playing with the fabric, toying with it before yanking them down my legs. Your fingers wasted no time sliding down between my ass cheeks, down to my cunt. Your body was pressing closer, your cock still rubbing against me as your fingers explored me. Moving over and around my cunt, you rubbed and stroked me, each movement forcing my legs wider. I could feel your precum smeared all over my ass. Your cock slipped over me, getting wet along your length. Getting wet enough to fuck me.

Your fingers started first though. Two fingers pushed slowly into my cunt as your other hand continued to press me against the wall. Without warning, you thrust them hard inside me, pushing in as far as you could go. Thrusting harder and harder, fucking me with your fingers, pushing my thighs apart. Two fingers in and out, thrusting faster. Then three, filling me, stroking over and over. Pushing hard against me as your fingers fucked me.

Your cock throbbed against my ass, wet and slippery, needing to fuck. I felt you slide your fingers out and stroke yourself firmly. Looking at my swollen cunt lips, you positioned yourself directly behind me. Your hard cock rubbed against my entrance, needing to be inside me. Your thigh nudged my legs further out, your hand pressed me harder against the wall. With a growl, you grabbed my hip and thrust your cock deep inside me. I cried out as I felt you invade me. With a groan, you began to thrust hard against me, sliding your throbbing penis in and out of my cunt. From your thrusts, I knew you wouldn't last long. This excited you too much. Your teeth found the back of my neck, biting at it with more and more intensity as your arousal grew. Each thrust elicited a groan. Your body slammed into mine, harder and harder, pushing me into the wall with ferocity.

I knew you needed more, I could feel it, I knew it. This wasn't enough. It was never enough. Grabbing my hair, you pulled me back from the wall and pushed me down to the floor onto all fours. You pushed me down, pushing my head down so my ass was high in the air for you, to be used by you. I felt your fingers moving over my tight hole as you continued to thrust inside my cunt. You had wet them with your saliva and were moving the wetness up my slit to my ass. You need to fuck me like this, take me and fuck my ass. I could hear your sharp breath as you withdrew from my cunt, the anticipation fueling your desire. Holding me down harder, you pushed your cock against my ass, pressing it steadily against me until I parted around you. Another groan escaped your lips and without warning your slammed the full length of your cock into my ass. I cried out then as your body slammed into mine. Your stomach slapped against my ass as you fucked me hard. This is what you desired, to have me, to fuck me, to use me.

My tight hot ass surrounded your cock, squeezing tight around you as you moved inside me. I could feel your cock swelling, growing as your cum started to surge through you. Your fingers dug into my hip as your body started to tremble. With a sudden cry, you thrust long and deep inside me, cumming intensely, shooting your hot spunk deep inside my ass. Groaning as spurt after spurt of your warm cum filling me. Pulling out, you wrapped your hand around your cock, continuing to stroke as more cum shot over and across my back...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Washington D.C. Series 2:4 - Eva's Final Discovery

Eva stepped around Brent, positioning herself right behind him. She could feel her body tingle as she moved toward him. With a swift movement, she grabbed his hair hard and pulled his head back.

“What do you think, slut? Do you think you need to learn to do what you’re told?”

Brent gasped, “Yes. I’m sorry.”

“That’s my good boy.” Eva soothed in his ear. “Put your hands behind your back.”

Brent complied immediately placing his hands behind his back and his wrists together. Eva smiled, amused at his eagerness. She took one wrist and slid the silk fabric around it forming a sturdy knot. Picking up his other wrist, she wove the tie around it until both wrists were firmly bound together. As she pulled the final knot tight, she heard Brent let out a soft moan. Satisfied with her handiwork, she moved back in front of him.

“Since you chose to misbehave, I don’t think you deserve to have me yet. Not until you learn I’m the one in charge now.”

With that, Eva turned to Elizabeth McCabe. She was already standing, she knew. Eva moved closer and pulled her into her arms. Her mentor’s hands slid up her back and their bodies touched. Eva’s body exploded with passion as their lips touched again. Her tongue swirled over Elizabeth McCabe’s as her hands explored her body. It was her turn now. As their kiss was broken, her mentor whispered in her ear, “Let’s make him watch you.”

Eva groaned softly, it was exactly what she wanted for Brent. She wanted him to watch her, to see her cum, to see her with Ms. McCabe. Eva slowly turned in her mentor’s arms, turning so that she now faced Brent. She wanted to see everything.

Elizabeth McCabe’s hands slid down her body, tucking up under her skirt. Eva helped and pulled her skirt up further to allow her better access. She wanted Brent to see. Ms McCabe’s hands slid over the soft skin of her thighs then up further to the wet silk between her legs. Eva gasped as she made contact. She felt the gentle movements of Ms. McCabe’s fingers as they teased her through her panties. Eva moaned softly and let her head fall back against her mentor’s shoulder. Her fingers moved rhythmically over her clit and Eva found herself grinding back against her. Eva needed more. She let go of her skirt for a moment and slid her hands to her panties. Shimmying out of them, she let them fall to the floor beside Brent. With a smile, she pulled her skirt back up, revealing her naked sex to him.

As Elizabeth MCCabe moved her fingers back to Eva’s clit, she watched Brent. He was flushed now, his breathing ragged, his forehead beaded with sweat. His cock had been hard for over an hour now and was still staining in his pants. His arms were taught against the restraints but he remained on his knees as he was told.

Eva felt the fingers invade her-soft, knowing fingers stroked her. Eva felt her other hand snaking it’s way into her blouse, hugging her tight as fingers found her hard nipple. Eva gasped again. She was so close to coming. Watching the scene earlier, seeing Brent licking and sucking Elizabeth McCabe, tying his wrists together, knowing he was watching her right now – all of it had her so aroused. Eva spread her thighs more and moved her own hand down between them. As Elizabeth McCabe stroked her clit, Eva slid her own fingers inside herself. Brent groaned loudly at the sight. Eva moved slowly, stroking her fingers in and out of her dripping cunt, feeling her body trembling as she neared her orgasm.

Her mentor moved her fingers a bit faster, feeling Eva’s body reacting to her. As she stroked Eva, her lips found her neck and as she slid her tongue up Eva’s neck to her ear, she whispered to her, “Come for him Eva,” she said. “Make him watch you. Make your dirty little whore see you cum without him. Make him want you, make him serve you, make him yours. Cum for him.”

That’s all Eva needed to hear. With her eyes open and staring into Brent’s, she succumbed to the feelings. With a sharp cry, she came hard. Her cunt pulsing around her fingers as her body convulsed beneath Elizabeth McCabe’s touch. Waves of pleasure rolled through her body as she continued to come. She had never felt anything so powerful before and her body trembled with each pulse.

Slowly coming down, her mentor gently released her grip on Eva and their lips met once more, kissing softly. Smoothing her skirt back down, Eva turned to Brent. Walking toward him, she leaned down and kissed him just as gently, soothing his hair as she did. Then, standing back up, she moved behind him and released his arms from their binding.

“You may get up now. I’m done with you. Go clean yourself up and return to work. You’re not to touch yourself or make yourself come. That’s for me. It’s only for me. You need to wait and think about this afternoon,” Eva was interrupted by a deep groan from Brent. “You will wait until later tonight. I’ll deal with you then.”

With that, she dismissed him.

Picking up her panties and fluffing her hair, she gathered the Bradford files she had brought and sat down in the chair across from Elizabeth’s McCabe’ desk. “So, you wanted to talk about the case?” she asked with a smile.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Washington D.C. Series 2:3 - Eva's Discovery Continued...

Eva watched breathlessly as Ms. McCabe slowly leant back across her desk. Brent followed her without slowing his movements. He was up on his knees now and Eva could see his straining cock pushing against the fabric of his pants. She couldn't pull her eyes away from the scene. She needed this. She didn't know why, but she knew deep down this is what she needed.

Brent continued to fuck Elizabeth McCabe with his fingers. His mouth was buried in her beautiful cunt. Her mentor's hands wound through his hair, pulling his face tighter against her as she ground her hips against him. Her breath was coming in gasps now. Eva was fascinated at the sight and found herself not only needing the situation but wanting to be involved in it. But she didn't want Brent right then, she wanted Ms. McCabe. She wanted to feel her lips crushing against lips. She wanted to feel her skin pressed tight, breasts against breasts, body touching body. Eva was filled by an overwhelming desire to take what she wanted, to just have her and do what she pleased with her.

It was then that Elizabeth McCabe looked at Eva, eyes locking with hers. Eyes that were filled with desire, lust and a glint of something Eva knew was reflected in her own. Eva made her decision and suddenly got up out of her chair and strode over to her mentor. She didn't know if she was allowed, or if it was okay, but she had to do it, she had to taste her and feel her. Ms. McCabe smiled at her, a lascivious smile that let Eva knew she made the right decision. Their lips met heatedly as Eva took control of what she wanted. She felt herself groan as the taste of Elizabeth McCabe invaded her. This was only the second time she had ever kissed a woman and the intensity of the moment took her breath away.

As Eva's lips touched Ms. McCabe's, she could feel the heat of Brent's body so close to hers. She heard him moan as her hip brushed his shoulder. Elizabeth McCabe heard it to and Eva felt a smile through the kiss they were sharing. Her mentor slid her hand through Eva's hair, bringing her closer, kissing her more passionately. Eva knew her other hand was firmly wrapped in Brent's hair and the thought excited her. The hand in Eva's hair, however, was not wound tightly. Eva didn't need to be dominated. Elizabeth McCabe considered her an equal now, a peer in this secret world of theirs.

Eva felt her mentor suddenly gasp into her mouth and glanced down at Brent. His face was buried in the soft folds of her sex, his tongue lapping at her while his fingers continued to fuck her. There was an urgency now as she watched her mentors hips grind against his face. She was going to cum and Eva was mesmerized.

Elizabeth McCabe was gasping in rhythm now, Her kissing more feverish as she came close to her climax. Eva felt the fingers in her hair tightening and heard Brent groan again. He could feel it as well and his movements increased. Suddenly Ms. McCabe cried out and Eva could hear the rush of wetness from between her thighs as Brent fucked her hard with his fingers. Her body convulsed beside Eva as Brent continued moving with her as her orgasm shook her body. Eva had never witnessed anything so beautiful. Ms. McCabe's back arched up to her and her thighs parted wide. Her mouth aggressively kissed Eva and their tongues met. Her body was alive with sensuality as it writhed beneath Eva's touch. Brent moaned loudly again as the taste of his Master's juices touched his lips.

Eva's body responded in kind. She was incredibly aroused by the entire scene that unfolded in front of her. This orgy of senses and feelings. Still, she was startled when she felt Brent's hand on her calf snaking it's way up her leg. His warm hand felt so good against her and she shifted her weight so he could feel her better. She needed him to touch her, to allow her to cum too. Her own cunt was dripping wet and she needed the release. She needed to feel him and have him. She needed to be fucked until she came all over his hard cock. But as she felt his hand creep higher, she had another thought, one that aroused her more.

Pulling back from her mentor's mouth Eva turned and hissed at Brent, "Did I give you permission to touch me?" Speaking those words stirred a passion in Eva's body. Seeing his reaction heightened the pleasure.

Brent froze his movements.

Eva slowly stood and turned as Brent's hand fell away from her leg. He looked at her with a mix of concern and a hint of desire. He wanted this she realized. He did it on purpose to test her. Elizabeth McCabe slowly rose up onto her elbows and released Brent's hair. She looked at him sternly as he slowly and gently withdrew from between her thighs. Eva waited to see what Ms. McCabe would say. Her mentor was silent however, this was Eva's task to handle.

Eva spoke again, a soft harsh whisper that pushed Brent back on his heels, "I asked if I gave you permission to touch me?"


"So you presume to think that you're allowed to do it because I was involved with the two of you."

Brent had no response and Eva looked at him. His head was slightly down but she could still see Elizabeth McCabe's juices slick on his face. His fingers were still wet as well but he made no movement to clean himself off. What a whore, she thought with a twinge of arousal. Her whore, her slut, Brent was hers now. Elizabeth McCabe had said so and she could do as she pleased with him. She glanced back at her mentor who had now smoothed her skirt back down over her thighs and was sitting on the edge of her desk again. Her mentor gave her a silent subtle nod and turned back to look at Brent.

"I think you need to learn to wait until you're told you can do something. I think you need to learn to respect my wishes now, not your former Master's commands. You listen to me now. I think you need to learn that you're my fucking whore now."

Eva contemplated her next move before saying, "Take off your tie and give it to me."

With a soft gasp of anticipation, Brent slid his hands over his tie and undid the knot. He pulled it slowly from his neck and handed it to Eva. In the process Eva noticed his still hard cock throbbing hard against his pants. She knew then what she needed to do.

to be continued...

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Washington Series 2:2 - Eva's Discovery Continued

Ms. McCabe leaned over Brent. Smiling softly at him she ran her fingers through his hair. Her other hand tipped his chin up to her and she leaned closer to whisper in his ear. Eva watched, still dumbstruck, as Brent's mouth slowly curled into a smile.

Eva, confused by the entire situation, wrestled with her feelings. So many had passed over her in the time since she had entered the office of her mentor. Confusion followed by embarrassment, anger, jealousy, disappointment and betrayal. Her emotions were back to confusion for the moment - not at the relationship between Brent and Elizabeth McCabe, but confusion at the suggestion that she be involved somehow. Eva had never shared a man nor did she care to. If Brent was spoken for, she knew jealousy could never be kept at bay. She would always be wondering if he was with her, what they were doing, if she could ever be as good as her...

Brent broke into her thoughts. Still on his knees, he crawled over to her chair and knelt before her. "Eva," he pleaded, "please don't be angry with me. I can tell you're hurt. I never wanted to do that to you. What Ms. McCabe said was true. I do love you. I wouldn't have brought you in here today if I didn't love you. I want us to explore more together and this was the only way I knew how to tell you. I just wanted to show you how much I adore you by introducing you to this. I know you're probably mad that I never told you about this relationship, but it's not like ours. I do love her, I won't deny that, but it's not the forever love that I feel with you. You're the one I want to be with, Eva."

Eva sighed as she looked at her lover. He had poured his heart out to her and she knew deep down inside she felt the same. Eva glanced up at Elizabeth MCCabe, not knowing if what he had said hurt her. Her mentor smiled back at Eva and nodded her head. There was no disappointment in her face, no hurt, just a gentle look at both of them.

"Okay," Eva said after some time, "if this makes you happy, I'll bite." She leaned over and kissed him gently. A smile lit up his face. Squeezing her hands for a moment, he released them and crawled back over to Elizabeth McCabe.

She turned to him, but spoke to Eva, "You see Eva, it's possible to give and receive pleasure outside of a relationship. It doesn't change one's heart, it only satisfies the body. There's no reason for guilt or shame as long as it's clear who belongs to whom. Right now Brent still belong to me. I am willing to turn him over to you. That is, after I show you what you're meant to be."

She hesitated before continuing, "I have other lovers, Eva, they belong to me. The difference between me and others who have multiple partners is all of my lovers know about each other, each one knows who I'm with, there are no secrets. Occasionally we even get together as a group."

Brent flushed at the last statement. She chuckled, "Brent particularly enjoys those moments." Brent's cheeks grew more red.

"Though I think that's enough talking don't you think?" she said as she looked down at Brent. Eva looked at him too. She was strangely aroused listening to the soft voice speaking. She surprised herself by wanting to see what Ms. McCabe was going to do. Brent was visibly aroused as well. She could see his hard cock straining for release beneath his pants.

Elizabeth MCCabe bent down over Brent and once again ran her fingers through his hair, this time however, she grabbed the back of his hair and pulled it back sharply. Both Brent and Eva gasped. "Would you like that slut? Do you want to show Eva what we do together?"

"Oh yes, Master," Brent whispered, "please."

Eva watched as her mentor kissed Brent roughly and passionately. She wriggled in her chair as she watched the intensity of the scene. She felt a sudden rush of arousal move through her. She wanted to watch this, all other feelings were gone. No jealousy, no hurt, no embarrassment - all of it gone and replaced with the strong desire to watch them.

Eva was vaguely aware of anything until she heard Brent groan deeply. "Lick me," were the words spoken. "Make me cum. Show Eva what dirty fucking whore you are for me. Make me cum for her."

Brent moved then, kneeling lower, he ran his hands over Elizabeth McCabe's stilettos, caressing them before slipping his hands up to her ankles. His hands drifted up as she took a few steps back to lean against the desk. Brent's hands snaked their way up under her skirt, pulling it as he went, revealing the top of the black stockings she wore. Brent's lips found her skin, kissing along where the lace met flesh. Pushing her skirt up further, he groaned again as he revealed her already wet sex.

Eva involuntarily sucked in her breath when Brent revealed Elizabeth McCabe to her. Her cunt pulsed at the sight. Eva was so aroused now. She didn't know if she could watch much longer before having to touch herself.

Her mentor read her thoughts and spoke in a husky voice, "Do what ever you want Eva. Touch yourself if you need to. You may touch Brent as well, but not until I say it's okay. I want you to watch for awhile."

Eva nodded lustfully at her.

Brent's hands continued to massage and move around Ms. McCabe's thighs, such skilled and masculine hands. Eva could almost feel him against her flesh as she watched. Brent moved his mouth up to her clit and flicked his tongue over it and Eva gasped. His full concentration was on Elizabeth McCabe. Eva watched as he circled his tongue over her, watching how he licked her, fascinated seeing him do this to someone else. His tongue moved deftly over her skin, flicking and sucking at her clit before moving down to taste her juices. Ms. McCabe raised her leg and positioned her sharp stiletto on Brent shoulder eliciting a moan from him. Eva could see his straining cock throb at the contact.

Brent hands parted her thighs further, spreading her for him and Eva. His fingers slid along her slit, slipping into her dripping cunt. Elizabeth McCabe moaned than, "That's it slut, fuck me with your fingers, fuck me like it was your cock, make me cum all over your fingers, your face." Brent moaned again and began pushing his fingers into her, slipping them in and out of her wetness. Two fingers at first, then three. his mouth licked and sucked at her clit as his fingers thrust inside her harder and faster.

Eva could hardly control herself. The scene before her was too erotic. She slipped her hand down and pulled up her skirt, slipping her fingers in her panties. She was dripping wet and the touch of her hand on her clit caused her to groan. Her other hand slipped into her blouse and found her breast. She squeezed her already erect nipple and gasped again. She was so close to cumming. Her fingers skidded over her aroused clit as she continued to watch...

to be continued...

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