Monday, February 27, 2006

Fucking You For The First Time

I'm standing outside your door. It's the anticipation that's keeping me from knocking. How will it be when we finally meet? We've been waiting for this day. We've both been wanting it so much. I suck in my breath and let it our slowly. I knock and wait. It seems like ages, time has stood still. I hear the doorknob turn and watch the door swing open.
There you are.
I step into the room.
No words are spoken.
The tension between us is too much. I step forward and kiss you, hard. You return the kiss, passionately. I hear you swing the door shut behind me. My hands are all over you. It's too much and not enough. Your hands are in my hair, around the back of my neck pulling me to you. I let go just long enough to shed my coat. My hands are back on you. I need you. I push you back against the wall behind us, hard. You groan into my mouth. My hands move to your shirt. They wander underneath, up and over your chest. Your skin feels so good. I feel your hands under my sweater, moving up my back, pulling me tighter to you. I breathe you in as your lips move down my neck, tasting me. My hands move down and slip into the waistband of your jeans. I push them down in and over your ass. I can't wait. I want you. I let my hands slip back out and meander to the front of your jeans. I rub you through them, your cock already hard. I feel your hands running over my breasts, cupping them. We both have a sense of urgency, almost as if we wait, everything will just disappear, that it was just a dream.
I undo the button and pull down your zipper. My hands reach inside your boxers and I grasp your cock. I've been wanting this, to feel you like this. Your cock is so erect, so hard. I wrap my cool fingers around you and stroke you gently. I can feel you responding to my touch. You moan softly into my skin as your own hands undo my jeans. Your hands slip inside, slipping down my slit. I feel your fingers moving into my cunt, feeling my growing wetness. My knees go weak as you find my clit. We stand there, masturbating each other as our mouths reconnect. Your tongue slides into my mouth. I kiss you back, greedily. My hand on your cock is moving faster. I need to taste you.
I break our kiss and move to my knees. You help me pull your jeans down. I see you, so erect. My tongue flicks out and I taste you. I've been wanting to taste you for so long. I let my tongue drag up the length of your shaft. I hear you suck in your breath. Mmmm, you taste so fucking good. I let my lips glide over the head of your cock, barely brushing it. Then in one move I pull you into my mouth, deep. I take your full length into my mouth and suck you. I feel your hands move into my hair as you lean back into the wall. I've been wanting this, your cock in my mouth. Sucking you has me so incredibly aroused. I can feel my wetness soaking my panties. I reach down with my hand and slip it into my jeans, touching myself as I suck you. I can feel your cock pulsing now. You're not going to last like this. You know this too.
You drag my head up by my hair and kiss me hard, tasting yourself on my lips. You push me back toward the bed and onto it. I watch you as you strip off your clothes. You kneel over me on the bed, kissing me again as you help me remove my own clothes. In a second we're both naked, exposed to each other. Your hands wander over me, taking in every curve. I lie back and feel the sensations running through me. I close my eyes as I feel your tongue lick my thigh. I part them for you. I quiver as your tongue works its way up my legs. I know what you want from me. I feel your hot breath on my cunt and I hold my breath in anticipation. I've been aching for you to do this. Then I feel it and gasp. Your tongue slides across my clit. My hips cant help but move up to meet your mouth. So exquisite. You run your tongue over me again and I let a groan escape. My hands move to your head and I run my fingers through your hair. I feel your fingers probing my wetness, they slide in so easily. Your tongue is assaulting my clit now. You do that so well. I don't know how long I'm going to last. I can feel your fingers sliding in and out of me, fucking me. I can't take this. I need you inside me.
"Fuck me," are the first words you hear me utter. I feel you moan into my clit. You move up my body kissing me. You settle for a moment at my breasts, taking a nipple into your mouth, savoring it. I arch my back to you, needing this, all of this. "Please," I whisper. My cunt needs you. My body needs you. You move up further and I can feel the head of your cock at my cunt. It's what I need. And you thrust inside me. God. I arch my back again at the pleasure. You've filled me, completely. You lean your head down and kiss my lips as you begin to stroke your cock in and out of me, thrusting hard. So, so good. I wrap my legs up and around you, lifting my hips to meet your thrusts. It's too much. I'm so close, so fucking close. Your hard cock is merciless, pounding into me. I reach my hand down and rub my clit. You thrust faster. I know you're close. My cunt is squeezing around your cock, squeezing each time you thrust into me. I can feel you pulsing. I want your cum. God. I need your cum. I need you to shoot it inside me, filling me. I'm so close to the edge. A few more thrusts, god, yes. Can you feel it? Can you feel my cunt pulsing around you? I can't stop it. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum all over your cock. It hits me, hard. The sensations plow through me, so powerful. I'm cumming hard, so fucking hard. You can't hold it back. You feel me cumming around you and you begin to throb. You groan my name as you shoot your hot spunk inside my cunt. We convulse together. Pulsing hard. I can feel our wetness on my thighs, on your balls, on your cock. You're still throbbing, cumming and cumming. My thighs are locked around you, my cunt milking you. Breathless, you kiss me again and smile. Your cock still moving inside me, still hard as you roll me over on top of you. I look down at you and smile back. This is going to be a fun night...

Friday, February 24, 2006

Pleasuring You - For Her

continued from Pleasuring You...

I can sense you standing behind me. I release his cock from my mouth and turn my head back to look at you. You look absolutely beautiful today. I turn back to look at him and smirk at the confused look on his face. He didn't know we were also lovers. You walk across the floor to me, dropping your clothes as you go. I kneel back on my heels and pull him upright. I take his wrists and lead him off the bed. He willingly follows, unsure of what to do. I place him in a chair facing the bed. I push him back into it and whisper, "Don't move, stay right here." He looks at me questioningly and nods his head. "You know what will happen if you disobey me." I gently say. He nods again. Good.
I turn my focus back to you. You've crawled up onto the bed now. Your clothes have left a trail all the way there. Your skin looks so radiant in this light. I walk toward the bed and you come to me and kneel on the edge. My hands reach out and cup your face. My lips brush against yours, feeling their softness. I feel your hands rest gently on my hips, such delicate hands. My lips press against yours harder, my tongue probing yours, wanting entrance to your soft wetness inside. You part your lips for me and our tongues slide over each other. You kiss me back passionately, the feeling rising through both of us. It arouses you more tasting him in my mouth. My hands move back through your hair, pulling you closer to me. I feel your hands working their way up my back, unhooking my bra. I let it fall from me, exposing my breasts to you. I feel your fingertips brushing over my back. I love your touch. I let my hands drift down your naked back, sliding lower to cup your ass. I feel you moan softly into my mouth. I want you.
I push you back gently on the bed. Reaching behind me, I unhook my garter belt and slowly slide the stockings down my legs, bending at the waist as I do. I sneak a glance back at him and see that he is fully erect again, masturbating. I smile to myself. He's not what matters now, only you do. I stand back up and hook my fingers into the waistband of my panties. You look me in the eyes, willing me to remove them. I inch them down slowly, teasing you. I ease them over my thighs and let them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them, I kneel on the bed between your open thighs. I crawl up toward you straddling one of your thighs as I do. I lower myself down on you, letting you feel the weight of my body on yours. Your skin is so hot, so sensual, so soft. My hands need to touch you. I let them slide over your body, feeling your curves. My hands move back up to your breasts, cupping them gently. You have such beautiful breasts. My mouth finds your neck. I let my tongue trail up it's length and gently nibble your earlobe. I can feel you surrendering to me. My fingers find your nipple. I gently roll it between my fingers. I can feel your hips move up against me. You'll have that soon enough. Your hands have found their way to me, running over my body. You want me. You need me.
I let my mouth wander back down your neck to your collarbone, licking over it. You always taste so good. I shift my body down and continue moving my mouth down your body. My mouth finds your nipple and I flick my tongue over it. I hear the air hiss out of you as you arch your back up to me. Knowing what you want, I take your nipple into my mouth, sucking on it, rolling it between my teeth. I hear you whimper as I suck harder. I feel you dig your nails into my back. Such pleasurable pain. My other hand moves down across your belly and through your soft hair. Your hips rise again, but I hold them down. My hand slowly slides down your slit, feeling your heat, your wetness. You are so slick, my fingers easily slide inside you. I hear you moan. God. I love bringing you here, bringing you pleasure, longing, desire. My fingers push in deeper, stroking you. I let my mouth move over to your other breast and pull that nipple into my mouth. I feel you writhing under me, needing more. I know what you need.
I let my body slide further down over you until you feel my warm breath on your cunt. My tongue snakes over your clit, seducing it. I slowly move in circles over it, feeling you take it in. My fingers move up, hooking forward to find your spot. I feel you move into me, helping me give you pleasure. Your hands are moving through my hair, enjoying the sensations. My tongue moves over your clit faster, I know how you like it. My tongue moves over your hard little bud, pressing in just the right way. Your hips buck up. I feel you cunt clenching around my fingers. I push a third finger in, filling you. Your breath is more ragged, moaning rhythmically to my fingers. I feel you getting close. I can feel your cunt starting to pulse. I move my tongue over you faster. God. Your fingers are tightening in my hair, pressing my face down to you, willing me to make you cum. I let my tongue move with you, letting you control me. Letting you make yourself cum with me. I stroke my fingers harder, slowly pushing a fourth finger inside. That's what you needed. Your cunt pulses hard as I feel your wetness flood my hand. You groan loudly as the pleasure washes over you. I know how it feels, the heat pushing through your body. My tongue laps at you, tasting your cum, your sweet cum. God you taste like heaven. I gently remove my fingers, stroking you softly, letting you come down. I move my body up along yours again, bringing my face to yours, kissing you softly.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Help Me Relax

I'm feeling tense today. I need to relax. I need to let go. I'm hoping you can help me out. I'm hoping you can help me release this tension. I need to forget about everything around me. I need to be distracted. I need you to fuck me.
You heard me, I need you to fuck me. I need you to take me and fuck me how I like to be fucked. Don't hold back today. Kiss me, passionately. Let me feel your lips against mine. I want to feel your tongue in my mouth sensuously caressing me. Press your body against mine. I want you to feel my breasts against your chest, my hips grinding into your hardening cock. Let your hands drift over my back, pull me tighter to you. Let your hands slide down over the curve of my ass, feeling me. My hands move to your shirt, peeling it off of you. We don't need any clothes. I move my lips to your neck, licking it. I bite you . Help me off with my clothes. Let your hands unbutton my blouse. Let your fingers linger on my skin. Slide it off over my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Let your gaze wander over my body. Look at me, take me in. Put your hands on my breasts, caress them. Slide my bra off. Let me turn around so you can unhook it. Let me feel your lips brush over my back, your tongue on my shoulder. I want to feel your fingertips move down my spine to my skirt. Pull down the zipper, release me from it. I'll help you pull it down over my hips.
Here I am now, almost naked before you. Will you fuck me? Will you touch me the way I want? Come closer. Let me undo your pants. Let me tug down your zipper and release your cock. Pull down your pants for me. Let me see you. Let me admire you.
God. Can't you see how much I need this? Let me feel your skin on mine, your body close to me. Wrap your arms around me and kiss me again. Lower me down to the floor and lean over me. I want to touch your face, slide my fingers through your hair. Kiss me greedily, urgently. I need to feel your hands on me. Move them over my breasts again. Roll my nipples between your fingers. Pinch them. Make me gasp from the pleasure. Let your lips wander down my neck, over the valley at the base of my neck. Let your tongue move over my nipples, take them into your mouth. Make me writhe under you. I want to feel the sensations assail my clit, my cunt. I need to feel you there. Move your hand down my body. Let your fingers find my wetness. Can you feel that? How wet I am for you? Push your fingers inside me, feel me. Move your fingers over my clit, spread my wetness over it. Rub me. Circle my clit. Bring me to that place. Make me forget everything else.
Move up so I can touch you. Let me wrap my hand around your cock. Let me stroke you. I need to feel your hardness in my hand. I want to make you want me. I can feel that you do. I don't know if I can wait much longer. I need you so much. I need to feel you moving inside me. I need to feel your hard cock, pushing deep into my cunt. Don't make me wait. Fuck me now.
Not like this. Turn me over. Bring me to my knees. Take me from behind. I want to feel the head of your cock against my cunt, nudging me. Let me feel your hands on my hips. I want to feel your fingers tighten into me. Let me feel you push your cock into me, hard. Take me, use me, fuck me. I'm not delicate. Fuck me. Let me feel your hard cock pushing deep inside me. Pull me back into you. Thrust harder. I'll put my hand on my clit. It won't take me long like this. This is what I wanted, needed. My hand is rubbing faster, circling my clit. Feel me, feel my cunt clenching around you. Feel how hot I am, how hot you've made me. Let yourself go. Let yourself give in to me. That's it, thrust deeper, harder. Bring me closer. Bring me to the edge. Let me raise my ass to you, pushing back into you. I move my hand faster. I can feel my cunt starting to pulse around you. I know you can feel it to. Make me cum, take me there. God, make me cum. Tell me how much you want me to. Tell me to cum on you. Tell me to cum for you. Tell me to cum all over your cock. I want to drench your cock with my juices. I need to cum on you. I'm going to cum on you. I'm going to cum hard on you. Now. God. Now. I can feel the heat rush through me. God. I can feel it roll over me. I can feel it surge through me, taking over me. I need you. Cum for me now. Cum deep inside me. Shoot your hot spunk deep inside my cunt. I want you to cum for me. I want to feel it. Harder, deeper. Let me feel hear you cum. Cry out my name for me. Let me know how much you love fucking me.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

And the winner is...

WhatTheChuck is my pick for the Valentine's Day Contest winner. This lucky boy will be receiving a pair of signed panties from me and a photo of me wearing said panties ;) All this for coming up with a great pick-up line.

“You are so stunning, I want to get to know you— because I’m going to be making love to you tonight whether you’re there or not!”

I'm always a sucker for a man who can make me laugh ;) Congratulations!

Go check out Madame X, Tess and Kim to see their picks!

DLG xxx

Friday, February 10, 2006

Pleasuring You

Look at you lying there. You have no idea I'm watching you. Your eyes closed, fantasizing about something... or someone. I watch your hand moving up and down along your cock. You, giving yourself pleasure. Had I known you were going to be this bad, I would have brought my restraints. I quietly slide my coat off and walk into the room. Your eyes fly open and look at me, hand frozen around your cock. My hand on my hip, I tease you with my smile. "Keep going," I encourage and you let out a breath of relief. Your eyes meet mine as I slowly unbutton my blouse. You'll get what you need, don't worry. I let it drop to the floor. I turn around and let my fingers find the zipper to my skirt. I inch it down gradually until it reveals my black lace panties underneath. I tug my skirt down over my hips, letting it fall. I step out of it and turn back around to face you. You gasp as you realize my black stockings are attached to garters. I walk forward to the bed, grinning wickedly at you. I notice your hand has begun to move faster, trying to anticipate what I'm going to do. I take your ankles and push your legs apart as I kneel up on the end of the bed. I crawl up the bed between your thighs, dragging my nails over your skin gently as I do. You moan softly at my touch. I lean down and lick up the length of your thigh, nipping it. Your thighs spread more for me. I move to your other thigh, alternating licking and biting it. Your hand tries to touch me, but I'm just out of reach. I look up and smile at you again as I crawl forward a bit more. I place my hand over yours and stroke your cock with you. My other hand moves up and gently cups your balls. I slow your hand down until we're holding your cock just at its base. Looking in your eyes, I flick the tip of my tongue out and lick the head of your cock. You gasp. I can feel my cunt aching with desire the second your taste invades me. I let my tongue flick out again, this time moving around the head of your cock, licking you. I let my lips touch you as I run the tip of my tongue along the underside of your ridge. Your hips move up to me, willing me to take you deeper. Not yet. I let my tongue and lips drift down along the outside of your shaft, sucking around you, getting you wet, getting you harder. I move your hand away now, placing it on the bed beside you. It's only my hand, my lips, my tongue on you now. My mouth drifts around you and back up toward the head of your cock. My lips hesitate over your swollen head for just a second, just long enough to meet your eyes. Then I pull your full length into my mouth in one movement. I hear you groan as your hips thrust up into me. I stroke you in and out of my mouth. I know you love the feel of it, hot and wet. I know you love when I suck you. I love it too. Your cock is so hard now, so erect. I tighten my lips just a bit to add a touch more pressure to you. Then I suddenly stop, pulling your cock almost all the way out of my mouth. You gasp again. I smile around you as I tease the head of your cock in and out of my mouth. I feel your hands weave their way into my hair. I know you want more. I let my tongue swirl around your head and I suck gently on it. Just when you think you can't take it anymore, I push you all the way back into my mouth. Your fingers tighten in my hair, pushing my head down. Fuck my mouth. Use me. I let you guide my head faster, faster on your cock. God. You're fucking me now, fucking my mouth like it was my cunt. I let my hand drift down to my panties. Tucking my fingers inside, I push them into my cunt. Fucking myself in the same rhythm your cock is fucking my mouth. My panties are soaked from my juices. I let you take over my mouth, you're in ecstasy now, fucking me blindly. I can feel your cock swelling, the cum wanting to pulse through you. You're so close now. My other hand drifts back toward your ass, through the wetness left by my mouth. You whimper. I let my finger massage your asshole as you open your thighs wider for me. I know that when you feel my finger enter you, you're going to explode in my mouth. I slowly push it in, as you groan loudly. Your cock swells more and I can feel the cum surging through you. I suddenly push my finger deep into your ass and the cum rushes out of you, spilling into my mouth, pulsing with each stroke. You cry out and thrust deep into my throat, your hands pushing my head down hard. Your hot spunk fills my mouth and shoots down my throat over and over. I drink you, loving your taste, your essence. I suck you, milking you with my mouth, licking up every last drop. I slow my mouth on you, letting you come down. Your hands loosen in my hair, you're breathing hard, then you freeze, holding my head still, panicking. You heard it, the sound of her heels on the wood floor. She's not supposed to be home yet. I heard her long before this. I heard her car pull up. I heard her come into the the house. Her footsteps have made it to the door now. I know she's looking in at us. And I know she's smiling. I've been waiting for her.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


I know you've had a long day. I know you want nothing more than to relax when you get home. I know you'd love to settle onto the sofa with a nice drink and watch television for awhile to unwind. But I've been busy today too. And I want more than a nice, quiet evening at home. I want you. I've been wanting you all day. I've been thinking about you, giving a lot of thought as to what I want from you. You're mine and I'll do as I please with you. I know you know this. I know you love this. And I know you want nothing more than to please me.
I'm sitting here, in the chair across from the door, waiting for you to come home. I sit patiently, knowing exactly what I want. There's no hurry tonight.
You walk in the door and see me sitting there. I hear a small gasp escape your lips. You know. No words are spoken. I look in your eyes as I stand up, giving you permission to look at me. Your eyes wander over my body, past the red lace bra, down across my belly to the matching panties. I watch as you let your gaze linger over my thighs and then down to my red leather stiletto boots. I saunter across the room to where you're standing, the door still open. I gently push you over to the wall, backing you up to it as I shut and lock the door. I smile a little and pull your jacket off you and toss it to the side. I watch you swallow, hard. Your breath is already quickening. I stand close to you, just barely touching and flick my tongue out to taste your lips. So delicious. I move closer and press my body against yours. You moan softly as I kiss your lips. My hands move up to your shirt and I push it up over your head. You help me take it off and toss it aside. I let my fingers trail over your wrists and tighten around them. I let my mouth caress yours and kiss you greedily. I feel you give in to my touch, submitting to me. My fingers move your wrists slowly up until they're in front of you. I lead you to the center of the room and gently push you down until you're kneeling in front of me. I let go of your wrists and walk behind you. You feel me trail my fingers through your hair and down your neck. I can feel you tensing a bit, not knowing what I'm going to do. I lean over you and let my lips brush against your ear, "I've missed you today," I whisper softly, "I've missed my little slut. I've needed him. I've needed his cock." I hear you whimper and I continue, "I've needed to feel my dirty whore inside me, his cock filling my cunt, pushing deep into me." I look down your body and see the growing bulge in your pants. Mmmm, good. That's what I've been wanting. It's what I've been craving.
I stand back up and move around to the front of you, my cunt right in front of your face. I know you want to lick me, I can see your lips trembling. Your hands are clenching at your pants, you know I haven't given you permission to touch me yet. I casually run my fingers along the waistband of my panties, feeling me in front of you. I let my hand drift inside my panties down to my clit, rubbing it slowly, letting you inhale my scent. I look down at you and stroke your hair. You close your eyes and breathe deeply, wanting. I push my fingers deeper along the length of my slit, getting them wet. I pull my fingers out and raise them to your lips, tracing them with my wetness. You moan softly and lick them off. I pull my fingers back out of your mouth and back to my panties. I turn around and face away from you, then tuck my fingers into my waistband and slowly move my panties down my legs to the floor, bending over in front of you as I do. I hear you suck in your breath. I know you want to lick me. I know you want to push your hot tongue deep into my cunt... but you have to wait. I stand back up and turn around to face you again. My fingers go back to my clit, rubbing, circling. I let myself feel the pleasure, moaning softly at my own touch, letting my head fall back. My cunt is so wet for you, so aroused for you. I look back down at you, your eyes focused on my moving fingers. "I want you to lick me," I whisper throatily, "I want you to make me wet enough to fuck you, wet enough that your cock slides right in me, lick me like the whore I know you are." "May I touch you with my hands?" you inquire. "No." "Ohhh," you softly complain as your face moves forward to my waiting cunt. "But you may undo your trousers." Your hands fly to the button and zipper, releasing your cock from them. You're so incredibly hard, so aroused. It makes me want you more.
Your tongue flicks over my clit and I can feel your hot breath invading me. You flick it again and again. I grab the back of your head and bring your head closer, pushing it into my cunt. Your tongue delves deeper, licking up my slit, tasting me. I spread my legs a little wider and you take the opportunity to push your tongue inside me. You fuck me with it as I writhe against your face. You move your tongue back up to my clit. I move my hand down across my belly and down to your mouth, spreading myself for you. I feel you moan against my hard little bud. I need more. I want more.
I pull myself away from you making you gasp. I turn and kneel down in front of you, on all fours, exposed to you. "Fuck me," I command, "Fuck me hard, fuck me now." You groan and move your cock to my wet, dripping cunt lips. "Fuck me," I harshly whisper and you thrust your cock deep and hard into me. I cry out at the pleasure. You hold yourself buried inside me for just a second, feeling my cunt wrapping around you, then you pull out and thrust hard again. You cock throbs at each thrust, I know you won't last long. "Make me cum," I moan, "Fucking make me cum, slut." You hands move around me to my clit, to my breasts. Your fingers find my button and you rub it, circling frantically, wanting me to cum for you, your hard cock thrusting deeper with each stroke, your fingers on my nipple, twisting, pinching. With each stroke you bring me closer. I can feel my cunt pulsing around you. Your cock is swelling, knowing you want to cum, knowing you need to make me cum. I push back harder against you, willing you deeper, harder. God. I feel the heat rising, I feel the pleasure overtaking me, I know you can feel it too. My cunt clenches harder around you, squeezing you, massaging you. I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum all over your cock. Oh fuck, oh god. It explodes through me, knocking the breath out of me. I cry out as my cunt spasms in orgasm around you. I feel the rush of white heat flashing through my body as I convulse on you. God. Such an amazing feeling, so powerful. Wave after wave rolls over me. I can hear you begging me, begging me to let you cum, begging me to let you have release too. "Cum for me," I hiss, "Shoot your hot spunk deep in my cunt, cum for me." You groan and surrender to your orgasm, filling me with your seed, your hot cum. You pulse hard, trembling with each thrust of pleasure. My cunt milks you, wanting it all, wanting every last drop of you inside me, wanting all of you and taking it. Breathless, you lean over me and kiss my back. "Thank you Master" you whisper. "Don't thank me yet," I say wickedly, "I'm not done with you..."

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Valentine's Contest

Okay, it's time to put your best pick up lines to work! This year for Valentines Day, Madame X, Tess, DirtyLittleGirl and Kim have come up with a plan.


THE PRIZE: When each of us find our favorites, those four people will win an autographed pair of panties from the girl who liked their line best. Just to show that the panties are really ours, you will also get a picture of that girl wearing the panties! No faces in the pics, sorry kids, just bodies! Please, you've all seen enough pictures of us to know if they are real.

Here are the rules:
• The contest will start now and conclude at midnight February 9, 2006.
• One submission per email address.
• At midnight on February 9th all submissions are final!
• The judging will begin on February 10th and conclude on February 13th.
• Once the winner is notified by email, the package will be shipped within two weeks of the winner providing us with their mailing address. Give us time to take the pictures and degrade the clothing properly.
• If the winner chooses to not have their names posted on our blogs, we completely understand and we will create a pseudonym for the winner. No need to wreck any homes ;)

Emails should be in the following format:
• Emails should be sent to: Submissions sent to the bloggers personal email addressess will not be accepted. All submissions must be sent to the official contest email address.
SUBJECT LINE: CONTEST (anything other than that in the subject line and the email will be deleted.)
IN BODY OF EMAIL: Pick up line. Your name or alias and whether or not we can reply to that email address. That will be the address we will use to contact you if you are the winner. Please no pictures in the emails. Emails with attachments will not be opened.