Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A thought

I've been lonely, thinking about you. It's been so long since we've been together. I miss the smell of you on my skin. I miss the smell of sex in the room. The musky scent of sweat and bodies and lust and greed. I love that scent. It's unmistakable when you walk into a room where two people have had sex. It can linger for hours, days even. The smell can envelop you and welcome you. And it can make you want more. Much more.

I'm feeling insatiable today. I'm horny. I want sex. I'm craving it. I want to be ravished. I want to be desired. Do you feel it? My skin is hot to the touch. My body wants your touch. It wants to feel your hands crawling up and down all over me. I don't want it sweet and gentle. I want it urgent and rough. I want to be fucked. I need you to fuck me. Will you? Will you give me what I need? Will you fuck me the way I want?