Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Distant Desire

Her gaze lingered on me, her eyes flashed white hot beneath long black lashes. Her full lips parted ever so slightly with a quick intake of breath. She sat opposite me in the crowded bar but I could feel the attraction weave its way through the crowd between us. She shifted in her chair. The glass in her hand made its way up to her lips. She made a point to touch the glass with her tongue before taking a sip. Her gaze never left mine.

Leaving the glass, her fingertips found her long neck. I watched as they trailed down to the top button of her blouse. She was looking to seduce and I would not deny her the pleasure. She trailed long nails lightly across her skin, daring me to ask to see more. I gave her a soft smile, matching her gaze. Her returned smile sent shivers down my spine. There was venom in it, but also a promise. It's one I wanted her to keep.

Her fingers slid down across the silk fabric above her breasts before coming back up to her lips. She slowly licked a finger and trailed it back down her neck. I gave her another smile. I wanted the show to continue. She leaned back against the bar and lifted the drink to her lips again. I watched as she shifted her hips toward me. Her skirt slid up as she moved revealing more of her long firm legs. My gaze traveled over her as she slipped one foot up the side of her calf, caressing it her heeled shoe. She oozed temptation. Did I dare?

She shifted again, turning the face the other direction, pausing to part her thighs for me. The room was too dark for me to see but my imagination could fill in the gap. I pictured her in my mind, pictured myself with her, between her thighs, tasting her lips. She leaned forward, appearing to stretch and let her hand fall to her knee. Her fingertips traced small circles along her thigh as she brought her hand up her body. My body quivered.

She turned from me then to face the bar. Her long hair fell across her back, hair I wanted in my hands. Hair I wanted in my grip as I pulled it
back to kiss her, to possess her. She leaned to whisper to the bartender. She rose as she did, purposely pushing her ass toward me. She was asking everything from me and I was willing to give it.

I watched as she slipped money onto the bar.

I watched as she rose from her seat, pausing to look at me, and walked to the door.

I watched her saunter through the crowd and leave.

I watched the door for a long moment.

And then I followed.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


His lips told me the words I wanted to hear. I didn't care that he didn't mean them. I didn't care that I was being used. I needed to feel a touch, a hint of desire.

His mouth lingered on my neck, alternating between kisses and talk of his want. He caressed my body with his, his chest against mine, his thigh pressed between mine. The heat poured from him making it all that easier to surrender. I knew he felt me succumb to him and I felt his smile against my skin. Another one conquered.

His fingers splayed out across my breast while his body began to take what it needed from me. I felt his length grow hard against my flesh. His lips moved down further, his tongue swirling over my skin. My own hands encouraged him, telling him to take all of me. His mouth sucked my nipples and I arched up to him. My body throbbed with a desire long forgotten.

His hands slid over my soft belly and down between my thighs which parted eagerly for a chance to be fulfilled. His fingers began a slow dance, teasing my senses. My hips pushed up to him with want. I didn't need the waltz, he didn't mean it anyway. He could save the seduction for someone else. I pushed his head down to ask him for more. I wanted the pleasure I knew he would give.

His mouth found me and gave me what I desired. His lips and tongue quickly brought me the feeling I so long missed. I gave myself over to the sensations. My body responded in kind and allowed me the pleasure I sought. I gave it all to him and he took it.

PS-Happy 5 year Blogiversary!