Saturday, December 31, 2005

Best of Blog Award Nomination

UPDATE: nominations have ended. It's now up to the judges. Best of luck to everyone who was nominated and thank you to dirtyboy, C, Mr. W. and Ginger for their nomainations of me. Voting begins Jan. 10. Even if I don't end up in the top ten, I appreciate the opportunity to be considered.

I don't normally do this, but I've been nominated for best sex blog of this year. Since I know that you enjoy my blog as well, please consider submitting my blog for nomination. You'll find it here:

Best Sex Blog award nominations

The top ten blogs will be determined and the final voting will begin Jan. 10. It's an award I'd love to win and I promise I will be most appreciative if I do...


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Getting fucked tonight

The box arrived early. I was surprised by the doorbell and even more surprised to see the delivery man at the door. I signed for the package and took it inside. Upon opening it, I took out the handwritten letter that read simply: Wear this tonight. Intrigued, I unwrapped the tissue paper and revealed a black lace thong. Excited, I thought about calling you, then decided against it. Dinner was still 7 hours away and I was already wet at the thought of what you had planned. The day went fast as I finished my office work and various other things around the house. Soon time had come for me to get ready to leave. I slid on the panties you had given me. I liked the way they looked, just sheer enough to see my little strip of pubic hair. I then slipped into my black silk dress. I know how much you like it. Topping off the outfit was a pair of satin black stilettos. Perfect.
I see you watching me as I walk into the restaurant. I watch your eyes as they drift over my curves then watch you smile at me. It's a devious smile. I'm in for some fun tonight. We head over to our table. A nice intimate corner table, very dark and just lit by candles. You lean over and kiss me, softly. I smile and settle in to my seat. I'm not going to ask, I'll wait until you're ready. We place our order and drink our wine. the food and wine is delicious. Throughout the meal, I'm squirming in my seat. I know that's what you wanted. I know the thong is soaked with my juices. You have me so aroused and you haven't done anything yet. It's time for dessert but you take the menu from my hand. "Take off your panties," you say. I start to get up to go to the ladies room, but you grab my arm and stop me. "No, right here," you say, "Take them off right here and give them to me." I smile wickedly at you. I sit back down and run my hands up the insides of my thighs to my wet panties. I rub my finger along them, feeling the wetness trailing after my finger. I slide my hands up further and hook them into the sides and inch the panties down my legs. I reach down to my feet and pull them off, not caring if anyone else in the restaurant has noticed. I pull them out from under the table and hand them to you. You accept them with a gracious smile and bring them up to your face. You inhale deeply, smile again and tuck them into your jacket pocket. "Touch yourself," you say softly, " Reach under your dress and finger yourself." I smile and let my fingers trail up my legs again and reach under my dress. I spread my legs a bit further and slide my finger up my slit. The feeling of my own fingers makes me gasp. I'm so aroused that my finger slides easily over my lips. I bring my finger up to my clit and rub it in slow circles. I bite my lip to keep from groaning. "Push your fingers inside you," you say a bit more forcefully. I comply and let my fingers slide back down to my dripping cunt. I slowly push two fingers inside me, my back arching at the intrusion. God, it feels so good. "Fuck yourself." I push my fingers in and out of my cunt fucking myself with my fingers. Your eyes are locked on mine, I try to keep your gaze but it's becoming increasingly difficult. My head starts to fall back as I succumb to the feelings. So delicious. My thumb wanders up to my clit and I begin circling it, stroking it. It's so intense knowing that there's so many people around. "Do you want me to cum for you?" I ask. You shake your head no. Damn. I need to cum so much. "Don't stop though," you whisper. I stifle another groan and push my fingers in deeper. I know what you want. I know what you want to do. I know you want me right on the edge so you can take me how you want. I keep circling my clit and fucking myself with my fingers. I'm so very close. "Now," I hiss through my clenched teeth.
You get up and grab my hand, leading me out the door. We walk behind the building to the alley behind the restaurant. You push me roughly against the wall, the rough bricks snagging my silk dress, and kiss me hard, your tongue greedy in my mouth. I wrap my hands around your neck, my leg moving up and wrapping around your leg. You push my leg back down, you don't want me like that tonight. You break our kiss and turn me around, pressing my chest into the wall. You lift the back of my dress exposing me. Your hand reaches under me and you slide a finger into my wet cunt. I moan loudly. God, I just need you to fuck me. I need you to make me cum. You sense my need and tug your zipper down releasing your hard throbbing cock. You move closer so i can feel your cock pressing against my ass. Your fingers run up through my hair and grab it. Pulling my head back, you ask, " Do you want it? Do you want me to fuck you now." "God, yes, please, I need you, I need you to fuck me," I moan. You position your cock against my cunt lips, teasing me. Then suddenly you thrust hard, pushing your cock all the way inside me. I cry out. You're fucking me now, hard and fast. You cock ramming all the way into me. My body is being pushed hard into the brick wall. Your one hand is on my hip, the other in between my shoulder blades. One pushing me into the wall, the other pulling me back into you. Harder, faster, you plunge your cock into me over and over. I slide my hand down to my clit, rubbing it. I can't take much more. "Fuck me hard," I groan. You fuck me harder than I thought you ever could. I need to cum. Your hard cock pounding into me makes me need to cum. I feel my cunt clenching around you, pulsing around you, gripping you tight. I hear you groan, you know I'm going to cum. You know I'm going to flood your hot cock with my juices. You know I'm going to buck hard when it takes me. You thrust faster. That's it. I feel my cunt pulsing, the wave is starting to rush over me. The heat rises through my body and I explode over you. Screaming, I push back hard into you, cumming hard, so hard on your cock. That's all you needed. You growl and thrust deep and hard, spurting your hot cum inside me, cumming and cumming. You continue to pound into me until until you and I have both ridden out our orgasms. You pull yourself from me and I let my dress back down. I can feel your cum running from me and down my leg. Such a wonderfully dirty feeling.

Friday, December 23, 2005

You've Been Bad Part 2

I can hear you begging from from the other room. You're telling me what a bad boy you've been, that you're sorry, that you need me to forgive you. I pick up my drink and saunter back into the room, debating on whether or not I believe you. You're pleading to me with your eyes, your cock raging between your legs. I see you haven't moved back toward the bed. Good boy. I sigh and walk toward you. You swallow hard. I walk up to you and whisper, "Have you learned your lesson?" "Oh yes Master, I promise I'll be good," you say as you lick your lips. I walk behind you and trail my fingers down your back to your ass. I get up behind you and rub myself against you. I know you can feel my hard nipples against your back. I put my drink down on the floor next to us and pick up an ice cube from it. I suck it from my fingers into my mouth. I lean over you and lick my cold tongue up your back. I hear you suck in your breath. The cold is surprising and erotic for you. I press my hips against your ass and reach my hands around you. I move my hands over your chest, pinching your nipples as I go. I know you're not going to be able to hold out much longer. I trail my hands down to your thighs as I kneel down behind you. My tongue darts out and licks your asshole. You groan. I know you like it. "Tell me what you want." I say, "Tell Master what you need." Groaning again, you say, "Please, please, I need to cum. Please fuck me. Please Master, I need you." Smiling, I move around your legs to kneel in front of you. Your hard cock quivers right before my lips. I look up at you, our eyes lock. Your eyes pleading on mine. I smile gently at you. Then I lean forward and take your cock into my mouth, roughly, hard, deep. You gasp and almost lose your balance. The ice cold of my mouth is a stark contrast to your red hot cock. I suck hard at you, fucking you with my mouth. Pressing my tongue hard against you each time I pull you out. Then suddenly I stop. I look up at you and whisper, "Don't cum until I say you can." You look at me wildly and horsely whisper, "Yes, Master, please..." I return to my assault on your cock, licking you, sucking you, feeling you swell in my mouth. I know you're close. I ease up and suck you slower now, running my tongue lazily over you. I need you to fuck me. I release you from my mouth and sit up on the edge of the foot board in between your hands. "Fuck me," I say harshly. "Oh yes, Master," you say and move forward as I wrap my legs around your waist. With one hard thrust your enter my dripping cunt. We both moan with the ecstasy of it. I put my hands around your neck, pulling on your hair, thrusting my hips hard into you. I lean forward and bite your neck. You groan again. You're fucking me so hard now. "Wait," I tell you, "I'm going to cum on you. I'm going to cum hard all over your cock. Only then will you cum." "Please..." you whisper. I can feel my cunt clenching around you. I'm so close. Your pain, my pleasure, pushing me over the edge. With one last hard thrust you make me cum. I buck wildly on your cock as my cunt spasms around you. "Now," I hiss and you cry out as you cum hard in my cunt. I can feel your hot cum shoot into me as I continue to buck my hips against you. God, so hot, so good. You're trembling against me now. I look into your eyes and smile at you. Gently stroking your hair, I kiss you sensuously. "My good, good boy," I say.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

You've been bad

I walked in the door to see you sitting in bed, exactly as I'd instructed you to be. Smiling, I looked into your eyes. They are nervous eyes, but have a hint of lust to them. You have no idea what I'm planning to do, but I can tell you're excited at the possibilities. Your eyes flick to the night stand. I look to where you've glanced. Good. Just as I asked. I take off my blazer and neatly fold it on the back of the chair. My blouse is slightly see-through and I know you can see the white lace bra I'm wearing underneath by the stiffening in your cock. I walk slowly toward the bed, allowing you to take my body in, watching your eyes as they roam over my curves. I lean forward and put my hands on the bed, your eyes drift down my exposed cleavage. "Look at me," I say and your eyes come back up to mine. "You've been a very naughty boy," I say gently, "You understand you need to be punished, right?" You swallow and nod. "Tell me," I say a bit harsher. "I've been bad, I'm sorry Master. Please punish me however you see fit." "Have you done what I asked?" I inquire. You nod your head again. "Come here and undress me then"
You crawl off the bed and walk to me, your hard cock standing out in front of you. You reach up and slowly undo the buttons to my blouse. One by one you make your way down and then push it off my shoulders. I let it drop to the floor. Bending over, you pick it up and lay it neatly on top of my blazer. You walk behind me and unzip the back of my skirt. As it falls over my hips to the floor I hear you suck in your breath. You have revealed the fact that I'm not wearing any panties, only a white lace garter and stockings. I step out of my skirt and you pick it up as well. You move down to your knees to take off my stilettos, but I push you away. These are staying on today. I pull you to your feet and tell you to take off my bra. You comply, letting your fingers linger on my back as you unclasp it. You push each strap off my shoulders and I let it fall to the floor. You touch my back again. "Did I give you permission to touch me like that?" I ask. You hands fall away, "No, Master." I tell you to sit back down on the bed and stalk around the room. Letting you watch me as I contemplate your punishment. "You have been exceptionally bad lately," I say, "Repeatedly doing things I haven't given you permission to do." You lick your lips in anticipation. "Give me your hands," I say and you extend your hands toward me. I pick up the restraints you had carefully set on the night stand and fasten them around your wrists. I lead you around to the bottom of the bed and fasten the restraints to the footboard, your hands just far enough away that you can't undo the restraints nor touch your ever hardening cock.
I put my fingers in your hair and sharply tug your head back. "You're going to have to learn to behave," I say and walk back to the side of the bed. I pick up the bottle you also set out on the night stand and crawl up onto the bed with it in my hand. I kneel in front of you, just out of your reach. I open the top of the bottle and tip it down, spilling warmed oil down over my breasts. I smile wickedly at you and begin to rub the oil over my chest. My hands slide slickly around as I tease my nipples with my fingers. I let my head fall back as I enjoy the sensation of my hands. I can hear your breath quickening as you watch me. I look at you locking my eyes on yours. "Do you like what you see?" I ask. Again, you nod. I work my hands around my nipples some more and then slowly slide one hand down across my belly. You gasp. I push my hand down over the top of the garter, down to my waiting cunt. I slide my fingers down the full length of my slit spreading oil as I go. I dip the tip of my index finger inside my cunt, causing me to gasp. Sliding my fingers back up, I start to work my clit, circling it, rubbing it. All the while keeping my eyes on yours. Watching you as you squirm on the other side of the bed, pushing your hard cock against the foot board. I stop and say " Did I give you permission to rub yourself?" You looked slightly panicked and say, "No, Master." I get off the bed and walk around behind you. Grabbing your hips I move your body away from the bed. "Stay here," I bark at you and slap your ass hard. "You will not cum nor give yourself pleasure until I say you can you dirty little slut." "Yes, Master," you say excitedly. "What did you say?" I ask. "Yes, Master, I am your dirty slut, your naughty boy." "That's better," I whisper hotly into your ear.
Resuming my position on the bed in front of you, I pick up the last object laid out for me on the night stand. You groan as you see me pick it up. I then pick up the bottle of oil and coat the full length of the vibrator's shaft. I run my hands up and down on it as if it were you. Taking it, I trail it down my body, between my breasts and to my cunt. I use the head of it to rub against my clit. Sending sparks through my pussy. Rubbing faster, I move my other hand back up to my breasts, teasing my nipples. I moan. I move the vibrator down along my slit, spreading more oil and mixing it with my juices. I sit back on my heels, spread my thighs further and push the full length of the vibrator into my cunt. I moan louder and let my head fall back. Stroking it in and out of me I can feel my muscles clenching around it. It feels so good, it fills me completely. Moving my other hand back down to my clit, I start to circle faster. The feelings shoot through me. I can feel myself getting close. I hear you groan again. Knowing how aroused you are makes me feel hotter. Working the vibe faster now, I turn it on and it almost sends me over the edge. I can't hold back much longer. The sensations of the vibe in my cunt and my hand on my clit shoots hot lightning though every nerve. Stroking it faster and faster, my hips rock to the rhythm of my hands. Bucking against it hard, I cry out, my cunt clamping down on the vibe and I cum violently all over it and my hand. Wave after wave, my orgasm rockets through me. My cunt pulsing, I try to catch my breath. I lay back on the bed and continue to work the vibe in and out of my cunt slowly as I lazily rub my clit. I look up at you and see the desire in your eyes, your cock painfully swollen. I slowly get myself up and crawl toward you. I bring my mouth up to yours and kiss you hungrily, greedily, our tongues dancing in each others mouths. I sigh and pull myself back from you. You gasp, wanting more. "You were a very naughty boy indeed," I say and saunter out of the room leaving you tied there, begging...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Fuck me

I can't seem to control myself around you. I need you, here, now. I always need you but this is more urgent. I really need you NOW. Don't hesistate. Fuck me. Use me. Control me. That's it. Kiss me, hard. I want to feel your tongue in my mouth. Make me gasp for breath. Press your body into mine. I can feel your cock getting hard. God I love that feeling. Grind your cock into me, urgently. Rip my shirt off. I don't care, I just need to feel you on my skin. Your rough hands, god, over my skin. Gasp. Pinch my nipples. You know how much I love that, roughly, make me cry out. Make my cunt ache for you. Make me grind my hips into you, your hard cock. Lick my breasts, suck them. Tangling my fingers in your hair. Moaning. god. I need you so much. Take your shirt off. I want to feel your chest on mine. Feel my nipples brush against yours. God, I'm so wet. I need you to feel how wet I am. Push my skirt up. Rip off my panties. Feel me, taste me. I know you want to lick me. To taste my juices. Push me down on the floor. Spread my thighs. Put your tongue in my dripping cunt. Gasp. Make me moan your name. That's right, fuck me with your tongue. Make me writhe on the floor. Flick your tongue over my hard little clit. Make my hips rock. God, I need to taste you. Take your pants off, now. Kneel over me. Let me taste your hard cock. Let me suck you. Run my tongue over you, swirling, licking, sucking. My lips on your cock. Making you groan. Reach back and finger my clit while I suck you. That's it. god. My cunt is aching for you. You need to fuck me. You need to fuck me, NOW. Do it. Fuck me hard. Push yourself in deep. Fuck me...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I've been waiting for you

I'm sitting on the chair, wearing nothing but your white shirt, my red lace bra, red lace panties and red strappy stiletto shoes, when you walk into the room. I hear you gasp. I watch your eyes as they roam over my body. I sit back a bit so the shirt falls open to reveal the red lace underneath. You walk to the coffee table and sit down on the edge, eyes locked on one another. I can see the growing hardness in your pants. I smile at you and you smile back. Encouraged, I shift in my chair more so the shirt falls to the side. You're breathing heavier now. I let my hands roam over my body as you watch. I let them drift over my breasts, teasing my nipples as I go. Letting them trace down my sides and over my hips. Running them along my legs and then back up the insides of my thighs. I let my fingertips brush over my panties as they make their way back up to my breasts. I dip my fingers into the cups of my bra and pinch my nipples. I gasp. I look up at you and see you lick your lips. Your hand has moved down to rub your cock through your pants. What a delicious sight. I continue to rub my nipples which begins to build a wonderful sensation through my pussy. I'm writhing a bit now and the shoulder of my shirt has fallen off. Feeling encumbered, I strip off the other shoulder and remove the shirt. I lean back on the chair more now and move one hand down to my panties. I slip my hand underneath the edge of the waistband and slide my hand down to my already wet pussy. I run my fingers along my slit spreading my wetness. I moan. My fingers feel so good and I rub them against my clit. My thighs involuntarily spread wider. My head leans back further and I pinch my nipples harder. I need this. I need to have you watching me. I open my eyes and look at you again. You're leaning forward, watching my hand on my pussy. Your hand is moving roughly against your cock. Oh god. I tell you to take your cock out. I want to see you. You immediately undo your pants and push them down. Your hard cock standing up, straining. I tell you to masturbate for me. Groaning, your move your hand to your shaft and begin to stroke your cock for me. I move my hands back down to my panties and slide them down over my hips and to the floor. I spread my legs again and show you my wetness. I am so slick with my juices. I run my fingers along my slit again and slowly push two into my dripping cunt. My back arches at the intrusion. God it feels so good. My other hand reaches back and unclasps my bra. I slide it off and drop it to the floor. My hand goes back to playing with my nipples. Each time I pinch a wave of pleasure rushes through my pussy. Your hand is moving faster now. Your breath is ragged. You moan as you watch me finger myself. I move my hand from my breasts to my clit, the other is still finger fucking me. I rub at my hard clit and feel my pussy clenching around my fingers. I'm going to cum for you. My back arches up and my fingers push me into ecstasy. Cumming so hard for you. Moaning your name. Wetness floods my hand. I look up at you. You're now standing above me, stroking your cock furiously. Your eyes are wild. You groan and tell me you're going to cum. Cum all over me I tell you. Your head rolls back and you start to shoot your hot spunk all over me. It lands on my pussy, my stomach, my breasts. I scoop it up on my fingers and bring it to my mouth, licking it greedily. You're on your knees now, kneeling in front of me. You pull my fingers from my cunt and bring them to your mouth. Your tongue swirls around them as you taste me. Hungrily, you lean forward and press your lips against mine. Your tongue in my mouth, searching, wanting more...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Office Work

Your fingertips startled me when I felt them trail down my spine. I hadn't heard you come into the office. I had been leaning over my desk concentrating hard on my work at hand. Of course, I don't mind the intrusion. I especially never mind an intrusion from you. You murmur hello and kiss me gently on the cheek, your hand still rubbing up and down on my back. You are close behind me now and I can feel your hard cock through your pants pressing against my bottom. You tell me you were thinking about me. I move back into you slightly, grinding my hips as I do. You push back, pressing your cock harder into me. "What were you thinking?" I ask. "That you needed a break," you said. "Mmm, do I ever," I reply. I begin to turn around but you firmly but gently hold me where I am. "No," you say, "stay right here. Don't move. Don't lift your hands off the desk." I hearing jingling as you pull some change out of your pocket. You place a coin on the top of each hand. "These are to stay on your hands. Don't let them fall off." I groan with pleasure from the implication behind your words. "Ok," I whisper. Your hands move back to massaging my back. Then move down to my bottom, rubbing it, feeling it. I love your hands. You kneel down behind me and slowly push my skirt up. I can feel your hot breath on the back of my thighs. A shiver runs through me when I feel your hot wet tongue lick my thigh. Groaning, I shift my legs apart for you. My panties are now fully exposed and your hands are roaming over the soft silk. I feel your fingers move up my slit, my panties are already soaking wet. Your tongue licks across my hip, swirling gently down to the inside of my thighs. I feel a fingertip hook my panties and pull them off to one side. I tense with anticipation. I need you so much, gasping as I feel the intrusion of your tongue on my pussy. You are lapping at me, tasting me, tasting my wetness. I shudder and spread my legs wider. Your tongue moves it's way up to my clit and skids across it. Oh god, my legs shake. It's there now, lapping at me, lapping at my hard little clit, sending electricity through me. Your fingers have moved to my pussy, slowly pushing inside me, rubbing, stroking. The feeling is overwhelming. I need to have all of you. "Please," I beg, "please fuck me. I need you feel your cock inside me. Please." I feel you groan as I say these words. Your tongue on my clit moves faster. Your fingers increase their motion. "Fuck me," I say more forcefully. "Please." You stand up and roughly pull down my panties. I can hear your ragged breath. Suddenly your hard cock is in between my thighs, rubbing the length of my slit, letting my juices get you wet. My legs are so weak. You lean over me, hands undoing the buttons on my blouse. Your hands reach inside and cup my breasts inside my bra. You push the cups down and rub my nipples, pinching them between your fingers. I groan loudly, my pussy is on fire. "Please," I whisper again. You pull back slightly, then with one fast move, push your cock all the way inside me. Oh god. You begin stroking in and out of me, urgently. your hands on my breasts, on my clit. I'm in heaven. You're pumping into me, so deep, so good. *ching* I freeze. A coin fell off my hand. You stop and pull yourself out of me. You come around to my side and place the coin back on the top of my hand. "I told you these were not to fall off," you say gently. I whimper a bit, more from your sudden departure than anything else. "You're a bad girl," you say. "For that, you'll have to do without me until I know you're sorry." You start to masturbate in front of me. "Watch me," you say. I can't take my eyes off your hand stroking your cock. I need your cock back inside me. I watch your hand moving up and down your hard length. Watching you cup your balls. I lick my lips. I need you. Your eyes never leave mine, boring into me with desire. Your hand picks up speed, rubbing yourself, giving yourself pleasure. "Please," I say again. "You want me?" you ask. "Yes," I whisper. You move forward to stand next to my head. You gently put your fingers in my hair and guide my head down to your cock. I take you in my mouth. I can taste both of us on you. I moan. My tongue swirling around your head. You push my head down further so that I can take you all the way in my mouth. Rhythmically you gently push my head up and down on your cock, fucking my mouth. Your fingers are tangled in my hair. I hear you moan softly and whisper my name. I know you are getting close. I continue to suck you. You moan louder and pull yourself from my mouth. You position yourself behind me again and slam your cock into me. I cry out, "Yes, fuck me." You comply and reach your hand around to my throbbing clit. I am so aroused. Your hard cock slamming into me and your fingers on my clit pushes me to the edge. I see lightning flash in my eyes as I start to cum, white hot light screams through me. I grind my hips into you feeling you fuck me faster. I cry out again, cumming all over you. That's what you needed. You grab my hips and roughly pound into me, your own climax coming. You groan loudly as your shoot your hot spunk into me. Pulsing and rocking into me. My pussy clenching you. You lean forward and kiss my back, your hands move up to cup my breasts again. Your forehead rests against my back and we both try and catch our breath. "Thanks for the break from work," I say, "I needed that."

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I woke up with a start, a bit disoriented. This was not my room and not my bed. Then I hear quiet breathing behind me and a smile creeps across my face. I turn over and look at you. So beautiful, sleeping so peacefully. I gently stroke your face, your hair, your neck. I think back to last night.
The bar was crowded. In fact so noisy it was hard to hear any conversation at all. It didn't concern me because I wasn't there for the conversation. I was there waiting for you. While I waited, a few men sidled up to me to offer to buy me a drink. Gently I told them no, that I was waiting for someone. It didn't matter that I really did want a drink, but I wanted to be aware of everything and wanted to remember it all. It was then that you walked in. My breath caught in my throat. You looked stunning. Your hair piled on top of your head in a loose and sexy up-do, your blouse just sheer enough I could see the lacy bra underneath, your tight sexy ass poured into a tight knee length skirt. Truly breathtaking. You caught my eye and your face lit up. I watched as men's eyes devoured you as you made your way to me. Too bad fellas, she's mine tonight. You got to me and stood in front of my bar stool. Eyes on mine as you leaned down and gently kissed me, your hand ever so gently touching my thigh. Sparks went flying through me. Your whispered that you missed me. I missed you too. I settled you into the seat next to me and we made small talk for a bit while the bartender poured us a glass of wine. A sip here, a soft touch there, by the time we were done our glasses it was obvious we needed to leave.
The cool night air hit us and we breathed it in. So crisp, so refreshing. We giggled as we held hands and walked to your place only a few blocks away. Walking up the steps to the door, I could feel the anticipation rising. I wanted you so much, I've waited so long. You fumbled with the key a bit and I took the opportunity to come up close behind you and kiss your neck. I hear you gasp and feel you lean back into me. Encouraged, I make my way up and down your neck, kissing, licking, nibbling. I hear you sigh. You pull back from me a bit and turn around to face me. I lean forward and press your back to the door. Smiling you tilt your head to me and kiss me. Your lips are so exquisite. Gentle soft desirable lips are pressing against mine. I slide my tongue out and tease your lips with it. You open our mouth to me and our tongues dance around each other. Oh god, you taste so good. Greedier, I kiss you harder, my hands roaming down your sides. You kiss back and I feel your hands trace down my back. You pull away and whisper that we need to go inside. I let you turn around and unlock the door.
We take off our jackets and hang them up. Without a word you take my hand and lead me upstairs directly to the bedroom. When we reach the door, you let go of my hand and walk forward to the bed. Turning around, you smile and sweetly sit on the edge, knees slightly open. Taking this as permission, I walk forward and stand in front of you, lean down and take your mouth again. Hungrily, we both kiss hard, tongues swirling. My hands are in your hair, pulling the pins out so it falls down around your shoulders. Your hands are slowly unbuttoning my blouse. You run your hands along my belly and up in between my breasts. I suck in my breath, you hands are so soft, your touch heavenly. You pull your head away and lean forward to kiss my belly. I wrap my hands around your head, stroking your hair. Your hands reach around my back and unzip my skirt, pulling it down over my hips and letting it fall to the floor. You gasp when you realize I'm not wearing any panties. You shift me so my thighs part just a bit. Your face is so close to my pussy, I can feel your warm breath on me. I look down and watch as your tongue sticks out and licks the length of my slit. I moan at the pleasure, your tongue so hot and wet. You do it again and my knees tremble. Your hands work their way up my thighs, caressing, massaging as your tongue begins to dance around my pussy. Your fingers work their way to the inside of my thighs and I part my legs more for you. Fingertips brush my cunt, getting wet from my juices already pouring out of me. One finger tentatively pushes its way inside me. I let my head fall back and moan loudly. Your tongue flicks at my clit. Lightening shoots through me. Your finger moves in and out of my cunt stroking me. Your tongue is focusing on my hard bud, circling, circling. My legs are trembling now. You have me on the edge so quickly, I don't know how long I can hold back. My hands are tangled in your hair, pushing your face into my pussy. You stick a second finger inside, stroking me harder, curling your fingers into me to find that magical spot. My hips are moving into you now, trying to fuck your face. Your tongue making fast circles around my clit. I can't hold out any longer. My pussy clenches around your fingers and begins to pulse. I'm cumming hard all over your hand, your face, your sweet tongue. I cry out-loud and push my hips into you hard. Bucking into you, needed you. Oh god, I need more.
I push you down on the bed with a bit of force. You laugh wickedly. I stand in between your open thighs and run my hands up under your skirt. I meet the wet silky fabric of your panties. They're soaked through. I tease you with my fingers, slipping one inside to stroke your wet lips. You moan softly. I need to have you. My fingers trembling still, I unbutton your blouse to your beautiful breasts heaving inside your bra. I lean forward and trace my tongue over your stomach. I crawl up the length of you and kiss my way up to your face. I kiss your lips and taste me on them Groaning, I kiss your harder, needing to feel your tongue on mine. My hands roam your body, filling my need to have every part of you. I break our kiss and roughly kiss my way down your neck, biting as I go. I reach your chest and lower one of your bra straps so I can expose one of your breasts. I circle your hard nipple with my finger. It responds by getting harder. I flick my tongue across it and hear you gasp. I flick it again and your back arches up at me. The desire overwhelms me and I take your nipple into my mouth and suck it hard. You cry out my name. I swirl my tongue over your nipple teasing it, eliciting cries for you. My hands work down to your skirt and I tug it up around your waist. My fingers find you pussy and tease down your slit. My other hand reaches up to your other bra strap and tugs it down exposing both of your beautiful breasts. Hungrily I take your other nipple into my mouth teasing it in the same way. My fingers deftly find your clit and move them in tiny circles on it. You writhe under me, your breath ragged. I stroke my fingers down to your cunt and push two inside you with one move. Your hips buck up to meet my hand. Fucking you with my fingers, I move my thumb up to your clit and begin to rub. My tongue moves faster and harder on your nipples. Your hands claw at my back, at the sheets, then grip the headboard. I push a third finger inside you and your back arches more. I can feel your pussy clenching my fingers, I can feel you start to pulse. You're so close to cumming. I rub faster with my thumb and then push a fourth finger inside. This is what you needed and with a cry, you cum all over my hand. Your pussy clenching hard around my fingers, pulsing with each wave that hits you. I stay there until you come down, still gently stroking you. You pull me up to kiss you. We gently kiss, as I stroke your cheek. I really did miss you.