Friday, February 29, 2008

Washington D.C. Series 5:3 - Brent the Whore

**Reminder - Today is the last day for your Valentine's Day Contest submissions!**

Brent visibly shuttered when she said the words but didn't hesitate to come up to his knees before Drew. He leaned in over Drew and kissed him softly. Drew responded eagerly and slid his hands through Brent's hair to pull him closer. Eva had never watched two men kiss before and the scene was incredibly arousing. She moaned as their kiss deepened and she moved back to see better. Brent's hands moved across Drew's chest, caressing over his nipples before moving around his back. Drew groaned with the contact of their skin and responded by breaking the kiss and moving his mouth down to Brent's neck.

Eva could scarcely believe her eyes and could barely contain her hands. As she watched the intensity before her, she slipped her hands down between her thighs. The sequins felt rough in her hands, but she needed to feel the pressure against her clit. With a groan she found her spot and slid her fingers over her heat.

Brent and Drew's movements grew more heated as their bodies rubbed together. Brent pushed Drew back against the cushions pinning him against them as he slid down between Drew's open thighs. The silk pajama pants that Drew wore scarcely contained his erect cock now bulging between his thighs. Eva slid her hands down further, pulling up the hem of her dress far enough to slip her fingers underneath. Her fingers slid easily through her wetness and she moaned at the contact. She moaned again as she watched Brent slide his hands down to Drew's pants and slipped them down and off. His hands moved back up Drew's thighs to his cock, taking it into his hand and beginning to stroke it. Drew breathed hard and watched Brent as he stroked him. His cock was so hard and erect, precum pooled on the tip of his cock. Brent paused for just a moment to look at Eva.

Her hands were between her thighs rubbing seductively at her clit, her mouth was slightly open and she breathed hard as she watched them. Brent looked into her eyes as his hands moved up and down Drew's throbbing cock.

"Show me," Eva lustfully said again. "Show me what a dirty fucking whore you really are."

Brent moaned and moved up closer to Drew. His head dipped down and kissed Drew's stomach as Drew's hands caressed his head. Brent licked lazy circles down his abs to his cock before finally licking up the length. Drew groaned loudly as Brent opened his lips and slid Drew's cock all the way into his mouth. He slid the man's fully erect cock in and out of his mouth, pausing every so often to swirl his tongue around the tip before plunging it back into his mouth again.

Eva had never seen such an extraordinary and arousing scene. Her clit throbbed hard against her fingers and she didn't know how long she could last. The sight of Brent slipping another man's cock into his mouth was too much too bear. She needed to feel his mouth on her too.

"Oh fuck, Brent," Eva whispered, "lick me. Take me into your mouth and lick me. God I need to feel your tongue against me." She grabbed the ring on his collar and pulled him from Drew's cock to her body. She kissed him hard before pulling on his collar and directing him between her legs.

Brent moved quickly, his head dipping down, his hands roughly pushing up her gown. His tongue flicked out and licked her and Eva almost screamed. She felt his tongue slide through the folds of her sex, tasting her juices and drinking them down. Drew moved as well. He quickly walked around the two of them and pulled Eva up so he could slide in behind her on the sofa. With Brent's help, they slid the sequined gown up her body and over her head leaving her naked except for the black stilettos now digging into the flesh of Brent's back. Drew reached around her, hugging her to him as a lover should. His fingers trailed over her skin making slow, sensual movements as he felt her curves. She gasped as his fingertips flicked over her nipples. Her body writhed at his touch. Brent held her thighs firmly in place as she bucked beneath him. The new found pleasure was overwhelming. Eva soon began to lose track of who's hands were where.

Brent's tongue continued his seduction against her. Small circles over her clit before sliding down and licking around her labia. His tongue gently probed her and slid inside before moving back up to her clit again. His movements were calculated, knowing how to make her cum and how to keep her on the edge. Eva moaned more fiercely at his and Drew's touch, her hands clawing at Drew's thighs while he touched her. Brent's tongue moved along her slit again, this time moving down further and flicking his tongue over her asshole. Eva bucked again beneath him, rocking her hips to feel it again. Brent complied, sliding his tongue down again, he flicked over her, letting his saliva moisten her tight hole. Eva moaned. He knew what she wanted now. He could feel it in her reaction to him and Drew. And he wanted more than anything to give it to her, his master, his lover. He moved back from her for a moment and slid up her body. His lips touched hers so she could taste herself on his lips.

"Did I say you could...ohhh..." Eva started to say before Brent pushed his fingers into her dripping cunt. She grunted at the intrusion and opened her thighs wider. Brent's mouth crushed hers and his fingers moved in and out of her, fucking her slowly. Drew's hands reached around them both, pulling their bodies together in a heated embrace. It was too much for Eva, if she let it go much further she would lose all control and it's not what she wanted.

Using all of her strength, she pushed Brent back. It pained her to do it. She needed to take control though. Her eyes darted to Brent and something behind him caught her eye. As soon as she saw the heavy metal ring protruding from the floor she knew what she wanted.

"Drew," she said breathlessly as she pointed to the long wooden table on the other side of the room, "go get me something to bind him with. Make sure it's leather."

Drew nodded and padded over to the table. Brent's eyes grew wide as he saw Drew pick up a long leather lead and come back over to them.

"It's my turn," Eva said as she took the lead from him. "Put your hands in front of you," she ordered and Brent complied, his eyes still wide. Eva wound the leather lead over and around his wrists until they were tightly bound, the leather cutting into his flesh. Brent grunted as she pulled it tight but said nothing else. She pushed him back onto the floor, pushing him hard onto the ground. "I'm the one in charge here tonight. you're nothing but a slave, a whore, a fucking slut. You don't get to decide what we do." With those words she attached the end of the lead to the sturdy ring in the floor. Eva let her mind briefly wander to the origins of the ring before turning her attention back to Brent.

"You're going to do as I say, slut. And right now you're going to watch me while I fuck Drew. That's right. He's going to slide his hard cock inside my dripping cunt," Eva whispered harshly. "And you're going to watch as we fuck right over you."

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Washington D.C. Series 5:2 - Eva joins the party

Eva settled in next to another female lawyer from her floor and Mr. Denhurst indicated to Brent to sit. Brent looked around before realizing he was meant to sit at her feet. Eva watched him curiously. Brent seemed to vary between a state of arousal and a state of embarrassment. He sat tentatively next to Eva's chair and she squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. Just as Gretchen delivered her wine, Elizabeth McCabe strode in through the door.

All eyes turned to look at her. She was a vision dressed in a black sequined strapless gown. Her long legs sat atop black sequined stilettos and her long hair was up in a loose up-do. Behind her trailed a gorgeous woman dressed in a loose silk robe, obviously naked underneath. Beside her walked an equally gorgeous man in silk pajama bottoms and from the bulge between his thighs, nothing else either. Ms. McCabe smiled broadly at the crowd gathered in the room.

"I see we're all here, wonderful," she clasped her hands together. "Shall we begin then?" The crowd murmured their agreement and the lights slowly dimmed. The room took on a soft sensual glow from the multitude of candles. It was only then that Eva realized the room was filled with large luscious pillows and various other comfortable seating. She also noticed a long dark wooden table against the far wall which held a sizable selection of leather-looking goods. She'd have to check out that table later.

"Feel free to join in when you feel ready," came the whisper by her ear. Eva turned to look into Elizabeth McCabe's eyes. "The only rules are to wait for the granted permission of the slave's master. Anything goes once permission is granted." Ms. McCabe then kissed Eva full on the mouth, a warm soft sensual kiss before sauntering off with her companions trailing behind her. Eva felt her cheeks flush before turning to watch what would happen.

The mood in the room visibly shifted. It was immediately more electric. She watched as the two other partners Mr. Fabian and Mr. Walker slowly undressed their companions. There was no hesitation and no embarrassment as far as she could see. She watched mesmerized as Mr. Fabian directed his tall lithe blond girl, another lawyer from her floor, toward Mr. Walker's girl. She wasn't anyone Eva recognized but she assumed she worked at the law firm as well. This girl was shorter and had short cropped brown hair and was equally as beautiful as the blond. The two women happily embraced each other. There was a tenderness present that made Eva think these women had been with each other before. The women smiled and kissed deeply as their hands began to roam. Mr. Walker and Mr. Fabian looked on as the women sank to the pillows at their feet. They too sat as the women began to writhe on the floor together.

Eva looked down at Brent and saw he was watching as well. His cock was visibly hard and he tugged again at his tie.

"Take it off," Eva whispered to him. Brent eagerly ripped off his tie and Gretchen appeared out of nowhere to take it from him.

"Can I take anything else?" she asked.

Eva surveyed the rest of the room. Many couples were beginning to strip down. "Your shirt, Brent. Take it off too," Eva demanded. Brent happily complied and handed the shirt to Gretchen. Eva took the opportunity to extract her gift for Brent from her purse. Carefully, she reached around the front of him and placed the black leather collar around his neck, buckling it into place. Brent looked up at her, his hand reaching up to feel the leather. He smiled broadly.

"Is this so they know I'm yours?" he asked grinning.

Eva nodded and kissed him softly before turning her attention back to the rest of the room. Brent sat a little closer to Eva and caressed her leg. Eva watched the women closely. The brunette had moved astride the blond, each burying their face in the other's sex. Eva could see how visibly wet Mr. Fabian's girl was and it made her ache with desire. The brunette was over top of her, her thighs straddling the blond's face as each licked and sucked between their thighs. The brunette gently slid her fingers in and out of the blond cunt and from the movement of her body, the blond was already close to orgasm.

Just before the girl shuttered with her climax, Mr. Walker said, "Stop."

Eva blinked hard as she watched the girl immediately stop. The blond whimpered softly but made no movements to try and get the brunette to continue. Instead she dutifully continued licking and sucking at the brunette.

Mr. Walker gave Mr. Fabian a sly smile and a nod crossed between them. He got up and walked over to the girls. As he did so he said, "Make her cum, slut. I want to feel her cum as she sucks me. I want to watch her writhe on top of you while she sucks my cock. Only then will we let you cum." Both girls groaned at his words. Mr. Walker moved closer and stood in front of the brunette. She looked up at him, almost shyly before sliding her hands up the front of his pants. Her attention was clearly torn by the woman between her thighs and the man standing in front of her. With a struggle, she slowly undid his zipper and eased his cock out.

Eva gasped as she saw his member, standing hard and erect in the girl's hands. The scene and evening had become visually overwhelming. Not only was the presence of the naked men and women scattered about the room hard to take in, she was watching people she knew and worked with. The girl opened her mouth and slid the length of his erection all the way inside as Mr. Walker's head dropped back and he moaned softly. The brunette began slowly sucking and licking at him as the girl between her thighs brought her closer. Just as Mr. Fabian moved and knelt by the blond's head, Eva heard a soft voice speak to her.

"Miss Eva," Gretchen said, "Ms. McCabe would like to offer you her slut for the evening."

"Excuse me?" Eva asked as she wrenched her eyes from the orgy in front of her to turn and look at Gretchen. Elizabeth McCabe was standing close behind Gretchen, smiling at Eva. Eva looked from Gretchen to Ms. McCabe to the gorgeous specimen of a man standing beside her. It was the same man who followed her into the room earlier.

"I thought you might enjoy Drew's attention for the evening. And Brent and Drew are already acquainted... very acquainted." With that she winked at Brent who promptly looked down at the floor. Eva looked from Brent to Drew and the connection dawned on her. With the realization, her body temperature immediately went up a few degrees. She could feel the wetness between her thighs and knew she needed to say yes.

"Thank you, Ms. McCabe," she graciously responded. Elizabeth McCabe gave her nod of approval and walked off. Drew moved to Eva's side. Eva smiled at Brent and gave his hair a stroke of her hand reassuringly. It wasn't his choice what they would do tonight but she still needed to let him know he was hers. She removed her hand and ran her fingers through Drew's hair. He closed his eyes for a moment as she tangled her fingers in his soft curls. With a surge of arousal she suddenly grabbed his hair hard and yanked his head back. Drew's eyes flew open, not in surprise, but in his own arousal. She kissed him hard and he responded just as greedily. His tongue slipped into her mouth and swirled around her tongue. He kissed different than Brent but just as good. Eva tightened her grip in his hair before breaking the kiss.

She practically growled as she turned to Brent, "I want to see how well you know each other. Show me, whore."

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

DLG News Update

Some interesting things have been happening around here lately and I thought I'd share them with you.

First, I want to mention again that my Valentine's Day contest is still going on — I have already had a few entries here on the blog and through email. The deadline is Feb. 29 so you still have time to win me in my panties ;)

Other exciting news is regarding my audiobook.

I have the number one selling audiobook on itunes in the UK!

Whohoo! Thank you to all of my gracious fans over in the UK for helping me reach that spot. It's so very exciting! If you are new to the blog and haven't heard about it, I have an audiobook of my New York Series available through Leatherback Productions. There's a picture over there in my links.
It can be purchased here or on itunes (US and UK) and is listed under the pen name Tinca Turle. (I'm going to take a moment to be shameless and tell you that I make a better profit if you purchase through Leatherback *wink*) In addition, my Washington D. C. Series starring Eva will also be turned into an audiobook so stay tuned for more news on that. Also stay tuned for the remainder of Part 5. It's completed and is very hot!


My Fucking at the Office story was included in FHM's UK March 08 issue (I haven't made it out to the store so I don't know if it's in the US edition too). On page 149 is a department called Ladies' Confessions in which I have been included. While I wasn't notified of the inclusion, I'm still thrilled that I was chosen to be a part of magazine. The story was edited slightly — I assume to take out some of the really naughty parts for public consumption — and, thankfully, I was given proper credit for it. Go check it out!

The very fabulous and very sexy, dirtyboy, has released his Paris and London stories as a paperback book. You can now enjoy his stories about Sophie and the Artist over coffee, while curled up on the sofa or snuggled up in bed. It could certainly make a lovely late Valentine's gift for your special someone. ;)
It can be purchased for $14 (+ shipping) here from Lulu.

168 pages, large format (6" x 9") and it ships in firm, discreet, well sealed and tough packaging (looking very similar to Amazon packages). Lulu prints the books to order, on demand, so your copy should always look fabulous and be hot off the press.

His book has me thinking that it might be fun to put a collection of my stories together. Perhaps make it more convenient for you to enjoy my writing — getting you out from in front of the computer and into bed. *wink* Or perhaps make it easier for you to share me with a lover or a friend. hmmm…

Lastly, I'd like to give a big thank you and sexy kisses to everyone who has purchased articles from my cafepress site. I hope your panties and other apparel have brought you much joy and naughtiness! ;)

DLG xoxo

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Contest - DLG in just her panties again!

Hello my wonderful readers!

I though I'd take a quick break from Chapter 5 of the Washington D.C. series and have a little fun.

It's time for my third annual Valentine's Day contest! I couldn't let the holiday go by without one. As with tradition, it's a writing contest again. The prize? The same as the two previous years - a photo of me in just my panties. Yep, in nothing but my panties. The picture shown is a snippet of the photo from last year's prize photo.

So are you up for the challenge?

How do you win?
It's quite simple. I want you to write me a fantasy...

Here's the catch.
I want it to be a specific fantasy. Here's the scenario. It's Valentine's Day and I'm alone for the holiday. I'd like to go out though. If I were to agree to a date with you, what would we do? Where would you take me? How would our evening go? Seduce me...

Who will win?
The one I think is the best and, my dear readers, it won't necessarily be the one who ends it with getting us into bed. What determines the winner then? I won't know until I read them. It could be sexy or seductive or it could be humorous. It's a subjective thing, I know.

The winning entry will be posted (with permission of course). The winner's prize will not be posted, it's for them and them alone. ;)

The Rules?
1. You can either post your fantasy in the comments or email it to me at
2. Your fantasy can be any length you want.
3. Make me want this date with you, surprise me, wow me, seduce me. I'm a girl who likes more than the usual chocolates and flowers. It'll take more than that for Valentine's Day (and I don't mean expensive material things either).
4. Forget the weather - If you want it to be a warm and sunny day, work it into the fantasy. Don't be bothered by the 3 inches of snow currently on the ground unless, of course, you have plans to warm my toes. ;)

You have until February 29 to plan our date.

Good Luck!

DLG xoxo

Monday, February 11, 2008

Washington D.C. Series 5:1 - Arriving at the Party

Eva and Brent had just enough time after their delightful fucking to quickly dress and straighten up before catching a cab to be on their way. The cab pulled up to the non-descript building at a few minutes past 9 o'clock. Eva, normally being the fashionably late type, decided against showing up too terribly late this evening. She didn't know what to expect and certainly didn't want to disappoint Elizabeth McCabe. Though the neighborhood looked posh, the street was poorly lit and Eva had to squint to read the numbers on the doors. She looked from door to door 7, 11, 13, 15... no 9 Morse Street. The cab had already pulled away so she couldn't ask him.

"Do you see it?" she nervously asked Brent. Brent shook his head. "It has to be around here. She wouldn't have made it up."

Brent took a step closer to building 7 and then excitedly waved Eva over. "Here," he said and gestured down a stairwell hidden from where Eva was standing. Eva walked over and looked down the dimly lit stairs to the basement entry. A silver script number 9 hung just beside the door. Below that was an electronic swipe device. Eva smiled nervously as she took the black credit card from her purse, her key for tonight. They walked carefully down the stairs. The door was black lacquer and Eva could see their reflection in it. They made quite a nice looking couple. Brent in his leather pants, tuxedo shirt and tie, her in the red sequined gown and black stilettos. Brent grinned too and tugged at his tie.

"Stop fidgeting," Eva admonished. "You can take it off when you get inside." She didn't tell him she had something else for him to put on instead.

Eva took a deep breath then and slide her card through the electronic swipe. The door emitted a soft click and Brent turned the knob. It swung open easily and they were greeted by a small foyer lit with candles. Beyond that was a larger room, graciously decorated and too lit by candles. Eva strained her neck to look when a young woman came around the corner to greet them. She was a gorgeous creature, small, petite and clad only in a sheer lingerie style slip.

"Welcome Miss Eva," she said smiling. "I'm Gretchen and I'll be your attendant for the evening. We've all been waiting for you. Can I take anything for you or from him?"

"Waiting for us?"

"Oh yes, everyone is very anxious to meet you. Can I remove anything for you?" Eva briefly eyed up Brent shirt and tie before saying no. She'd see how everyone else was dressed first. "Follow me then," she said and began to lead them through to the next room. "I am at your disposal for the evening," she continued, "and I'm here only to serve you in whatever capacity you need."

Eva looked at the girl from behind and felt the warmth grow between her thighs. She wondered if that included joining her and Brent in a sexual liason. She was certainly dressed for it.

"Can I start by getting you a drink? Wine perhaps?"

Eva nodded yes for both of them and took Brent's hand. The room opened up to a large open space in which a crowd of people were gathered at the far end. Gretchen led them across the room.

"May I present Miss Eva," she announced to the crowd and Eva gasped softly when the faces turned to look at her. The men and women in the crowd were all members of her law firm. Most were senior staff and the partners were all there, all except Ms. McCabe. An equal mix of men and women were dressed as she was, formal attire, gowns, tuxedos. The other half of the crowd were dressed, or rather undressed, at various stages. Eva could barely believe her eyes when Mr. Denhurst, a partner in the firm, stood up to greet her.

"Eva," he said warmly, "I'm so pleased you could join us." He leaned over and kissed her gently on the cheek. "Please, settle in and relax. We've only just begun."

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**Update - Blogger has unblocked me! Thank you Google!!!**

I do apologize to all of my readers for the blogger issue. It seems as though I've been marked for being in Violation of Terms of Service. I'm not sure how this happened. I have reviewed the Terms and believe I follow everything correctly. I'm not spamming anyone, all the content is my own, I'm not using this space for retail, etc.
I have sent an email and posted in the discussion groups for help. My fingers are tightly crossed we can resolve the situation soon.

DLG xo

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Desirous talk comes from your lips. Whispers of promises. Naughty thoughts and deeds all streaming off your tongue. Your mouth produces a staccato of dirty words mixed with insinuating thoughts. I listen. My tongue crosses over my lips, wetting them, as my body warms to your words. My thighs squeeze together slightly masking the growing wetness pooling between them. I wait.
I wait for your words to become physical. I wait for your words to cross over and touch me with their consonants and vowels. I need to feel them coursing over my body just as hands on flesh. I want the harsh tones to bite and the sensual tones to caress. I need to feel your filthy dreams drip off my tongue and dribble down my chin to drip onto my breasts. I want to be able to rub them into my skin so I can totally absorb you. I need to feel them all. But I wait.
My own hands crave you. I tell you so. I tell you my erotic thoughts and hope that you can feel them. My breasts against your flesh. My hard nipples brushing past you ever so softly. My mouth on you. My tongue swirling. My nails scratching hard down your back. The sting of my hand as I spank you hard. Can you feel it? Do my words manifest their strength into what I need you to feel? Does the force of my desires pin you to the bed unable to move against them? I tell you more and hear your heavy breaths. Your arousal so clear and I know you feel me. I speak again. Another slew of vulgar utterances slap you hard and your breath leaves you from the impact. Feel me.
I can feel you.
The hot moist breath on the back of my neck causes me to stir. You're here now. I can feel all of you. More words are exchanged and my skin is alive with your touch. My body aches for more and I tell you so. Your mouth caresses my skin. My nipples stand hard and erect and your lips move over them. Pulling each one into your mouth, caressing and biting with your tone. I gasp. Your words drift down my body, smoothing over my soft skin and between the folds of my sex. You invade me, pushing roughly inside and I gasp again. Your own arousal taking over and bringing me with it. It starts. Slowly. Pushing inside and drawing back out, your lips emanate the sounds I need to feel. I breath heavily. Your voice hovers inside my head, all around my body, inside me, deep inside me and I groan. My body opens to you and I feel the growing heat of my wetness spread to your mouth. I can't wait.
Your tongue pushes me hard and I succumb to it. My body feels your monologue over every inch. My flesh responds. My own mouth cries out from the ravages of yours and I let you feel what your promises have done. Words, hot and wet, beckon you to join me.