Sunday, October 26, 2008

Satisfying Touch

It does appear as though I missed my 3rd Blogiversary date. Three years ago this month I began Dirty Little Mind. I've come quite far in that time, made new friends of all kinds, ventured into audio books (with which I held the #1 spot for audio books in UK itunes for 4 months straight, thank you very much), had the fortune of being published in FHM magazine, hosted a masturbatathon, surpassed 2.5 million hits and satisfied some of my most carnal of cravings. To celebrate I decided to treat myself.

Read on to see how...

I wet my fingers with my mouth, sliding them slowly in and out, thinking about you. My fingers slip out and trail down my body and I slip my them into my panties. I think about you, your body, the heat that forms between us. I need this, now.

The want and need between my thighs is too much. I need to touch myself. I can't wait. I need to cum whilst thinking about you. I'm already so wet from just my thoughts. I'll see you soon and knowing how you're going to touch me later causes me to shiver.

My fingers caress over my soft skin, feeling the warmth emanating from it. My eyes close, it feels so good. My fingertips wander down a bit further, softly stroking over my wet cunt lips. I want to savor this. One finger slides slowly up my slit spreading my wetness around. My finger slides around my swollen clit and I take in a sharp breath. I tease myself thinking about you. God, I want to cum. Pleasure pulses through my body, down my legs, across my stomach, deep inside me.

My nipples are already hard as I think about your touch, your lips. I allow my fingertips to swirl over them. I take one in my hold and roll it between my fingers. A gasp escapes from my lips and I feel the sensations shoot through me. I want you to do that to me, bite my nipples, pinch them hard, suck on them and make me writhe under you.

My clit throbs beneath my touch. Around and around, soft slow circles, teasing my body and making me gasp for air. I can feel my hips moving to meet my fingers. The build-up is slow, mesmerizing. I breathe softly. I can feel the pleasure rising, slowly, making the ache stronger.

I pinch my nipples again and gasp. I need this. I pull on my nipple feeling the pain and pleasure flow through me. I want to feel you so much. I need to feel you inside me, filling me, thrusting hard and deep. I slowly reach over to the side of the bed and pick up my vibe. I suck the tip of it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, getting it wet, ready for me. I turn it on low and trail it down over my nipples, circling around them. My clit pulses hard and I push my hips up, tensing my muscles.

My thighs fall open, wanting so much to feel you. I trail the vibe down over my stomach to my cunt. The moment it touches my clit I push my fingers inside me. I feel the vibration deep in my cunt. My cunt squeezes around my fingers as I thrust them inside. I gasp. I move the vibe over my clit, stroking slowly, moving in small circles, not wanting to cum yet. My fingers caress my cunt, pushing deep, finding that spot., curling my fingers up, rubbing and stroking.

This is going to make me cum too soon. I don't want to cum yet. I want to savor it, savor the thoughts of you. I pull the vibe away and move the tip down to my wet cunt. I push it in, slowly, achingly, feeling my body clench around it. I groan softly. I start to stroke it slowly. My fingers find the same rhythm and I stroke my clit, gently, teasingly as I begin to fuck myself.

I want it deeper, harder. I push the vibe deeper, increasing my pleasure, needing it more now. I push it inside me over and over. My fingers move faster around my clit. I can feel it building. The warmth grows and spreads from deep inside me. I want to cum. I need to cum. I don't want to hold out.

I fuck myself faster, harder, deeper with the vibe as my fingers circle frantically. I need to cum. I need to cum for you. Another moan escapes my lips. The vibe slides in and out, my fingers move around and around.The heat is rising in me, pulsing through me. My fingers circle, trying to keep it as long as possible, that feeling, that divine sensation of the plateau. I need to cum. I want it so much. I want to feel it. I thrust the vibe in hard one, twice, three times and it pushes me over the edge. My back arches, my mouth opens slightly as body explodes with the sensation. Warmth floods over me as I come hard, squeezing hotly around the vibe, cumming hard, fast, breathless.

I tense and let out a groan, feeling my cunt throb. I don't want it to end. I need to feel it a little longer. My cunt throbs again. My fingers slow, caressing my clit softly. Gasping for breath, I let my body relax, lying back in the afterglow. I bring the vibe to a stop and slowly pull it out. I sigh heavily, satisfied though not sated. I the vibe up to my lips and taste my juices knowing how much you enjoy tasting me. I want you to be able to taste my juices on my lips when we kiss. I still want more. I still need you inside me. I know I have to wait. I want you to make me cum. I want to save the rest for you.

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Audio book and other updates!

Audio Book News!
And it's finally available! In addition to my New York series, Eva and the Washington Series is now available as an audio book through Leatherback Productions.
It can be purchased here at or through the itunes store. As before, the author is listed as Tinca Turle (I can't use my real name now can I) and is searchable under Leatherback Productions.


In other news…
I realize the blog has been quiet lately. I know there are many of you who have wondered where I've been, have not had a response to emails and have generally wondered "what happened to DLG?" I'm still here though less involved than I was. I often find myself wondering if the blog has run its course or if it's just me who is uninspired. The more I think about it, I realize it's the latter and I'd like your help. I'm looking for some ideas. Not the usual ones though - you fucking me, me fucking you, etc... while those are always lovely and exciting thoughts, I've done plenty of those kinds of stories. I'm looking for different ideas - erotic and fun, perhaps fetich based or scenario based. What would you like to see me write? What would turn you on?

While I may not be able to write about all of the ideas, I'm certaily willing to give it a go and see what happens. Let's have some fun!

-DLG xoxo