Friday, July 28, 2006


It's your turn to drive. You had agreed earlier to take the night shift tonight. It was my turn to rest. Our drive across country has been fun so far, seeing sights, enjoying each other's company as we drive through the back roads of amazing countryside.
I crawl over the front seat to the back and lie down. I rest my head on the travel pillow and close my eyes. My body is tired but my mind is still awake. I hear you humming softly to the music on the radio. The sweet sound makes me smile. I hum along in my head. I think about the past few days, how wonderful it's been. I feel myself stirring as I think about you. We were too tired to do anything but cuddle last night and the day has left me wanting you. I think about your body, your lips, your cock and I feel myself getting wet. I press my hand against my jeans, feeling myself throb and needing some relief. I glance at you for a moment then slowly undo my button and zipper. I gasp softly as my fingers slip into my panties. I can feel a rush of heat between my thighs as my fingers find my clit. I circle it slowly, relishing the delicious feelings. I gasp again, louder this time and see you glance in the rear view mirror. I see your eyes smile as you discover what I'm doing. I smile back and push my fingers in deeper, sliding through my wetness. My fingers find my swollen lips and I push them inside me. I let my other hand move up under my shirt, teasing my nipples through the thin silk fabric of my bra.
Your breathing is audible and I glance at you again. I can see your shoulder moving slightly and know you're rubbing yourself through your jeans. Your eyes flick back and forth between me and the road. Sitting up slowly, I move my hands to the back of your head. I let my fingers slide through your hair as my lips find your neck. Do you want to fuck me? Hearing you gasp gives me shivers. I suck at your neck, biting you softly and my hands wander down over your chest. I tuck my hand inside your shirt, feeling your hot skin. My wetness soaking through my panties as I find your nipples. I pinch them gently and feel your body react. My lips move up to your mouth and I tease your lips with my tongue. You kiss me then, hard and fierce. Your hands move the steering wheel and you pull off to the side of the highway. The second the car is in park, your turn around and grab my head in your hands, kissing me passionately. I pull you to me, helping you crawl over the seat.
I tremble with pleasure as I feel your body over me. My thighs wrapped around you, your hard cock evident through your jeans. Your tongue explores my mouth, breathing me in. I tuck my hands under your shirt, pulling it off over your head. Neither of us caring about the traffic whizzing by. My mouth finds your chest and I bite you, so much passion and lust. You moan as you press my head to you. My tongue darts over and around your nipples, teasing you, biting you, licking you. Our heavy breathing fills the silence. You groan again and roughly push my shirt up. Kneeling back, you pull my breasts free of my bra. Your mouth hungrily devouring them, my back arching to you. Your tongue teases around my nipples. They harden as you roll them between your teeth. Your hands move over my breasts. God, you know how to arouse me. Each lick of your tongue, each bite of your teeth brings me closer. My fingers tangle in your hair as you lick and suck me.
The throb between my thighs is almost too much to bear. I need to have you. I push you back against the door, hard. My hands work at your jeans, pulling you free. In the limited confines of the back seat, we wrestle your jeans down. Your hard cock throbs before me and I can't help but wrap my lips around you. I slide my tongue around the head of your cock. A quick suck-in of breath as you feel my wet mouth engulfing you. Your taste, your feel, god... I take you deeper into my mouth, sliding my tongue over and around your shaft. My hand moves down to cup your balls, massaging them gently as I continue to lick and suck you. I taste the pre-cum dribbling from your cock... I love your taste. I suck you greedily. Another groan from you and you pull me up. Your hands work frantically at my jeans, pulling them down roughly. I wriggle out of them. I can imagine the sight. My naked cunt, glistening from my wetness, my breasts pulled from the cups of my bra, my shirt pushed up... Your hands grab my hips, pulling me over you. Straddling, I take your cock in my hand again, guiding you to me. First contact takes both of our breath away. Your hard hot cock slides slowly inside my wetness. I hold there for a moment, feeling you, squeezing around you. Your hands keep me still, pushing up into me. Then, slowly, I start to fuck you. My fingers are trembling as I grip the back of the seat. The movements so sensual, so wanting. I feel your fingers tighten as I move my hips. We rock back and forth, finding our rhythm.
Your lips find my neck causing me to gasp. Your teeth rake my skin as my cunt slides around you. Oh God. I can feel your urgency, your hips thrusting up to meet me. My own body responding, feeling the heat growing inside me. My hands find your chest, my nails digging in as I throw my head back. Please. More. My eyes close concentrating on your feel. Sliding in and out, over and over. My legs tremble around you. Your head is back, my back is arched. Suddenly your mouth finds my nipple, pulling it between your teeth, sucking on it. Cum for me. Oh god, that's it. I can't hold back. I don't want to hold back. My core starts to pulse as my muscles tense. There. god. My orgasm washes over me, my wetness flooding your cock. You growl, feeling my cunt pulsing hard around you. You thrust up hard, once, twice, then you cum. God. Your hot spunk explodes from you, filling me, deep inside me.Your fingers dig hard into my hips as each spurt brings you pleasure. Your body rocks up to me. Pushing deep inside me as i grind down against you.
My mouth finds yours, kissing you hungrily, there in the darkness of the night, on the side of the road.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Naked in the Rain 5:3 - Threesome

Liz's body convulsed under me, wanting me to relive her of her incessant desire. My fingers played with her, feeling her muscles tighten around my fingers, pulsing. Her breath quickening, she moans again, gently pushing my head down. I break my grip on her nipples and move my lips down her stomach. I pause at her belly button, licking around it. Her hips buck up to me, her need overtaking her. My mouth moves down further, kissing through her soft pubic hair. Her hands grip my shoulders tightly, knowing what's to come.

My tongue makes contact first, slowly and deliberately licking down her slit. Her gasp rings in my ears. I lazily swirl my tongue back up and around her clit. Her muscles clench my fingers tight, building momentum. I let my tongue slide over her, around and around, slowing pushing against her swollen clit. My fingers thrust in and out of her as I slide a third finger inside, filling her. My tongue swirls again and again, keeping a steady rhythm, feeling her body start to quiver. I move my tongue faster over her, my other hand reaching up to her breast. Rolling her nipples between my fingers, I pinch them to my thrusts. Her hands grab the couch, nails raking down the fabric. I can feel her shaking as she tries to move to me. Short little gasps escape her lips as a burst of wetness floods my fingers. Her muscles clamp down hard as my tongue pushes her into her orgasm. She cries out pushing her hips up hard to me as her muscles spasm. She holds my head in place as I gently continue to lick her. Trembling she relaxes back down into the cushions, smiling and gasping for breath. She pulls me up her body as I release her. Her lips meet mine, kissing me softly yet greedily. Her teeth nipping at my lips and tongue, riding out her release.

I pull from her grasp and lean back on one elbow. I lazily trace my fingertips around her breast seeing her smile in return. I glance up and look at Tim. His clothes have been removed and he is sitting cross from us, masturbating, his cock so erect in his hand.

"That was so beautiful," he hoarsely whispered. I smile enigmatically, wondering what he wanted of us, wondering what Liz wanted of him. I see an acknowledgment pass between them and wonder if it's all been planned.

Having gotten her breath back, Liz sits up beside me and moves off the couch. She flicks a glance at Tim and then moves her gaze back to me. She moves over me, looking at my now wrinkled skirt. With a sly smile she moves to help me remove it. She turns me over onto my tummy and pulls down the zipper slowly. She leans forward and traces down my spine with her hot wet tongue. Her fingers hook into the waistband and helps me wriggle out of my skirt. She pulls it off, leaving me in only my black lace panties. She stands there for a moment so she can admire me. Then she backs up a step so Tim can see as well. She turns to him.

"What would you like me to do?" she asks slyly, already knowing the answer.

"Taste her. Taste me on her." he hoarsely responds.

Moaning softly, I make the move to turn over, but she stops me. Instead, she pulls me to all fours in front of her. She tucks her fingers into the waist of my panties and slides them down. Her hands position on my hips and I can feel her hot breath against my exposed wetness. Her soft sensuous tongue slowly licks up my slit. I gasp and spread my legs wider. She licks me again, tasting our mingled juices, savoring the flavor. Her tongue probes my lips, pushing past them gently. Darting her tongue in and out of me, her fingers slide down through my wetness to my clit. I'm more than ready for her. My little bud quivers at her touch. Sparks instantly appear behind my closed eyes. I moan again and raise my ass a little higher for her.

Just as I do that, I feel something brush my lips. Opening my eyes, I find Tim standing in front of me, his hard cock in his hand, hovering close to my lips. I didn't hear him get up. I look up at him, smiling. I open my mouth and let my tongue move over the head of his cock. I hear him suck in his breath as I move it over and around his hardness. He pushes against my mouth a bit more urgently and i let him slide is cock past my lips. His erect cock fills my mouth and I can still taste me on him. What a delight. Liz tasting him on me as I taste me on him. His sweet muskiness invades my senses, making me want more of them both. I suck Tim's cock in and out of my mouth as Liz's tongue moves forward and finds my clit. Her tongue softly flicks over it causing my legs to tremble. Her fingers leave my clit and move back to push into my depths. One finger, testing me. Then two, sliding slowly in and out. I let my mouth match her rhythm, sliding Tim's cock into my mouth every time Liz's fingers push in. I feel Tim's hand on my back, steadying himself. He's been trying to hold it back. I can feel his cock throbbing against my tongue and I swirl it around him. He groans again and I can feel Liz moan in return. I want him to cum.

Liz's tongue circles over my clit, paying it the same attention I gave hers. The build-up is slow, steady, so wonderful and so torturous. I need her to fuck me. Sensing this, she slides a third finger inside me, thrusting them harder. I gasp around the erect cock in my mouth. Tim's fingers have wound their way through my hair, pulling me onto him, starting to fuck my mouth. My muscles clench around her as her tongue draws me nearer. I don't think I can hold back. She moves her tongue faster, keeping that steady position, knowing I'm going to cum. The pulsing starts deep inside me, growing steadily stronger as I feel my face begin to flush. There. God. I feel the release hit me, a wave of pleasure rushing out through every nerve. My heat convulses around her fingers and I flood them with my juices. My body tenses as Tim thrusts his cock deeper into my throat. I hear him groan again as he watches my orgasm rocket through me. He can't hold back. His cock swells in my mouth and I feel it pulsing as spurt after spurt of cum empties into my throat. I raise my hand to steady him as I drink him down, sucking the cum from him. My tongue swirls over the head of his cock, gently letting him come down. Liz has slowed her movements as well. Three bodies, connected, breathing hard, feeling euphoric, satisfied.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Naked in the Rain 5:2 - Threesome

The heat had yet to die down when we left the bar. The sidewalk sweltered under the hot sun as did the people walking by. I could feel Tim's cum dribbling from me as we walked quickly to the subway. I smiled to myself thinking about what we had just done and what we were going to do. He saw me smiling and winked at me. He knew too. We headed down into the cool sub-surface walkway and snagged a spot to wait for the next train. We were just about alone, people too inclined to stay inside on a day like this.

Tim turned to me and I saw the twinkle in his eye. Grinning, he grabbed me and pulled me to him, kissing me long and deep. My hands snaked behind his neck, pulling him even closer. His tongue darted in and around mine as he held me there, our bodies pressed tight together. I melted into him, reveling in his touch. Then he gently pulled from my arms, looking into my eyes, he smiled again and kissed the tip of my nose. The train was coming and we were expected downtown.

Moving up the stairs of the subway station, the bright sun and heat welcomed us like a brick wall. Luckily we only had two blocks to go. We hurried along, hand-in-hand, to the red brick house on the corner. Tim swung the door open to the cool air-conditioning inside. I could hear music playing from somewhere inside the apartment. We walked into the living room and I sat while Tim went to go find Liz. A bottle of red wine had already been opened and was sitting on the table with 2 glasses. I assumed Liz had already dipped into it, so I poured myself a glass as well. I walked around the living room, sipping my wine and looking at the pictures on the wall, family friends and some adorable ones of Tim and Liz together. They make such a cute couple.

Liz breezed into the room, practically running to give me a hug. Her body felt so good against mine. She took my glass from my hand and set it on the table. Taking both of my hands she excitedly let me know Tim told her all about the bar.

"I'm so turned on right now..." she bubbled. "I never thought having someone else fuck my boyfriend would make me so excited."

"Well," I said said slyly, "I've warmed him up for you. What do you think we should do next?"

"I want to taste him... on you."

I felt my shivers run through my body as I drew her near and kissed her passionately. Her lips as sweet as ever, her body warm and soft in my arms. Her arms wrapped around my waist in a lover's embrace. My hands held her face as our lips and tongues mingled. Such passion in our kiss. My hands moved back though her thick long hair and hers trailed up my back. There was an urgency to her movements, a desire needing to be filled. I moved with her, wanting to fulfill her desires. My hands roamed over her back, pressing her tighter, feeling her breasts press against mine through the thin fabric of our shirts. I could feel her hands move back down my body, over my hips and down to my naked thighs. Her hands hesitate for a moment before moving up under my skirt to find my ass. Her hands moved over it, squeezing and caressing it. My hands moved over her back, tucking my fingers under the waist of her shirt. Her skin, soft as silk, trembled under my touch. My fingers lightly grazed over her stomach before moving up to find her breasts. Naked skin met my touch and she gasped into my mouth. My fingers traced over her nipples, squeezing them gently before moving to circle her breasts. Moving over and around them, I could sense her arousal growing. I circled her nipples again, playing with them and pinching them a bit harder. Her hands gripped me tighter, pleading for more.

I moved her back a few steps until the couch hit the backs of her knees causing her to fall backward onto the couch. She quickly stripped off her shirt as I stood over her and did the same. Such a beautiful body. My hands and lips were eager for her. I knelt on the couch, one knee on either side of her, sitting for a moment and admiring her. My hands moved up her thighs, brushing briefly over her waiting mound, moving over the soft skin of her tummy to her breasts. I leaned over her and kissed her deeply as her hands found me again. Her delicate fingers found my nipples, playing them to her arousal. My lips found her neck, licking, sucking my way down across her collarbone. Her body arched up to me, wanting me. Her head back, gasping with each movement I made. My tongue trailed down further to find her breast, circling around her hard nipple, gently sucking around it.

"Please..." she moaned as I took her nipple into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue, teasing it with my teeth.

Her hips pressed up to mine, seeking relief from the growing ache between her thighs. I obliged by pressing my own heat down against her, grinding against her through our clothes. My tongue danced over her as I moved to her other breast, paying it as much attention as the other one, sucking, licking biting at her. My hand moving down between her thighs, rubbing through her shorts, making her hips move up to me. She moaned again, helpless to the feelings.

Sitting up I moved my fingers to her shorts, undoing them and pulling them down. Her small lace panties quickly followed. She lay on the couch in front of me, naked and wanting. I lowered myself back down to her, kissing her greedily. My hand moving between her thighs again. Her wetness allowing my fingers to slide slickly against her. Her thighs parted for me as I moved my fingers down her slit, her wet heat so evident. I caressed her outer lips softly, wanting to build her up more. She moaned at my touch, writhing rhythmically under me. My lips leaving hers to find her nipples again, pulling each into my mouth and sucking on them. Her hands wove their way through my hair, trying to find something to hold. My fingers moved over and around her, sliding up through her soft pubic hair, back down along her slit. Her hips pushed up to me, wanting the torture to end, wanting me to give her the pleasure.

My fingers pushed down, pushing past her swollen lips, into the depths of her. She gasped loudly as I pushed two fingers into her wetness, stroking her softly. My thumb moved up to find her hard little clit, circling it, starting to fuck her with my hand. She groaned aloud, her fingers tightening her grip in my hair. It was then that I heard a gasp coming from the other side of the room. Tim had come in and was not prepared for the view before him. Though, from the bulge quickly growing in his jeans, I could see that he was intensely aroused by the sight. I wink at him and go back to pleasuring Liz...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Naked in the Rain 5:1 - Threesome

I unconsciously turned to look at the door when I heard it open. The noise from Broadway filled the room. Our eyes met for just a moment as he walked in from the heat. My gaze lingered over him as he reached the other side of the bar. I turned my attention back to my drink, trying to forget about my troubles for the day. I casually trace my fingertips over the rim of the glass, contemplating my evening. I had no plans, no obligations... I glanced out the window then and caught his eye. I had caught him staring at me. He blushed and looked away. I smiled and waited for his eyes to meet mine again. I didn't have to wait long. He smiled back. What the hell. I motioned for him to come join me. He raised his eyebrows, mmmm, how sexy. Gathering up his drink, he ambled down to the seat next to mine. He was a handsome man, rugged good looking, sexuality emanated from him. He was even more good looking close up. He smiled again as he sat.
My fingertips continue to trail around the rim of my glass as I take him in. He leaned closer to whisper in my ear.

"Do you like what you see?" His hot breath warm against my neck.

Shivers ran down my spine as I nodded slowly, licking my lips. His leg brushed against mine, electricity sparking desire. My eyes flicked up to meet his. His gaze burned. My body temperature rose several degrees as he questioned me again.

"Do you want me?" He whispered again as his hand slides up my bare leg, pushing my skirt aside. My skin lights on fire at his touch. I can feel the wetness spread to my panties as his hand caresses me. His hot breath wandered down my neck, not yet touching. I part my legs slightly as his fingertips brush the inside of my thigh. They circle slowly, softly to my aching wetness. My fingers gripped my glass tighter as they reached my heat. Ever so gently they slipped into my panties, sliding along my slit. My lips gasp.

Should I be doing this? Should I take him? Should I let him fuck me? I look around the room. A few patrons quietly eat their meals as the bartender keeps his eyes averted. He knows.

His fingers implore me to open for him. I shift in my seat, allowing him better access. I hold his gaze as they dip into me, my wetness. My body shudders slightly as they slide in further, stroking me now. I can hardly keep quiet as lust builds in me. It's been several weeks since my lover left and several weeks since I've allowed myself this desire. I bit my bottom lip as his other hand takes mine. He brings it up to his lips and kisses it softly, a sweet, innocent gesture to anyone watching. Anyone not looking closely enough to see his other hand pleasuring me.

His touch is almost too much to bear. I need him. I want him. I can't have him here at the bar though. I extract myself from him, smiling slyly as I take my purse and head to the bathroom. Adjusting my skirt, I look back briefly and see him nod. He turns back to our drinks and pays the bill. The bartender winks and nods knowingly and goes back to his business.

I walked into the bathroom, looking at my surroundings. Clean, solid design. Perfect. I barely have time to catch my breath when he pushes the door open. Closing it quickly, he locks it. Looking at me for a moment, he rushes forward and pushes me against the wall, hard. Our mouths heatedly connect. My hands fly to his hair, drawing him closer as his hands move up the back of my thighs. His hands cup my ass, bringing my hips closer, grinding into me. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my mound. A moan escapes my lips. His fingers make quick work of my panties, pulling them off. Pushing my skirt up his fingers find me again. God. His touch is so exquisite. They find my slit again and side into me. I wrap my leg around him, encouraging him deeper. My hands claw at his shirt, popping open the buttons. My teeth finding his skin, causing him the groan. My fingers move lower and wrestle with his belt. We giggle softly as I finally pull it free. His fingers skid across my clit causing my knees to go weak. He pushes me harder into the wall, holding me to him, holding me up.

I need his cock.

My hands work their way into his jeans, Pushing them down over his thighs. My fingers tighten around his erect cock, stroking it to my lust. He throbs in my hand as I move my fingers up and down his hard shaft. My blouse is suddenly open as his mouth finds my hard nipples. His teeth finding them, biting, sucking, licking. My hand moves faster along him. I need him to fuck me.

Sensing this, He grabs my other leg and pulls me up, pressing me into the wall. His cock slides against me, gaining entrance. With a growl, he thrusts deep inside me, filling me instantly. I let out a cry as he buries his cock all the way in. My thighs tighten around his waist as he presses against me, pressing me into the wall, fucking me. His cock strokes me long and deep, finding that spot inside. I feel my cunt tighten around him, pulsing with him. I can't last. My body surges on him as his thick cock throbs inside me. We both can't last. He moans rhythmically to his thrusts as he moves faster. I feel the heat growing, each thrust brings me closer.

My fingers claw at his shoulder, my nails digging in as he takes me there. God. Yes.

"Fuck me, harder," I moan.

He trusts deeper, slamming me against the wall. That's it. My orgasm crashes into me as my cunt convulses around him. it's what he needed. With a growl, he shoots his hot spunk deep inside me. Spurt after spurt, emptying his passion into me. We cling to each other, riding out our orgasms, gasping for breath. Slowly letting me down, he pulls from me, cum dribbling down my leg. We giggle again and find our strewn clothing.

He moves in to kiss me again as we straighten ourselves up.

"Ready to go home and see Liz now?" He giggles.

"Absolutely," I giggle back. "She should be expecting us by now."

Friday, July 07, 2006

Such a Fucking Slut

You want it don't you. I can see it in your eyes. So greedy. Always wanting. We'll see about this. You think you want this? You think you want me? I saw you touching yourself, trying to rub yourself through your jeans when you thought I wasn't looking. Such a naughty boy. You need to learn how to behave.



That's it. Don't you dare touch yourself. You don't deserve that yet. You're being a bit too greedy. You need to be punished. What's that... a spark in your eyes? You'd like that wouldn't you. You'd like it if I spanked you right now. Such a dirty boy. I can see your cock throbbing at the thought. Go get your cuffs. Bring them to me.

That's better.

Kneel up on the bed. Crawl forward until you can hold onto the headboard. I said crawl. You need to learn to do what you're told. Hold out your wrists. Is that tight enough? No, I think it needs to be tighter. I want you to feel it cut in when you struggle. You think you won't struggle? I think you will.


Look at you. Exposed to me, restrained to the headboard. I see you pushing your ass toward me. Such a fucking whore. Is that what you want? For me to treat you like a whore? To treat you like the dirty fucking slut I know you are? Oh yes, your cock thinks I should. Look how hard you are from the anticipation. Let's see just how hard.

Does my hand feel good wrapped around your cock? I can feel it throbbing as I stroke you. I can hear you gasping as I touch you. Such a fucking slut trying to fuck my hand.

Stop moving.

Don't make me tell you twice. You're not to move. You wanted this. You wanted me to touch you. Now I'm going to take you how I want... and you're not to move. Not even a little while I touch you. Just feel. Feel my fingers as they stroke your cock. Moving along your shaft. Slow, long movements of my hand. I want you hard. It feels good doesn't it. From your moaning I can tell it does.

I told you not to move.


Are you done? Are you going to listen slut?



Don't move. If you move again I'll stop. I know you don't want me to stop.


Can you feel me behind you now. I've stripped off my own clothes. Your skin is so hot against mine. My nipples are so hard, brushing against your back. You like that you're arousing me, don't you. Do you want to know just how aroused I am? Do you want to feel how wet I am? I know you do. I'm pushing my fingers inside me. God, I'm so wet. Here, feel me, feel my wetness on my fingers as I stroke your cock with them.

That's it...

Groan for me.

Your cock is so erect and swollen. Do you want me to fuck you, slut?

Not yet.

My fingers feel good running through your hair don't they? Mmmm, they feel even better when I pull your hair. Back. Sharply. That's it... gasp for me. You need to know that I'm not wet enough yet. You need to make me wetter. You need to bring me closer.

Move back on the bed. Further. So your arms are stretched out all the way. That's it. Let me slide up in front of you. You know what I want. Lick me. Fuck my cunt with your tongue. Lick my clit and make me wet.

Such an eager Boy...

That's it. There. right there. God. Keep licking me. Don't stop. Fuck me with you tongue. Slide it deep inside me. Swirl it, there. God. yes. Bury your face in my cunt. I'm going to fuck your face. I want to be dripping. Faster. Find that spot. Bring me closer. Yes. God. Feel my hips grinding against you.

I can hear your fingers digging into the headboard. You want to fuck me, I know. You need release. But not until I cum. Make me cum. Make me cum on you. Make me cum all over your face. That's it. God.


Right there.

Yes. Fuck. You're going to make me cum. Don't you fucking stop. Oh god. Come on whore, make me cum. That's it. God. Lick me. Faster. Now. Yes. God. I'm coming now! Oh, yes, now! Don't stop. Yes. oh yes. God...

Mmmm, such a good Boy.

I need to fuck you, now. I need to cum again....