Friday, April 10, 2009

Savannah 1:4 - Sucking his cock

Thank you to the very wonderful Madeline Glass for mention in Fleshbot for April 17!

Gwen allowed herself another minute of pleasure before pulling away from Stephan. As much as she wanted him to ravish her, she knew he needed to be pleasured by her if this was to be the path her life would take. She leaned forward and look Stephan's hand. Moving slowly and seductively, she brought it up to her mouth. She could smell the evidence of her on his fingers and she took them one by one into her mouth. Her tongue swirled over his fingers, allowing her to taste herself on him. Stephan gasped and reached out with his other hand to caress her thigh.

Gwen smiled at him. "Let's see what we can do about those clothes of yours."

"Mmmm, please do," he said.

Gwen straddled Stephans's legs and set to work on his trousers. She could see already that he was erect, his cock straining against the fabric of his pants. Gwen smiled again relishing in his arousal. Her fingers moved deliberately, sliding down the zipper slowly. She slipped the button through the hole and parted his pants. Underneath revealed black fabric stretched tightly over his engorged cock. Her fingertips slid around the top of his briefs and she pulled them down just enough to expose the head of his cock.

Her legs slid from his as her body sank to the floor. She nuzzled her face against his thigh before moving to let the tip of her tongue lick around the head of his cock. Stephan sucked in his breath sharply. Gwen giggled.

"Would you like me to do that again?" she asked as she pulled his trousers and pants down further.

"Darling, I want you to do that repeatedly." Stephan lifted up from the chair and Gwen slid his clothes completely off. "And then I want you to fuck me."

Gwen's could feel the rush of wetness between her thighs when he said those words. No one had spoken those words to her in a long time. For a brief moment, she wanted to tell Stephan to take her, to do what he wanted with her. She would have done anything to have him push her onto the floor and fuck her, to feel his weight on her body as he took her. But she couldn't, not right now.

"Then let me get to it," she said and winked at him.

She looked back down to his cock. He was free of his clothes now. Her hand wrapped around his base, stroking slowly. His hard length jutted out from his body. Gwen was already looking forward to feeling him sliding inside her. She licked her lips and then bent over him.

She took her time with him, letting her tongue slide around his head before licking down his shaft. She teased him, feeling him pulse in her hand. She licked over the veins that ran up his cock, feeling the beat of his heart through his cock. She swirled her tongue up and down before finally allowing her lips to slip over the head of his cock. Her warm mouth, slick with saliva, pulled his cock inside. She slid her tongue around his head again as she pulled him in deeper. Stephan groaned as his length touched the back of her throat.

"God, you know how to do that." he whispered, his voice becoming raspy. Fingers tangled in her hair as he drew her in.

Gwen allowed him to guide his cock in and out of her mouth. All the while her tongue traced over his length. Wetness dripped from her mouth as she sucked his erect cock. Her hand stroked up and down as his cock slid in and out. She could feel him harden more, his cock growing thicker. Stephan's groans became rhythmic and Gwen slipped her other hand to his balls.

She caressed him, her fingers gently pulling on him, as he fucked her mouth. She rubbed her saliva into him, working her fingers around his balls and stroking the sensitive skin leading back to his ass. Stephan's body tensed, his cock growing thicker still as Gwen's licked and sucked at him. He pushed his body to her, forcing her hand to slide over his ass. Stephan gasped as she did and she knew what he wanted. Not slowing her mouth, she moved her fingers over his tight hole, spreading the wetness that had dripped down between his cheeks. Stephan groaned again.

"Gwen," he breathed, "if you start that you're going to make me cum."

Gwen hesitated. "Do you want to cum? Is that what you want?"

"God, ask me that again."

Gwen smiled. "Do you want to cum in my mouth? Do you want to fuck my mouth until you shoot your hot thick spunk down my throat? Do you want to feel my warm wet mouth sliding down onto your cock until all your cum pours from you?" she asked with a wicked edge to her voice.

"Fuck," he said. "God, you know just how to say that. Fuck yes, I want to cum in your mouth."

Gwen slid her mouth down over his cock again, her tongue teasing as she did. Stephan's fingers tightened in her hair and his body bucked up from the chair. As she took him deep into her throat, she slid one finger slowly into his ass. His body clenched around her as she moved it in and out of him.

"Yes," he groaned. "That's it, fuck, just like that."

Her finger fucked his ass as her mouth fucked his cock. Stepahn grunted and groaned as Gwen sucked him, bringing his cock in and out of her mouth. Gwen could feel how wet she was now. She wanted him with every fiber of her being. She wanted him to fill her, to give her his cum, to taste the essence of this man and make him cry out with pleasure. She wanted to please him so very much.

Suddenly Stephan's grip tightened in her hair. Gwen didn't slow as she felt his cock begin to surge. Just as the first jet hit her throat, she slid her finger hard and deep into his ass. Stephan growled as another thick jet of his cum poured into her mouth, followed by another and another. She almost gaged but she swallowed hard as he came, drinking every drop he shot into her mouth. His hands forced her head down onto his cock, leaving her breathless as she sucked at him. His body moved up to her, holding her on his cock while feeling the last of his orgasm ripple through his body.

As his hands slowly relaxed and released their grip on her hair, she lazily licked at his cock, cleaning him of any missed cum. She eventually looked up to him to see him smiling down at her.

"Do I pass the test?" she asked.

Stephan laughed and pulled her up to him. His lips pressed against hers. Their kiss deepened and, to her surprise, Gwen felt his cock stir once more.

As he broke from her he whispered, "So far, but that was only part one, we still have to see how well you can fuck a man."

to be continued...