Monday, October 22, 2007


"Touch yourself for me."

Your moan was soft and your hand immediately took your cock. My thigh tucked in between yours and my lips rested against your ear

"Stroke yourself hard. I want you erect for me. I want my whore to be so fucking hard when I fuck you."

Another small groan escaped your lips and your hand moved faster. The mention of the word "whore" immediately made you harder.

My hands ran over your chest, lingering over your nipple and pinching it hard. Your gasp told me how much you were enjoying my touch. My hand slid over your chest, every so often letting my fingernail drag roughly against you. The room was quiet and I could hear the friction between my nail and your skin. A gasp followed.

"You like that don't you, slut." You groaned your response, never breaking the rhythm on your cock. I moved my lips closer to your ear. "I know you want me to do that again."

With those words, I moved my fingers up toward your neck, encircling it lightly. "I think you want more. I think you want to be punished today, don't you, slut." My fingers tightened a bit around your neck, pushing you down against the bed. "I think I should push you up on all fours and punish you. Perhaps spank my dirty little whore for the way he's acting right now. Fucking yourself with your hand like a common slut." My fingers tightened more as you moaned louder from the restriction. You make no move to fight me though, your cock was very hard in your hand. "I think I should fuck you today. Would you like that bitch? Should I fuck you until you cum for me?" My hand squeezed around your neck, making it red where my fingers dig into your skin. A breathless gasp was your response followed by another groan.

Your cock was raging in your hand. Precum glistened on the tip as you continued to stroke yourself for me. "Are you hard enough to fuck me? Are you hard enough to make me cum?" You gasped your response, needing to show me just how much you needed to fuck me right then.

I grabbed your hand and pulled it free of your cock. Moving onto my back, I looked into your eyes and opened my thighs wide for you. "Fuck me, whore."

You moved quickly, kneeling between my thighs and taking me into your hands. Your fingers slid down my slit for a moment, reveling in my wetness before pressing your cock against my dripping cunt. With a growl, your thrust forward, sinking deep into my wetness. I growled back and dug my fingers into your back. A long hard thrust forward and your cock pushed deeper into me. My need overcame you and I bit you hard on the chest.

My hands move down your back and a long scratch enunciated your already sharp groan. You asked me to do it again, pleaded for me to scratch you again. I did. My fingernails ran hot down your back as your cock pulsed inside me. Your groan this time was long and drawn out, an expression of pain and the deep longing for more. I ran my fingers down your back again, dragging slowly across your flesh, my nails biting through your skin as they made their way down to your ass. Breath poured from your lungs as the shock of the pain filled you. A small pause from your thrusts allowed you to take in the sensation, but my nails didn't stop. I drug them down your back again creating red welts along your pale skin. A droplet of blood bloomed in the wake.

You groaned hard, your cock pulsing. You knew you couldn't last like this. You knew you'd be punished harder if you came before I did. You fought back weakly as I let my nails tear into your flesh once more. "No," you said unconvincingly. "Not yet."

"I said fuck me whore." My hand articulated the word whore by spanking your ass hard. "I can't," you cried not yet wanting to cum. You knew now I wanted you to. You knew now I wanted to punish you further and you couldn't stop me from having you cum. The pain aroused you. The pain excited you. And despite yourself, you wanted to be punished severely. "Please."

My fingers cut into your back again and your body shivered. My thighs tightened around your back, drawing you into me, not letting you back away from me. My cunt squeezed around you, my body so fucking aroused. You thrust hard. Nails carved your back trailing down over your ass and triggered your body. You cried out loudly. "I can't. Oh god. Please. Oh, I'm going to cum. Please let me cum. Oh."

I tightened my thighs and clutched your back. Your body started to shutter as you tried to hold back the force of your orgasm. "Please," you cried again. The pain was too much. It aroused you too much. You were a slut for it, doing anything to feel the exquisite pleasure it brought. The scratching, the biting, the spanking, the resistance and restraint all brought you there. You needed it.

"Fucking cum for me then. Cum for me now."

You groaned loudly and thrust your cock deep into my cunt. Your body shook as your cock exploded inside me. Spurt after spurt of hot spunk filling my core. Your groans ebbed with each pulse. Your cock throbbed and your body kept thrusting until you had nothing left to give. Sweat dripped from your brow as your body sunk onto me with your release. A soft murmur escaped your lips. It must have been a thank you, but I wasn't done. I wasn't even close to being finished.

"You didn't make me cum, slut." I growled as I pushed you over and off me. "Get up on your fucking hands and knees..."

Sunday, October 07, 2007


No light came through the silk over my eyes. Every sense was heightened as I listened for your soft footsteps. I allowed you this tonight. A change in roles perhaps, excitement in the unknown.

The bed gave as you sat down next to me. Soft lips kissed mine gently and I responded. Our mouths met hot and wet, kissing passionately. You withdrew and teased my clothing from me. The cool breeze of the fan was a welcome feeling.

You stood and picked something up from the floor. I waited patiently, knowing you wanted to lead.

A cold splash, a droplet of cool liquid dripped into my belly button causing me to gasp softly. Another drip, another gasp. One after the next, dripping over my heated flesh. Cooling me, arousing me. My hands grip the bedspread just a bit. The sensations filling my head. I can see you there, knelt above me. I can see the wicked grin on your face as you drip the cold liquid onto me. I can see the light dancing in your eyes and I want to remove the blindfold, but I won't.

Warmth touches me then, your tongue licking the coolness from me. Licking everywhere you dripped on me. My hands move to your head, gently working my fingers through your hair, pulling you to me. But it's not what you want just yet.

You pull away and lean over once more to pick something up. Pressure at my lips makes me open my mouth and you slide something sweet into it. "Bite," you say softly and my teeth meet the soft flesh of a strawberry. It's overripe and juices trickles down my chin. You're there to lick it from me. You push it into my mouth again and I bite, enjoying the sweet fruit.

You lean away again. "Open your mouth," you whisper and I do. The anticipation arousing me more. Something drips into my mouth. I taste it and moan. The thick sweet flavor of honey fills my senses. More drips onto my closed lips and I quickly open my mouth again. I can feel it drizzle down over my chin. Your lips kiss me passionately once more, the honey smearing over us both. The sweetness mingles with the heat from you and I writhe under your touch.

Your lips depart. I feel the honey dripping onto my skin. Across my breasts, dribbling over my hard nipples. Your fingers swirl over them, rubbing the sticky liquid into my skin, teasing my nipples and generating the ache between my thighs. You know how sensitive I am. Your mouth follows your fingers, sucking my breasts, licking the sweet honey from me. My back arches to you, my fingers in your hair once more.

You pull away again, gently moving down the bed. The honey drips again, down my stomach and you lick around my belly button. Drips fall onto my thighs, your fingers smearing it over me. My hands grip the bedspread tighter as the honey drizzles over my aching clit. My thighs part as your tongue descends into my waiting heat...