Thursday, August 31, 2006

Taking you

I woke up this morning, my hand between my thighs, dreaming of you. I close my eyes again, trying to bring back the memory.

You were here, in my bed, hard and aroused, pressed tightly against me. Your hands sliding up my back, pressing us closer together. Your mouth on mine, passionately showing me how much you wanted me. I slowly move my hands over you, down across your ass, down your thighs, pressing my nails in slightly as I drug my fingertips back up, pressing deeper into your warm embrace. Your hard cock throbbing snugly against my sex, wanting me. My hands move up your back, feeling your muscles tense as your hands move to the back up my neck. Your touch draws my face closer, devouring me, not getting enough of me. Fingertips glide up your spine to the base of your head, weaving softly through your hair. Your moan stirs in my mouth as I tighten my grip, increasing the tightness of my fingers, slowly pulling your head back. My mouth wanders over your jaw, feeling you gasp as I pull tighter. My teeth graze over your neck, nipping gently at first, feeling your heart pulse through your veins.

I lick, tasting your masculinity, the musky taste of a man aroused. I bite, feeling your skin give in to me, feeling your body come alive with the pleasure. Your groan encourages me and I bite you again feeling your hands dig into my back. You want this. I mark you, you're mine. I let my mouth slide down across your collarbone, licking and sucking as I do. My hand pulls your head back further, exposing you to me. I lean down and pull a nipple into my mouth, sucking hard, feeling your body tremble. Your cock throbs hard against me, swollen and needing. I push you over onto your back sliding over you, letting you feel my weight against you.

I release your hair and straddle you, sitting up, looking into your eyes. Such passion burns there. My fingers wind their way over your chest, feeling your hot skin under my touch. I feel your hands move up my thighs, circling my waist, trying to draw me back down to you. Not yet. I shift my hips and start a slow rhythm, my body sliding against you. The slickness between my thighs spreads over your cock. Back and forth, my body moves over you, pressing your erect cock between my wet lips. Breathing heavier. You slide easily against me, slick from my juices, slick from yours. I pause to make small movements, rubbing my clit against you, using you to arouse me. Your eyes plead. You want me to fuck you. You want me to slide your cock deep inside me.

I lean over and kiss you again, hungrily, greedily. My hands finding yours and bring them over your head. Pressing down, I pin you there, making you mine to use, to take. I rock against you again, angling my hips so that your cock head teases my lips again. Each movement allowing you a taste of the wet heat waiting for you. Teasing you in slowly, deeper with each movement of my hips. You strain against me, wanting desperately to thrust deep inside me. Slowly, ever so slowly, I let you slip inside. I want you to feel it, my wetness surrounding you, my tight cunt pressing over you. I watch as your head falls back, sucking in your breath as I fully envelope you.

I pause, holding you there.

And then I move, swiftly, my body stroking you in and out of my dripping cunt. I fuck you, hard. Then pause again, stopping as I let you slide almost all the way out, building the momentum, then stopping. You groan hard as I slide you back inside, repeating my movements, teasing you as well as myself. Desire burning seep inside me as I fuck you. My cunt tightens around you with each thrust. I want you deeper. I press down on your hands, pushing back on your cock. Your hips thrusting up to meet my movements, wanting to please me. My mouth finds yours again, kissing you hard as I grind against you, each movement bringing me closer.

I can feel you holding back, I can feel your body trembling. You want me to cum for you. I grind again, letting your body move against me in that way. Thrusting over and over. Pleasuring myself with you. I can't help but moan as I feel it start. Pulsing in my cunt begins as I draw nearer. You groan again, feeling it, knowing it. I pulse harder, pushing over the edge, alighting with flames as it races through me. My cunt spasms around you and you can't hold back any longer. Your cock throbs hard and you spurt hot cum deep inside my cunt. Pulse after pulse, you cum hard as I ride out my own wave of pleasure, waking, sleeping, I cum as I can see you there underneath me, having you, dreaming of you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On the beach

It's a warm night, and the ocean breeze eases the heat of the day. We're finally alone. We walk hand in hand along the water's edge, occasionally kicking at a wave. The beach is almost deserted, except for a few lonely stragglers enjoying the solitude. The sun is going slowly down, casting the evening's golden light on the shore. Silently, we stroll together, picking up shells, skipping rocks, relaxing in the peace of the early evening.

The last of the sun slips below the waves and we're left drifting in the moonlight. I bend down to pick up one last shell, when I feel your fingers trace lingeringly down my back. I stand up, and you wrap your arms around my waist and pull me close to you. I can feel your hot breath on my neck. Your arms are tight and strong, and I melt into you, already wanting you. You start softly, almost so softly I can't feel it, and begin kissing your way down my neck, slowly, tasting me. I sigh with pleasure, and lean my head to the side, wanting more, needing more. The feeling of your lips on my neck makes my knees go weak. You turn me around to face you, and we look in each other's eyes and smile. Cupping my face in your hands, you tip my head up and kiss me. It's a long, slow, sensual kiss, the kind that makes my stomach flutter. I kiss you back, passionately.

My arms snake up around your neck and I pull you closer. I press my body warmly against yours. I can feel your hardening cock against me, bulging in your pants. I want you - just the thought of taking you right here has me gorgeously wet. Our tongues mingle, as our hands explore each other's bodies. Your hands roam over me, greedily, needing to touch me. You find my breasts and cup them gently. Your hands begin their slow sensuous tease around my breasts, circling ever closer to my nipples. My body responds to you so willingly. I can feel the heat and the wetness between my legs. I'm aching for you.

I let my hands drift over your back and down to your ass. I cup it and pull you closer to me. We both feel the need now. I feel you lift my skirt and place your hand between my thighs. I arch into you. Your fingers trace my wet slit, then dip softly into my cunt. Your other hand finds my nipple and gently pinches it, rolling it between your fingers. My head falls back, and I give in to you. Your fingers dip deeper into my bikini bottoms and push their way inside me, and I spread my legs wider, needing more. I instinctively place my hands on your hard bulge and rub you, stroke you. You're so hard now. Your head moves down and you pull my breasts from my bikini top. Your tongue flicks over my nipple, and I moan in response. Your hand reaches around behind me, to keep me from falling. It's too much.

My hands undo your pants, exposing your erection, hard and straining, wanting me. I wrap my hands around it, and begin to stroke you. Your groan resonates through my nipple as you suck it, biting on me. Your fingers pull from my cunt and drag up to my clit. I can't stand much longer. You find my hard little bud and start to circle it. Moaning, I stroke you faster. I whisper to you with a heated voice, trembling, insistent, that I need you to take me. I need you to fuck me.

You pull me from the waters edge, and lead me to the jetty a few feet away. You sit on one of the rocks and pull me to your lap, facing away from you. Your hands have my shirt up around my waist, and I tug my bikini bottoms down. Sitting back down upon you, I grind my cunt againt your cock, drenching it in my juices. You gasp at the contact of the wet heat. Your hands reach around me, one finding my breast, the other finding my clit. I lift myself up and position my cunt over the head of your cock. I hear you groan again, feeling the moist wetness of my cunt parting around your swollen cock and I slowly ease myself down on you, all the way, until you're buried deep inside me. I grind down with my hips, and you answer by thrusting up into me, hard and urgent. Raw desire pulses through our bodies as we move and rock against each other. Your lips find my neck again, kissing, sucking, biting me. Your fingers on my clit quicken their pace, driving me wild. I'm breathing so hard, starting to tremble. I'm going to cum soon, and I know I won't be able to hold it back. I know you can feel my dripping wet cunt clenching around you. I know you can feel me starting to pulse around you. I can feel how close you are too, your hard cock throbbing inside me as you fuck me, as I slide up and down on you, so wet, so close. Your other hand works my nipple harder. I can hear your breathing, rapid and urgent. You're not going to last long either.

I reach behind and grab your hips, pulling you harder into me, deeper into my cunt. I can feel the heat rising in me. You're going to make me cum. I move my hips frantically against you, desperate to feel the pleasure of my release, desperate to cum on you. Fucking you hard now, I feel my orgasm building. It's coming. ohh god it's coming... then it hits me, so fucking hard. I cry out your name, not caring who hears us. The heat of my orgasm pulses through me, over and over and over. I cum hard on you, all over you, my wetness streaming down the length of your cock. You groan. This is what you needed. As my cunt pulses around your cock, you groan with pleasure, throbbing so hard inside me, clinging onto me, holding me down hard on your cock as you begin to shoot your cum deep inside me. I feel your hot cum explode from you with each throb of your cock, spurting, spurting, deep into my wet cunt, filling me, again and again. I hold on tight, riding you out, still moving my hips on you, grinding on you. You shudder as the last of your cum empties into me.

Your lips kiss my neck again and I feel you breathing hard. I try to catch my breath. We both giggle, enjoying the sensations. At last I slowly pull myself from you and stand up. We rearrange our clothes as best we can. I take your hand and lead you back to our room. I need more from you...

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Waking You

I watch you, my lover, lying there in bed. Your eyes are closed and I can hear the soft rhythm of your breathing. A small smile rests on your lips... are you dreaming?

My fingers move slowly over my clothes, quietly stripping them off. I tip-toe over to my side of the bed and gently slide under the covers with you. You stir slightly and I hold my breath, not wanting to wake you yet. I watch you some more and think about last night. I think about your body sliding over mine, your lips caressing every part of my body, your hard cock moving deep inside me, your warm embrace after we were both to spent to move. My body awakens with these thoughts. I can feel myself stirring for you. I need you again.

I lean over and kiss your brow softly. My lips linger for a moment and then move down to your lips. They part slightly as I press against them. You make a small sound and snuggle against me. I pull away for a moment and confirm you are still sleeping. I let my fingers drift through your hair for a moment. You look so peaceful. I drift it down over your chest, feeling your hot skin under my fingers. Watching you, I move down further and take your cock gently in my hand, slowly starting to stroke you. You react quickly, your cock growing in my hand. A small moan escapes your lips. You're on the verge of waking. Perhaps it has become part of your dream. Am I there with you? Am I sucking on you or perhaps sitting astride you as you thrust up into me? Your hips shift, raising to my touch. Your cock continues to harden in my hand, growing so erect. Your eyes flicker beneath their lids, taking in the sensations. Perhaps your dream has turned more erotic? I lean down and kiss your lips again, softly probing your mouth with my tongue.

It's then that you wake. A pleasant groan rises from your throat and you bring your hands to the back of my head, holding my face as you groggily and hungrily kiss me back. Your tongue swirls around mine and we kiss heatedly. A flood of desire fills me and I need more from you. I break our kiss and return the smile that graces your face. Lust has filled your sleepy eyes and I can see you need me just as much.

I lower my lips back to you and move them down over your chest. Sighing, your hands drift over my back, caressing me. I move my lips over you, kissing my way down your stomach, down to the soft hair that nestles between your legs. I nuzzle you and shift my body between your thighs. Your legs spread for me as my body settles between them. I look up at you for a moment. Your head is back and your hands restlessly look for me. I smile again and move up to your cock as your hands find my hair. You don't try to move me though, they just rest there, letting me take you where I want to go.

I dip down and slowly drag my tongue up your throbbing cock. I hear you quickly draw in breath as I lick back down the other side. I can still taste us on you, the combination of our juices from sex last night. This turns me on more. I lick back up to the head of your cock. I admire you for a moment, your cock so hard and erect. My tongue moves then, over the head of your cock, swirling just below the ridge. I smile as I listen to you groan softly as I know how much you like that. Your hips move up ever so slightly, begging me to take you into my mouth. But I tease you some more first, my tongue darting over and around you. Your fingers tighten in my hair, imploring me to stop torturing you. I slide my tongue over you again then let my lips slide over your head. I slowly pull your cock in, letting you feel the wet heat of my mouth. I feel you cock respond and throb against my tongue. I move my head, sliding my lips up and down your slick shaft, every once in awhile, swirling my tongue over you, pressing against you.

I reach up with my hand and run it over your chest. I can feel you heart pounding hard in your chest. Your hand grabs mine and your bring my finger to your lips. I moan softly as you pull them into your mouth, licking and sucking around them, keeping time with my mouth. I feel your tongue moving over them and I reciprocate by sliding my tongue around your cock again. You let go of my fingers, pushing them down to me. I know what you want. My body aches so much for you that I don't hesitate to run my fingers down and over my clit. I run my fingers down my slit, feeling the spreading wetness between my thighs. Moaning around you, I let them slide inside me. I feel you throb again, envisioning how I'm touching myself, My fingers move back up my slit, finding my clit and circling it.

I bring my mouth down around you again and again, sliding easily over your wet cock. I can feel you're getting close, your hard cock swelling between my lips. Your fingers have locked in my hair, your hips thrusting up to meet my mouth, wanting so much to release your hot cum over my lips.

Suddenly, you growl, pulling me away from you and up your body. You pull me tight to you, my body pressed tight over yours. Your mouth flies to mine, kissing me passionately. The desire is fire in your eyes and I feel how much you want me. I pull back from you slightly, coming up onto my knees and rest my wet cunt against your cock. You move again, sliding your hardness against me, letting yourself be covered in my juices. I look in your eyes and ask you breathlessly, "How do you want to fuck me? Tell me what you want..."

Friday, August 11, 2006

Bound Part 3

"Did I give you permission to move?"

I take her nipple between my fingers and pinch it. It instantly turns hard at my touch. She winces and says no.

"You need relief?"

I run my fingers down over her clit, pressing against the rope. A groan escapes her lips.

"You can pull on the rope if you need to, but you're not to cum, not without my permission"

She moans softly but still doesn't move. She won't until she really needs to. I move back over to the table and pick up the bottle. Walking up to her, I flip open the lid. Turning it over, I gently squeeze it. Thick honey dribbles from the container and falls over her lips. She moans as her tongue slowly emerges from her mouth and licks it from her, tasting its sweetness. I watch her for a moment, the sweet sticky honey oozing down her chin, her tongue moving sensually over her lips. I move the bottle slightly and give it a queeze again. Honey drizzles over her nipples. The sticky syrup drips off her hard buds. She moans again. I can't resist her now. I move down and flick my tongue over them. She gasps and I see her move the rope between her thighs. My tongue flicks out again, tasting the honey, tasting her. I let my mouth move over her alternately licking and sucking her breasts. I roll her nipple between my teeth, biting it gently. Her breath increases, trying to fight the rising heat inside her. She wants me to touch her. She's screaming inside her head for me to touch her. But she knows I won't. I move my mouth to her other breast, pulling her nipple into my mouth. Teasing her the same as I did to her other one. Biting harder now, making her feel the pain. Making her feel the pleasure. She's moving against the rope, increasing the pressure. I bite again, making her gasp. The sweet taste of honey in my mouth mixes with the taste of her skin. I want to make her beg. Beg me to release her, Beg me to let her come.

I reach around her and take her wrists in my hand. I pull them up sharply, letting the rope press forcefully against her clit. She moans again, trying to keep her composure, trying to resist the sensations flooding her body. I lick at her again, slowly making circles around her nipples. Languidly moving over her. Sucking again at her, feeling her body writhing.


She didn't want to say it, it slipped out. But she's so close to the edge. She wants to come. She wants to feel the release. It's what I wanted to hear. I stop, everything. I pull myself from her and release her wrists. The rope feels slack to her now with no pressure on it. She stifles a cry.

I step back, letting her calm down for a moment and then move back in. I take the honey again and let it drizzle over my fingers. I move them down over my slit smearing honey over my clit. I step toward her, bringing my sex close to her face. I know she can smell me, my arousal. She groans, yearning to please me, yearning to bring me pleasure, needing it. I take her hair in my hands and lead her to me. She nuzzles her face into my sex, dragging her tongue slowly up my slit. I don't have to ask, she knows what she's supposed to do. Her tongue laps at me, mixing the honey with my juices. She slowly pushes her tongue inside my wetness, tasting me. Swirling it around, she moves her tongue back up over my clit. It won't take long for for me. Seeing her trussed before me had me aroused from the start. Her tongue rolls over me, circling softly, putting the pressure where she knows I like it. She moves over it around and around. I grasp her hair and pull her tighter to me, grinding my hips against her face. She knows I'm close. She wants me to come for her. She wants me to come for my slut. I feel it start deep inside, the heat rising through me. I gasp as her tongue laps at me, each stroke bringing me closer. Suddenly, I come hard against her face. My juices flowing from me. She moves her mouth down quickly, drinking me down, licking my cum from me. I breathe deeply, letting the feelings wash over me, loving the feeling over her soft tongue on my swollen lips. I slowly back away and bend down to whisper in her ear.

"Come for me."

She moans. I move back to my chair and sit across from her. I know she wants me there, the help her come. But I want to watch.

"Come for me."

She whimpers softly. She wants to comply. She pulls back on her wrists, pulling the rope against her clit. Pulling back, letting go, pulling back, letting go. It becomes a rhythm as she grinds against the rope. I watch as the flush moves up her neck. She's moaning and gasping as the rope presses against her. Her hips are starting to buck as her legs trembles. So gorgeous. SHe wants to please me, she wants to come for me. She needs to come for me. She moves the rope frantically now, not wanting to stop, not able to stop. The flush moves to her face, her features distorted in pain and pleasure. I watch as she comes. Her body convulses against her bonds as ecstacy covers her face. The rope is pulled tight against her clit as her juices flow over it. Tears run from her eyes as she rides out her orgasm. She's pleased me.

I move to her then and get down on my knees with her. I take her head softly in my hands and kiss her lips ever so gently. She kisses back softly, her lips trembling. I work my hands over her, undoing her blindfold, slowly untying the rope, slowly releasing her. Letting her come back from her space. I help her up and lie her down on the bed, kissing her brow. Curling up behind her, I let her know how much she's pleased me.

"My sweet, good girl."

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bound Part 2

I walk back behind her and let it brush over her skin. She gasps, recognizing the silky soft feel of her bondage rope. I watch as she visibly tries to maintain control. She's nervous and excited. Being bonded pushes her limits and she knows it. I let her sit for a moment, letting her gather control again.

"Put your arms behind your back"

She complies slowly, trying to steel herself for the challenge. I gently take her wrist and start to move the rope over her. Bringing her other wrist up, I snake the rope over and around her wrists, slowly and deliberately. It's an art and is not to be hurried. She needs to feel the rope and succumb to it. I weave it through her arms, working my way up. It slides over her skin, slowly, sensually. I tighten it gently but firmly, bringing her elbows together and I work the rope through her arms up to her shoulders. I pull the length forward and move it over her breasts. They are heaving now, the fight struggling internally. She groans softly as I pull the rope across her breasts, winding it around her chest, over, below, trapping them in between. I continue to wind it down her body, creating a red bound corset over her skin. She moans again as I tighten the knots.

"Spread your thighs"

She complies, a bit reluctantly. She's starting to feel trapped, confined. I can see it on her face. I stop for a moment and stroke her hair, the first real touch from me. I coo softly and say it's fine, she'll be fine. She relaxes a bit and I start to move the rope over her skin again. I let it drift down over her soft pubic hair and draw it up between her thighs. A rope thong. I connect the rope to her wrists, pulling them firmly down, but not tight enough to cause pain. Just enough to produce a constant pressure. I notice the rope between her thighs is already wet. One last loop moves over her ankles and back up to her wrists. Each time she moves the pressure against her clit increases. She knows if she moves the right way, she can make herself cum, using the pressure of the rope. But she won't, not until I give her permission.

I step back and look at my handiwork. She's gorgeous, kneeling there. She's missing one last thing though. I reach back into the closet and pull out a silk scarf. Walking up behind her, I drape it over her eyes, tying it tightly behind her head. Perfect. I step back again. Her arms are completely bound, the rope winds seductively all around her body. I can see juices glistening on her thighs. Satisfied, I walk from the room, leaving here there to find her space.

I take my time, gathering the other things I need. I walk slowly back to the room and enter. This time I shut the door. I watched her moving right before I walked into the room trying to relieve the growing ache between her thighs. She's not sure if I've seen her. She holds her breath, waiting to find out. I put down my things and walk to her.

(to be continued...)

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I look at her. Her delicate figure standing in the middle of the room. Her long hair falls over her face. Her blouse, still buttoned, hangs over her pert breasts. Her arms hang at her side, she fidgets slightly and they brush over the fabric of her short skirt. Her long legs end in sexy sandals. She's dressed for me. I walk around her slowly, taking her in. We're in the room. I love how visibly excited she gets when I tell her to go to the room. She knows what happens in here. She fidgets more, anxious to begin, not wanting me to be so torturous with the pleasure I'll give her.

I walk back around in front of her and sit lazily in the large soft chair positioned across from her. Crossing my legs, I breathe slowly. Silence fills the room...

"Strip for me, slowly"

Her breath sucks in. She's aching for me to touch her, yet I'm content to watch. Her eyes continue to look down. Wisps of hair drift over her face. God, she has such a lovely face. Her fingers tremble slightly as they move up to the buttons on her blouse. Ever so slowly, she unbuttons them. Each button down reveals more of the swell of her breasts. They rise and fall to her heated breathing. She reaches the end and slowly pulls it from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Her fingers seek the back of her skirt and slowly pull the zipper down. The thin fabric easily falls from her hips and she tosses it gently aside with her foot. She stands there for a moment in her red lace bra and panties not sure of how far to strip. She doesn't want to question me. And I haven't spoken. Silence again...

She decides to continue stripping as I have not said otherwise. Wise choice. Her hands move back up to her bra sliding one shoulder strap off. Her breathing is heavier. She slowly slides the other strap off. A slight smirk appears on her face, trying to tease me. Her fingers inch behind her, moving slowly to the hooks. She works them open, quicker than she wanted to from the slight frown replacing the smirk. She lets her bra slide from her arms and drop to the floor. She stands there for a moment with her arms down at her side. Her bare breasts exposed. She wants me to look at her. She wants to please me. She wants me to admire her. I look at her with soft eyes and say nothing. Sighing softly, she moves her fingers down over her panties. Her fingertips brush over the waistband and tuck inside. They work her panties down over her hips revealing that she's shaved for me. Her smooth skin broken only by a thin strip of soft curls. She bends slightly, continuing to move her panties down. At her knees she releases them, allowing them to drop to her shoes. She steps out of them and moves them aside. She stands before me, completely naked. I still say nothing. One minute ticks by... a second minute ... I still have no response for her, no praise. Her eyes look slightly panicked wondering why I haven't moved. She looks down over her body... the shoes. Feeling relief, she bends at the waist and unbuckles each strap holding them to her feet. Her feet gently step out of them. Satisfaction covers her face.

"Pick up your clothes then return to where you were standing"

She hurriedly picks up each article, folding them and placing them in a neat pile by the door. The place she always puts them. Returning to the center of the floor she stands again for me to see. Look at me, she wants to say. I want to please you. Do I please you? But she says nothing.

I get up and walk around her again, moving close enough for her to feel my breath but not close enough to touch. I walk away to the bed against the far wall. I take a pillow from it and drop it at her feet.


She quickly drops to her knees, head down, arms to her side.

Walking to the closet, I keep an eye on her to make sure she does as she's told. She's completely still, trying to steady her breath. Good girl. I reach into the closet and pull out my pleasure for today.

(to be continued...)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ask Me 3 Questions

I'm going to do something a little different today. Since participating in the lovely interview with Aragorn (If you haven't read it yet, please go here), I've had some wonderful emails asking me additional questions that weren't asked in the interview. I've had fun answering them and thought it may be interesting if I opened it up to everyone. If you're a regular reader, you know I don't do "personal" posts in my blog (ok, well sometimes I do, they're just hidden in my stories *wink*).
So here it is, I'm opening up just for you. I will answer everything as honestly as I can. Fire away and ask me any 3 questions. One small note, I do prefer to keep my anonymity, so please no "What's your real name" type questions ;)