Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Naked in the Rain 4:1 - Exploring

My lover and I have one last night together before he flies home. I wish he didn't have to go, but I know I'll see him again soon and of course, we can talk everyday through the magic of the internet. I want to give him something special tonight. Something just for him. The past week has really been all about me. He received plenty of pleasure, but it was really me allowing him to have it. We naturally fell into our Dom/sub roles as I knew we would. Tonight though, I want to give him something more.

I managed to get us out of my bedroom today for some gorgeous New York weather. Knowing he'd never been here, I took him around to some of the sights this amazing city had to offer. He had specifically requested to see Greenwich Village. I was happy to oblige this offer. Of course, there was a bit of selfishness in this as well. Soho is just a few blocks over and I love shopping in Soho. We strolled through the streets looking at beautiful old buildings, lovely little shops and other people wandering about. I can't say I was truly paying attention to my surroundings as I was more focused on him. His eyes lit up at each new sight. It was a delight to watch him take everything in. He commented on how everything was weird and different, but in a good way. He obviously was enjoying the city. He enjoyed it a bit more when I drug him into a few stores to try on shoes, one of my few weaknesses aside from a proper submissive Boy. I walked out of one of them with a proper pair, leather heeled bondage for my feet, perfect for our evening out.

Venturing back, we wandered through some side streets, the sexual tension growing between us becoming more apparent. This is the longest we've gone without touching and caressing and fondling each other. A brush of his hand, a lingering touch of my fingertips had us both needing each other desperately. I needed him now. I quickly hailed a cab to take us back. Thighs touching thighs, hands wandering over each other, trying to control ourselves until we get back. His warm breath eased it's way over my neck, his soft lips touching me, sending sparks through my body. Our departure from the cab to the front door was practically running. I slammed the front door open and pushed him inside.

"I've wanted you all day," he groaned as he slid his hands over my breasts. I pressed hard against him, frantic to feel him, taste him. I needed him. Our tongues swirled over our bodies as our hands quickly shed each other's clothing. Our skin ignites at the contact. His hands trail fire over my body. God, his hands. He pushed me hard against the wall. His mouth finds my neck and bites it gently. His tongue trails down to my collar bone. His hands wrap around my breasts, pinching my nipples, waiting for his mouth. My fingers tangle in his hair, drawing him closer. His teeth softly nip at my chest as his mouth draws nearer. His tongue reaches its destination and my back arches to him. He pulls my nipple into his mouth, god, such sweet sensations. My fingers tighten their grip. I moan as his tongue dances over them. His hand releases me and moves across my belly. My thighs can no longer hold me up. He parts my legs with his own and I grind into him. His hand finds my wetness. My body lets him have control, I release it to him. His fingers work their way over my cunt, feeling and probing me. My thighs part wider as they find my waiting heat.

I feel his fingers push into me, knowing what I like, how much I want him. I let go. He lowers himself in front of me, still pushing me back against the wall. Our eyes meet briefly, filled with wanton desire. His mouth moves torturously slow down my belly, not wanting to miss an inch of my skin. His other hand not yet leaving my breast, he rolls my nipple between his fingers. My hands clutch at the wall, not finding anything to grip. My hips grind to him. His mouth reaches my soft strip of curls. I hear him breathe in as he nuzzles me. I feel him smile. Then his tongue greets me, so warm and wet, so sensuous. I gasp. He moves lower and licks slowly up my slit, tasting me. His fingers move slowly, stroking me ever so softly. I feel his hand leave my breast and trail down my leg. He gently lifts my leg over his shoulder, opening me more for him. I sigh softly and release into the feelings. His tongue swirls softly over my clit, circling slowly. I can feel my heat on him, my wetness surrounding his fingers. Oh yes. His tongue moves slowly back and forth, he watches me move beneath him. His fingers stroke me firmer, pressing forward a bit, stroking me in that spot I love so much. My hands wander over his shoulders, stroking them gently with my fingernails. I arch more, wanting to feel it, wanting to feel everything. His tongue begins to lick me faster, god, yes. He just knows. I hear him groan at the feeling of my cunt squeezing around him. He so easily brings me there. He knows I'm close. His fingers thrust faster, deeper. My fingernails start to dig into his shoulders. He groans again. I push my cunt up to him. He responds by flicking his tongue over my clit. God. I feel him slowly push another finger inside me, filling me now. I writhe against the wall, moaning rhythmically to his thrusts. I'm so fucking close. his hand reaches up again and fondles my breast. I put my hand over his, guiding him to my nipple. He pinches it hard and I groan loudly. Sparks fly through me. I feel it then, the release. It hits me hard and fast, out of nowhere. I cry out his name and grab onto his shoulders hard, pulling his face to me, riding out my orgasm. He holds on tight, wanting me to feel all of it, wanting me to be greedy and take it. God. Yes. My cunt pulses around him, my juices flood his hand. He moans and continues to gently lick me, letting me come down. Breathing hard, I relax into the wall again. He slowly rises and licks his way up my body. Our lips meet and we kiss hard, passionately.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Between My Thighs

I open my eyes and look up at you, there, above me. Your eyes smile at me. I see the love, lust and desire in them. My heart aches and I reach my hands up around your neck and pull you to me. Lips brush softly over lips. My tongue darts out and licks you. A soft groan escapes from deep inside you. So sensual. I pull you closer and kiss deeper. My tongue pushing past your lips, touching yours. I feel your body melt into mine. Suddenly your grab my head and kiss me deeper, lust overwhelming you. My body reacts instantly, I feel the warm tingle of arousal flush through my body. I want you. My hands roam down your back, pulling you tighter to me. I let them tuck under your shirt, feeling your warm skin. You're kissing me greedily now, hungrily as I kiss you back. Your breathing is quicker and I can feel your growing erection pressing hard against me. You want me too.
You move your body over mine. My thighs part willingly for you. My fingers deftly unbutton your shirt, I need to taste you. My thighs wrap around your body as my mouth finds your chest. Your warm skin ignites my senses. My tongue flicks over your nipple and you gasp. I take it into my mouth and suck on you. Your hand wraps itself in my hair and pulls me closer, wanting me so much. My tongue flicks at your nipple, making it harder, rolling it between my teeth and making your gasp again. I need to fuck you.
Sensing this, your hands push up my negligée, exposing my naked cunt. You moan and trail your fingers through my already wet sex. My teeth bite into your skin as I feel your fingers sink slowly into me. Yes. They stroke me slowly, fighting the rhythm my body needs. You pull back from me onto your knees. You smile. Pure desire is naked on your face. I watch as you quickly shed your clothes. I look at you, there, kneeling between my thighs. You are what I want, what I need, what I desire, who I love.
Your fingers move back to stroke me again and I close my eyes, giving in to the feelings. Your fingers know just how to touch me. I am so wet for you. They, once again, enter me slowly, taking their time with my lust. I let my head fall back as your fingers find my clit. Oh god. I moan as you touch me, your fingers circling slowly, building me up. My desire burns inside me. I let my thighs fall completely open. I'm yours. I hear you whisper to me. Your thoughts, your desires. Suck me, I hear you say. God.
I sit up and lean down between our open thighs and pull you into my mouth. Your taste. Oh god. I pull you deeper, not bothering to tease you. I hear you say my name as your hand moves to the back of my head. Your cock pulses in my mouth, growing harder and I roll my tongue over you. My head bobs between your thighs, fucking you with my mouth. I pause and suck hard on the head of your cock and you cry out with pleasure. My cunt aches at the sound. I pull you deeper, sliding my tongue over you, letting you feel every part of my hot wet mouth. I pause again, sucking on your head again. You cry out again. No more, you say and push me back on the bed. There's a fire in your eyes, pure lust. Your fingers find me again and you spread my lips for you. You need to fuck me.
Your cock slides easily inside my slick sex. We both groan at the feelings. You fill me completely. I wrap my thighs around your back as you begin to fuck me. Every stroke brings heightened pleasure to my aching body. Every groan increases my desire. I let my own fingers slip between us, finding my clit. You sit back and thrust hard into me. Yes. Just like that. My fingers rub faster, needing the release. Your cock rubs me inside, that place that that turns me on most. God. I can feel my orgasm building. God. Your cock is so hard, your rhythm unrelenting. My hand claws at your thigh, trying to draw you in deeper. Your head moves down to my breast and you pull my nipple into your mouth. Spars ignite in me. Yes. I feel your tongue dancing over it, sucking on it, flicking it. Your mouth moves to my other breast and lingers over my other nipple. I can't take much more. Just watching you suck on me has me so incredibly aroused. I need you. Fuck me, please. Just like that. I can feel it burning in me. I look into your eyes, I know you can feel it too. My control is gone, my energy is raw and pure. Yes. My fingers circle my clit, around and around. You can feel my cunt start to pulse. You groan, you know I'm going to come. Come on me, you moan, come all over my cock. I feel my juices flooding over you. Oh yes. My body convulses, my cunt clenches hard and I come on you, on your cock buried deep inside me. The heat shoots through me as I cry out from the intense pleasure. You groan again, feeling me pulsing around you. I press my hands against the headboard, holding on as I ride it out. You thrust harder, your cock pushing deep into my cunt. You want to come. I want you to come. Don't stop. You groan again, your own climax drawing nearer. My wetness splashes over your cock. God. I can feel your cock swelling inside me. You pound your cock hard into me. You breath quickens again, your body tenses. You're going to come. You're going to shoot your hot spunk deep inside my cunt. I need it. I need you. Yes. Oh. That's it. You growl and push your cock in deep, releasing your cum inside me. Thrusting hard, you spurt again and again, filling me. You lean down and kiss me hard. Our tongues entwined while we ride each other out. Breathless, we kiss until our spent bodies give out on us. Smiling,you slowly sit up between my thighs and pull your cock from my cunt. I can see our juices glistening on you. Your eyes wander down to my wet slit. You sexily comment on how much you love seeing your cum dribbling from me. Your fingers trail through it and you bring them up to my mouth, smearing it over my lips. Your lips find mine again and we kiss, deeply, hungrily, fulfilled.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


[Thank you very much to Jefferson of Fleshbot for including me in last week's Sex Blog Round-up! I'm honored to be among such a stellar group of writers.]

I began my daily run as usual. It was warmer today, perfect for being outside. I headed out to the park to pick up the nature trail that winds through the woods in the center of the park. Today is a perfect day to try and see some wildlife. The breeze is soft and gentle as it drifts over me, cooling my sweat and making me smile. The trail isn't crowded yet, thank goodness. It was nice to have the park to myself. There's movement up ahead. I hope it's a deer, I love watching them. Picking up my speed a bit, I run towards the movement I caught. Nope, no deer. I slow down my pace again. Wait. There is something there though. I slow down more and peer through the trees. It's two people. Oh well, so much for being alone out here. Then I look closer. The man has the woman backed up to a tree. I can see his hands roaming all over her body. Her arms are around his neck, her lips pressing frantically against his. Wow. I move into the woods a bit further, careful not to make any noise. I kneel down and look through the brush.
I can see the man clearer now. He's tall, dark haired and looks as though he has a fabulous body. She is petite with blond hair, great legs and a cute face. His hands are in her hair now. They are going at each other like it's the last time they'll ever see each other. He roughly pushes up her skirt to reveal a pair of gorgeous legs. His hand moves up her leg to the inside of her thighs. I can see her head go back as his hand makes contact with her. Her hands reach around to cup his ass and pull him closer. Watching them is making me squirm. I really should move on, but I can't help but watch the erotic scene unfold before me. I can feel myself getting turned on, my panties getting wet. The man has his lips on her neck now. I can see him biting her. I can hear her ragged breath as his hand rubs her cunt frantically. Her leg is moving up and wrapping around him, her hands are roaming, clawing, scratching at his back. He suddenly releases her and drops to his knees. Oh God. He buries his face in her cunt. I can see her face clearly now. Her ecstasy is clearly visible. Her hands are in his hair, pushing his face into her. I move my hand down the front of my shorts, my fingers starting to rub against my clit. Part of me still thinks I should leave, but the other, more powerful part of me knows I want to see them, hear them, be with them. I push my fingers down further to finger my own cunt. I'm so wet. I slip a finger inside me, god, it feels so good. I pull my finger out and trail my juices up my slit back to my clit. Circling it. Rubbing it.
She is having trouble standing now. I can see his tongue flicking at her clit. His hand is pushing his fingers inside her. He's pumping at her, fucking her with his fingers. I can see her trembling. My fingers start working in the same rhythm as his, bringing my own orgasm closer. Suddenly her head goes back as she stifles a cry and cums hard against him. He is lapping at her juices on her thighs when she pulls him up to her. I hear her utter the words, "Fuck me." God, that's what I wanted to hear. My body is shaking and I'm so close now. My fingers work at my clit harder and I have to put a hand out to steady myself. He kisses her hard and then turns her around so her breasts are pressed up against the tree. He pushes her skirt up further and takes the time to admire her ass. I find myself doing the same thing. One hand wanders over her and the other hand tugs at his zipper. He pulls his hard cock out and strokes himself. She's writhing against the tree, needing to be taken. He suddenly moves forward and with one thrust, pushes himself into her waiting cunt. She can't stifle the cry this time. He grabs her hips and pulls her into him, hard. His hands then reach around and cup her breasts. I can see him pinching her nipples through her shirt. His thrusts are getting faster. I know he can't last. I know he's going to cum soon. His hand moves down her belly to her clit again. I can see his hand move against her. She's moaning. God, I can't hold it back any longer. I'm going to cum. It's almost as if they sense it too because he groans loudly and thrusts harder, I know he's cumming inside her. I know he's shooting his hot spunk deep inside her cunt. That's it. I can't hold it back now. I close my eyes and feel the rush of heat shoot through me. My cunt pulsing, juices flowing from me, I gasp for breath and desperately try to stifle any sounds. I look up just in time to see her cum again. To watch her convulse on him as he rides her sends shivers through me. He leans forward, kissing her neck and pulling her face to him. He kisses her hard and greedily, emptying out the passion still left inside him. I know I need to get up leave, if I do it now I can get away before they see me. I pull my hand from my shorts and, a bit unsteadily, creep out toward the trail again. I turn to go, but take a quick glance back toward the woods. I catch his eye and panic at the thought of having been caught. But he surprises me. He winks at me, knowing we've shared this secret together.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I slip my fingers into my panties. I don't think I can wait for you. The lust growing between my thighs is too much. I need to touch myself. I know I'll see you soon, but I can't wait. I need to find some relief from this aching. I'm already so wet from thinking about you. Knowing how you're going to touch me later causes me to shiver. My fingers caress over my soft strip of hair. My eyes close, it feels so good. My fingertips wander down a bit further, softly stroking over my wet lips. I want to savor this. One finger slides slowly up my slit spreading my wetness. The ache grows stronger. My finger slides up to my swollen clit. I trail my fingertip around it, teasing myself. God, I want to cum. Sweet tendrils of pleasure pulse through my body. My other hand drifts up my body. My nipples are already hard as I think about your touch. I allow my fingertips to swirl over them. I take one in my hold and roll it between my fingers. A gasp escapes from my lips and I feel the sensations shoot through me. My clit throbs beneath my touch, wanting me to touch it more. My fingers press on my clit for just a moment before I begin to move them in small circles. Around and around, soft slow circles. I can feel my hips moving to meet my fingers. The build-up is slow, mesmerizing. I breathe softly. I can feel the pleasure rising, slowly, making the ache stronger. I pinch my nipples again and gasp. I need this. I slowly reach over to the side of the bed and pick up my vibe. I suck the tip of it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, getting it wet, ready for me. I turn it on low and trail it down over my nipples, circling around them. I moan at the contact. My clit pulses hard under me and I can't help but writhe under my touch. My thighs fall open and I run my fingers down to my swollen lips. My juices flow easily around them. I trail the vibe down over my stomach to my waiting sex. The moment it touches my clit I push my fingers inside me. God. Yes. I feel the vibration deep in my cunt. I pulse around my fingers as I thrust them inside, stroking. I gasp. I move the vibe over my clit, stroking slowly. Not wanting to cum yet. My fingers caress my cunt, pushing deep, finding that spot. My head falls back as I give in to the feelings. This is going to make me cum too soon. I pull the vibe away from my clit and replace it with my fingers again. I move the tip down to my wet lips and slide it inside. Feeling myself squeeze around it, allowing it to fill me. God. I stroke it slowly, letting my body respond. My fingers find the same rhythm and I begin to fuck myself. My thighs spread wider, wanting it deeper. God. I needed this so much. I turn the vibe a little higher, increasing my pleasure, needing it more now. I push it inside me over and over. My fingers move faster around my clit. I can feel it building. Yes. My body rocks to my motions. I can't hold on. I want to cum. I need to cum. God. I don't want to hold out. I fuck myself faster, harder. My fingers move frantically. I need to cum. Another moan escapes my lips. My fingers take me there. The vibe slides in and out, each time bringing me closer. God. I can feel it. Yes. The heat is rising in me. Pulsing through me. My muscles are tightening, tensing. Oh god, yes. It's there. God. It's there. Fingers circle, trying to keep it as long as possible. that feeling, that divine sensation of the plateau. Yes. I need to let go. I need to cum. God. I want it so much. I want to feel it. I thrust the vibe in hard and it pushes me over the edge. It rockets through me. Warmth floods over me as I come hard, convulsing on the vibe, cumming all over my hands. My body shakes with the pleasure. I tense and let out a groan, riding out the waves, feeling my cunt throb. My body tightens around the vibes, not wanting it to end, needing it a little longer. Oh yes. My cunt throbs. My fingers slow, caressing me softer. Breathing heavily I let my body relax, lying back in the afterglow of my orgasm. I bring the vibe to a stop and slowly pull it out. Bringing it up to my lips I taste my juices, licking the vibe clean. My fingers slow completely leaving me, relaxing beside me. I still want more, I still need more. I want to make myself cum again, but I won't. I know there's more to come later when I see you. So much more.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


I need you. Now. I need to feel your skin against mine. I need to feel the warmth of your breath on my neck. Push me up against the wall. Let me feel your body pressed against mine. Take my breath away. Run your fingers through my hair and pull my face to yours. Kiss me passionately. Let me feel your tongue slide into my mouth, swirling over mine. God, yes. Feel my knees go weak. Run your hands over my breasts. Feel my nipples getting hard underneath your touch. Feel them pressing against the fabric of my blouse. Hear my gasps as I respond to you. Feel my thigh snake over your leg, pulling you tighter to me. God, I need you so much.
Rip off my blouse. I don't care. I need to feel your mouth on my breasts. Unhook my bra. Rip it from my shoulders. Engulf my nipples in your mouth. Yes. Bite them. I don't want it soft today. Treat me roughly. I'm giving you permission to use me. I'm arching my back to you. Feel my hands wandering over your back. Feel them move down to your ass. Feel my hips grinding into yours. I need you.
Remove your shirt. Pull it over your head. I want to feel your naked chest. I want to run my tongue over your nipples and make them hard like mine. I know you like that. Feel my hands on your chest, running over it. Feel my tongue brush over your nipple. Let me hear you groan. Feel my teeth roll around it then bite you hard. Yes. Groan for me again. Make those sounds I love to hear. Rub my nipples as I lick your chest. Pinch them between your fingers. Make me wetter. Don't stop. I need more.
Pull my jeans down. Rip them off. Take off the panties too. I don't need them. Stay down on your knees. Let me feel your hot breath on my cunt. Pleasure me in the way you know I like. Use your tongue to bring me there. Let me spread my legs for you. Run your hands over my thighs. Let your fingers trail up to my wetness. Run your tongue along my slit. Taste me. Let me feel your hot tongue licking me. Hear me moan at your touch. Slide your fingers up with your tongue. Feel how slick I am, how slick you've made me. Let me feel your fingers inside me. Push them in and stroke me. God, yes. Let your tongue find my clit. Flick the tip over it. Make me gasp. Feel my fingers in your hair, pulling you closer. Run your tongue in little circles. Feel my cunt tighten around your fingers. Slide one more inside, fill me. Fuck me with them. Feel my wetness surrounding your fingers. Feel it covering your hand. Feel my legs trembling as you lap at me. Hear my breathing getting harder, quicker. Hear me moan your name. Let me feel your tongue drag across my clit again and again. You have me so close. God. I need to fuck you. Now.
Stand up and let me turn around. Push me up against the wall. Slide your hard cock between my thighs. Let me cover you in my juices. Feel how aroused you have me. Rub your cock against my clit. Keep me there. Spread my thighs wider. Move your cock to my swollen lips. Push the head inside. Let me hear you gasp at the feelings. Thrust up hard into me. Yes. Fuck me. Push your hard cock deep inside me. Fill me completely. Fuck me. Let me feel your fingers on my breasts. Let me feel your fingers on my clit. Make me cum. Make me cum all over your cock. I need you to. Fuck me harder. Let me feel your cock buried deep inside me over and over. Rub my clit faster, harder. God. Yes. Feel my cunt pulsing around your cock. Feel me on the edge. Hear me groaning with each thrust. That's it. Let me hear you moan my name. Pinch my nipples hard. Make me cum. Yes. God, I'm going to cum. Now. Yes. Oh yes. God, feel me convulsing on you. Don't stop. I want to feel you cum. I know you're close. Grab my hips. Pull me to you. Thrust harder, faster. Let me hear you growl with pleasure. Don't hold it back. Cum for me. That's it. Fuck me until you cum. Push your cock in hard, deep. Feel my juices running over you. Feel them dripping down your balls. Feel my cunt squeezing you. Keeping fucking me. Yes. I can feel how swollen your cock is. I can hear you moaning. I can feel your fingers digging into my hips. God. I want you to cum. I want you to come all over me. I want to feel it. Fuck me until you shoot your hot spunk all over my ass. Let me feel it. Yes. I need you to cum all over my ass.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Naked in the Rain 3:3 - Domination

“Yes, Master, god, yes, please…” he moans. “Take me, use me, hurt me, please.”

I back off a little. “I think you want it too badly. You’re being too greedy. You’ll get it when I’m ready to give it.”

He moans again, writhing under me now. I kiss him then, suddenly, stealing his breath from him. My tongue pushes into his mouth and our tongues swirl together. He lifts his head to meet me, but I pull away again. Control, denial. I move further up his body, straddling my cunt over his face. I know he can sense me, so very close to him. He tries to lift his head, but I’m slightly out of his reach. I pull my panties aside, letting my fingers slide through my wetness. My fingers know what I want, what pleases me. Ever so slowly, I push them inside me. My juices surround my fingers, I am so fucking wet and aroused. I stroke myself in and out, feeling the pleasure they bring me. My other hand finds my clit. I press on it for a moment, feeling it throb beneath my touch. I move my hand in slow circles, small shocks running through me. He moans again, he can sense me, smell me. I know how much he wants to make me come again. But it's not for him to take. I pull my fingers out from me and run them over his lips. I watch as he greedily licks at them, wanting me so very much. He's giving in to me, submitting. My fingers pull away again and he groans from the loss. I return them to my dripping cunt, thrusting three fingers inside now, needing to be filled. Each time I stroke them out, I brush ever so lightly over his lips, In and out. My clit is throbbing now, needing release. I circle it faster, circling tighter. I moan softly as I feel my walls clench around my fingers. I'm so very close.

"Please," he cries, "Please let me make you come. Let me pleasure you. Let me be your whore, your slut."

"No," I whisper harshly and listen to him groan at the denial. His anguish arouses me more, makes me pulse.

I feel it rise in me, the sweet release I need. My fingers thrust faster, deeper as I rub my clit harder. Oh god, yes. It's there, so close. My hips move to meet my fingers, fucking myself with them. My legs are trembling, my muscles tighten. I can feel my juices gushing around my fingers as I start to come. I cry out and feel my body convulse. He moans, wanting so much to have done that for me. It rushes through me, wave after wave of pleasure. I reach down and grab his hair, pulling his head up to me. He eagerly laps at my juices, drinking me, groaning with pleasure as my taste touches his lips. I sink lower, grinding myself to his face. Letting him help me ride it out. I need more, so much more.

I swiftly pull myself from him, climbing off the bed. I unhook the clasps to my bustier and let it fall to the floor, releasing my breasts. My nipples are hard from my arousal and I run my fingers over them feeling the sensations in my sex. I strip my panties off leaving only my boots. I watch him writhing on the bed. His cock is so red and swollen. He needs to cum so desperately. His breathing is quick and heavy. Licking my lips, I climb back up on the bed. He sucks in his breath, waiting to see what I'm going to do. I straddle over him again, lowering my naked cunt to his face.

"Make me come again, slut," I say menacingly. "I need you to make me come all over your face. I'm going to lick you. I'm going to suck you, but you're not to come. Not until I tell you you can. Not until you beg me to let you come. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Master, let me please you," he cries. "I won't come until you tell me to."

Mmmm, such a good boy. I grind my hips down to his face, relishing the feeling of his hot, wet tongue against me again. I lean forward and lick his stomach, feeling his body jump at my touch. My hard nipples brush against him. My tongue trails down toward his cock, swirling over his skin. His hips move up, trying to will me to take him into my mouth. I run my tongue down, just beside him, down to his Inner thigh. I swirl my tongue back up and pull his balls into my mouth, gently sucking on them. I can feel him gasp into my cunt at the feeling. I work my tongue around him, sucking and lapping at him. He tongue works at me in the same rhythm. Pushing Into my sex, fucking me with his tongue. My tongue releases he and slides back up, touching his erect cock for the first time. I let it slide up the length of his cock, up to his head and let my tongue trail around it. He groans again, Intensely. I twirl my tongue around the head of his cock, not quite pulling him into my mouth yet. I push my sex back on him, imploring him to lick my clit. He responds by sliding up my slit and circling over my clit.

I pull him into my mouth then, all the way in until the head of his cock touches the back of my throat. I feel him throb as my tongue runs over him. His hips thrust up to meet me again. Such a greedy boy. I pull back, just the head of his cock in my mouth now. I stroke It In and out, teasing him, loving his struggle to have me take him deeper. His tongue flicks furiously over me, his frustration and pleasure evident. I can feel myself coming closer once again. I sink lower. That's It. I suddenly draw his cock into my mouth again, hard, deep. My mouth tightens around him, allowing him to fuck me. I match the rhythm of his hips. I can feel him swelling in my mouth, so close. Not yet. I pull back again, slowing my movements. He moans. His tongue flicks over my clit again and again. I can feel my juices covering his face as I slide against him, using him. My cunt Is pulsing now, throbbing. I need to fuck him. I need to fuck him and come on his cock.

I slide my self off his face and turn around on the bed. I straddle over his cock, taking It Into my hand. I stroke him, nudging my wet lips with his head. He whimpers.

"Do you want to fuck me? Do you want me to use you for my pleasure? Do you want me to use you as my dirty fucking whore? Tell me." I demand.

He thrusts his hips up, begging me to fuck him. "Yes, Master, oh god, yes. I'm your dirty fucking whore, I'm yours, use me."

I moan and push down onto his cock, feeling his heat fill me. My wetness surrounds him, engulfing him. I feel my muscles squeeze around him. My hands find his chest, my nails dig in. He responds deliciously. I drag them down his body as I start to fuck him, sliding him In and out of me. I feel my heat rising again. He has me so fucking filled. My thighs tremble as I stroke him In and out, clenching him tight each time I do. His breath Is ragged. Oh god. I'm so close. I lean down and bite his chest hard, leaving a mark as I do. He cries out arching up to me.


I bite him again, knowing how much pleasure the pain gives him. He fucks me harder. My teeth find his neck. My heat rising, I bite him hard, sucking at him. He's rhythmically moaning, breathing heavily. I can feel him swelling inside me. My mouth finds his, pushing my tongue past his lips, our tongues meet. I fuck him harder. He gasps, feeling me starting to pulse. I'm going to come. My body moves on its own, needing to be fulfilled. That's It. My nails dig into his chest hard as my body receives the release. I convulse on him, my orgasm pushing through me, my wetness flooding over his cock.

It's then that he begs, "Please let me come. God, I need to come, please let me come Master."

I ride him harder, waiting for him to beg again, to submit to me fully.

"Please, please Master, god, I want to come for you. I want to be yours."

"Come for me slut," I say. "Come In me. Shoot your hot spunk deep inside my cunt. Let me feel you. Let me feel your hot cum."

With a growl, he thrusts his hips up hard. I grab onto him holding him to me as he releases his come Into me. I can feel his heat spurting inside me, mixing with my juices. He comes again and again and again, releasing his pent up desire. He trembles beneath me as the aftershocks rocket through him. I hold him tight, riding him out. I gently slide the blindfold from his eyes. Breathlessly he smiles at me. "Thank you Master," he mouths as he looks into my eyes. I stroke his hair and kiss him softly. He's mine. He knows he Is, I know he is.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Naked in the Rain 3:2 - Domination

Sauntering back into the room, the sight makes me stop for a moment. There he is, the man I've been talking to for all these months, been cybering with all these months, naked and stroking his cock right there on the edge of my bed. It's something I've been longing to see, something I've needed to see. Quickly composing myself. I look over him.

"Did I say you could touch yourself?"

"No Master," he whispers softly as he swiftly removes his hand, "I'm sorry." His cock bobs for a moment, pulsing.

I walk to him and put my bag down. Leaning forward to eye level, I run my fingers through his hair, grabbing it as I reach the back. I pull his head back sharply and he hisses at the pain. I look down and see his cock pulse again, grower harder. I smile. With his head pulled back, I taste his lips, sweetly, softly. I hear his fingers dig into the bedspread. I move my lips across his jaw and over to his ear.

I whisper in it, "I trust you're going to be a good boy and do what you're told? You're my whore, my slut and I'll use you as I please"

"Yes," he whispers back breathlessly, his cock throbbing between his thighs.

"Tell me what a slut you are. Tell me you're my dirty fucking whore," I softly demand.

"Please, I'm your whore, your slut, I'll do anything you ask, god, please," he moans under my touch.

"Good boy," I say gently, "then you need to make me come. Get down on your knees and make me come."

I release his hair. With a gasp, he drops off the edge of the bed to his knees. His hands slide up over the cool black leather covering my calves. His lips follow in their wake. He takes his time exploring my legs, feeling them for the first time. His lips tease gasps from me. My fingers graze his shoulders as he slowly makes his way up the inside of my thighs, his hot breath lighting me on fire. His fingers brush over the front of my panties. They tremble slightly as they gently stroke over my sex. He looks up at me then, his eyes full of desire. I smile at him and get a small one in return. It's then that he looks away and pulls my panties off to the side. I can feel his warm breath on me, tantalizingly close. His tongue flicks out and licks me. He moans at my taste. He does it again and again. I tangle my fingers in his hair, drawing his head closer. He drags his tongue over my clit. My knees weaken. One hand snakes up my inner thigh and I spread my legs wider for him. His fingers trail up the length of my slit. I hear him gasp as he discovers how aroused I am. His fingers easily slide through my wetness. His tongue focuses its movements, circling around and around. Fingers probe my lips, feeling them part for him, he slides them inside. I gasp as I feel him fill me. He moves them, stroking me with them, trying to discover me, my likes. His tongue is merciless and my fingers tighten in his hair. I'm filled with sensations, his touch, his feel. I know he's meant to be here, I know he's mine. My hips move to his fingers, thrusting back and forth. He strokes me, deeper, faster. A third finger slides in and I groan. I can feel myself tighten around him, pulsing. Fire rises in me. I can feel my legs tightening, my sex throbbing. He's taken me there. God, that's it, I need to come. It rocks me and my legs almost give out. I come hard, then, right then. My juices gush over his fingers and I pulse hard around him. I feel him moan into me as he feels my body convulse. My fingers grab his hair hard pulling him into me, grinding my hips against his face. He continues to lick me, letting me ride it out, coming down slowly, breathlessly.

It was only then that I noticed his other hand, there, stroking his cock. Masturbating while he licked me. I don't even think he realized he was doing it. But he saw the look on my face and his eyes filled with terror.

"What a filthy slut you are," I scold," I didn't give you permission to touch yourself, did I?"

"No master," he whimpers, frightened of his punishment.

"You need to learn to ask permission. You need to learn how to me my whore. Stand up."

He stands quickly. His cock growing more excited. I know how much this turns him on, to be used, degraded. I turn him around roughly and push him down so his hands are on the bed. I admire his naked ass for a moment. Such a lovely ass. I reach down into my bag and pull out a leather crop. He needs to be punished. I pull my arm back and spank him sharply with it. I hear the air hiss out of him as the pain stings him. I do it again and again, appreciating the red welts the crops leaves. He moans this time, feeling more aroused with each spank. At four hits, I stop. I can see his cock is painfully swollen now. The pain mixed with the pleasure has him on edge. I pull him back up to standing and gently rub my hand over the welts, soothing his skin.

"I don't think you've learned yet," I whisper menacingly into his ear..

"No, please," he responds

"Please, what?"

"God, please..." he says, beyond words at this point.

I reach down into my bag again and pull out a leather wrist restraint he helped me pick out. I need to use him, to take him, to make him truly mine. I grab his wrist and tighten the cuff. He moans at the feel. I put one on his other wrist and lead him to the side of the bed. I motion for him to crawl onto it and he does, lying down on his back. I pull his wrist to the side of the bed, fastening it to the headboard. Walking slowly around, I fasten his other wrist, his arms spread out beside him. I move down to the foot of the bed and restrain both ankles in a similar way. His cock is throbbing, yearning for relief. I have my own ideas for him. I take out a blindfold from my side table and, over his protests, fasten it securely around his eyes.

A passionate shiver runs through me as I look at him lying there, exposed, restrained. His breath is quicker now. He’s trying to anticipate my next move, growing more excited. I walk around the bed, watching him. I know exactly what I want. I kneel on the bed in between his legs. My fingernails make the first contact, lightly dragging up his calves. I study his face as he struggles with control. I let my fingers trail over and around his legs, ever so gently brushing over his skin, my touch - deceptively soft. I move up a bit further, kneeling between his knees, careful not to make any contact other than the tips of my nails. I rake up the insides of his thighs, pressing just a little harder. Faint red marks follow my fingers as they begin their movements upward. I watch his cock throb under my touch. I briefly let my fingernails press deeply and hear him moan from the sweet pain.

My fingers wander up over his hips, feeling his taught muscles. They move in small circles, grazing over his stomach and down either side of his cock, so close but never touching. My body aches for him, but he hasn’t submitted completely yet. He still strains against me. I move up his body, straddling over him, my thighs brushing against his. I hover there, my sex right over his cock. I know he can feel me, my heat. His hips try and trust up to meet me… not yet. My fingers resume their torturous movements, up and over his chest. I let him feel the pain now, my nails dig in hard and firm. He gasps again. I know how much he loves the sensations, the precious pain.

I lean down and lick his chest, tasting him. God, I love his taste. My teeth nick his skin. His nipples are erect and too tempting to pass up. I pull one into my mouth, rolling it between my teeth. Groaning, he arches up to me, wanting more. I bite him then, hard, and he cries out.

“Is that what you wanted slut?" I ask menacingly. “You want the pain? You want me to treat you like a dirty whore?”

Monday, May 01, 2006

Naked in the Rain 3:1 - Domination

I look at him spread out before me, his body taut with anticipation. Each limb is bound by leather restraints, his eyes dark behind the blindfold. I've already used him once and plan on taking him once again for my pleasure. I love the look of him, the feel of him. He is what I need, what I'm going to have. I'm going to make him submit to me completely. Make him not want to stop pleasing me.

Watching him, studying him, I recalled the conversation I had with Liz last weekend. It was a horribly gray day and it was raining. It was one of those days you want to stay curled up in bed.

"I never do anything reckless. I don't live!" I complained as I sipped my wine.

"We had fun at the party," she winked.

Laughing, "Well, yes, but that's not it. I don't really break out of my comfort zone. Hell, I've never skydived or bungee jumped or..." waving my hand at the window, "danced naked in the rain."

"Then you should! Just do it, just go for it. Don't hold back."

"I know, I know, but what do I start with? What could I do right now?" I pouted.

"Ask him to meet," she said suddenly.

"Who?" I inquired, nervous about her answer.

"Your internet friend, the one you play with. You've been wanting to carry out the stuff you talk about with him for so long. Ask him to meet you. Use him. Take him. It's want you've been wanting isn't it?"

"Well... yes..." I said hesitantly. "Do you think he'd actually come?"

"Of course he would! He adores you," Liz answered, "And besides, if it doesn't work out, or there's no chemistry, we're in New York, there's plenty for him to do before he'd go back home."

"I guess so," I mutter, unconvinced.

"Then it's settled, go start up your computer!"


He was exactly how I thought he'd be. We had gotten to know each other so well over the past several months. I knew there really wouldn't be any surprises. We were both a little nervous, of course. But, I decided to break the ice right away. Dodging traffic and cabs, I drove right to my favorite store from JFK airport. Slight shock registered on his face, but it quickly turned into a sly smile.

"I wanted you to help me pick a few things out," I said cheekily.

We walked in and shopped around. I was curious to see if he would be drawn more to the rope, metal or leather. As I suspected, and to my delight, he liked the leather. I smiled and sent him back out to the car so I could pick up a few other things. I couldn't spoil the entire surprise.

Sexual tension oozed from us, the desire was so strong. I was half-tempted to pull over to the side of the road, but I refrained. It needed to be controlled, perfect. It would be much better in the end if I kept control. His hand ran up my thigh, god it felt so good. Little was spoken. We didn't need to speak. He shifted a bit, leaned in closer. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. Then he kissed me softly, ever so softly. Tingles ran down my spine. God, I needed this man.

I pulled up to the house and quickly got out, grabbing my shopping bag from the back seat. The walk to the front door seemed agonizingly long. I pulled him inside and pushed him up against the hallway wall. He gasped. I kissed him long and hard, feeling his body melt into mine. I need him so much. We stood there for a while, kissing, touching, feeling, trying to finally realize we were together. Stepping back for a moment to catch our breath, I looked into his eyes. Such lust and desire filled them. I knew I had to have him, right then. I took his hand, picked up my bag and lead him down the hall to the bedroom. Sunlight streamed through the windows giving the room a warm glow. I pulled him to the center of the room and kissed him again. This time it was slow and sensual and deep. My hands ran over him, down his back, over his ass. Just his feel made me weak with desire. God, I could just push him down and fuck him senseless right now. Rip off his clothes and take him. Control, I reminded myself. With that thought, I pulled back, looking into his eyes.

"I've been wanting this," I say lustfully, "I've been needing this."

He looks at me with the same lust and understanding. I know he's needed it too. I push him back from me.

"I'm going into the other room," I say suddenly, "When I come back in, I expect you to be undressed and sitting on the edge of the bed."

"Yes Master"

I take the bag and walk into the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror for just a moment, take a deep breath and start to unwrap my purchases. Removing the packaging and wrappings, I carefully inspect each thing. Satisfied, I remove my shirt and jeans. I've already taken the opportunity to put on my black leather bustier and panties before I left to pick him up. I put my black leather boots on and admire myself before putting my purchases back in the bag. Ten minutes have gone by, plenty of time for him to have stripped...