Friday, March 09, 2007

And the Winner of my Panties is...

After reviewing the many wonderful entries I received for my Valentine's Day Contest, I finally made my decision. It was difficult as they were all so wonderful, each for their own reasons. But since only one can win - the winner is.....

Al Sensu, a delightful fellow blogger whom I have been reading for quite some time. (please go check him out at erotischism and hard & fast)

His fabulous entry was unique, sexy and humorous all at the same time and came in at just 97 words. It certainly got my attention and made me want this every morning...

How to wake someone, especially a dirty little girl:
1-slowly remove panties
2-spread her legs
3-enter her and fuck her until you cum
4-pull out and watch as your cum dribbles down her thighs
5-tell her you're late for work and have to leave
6-when she pouts, tell her you were kidding
7-kneel on the bed between her legs and lick her soft outer lips
8-tease her until she says "please let me cum"
9-then bring her all the way there
10-get dressed and go to work

As promised Al will receive a photo of me in just my panties. But since the others were just as fabulous, I've posted a snippet of it here as a thank you for entering.

Taking the photos for this contest was a delight and was very arousing. I found that I was teasing myself as the photos progressed. Each pose made the lacy fabric rub against me, each pose made me more and more wet. I'd have to stop every once and awhile and let my fingers drift against me, softly rubbing my clit. Stopping, I'd take a few more photos, then rub again. It wasn't long before I stopped taking photos all together. My arousal was too much. I need to cum.

Lying comfortably, I slipped my fingers under the pink lace. My fingertips grazed over my curls and down through the slickness of my sex. I was so incredibly wet. My arousal was greater than I thought. Teasing, I ran my fingers around the entrance to my cunt, spreading my wetness over me. Pausing, I slid two fingers gently inside me, gasping softly as I pressed them deeper. I wanted to be watched then. I wanted someone else here to take photos of me like this. I wanted you to be able to see me like this. Pushing deeper, my fingers stroked in and out of my cunt. Each movement making my fingers wetter, each movement making small wet sounds as I fucked myself.

Aching up, my other fingers found my nipple, rolling it, pinching it. I stayed like this, fucking myself, playing with my nipples, until it became too much. I needed to cum. I released my nipple and let my other hand slide over my stomach. I quickly grabbed the edge of my panties and pulled them off, letting them fall to the floor. Thrusting my fingers in deeper, my other hand found my aching clit. Pressing it, my fingers began a slow rhythm, circling, rubbing. I gasped again. I needed this. I slowed my fingers, pressing a third finger inside my dripping cunt. My thighs fell open wider. My body writhed and my fingers moved faster against my clit. It didn't take much. The feeling of my fingers both inside me and on me pushed me over the edge. I felt my body contract, my cunt tightening around my fingers. my muscles tensing. The sensation emanated out from my clit, hot waves pulsing through my body. I couldn't help but cry out as I came hard. My body convulsed as the feelings ebbed though my body... Just writing this makes me want to cum again. I need to touch myself again...


At 6:59 PM, Blogger Al Sensu said...

Wow, I am so honored you chose me.

And what a great prize! I just opened the pic and have a split screen looking at the pic and reading about how you felt as you posed for it. Now I'm all hot and bothered!

You have such a lovely and sexy body and I feel privileged to have this photo. Sorry guys, you're not gonna see it!

This was a lot of fun; thanks again DLG!

love, Al

At 7:16 PM, Blogger expei said...

congrats Al -you lucky fellow
but now we have this story- heheh. mmmmm.

At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Johnny said...

Damn, i think i have to masturbate for you now that you have masturbated for us. I think i will go slowly at first, just circling the head of my penis with my fingertops. And then when i feel ready to go on i will grab the whole shaft and slowly begin to pump up and down, going faster and faster until i can't stand it any longer. Spurt after spurt of my hot cum splashing all over my hands. I think i have to go was myself off now:P

At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Leslie said...

Amazingly arousing!! Makes me want to dress up and take a few dirty little pictures myself! Thx, DLG!!


ps. told you I'd be a naughty little reader for life! ; )~

At 12:39 PM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

al - it was very much my pleasure. I'm so glad you enjoyed your prize ;)

expei - naughty... ;)

johnny - how wonderful. I can picture you there, masturbating with me. Mmmmm.

leslie - ooOOoo, I think you should take some pictures. Feel free to share them with me ;)

At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was just happy to have done my best...and to have been part of the Olympic experience. Although i will return home without the pink lace panties as a trophy, i will savour their aroma and the feel of the lacy fabric on my lips and my tonuge as i pressed deep and inhaled with great gusto.
Congrats to Al sensu - i'm hoping he's not on literotica steroids.

My cock still remains hard for you DLG - you know've seen the pictures.

mr. white

At 7:26 AM, Anonymous Man Misbehaved said...

bloody hell. I missed the whole contest altogether. D'oh!

At 7:20 AM, Anonymous wendy said...

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At 2:30 PM, Blogger Miss S. said...

Great, I wish my english would be better that I could write like you. The question after all this is, is phantasie enough, is everything only in your brain, or do you practise this sometimes.

For me only a dream without real world would not be enough. Reality has his own kick.
Miss S.

At 5:28 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

mr. white - and thank you again for entering, your entry was delightful and it was such a hard decision to make. I do wish everyone could have been a winner. ;)

man misbehaved - no worries, I'll run a contest again... I wonder what the prize should be

wendy - thank you and I'll certainly check out your site

miss s. - welcome and I'm so glad you've been enjoying my blog. To answer your question, everything in my blog is based on reality. Some stories are entirely true while others are a mixture of reality in fantasy. I write about what I enjoy doing and what turns me on sexually. As the old saying goes, "write what you know."


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