Friday, October 28, 2005

For roger

In response to dirtyboy's blog requesting his reader's fantasies. (His link is listed to the right):

I've had a long day today and I want nothing less than to relax. I turn on my computer and see what you have posted today. You're asking for my story. My fantasy. Interesting. I've been thinking about you, roger, a lot lately. Would you fulfill my every need? Would you touch me the way I like to be touched, spank me the way I like to be spanked, fill me with every inch of your cock - ramming it in over and over? I think you would. Just thinking how you would tease me has me wet. I am reaching down into my panties now which are already beginning to get wet. Can you see me roger? I run my fingertips over the lips of my pussy feeling my slickness. So nice. Gently, I push a finger inside me, I'm so hot inside. My pussy begins to throb with desire as I think about you watching me. Would you like that roger? To watch me masturbate? I move my fingers up to my clit and begin to move them in a circular motion, teasing my hard nub. You're touching yourself now aren't you. Touching your hard cock as it grows. Wrapping your hand around it, stroking the long hard shaft. Watching me is turning you on. My other hand pushes my shirt up and my bra down. I encircled my nipple with my fingers and roll it between my fingertips. I want to feel your wet tongue on my nipples, your teeth biting them. Oh roger. My fingers are working harder now... gasping... My pussy is so wet for you. You're working it harder now too, aren't you? My juices are wetting my thighs now. I am rubbing my clit hard, so wet with my juices. I want to feel your cock inside me, pushing at me, ramming it in. I am so close. My fingers... oh god... feel so good...can you see me roger? so hot for you... so wet for legs tense... can you feel it... can you feel my pussy tighten... my back is arched now...pushing my fingers inside me... ohhhhhhh...fucking myself with my fingers... my hand on my clit... rubbing...I'm coming.... fuck me now roger... hard... ahhhhhhhhh YES ohhhhhhhhh... fuck yes... ohhhhhh... pussy clenching... pulsing...breathing heavy... body shaking... sigh. Thank you roger, that was the perfect end to my day.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

An A?

I watch his bicep flex as he nervously shifts in his chair. Such a tight young body. Lithe and full of energy. And legal.
"Wait," I say to myself "What am I thinking? He's 10 years younger than me and I'm his professor."
"Do I really have to finish these before I go?" he asks.
"Yes," I say, "You knew everything had to be done by the end of class today."
"Alright," he says and shifts in his chair once more giving me the pleasure of watching his bicep flex again. How nice.
"A girl can still look," I declare to myself. I feel myself getting wet and I unconsciously shift in my own chair and recross my boot clad legs under my skirt.
Was that a look up my legs I caught? Is that a little smile on his face? No, I must be imagining it.
"I have 2 left," he says and I watch him look at my legs again. He catches my eyes and smiles nervously before looking back down at his paper.
Ah, so he is feeling the same attraction I am. I feel myself getting more aroused. The wetness is seeping through my panties.
I get up and walk over to where he's sitting and lean over his shoulder to look at his work. "Good progress," I say, "keep pushing that idea."
"Okay," he says. "By the way, what do I need to do to get an A in your class? I don't think I'm far off, but think I might need some extra credit or something to help me get it."
"Well," I say, " I could use a student helper if you were interested."
His eyes light up and hold steady on mine. He knows exactly what I'm talking about.
"I could start today," he says.
"Could you?" I ask as I sit on the corner of his desk.
"If you'll let me," he responds. I say nothing and keep his gaze.
He tentatively reaches up and slowly slides his hand up my boot toward my knee. Seeing that I make no move to stop him, he continues his hand up my thigh and underneath my skirt. I move my legs so that they are more open for him. He moves his other hand up my other leg, exploring it. He pushes my skirt up a bit and moves one hand to my soaking panties. Feeling them, he lets out a small groan. Pulling them aside, he traces my lips with his thumb, spreading my wetness. I reach back and lean on my elbows, allowing him better access to my pussy. He moves my lips aside and strokes my core, circling around to my clit. The fire explodes in me. He may be young but he knows how I like it.
Wanting this to last, I sit up and move his hands to my breasts. I run my hands along his biceps. So firm, just like I thought they would be. I lift up his shirt and help him off with it. Exquisite chest and abs are revealed to me. I can't help but lean over and take one of his nipples into my mouth, nibbling it gently. He groans again. I suck harder causing him to shudder. I move my hands down across his stomach and down the front of his jeans. His rock hard cock quivers when I touch him. Definitely built like a man. I remove my hands and undo the buttons and zipper and slide his jeans down. I begin to rub his cock through his boxers. To my surprise it continues to grow and get harder. I definitely picked the right student.
Sensing he was getting a little too close, he pushes me back on the desk and moves my shirt up to expose my ample breasts. He pushes the bra cups down and sucks greedily at my nipples. I wrap my fingers in his hair moaning at the pleasure he's giving me. Torturing me. Alternating between licking, sucking and biting, he brings me to the edge.
"Stop," I say, "lick my pussy. I want to feel your mouth on me."
Complying, he gets down on his knees and pushes my skirt up. He expertly removes my dripping panties and buries his tongue in my cunt. He rotates between tongue fucking me and circling my clit. His soft warm wet tongue dragging across my clit causes me to shiver with excitement. Then, flicking his tongue across my clit, he pushes a finger inside me. I can't control my hips and they rock with the motions. His sweet tongue laps at me. He pushes two fingers inside then three stroking them in and out. My legs begin to tremble and the feeling becomes almost too powerful to bear. He pushes four fingers into me as he sucks my clit furiously and it pushes me over the edge. I feel the release through my body and screaming, I come hard all over his hand.
"Fuck me," I moan.
He pulls me up, turns me around and pushes me over the desk so my ass is up in the air waiting for him. He teases my pussy for just a second before he rams his thick hot cock inside me. We both cry out in pleasure. He strokes in and out hard then slows down. He repeats this pattern a few times. Fast then slow then fast again. The change in rhythm drives me wild. He fills me so well. I can feel him so deep inside me. The feeling is heavenly, I'm so slick from my juices that he slides smoothly in and out of me. My juices are running down my legs. Reaching around, he cups my breasts, mercilessly rolling my nipples between his fingers. The pleasure shoots through me. He reaches one hand down to my pussy and fingers me clit. That's all I needed as I come again squeezing and sucking his cock with my pussy. Harder now, he pumps his cock furiously in me unable to stop the feeling, he cums hard with a loud moan. His cock pulsates inside me spurting his hot nectar. Grinding hard against me he rides out the wave.
Catching his breath, he withdraws from me and immediately drops to his knees to lap up the juices running down my legs, licking up every last drop. Looking up at me with a wicked grin he says, "When are your next office hours? I could come by and assist you again..."

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Morning Antics: Part 2

I lie there taking in the sensations. Really not wanting to move. Once I've caught my breath, I roll over and unmount the camera from the tripod. I'm curious as to how my pics and video turned out. I switch the camera to play mode and view the first picture. I was unprepared for how erotic I looked. Looking at my fingers on my wet lips made my pussy clench around the vibrator still inside me. I suck in my breath. I scroll through the next several pictures. How delicious. I am beginning to feel that familiar heat rise again. I feel the need to keep looking through the pictures until I get to the video. I press play and watch myself with fascination. I watch my hands move over my nipples and down my stomach. I watch my fingers explore my pussy. I watch my hands moving the vibrator across my clit. I never expected watching myself would be so sensual. As I watch myself move the vibrator down to my glistening lips, I grasp the end of the hard pink rubber still inside me and start to move it in sync. Oh god, I am so turned on. Watching my fingers move on screen, I again move mine to the same rhythm. The second time is even more delightful than the first. I slow down my motions to watch the video more intently. I want to watch myself finish. I want to see myself cum. I am watching myself moan and writhe on the bed. I watch the vibrator ramming in and out and my fingers working furiously at my clit. The look of ecstasy on my face as I get closer to finishing. I am so turned on watching all of this. I run my hand around my breasts and tease my nipples. I want to watch this with you. I want to feel your hard hot cock inside me instead. I want you to explode at the same moment I do. I can feel the build-up again. I can feel my thigh muscles tighten as I envision you there between my legs stroking in and out. I can almost feel your hot breath on my skin, your teeth on my nipples, your weight on top of me. My back is arched now, my body wanting everything. I see stars as the heat rushes through me again. I explode. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Such a release. Such pleasure.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Morning Antics: Part 1

I was lying in bed this morning feeling horny. Lazily moving my hands around my body, I felt the gentle throbbing between my legs. Moving one hand to my nipple and the other down to my clit, I began stroking myself. *sigh* This really is a lovely way to wake up. I begin to let my mind wander. I imagine your hands touching me, feeling me, probing me. I begin to feel the ache get stronger inside me. I wish you could watch me and see e touching myself. Hmmm, maybe you can. I get up from the bed and get my new camera and tripod. Still naked, I work the tripod up to the full height next to the bed and attached the camera. I play around with the setting and figure out how to set the self timer. I set the timer and lie back on the bed, using my fingers to spread my pussy lips for you, the camera snaps a picture. I set it again and this time push my fingers inside me. I am completely wet by now. Ahhhh, this feels too good. I need to stop and set the timer again. I opened the drawer to the night stand and pulled out my favorite vibrator. It's the pink one that's shaped like you. I put it into my mouth and make it nice and wet. Then I push the shutter on the camera and begin to push it into my wet cunt. The picture snaps and I stop and do it again. I keep doing it until the vibrator is all the way in. It has me completely filled. My pussy is throbbing with desire. If I keep this up too long I'm going to cum. I don't want to come yet. I want you to see more. I turn the camera around and play with the settings again. I try the video mode wondering how long I can take video for. My old camera only did 30 sec. I discover that with an empty card, the camera can take 23 minutes. Plenty of time. I set the camera back up again on video mode and depress the shutter. I want you to see me work myself. I want you to see what I do when I'm thinking of you. I take the vibrator and rub the tip on my clit. I can feel the heat rise in my pussy, it feels so nice. It's so slick from my juices that it slides right into my cunt. I move it in and out the full length of the shaft feeling each delicious inch. How I wish it was you here doing this to me. I begin to squeeze and twist my nipples which shoots flames through my clit. Oh yes! I move the vibrator faster now, my hips moving with it. I reach my other hand down to my clit and begin to rub it. My pussy walls clench the vibrator as I feel the heat grow. I am so close to cumming now. I stroke the vibrator even faster, burying it to the hilt on each stroke in. I am moaning and writhing; the sensations are too much. The pulsing starts and I can't stop it now. I feel it rise from deep inside me and flood my whole body. I cum hard with the vibrator buried deep inside me and my fingers on my clit. Ohhhhh Yessssss. I lay there for a few seconds feeling the warmth still pulsating through me. Not yet ready to relinquish the vibrator from my now dripping pussy, I move over and turn off the camera.

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Middle of the Day

Hi, what are you doing?
--Um, working
Are you busy?
--Sort-of, but I have a few minutes to talk
I was sitting here thinking about you
--Oh yeah?
I was thinking about your cock
I was thinking that I’d love to feel it inside me right now.
Would you like that? Sliding your cock into my dripping pussy?
--Ohhhh yes
I’ve been sitting here rubbing my pussy thinking how I’d like to lick you and suck you until your hot cock was ready for me.

--Ok, I shut the door
Are you hard for me?
Take your hard cock out for me.
That’s it, feel me around you, feel how hot and wet my mouth is.
Do you like when I suck you?
--I love when you suck my cock.
Take it all the way in.
--Ohhh yes.
I’m licking my way down to your balls, I want to taste them, suck them. I want to devour your gorgeous cock. I want to suck your head.
God, my pussy is so wet.
--Put your fingers in, fuck yourself with them.
Oh yes
--Lick your fingers, taste yourself.
Is your cock ready? Do you want to fuck me?
--I want to fuck you hard.
Do it then, slam your cock into me.
That’s it, fuck me hard.
Fill up every inch of my pussy.
Make me cum.
Harder, I need to feel you deep.
--I am so close, I want to cum all over you.
My pussy is dripping, fuck me harder, grab my hips, pull me into you.
--I can’t hold back.
Do it, cum for me.
That’s what I like.
--You are so bad.
I know.
Have a good rest of the day and I’ll see you tonight.
I’ll be waiting…

Monday, October 17, 2005

New York

I was a bit nervous sitting here waiting for you. I'm not sure why. It's been awhile since we've seen each other. Will you look the same? Will I look the same to you? Why am I even nervous? I'm married, you have a girlfriend. But still, there was something between us, at least there was a few years ago. I wore a knee-length flower print skirt and light green sweater to match. I topped off the outfit with knee high black leather boots I picked up the last time I was in New York. A bit of business woman meets S&M.

I was halfway through my first glass of wine when you came through the door. I knew it was you immediately – you hadn't changed much. I gave you a wave and watched you smile. Yep, still makes me tingly. You came over and we did our obligatory hellos, hugs and kisses. I catch you giving my body the once over and smile to myself. We order our lunch and begin to catch up on times past. As we talk, I keep catching you staring at my chest. Finally, I say, "So, I guess there's a lot you missed about me." Catching my meaning, you reply by slowly sliding your hand up my leg and say, "I've missed many, many things about you." "Oh really?" I ask as your hand goes underneath my skirt to my waiting wet pussy. To your surprise, I have no underwear on and you smile at me. "Let me show you what I've missed," you whisper. I open my legs further for you and you begin to stroke your fingers in and out of me. I am so wet your fingers meet no resistance. You let out a small groan when you feel my heat. You begin to stroke faster and move your thumb up to rub my clit. I'm trying to keep my composure sure that someone will see us, but nobody seems to notice. I can tell that you're enjoying watching me squirm. You stroke your fingers faster and I can feel my wetness start to spread. The heat builds as I come closer to an orgasm. As if on cue, you sense I am close and "drop" your fork on the floor. You smile at me and say, "Excuse me, I have to pick this up," and get down on the floor under the table. I spread my legs wider for you and feel your hot breath on my pussy. The ache is so strong that I jump when I feel your tongue on my clit. With your fingers in my pussy and your tongue lapping at my clit I can't control myself any longer and cum hard all over your hand.

You come out from under the table as I get up. With a question in your eyes, I begin to drag you through the restaurant towards the bathrooms. Not yet completely sated, I push you into the ladies room and lock the door behind me. "My turn," I say wickedly. I push you up against the wall and undo your pants. Pulling out your throbbing cock, I go down on my knees and pull you into my mouth. You are so hard and hot by this time. I begin to suck your cock being careful not to get you too excited too quickly. I want this to last. I work my mouth up and down your shaft alternating between licking and sucking when I suddenly take you all the way in until your cock touches the back of my throat. I continue to suck and stroke your cock like that until, feeling like you can't take any more of this, you pull me up, pull off my shirt and unhook my bra in one expert move. You greedily suck my nipples igniting a fire in my pussy. Oh god, you know just what I like. You move your hands to my tits and work your mouth down across my stomach to my pussy for the second time. Unencumbered now, you have total access to every inch of me. You lick my pussy, tongue fucking me. I groan with pleasure at the feeling of your tongue flicking at me. My legs are starting to go weak. Slowly, you stand up and turn me around so my ass is against your rock hard cock. You pull off my skirt, bend me forward and with one stroke bury yourself in my pussy. I cry out from the force and pleasure of it. You grab my hips and move me to your rhythm, bringing me hard against you each time. You have me completely filed, your hot cock stroking in and out of my pussy feels exquisite. You have me so wet, my juices are running down my legs. Each stroke is making me hotter. You know just how to move to make me go out of my head with desire. Pounding each stroke into me I want to feel you deeper and deeper. It feels so good but I don't want to finish this way. "Fuck me in my ass," I say, "I want you to fuck me hard." I don't have to ask twice. You pull yourself from my pussy and rub my juices over my hole to get me ready. You start to push your way in, slowly until your cock is buried all the way in. I feel so tight to your hard cock. So much tighter and hotter than my pussy felt. "Fuck me," I say again. You begin to pump your cock in and out of my ass. The feeling is indescribable. I push back against you each stroke to bury you deeper. Your hard cock fills me completely each time you push in. Just when I think it can't get any more pleasurable, you reach around front to stroke my clit. The combination of fucking my pussy and then of your cock in my ass and your fingers on my clit are too much and I scream out as I cum. This is exactly what you wanted to hear and you follow by shooting your cum all over my ass.

Breathless, we smile and straighten ourselves up. We go back to our table, finish our lunch and chat as if nothing happened. We say our goodbyes, hugs and kisses and leave for our separate ways. "Try not to let it be so long till the next time we see each other again," you say as I step into a cab. "Don't worry, it won't be," I say. I smile to myself thinking about what could happen the next time I see you.

New to blogspot

I have other blogs but none in which I can talk about who I am. No one in which I can discuss the dirty thoughts that run through my mind each day. I wanted to have a place where I can say "I like to be fucked in the ass" or "I like it when you spank me like that." This is my site and you will like what I have to say.