Friday, June 01, 2007

Washington Series 2:2 - Eva's Discovery Continued

Ms. McCabe leaned over Brent. Smiling softly at him she ran her fingers through his hair. Her other hand tipped his chin up to her and she leaned closer to whisper in his ear. Eva watched, still dumbstruck, as Brent's mouth slowly curled into a smile.

Eva, confused by the entire situation, wrestled with her feelings. So many had passed over her in the time since she had entered the office of her mentor. Confusion followed by embarrassment, anger, jealousy, disappointment and betrayal. Her emotions were back to confusion for the moment - not at the relationship between Brent and Elizabeth McCabe, but confusion at the suggestion that she be involved somehow. Eva had never shared a man nor did she care to. If Brent was spoken for, she knew jealousy could never be kept at bay. She would always be wondering if he was with her, what they were doing, if she could ever be as good as her...

Brent broke into her thoughts. Still on his knees, he crawled over to her chair and knelt before her. "Eva," he pleaded, "please don't be angry with me. I can tell you're hurt. I never wanted to do that to you. What Ms. McCabe said was true. I do love you. I wouldn't have brought you in here today if I didn't love you. I want us to explore more together and this was the only way I knew how to tell you. I just wanted to show you how much I adore you by introducing you to this. I know you're probably mad that I never told you about this relationship, but it's not like ours. I do love her, I won't deny that, but it's not the forever love that I feel with you. You're the one I want to be with, Eva."

Eva sighed as she looked at her lover. He had poured his heart out to her and she knew deep down inside she felt the same. Eva glanced up at Elizabeth MCCabe, not knowing if what he had said hurt her. Her mentor smiled back at Eva and nodded her head. There was no disappointment in her face, no hurt, just a gentle look at both of them.

"Okay," Eva said after some time, "if this makes you happy, I'll bite." She leaned over and kissed him gently. A smile lit up his face. Squeezing her hands for a moment, he released them and crawled back over to Elizabeth McCabe.

She turned to him, but spoke to Eva, "You see Eva, it's possible to give and receive pleasure outside of a relationship. It doesn't change one's heart, it only satisfies the body. There's no reason for guilt or shame as long as it's clear who belongs to whom. Right now Brent still belong to me. I am willing to turn him over to you. That is, after I show you what you're meant to be."

She hesitated before continuing, "I have other lovers, Eva, they belong to me. The difference between me and others who have multiple partners is all of my lovers know about each other, each one knows who I'm with, there are no secrets. Occasionally we even get together as a group."

Brent flushed at the last statement. She chuckled, "Brent particularly enjoys those moments." Brent's cheeks grew more red.

"Though I think that's enough talking don't you think?" she said as she looked down at Brent. Eva looked at him too. She was strangely aroused listening to the soft voice speaking. She surprised herself by wanting to see what Ms. McCabe was going to do. Brent was visibly aroused as well. She could see his hard cock straining for release beneath his pants.

Elizabeth MCCabe bent down over Brent and once again ran her fingers through his hair, this time however, she grabbed the back of his hair and pulled it back sharply. Both Brent and Eva gasped. "Would you like that slut? Do you want to show Eva what we do together?"

"Oh yes, Master," Brent whispered, "please."

Eva watched as her mentor kissed Brent roughly and passionately. She wriggled in her chair as she watched the intensity of the scene. She felt a sudden rush of arousal move through her. She wanted to watch this, all other feelings were gone. No jealousy, no hurt, no embarrassment - all of it gone and replaced with the strong desire to watch them.

Eva was vaguely aware of anything until she heard Brent groan deeply. "Lick me," were the words spoken. "Make me cum. Show Eva what dirty fucking whore you are for me. Make me cum for her."

Brent moved then, kneeling lower, he ran his hands over Elizabeth McCabe's stilettos, caressing them before slipping his hands up to her ankles. His hands drifted up as she took a few steps back to lean against the desk. Brent's hands snaked their way up under her skirt, pulling it as he went, revealing the top of the black stockings she wore. Brent's lips found her skin, kissing along where the lace met flesh. Pushing her skirt up further, he groaned again as he revealed her already wet sex.

Eva involuntarily sucked in her breath when Brent revealed Elizabeth McCabe to her. Her cunt pulsed at the sight. Eva was so aroused now. She didn't know if she could watch much longer before having to touch herself.

Her mentor read her thoughts and spoke in a husky voice, "Do what ever you want Eva. Touch yourself if you need to. You may touch Brent as well, but not until I say it's okay. I want you to watch for awhile."

Eva nodded lustfully at her.

Brent's hands continued to massage and move around Ms. McCabe's thighs, such skilled and masculine hands. Eva could almost feel him against her flesh as she watched. Brent moved his mouth up to her clit and flicked his tongue over it and Eva gasped. His full concentration was on Elizabeth McCabe. Eva watched as he circled his tongue over her, watching how he licked her, fascinated seeing him do this to someone else. His tongue moved deftly over her skin, flicking and sucking at her clit before moving down to taste her juices. Ms. McCabe raised her leg and positioned her sharp stiletto on Brent shoulder eliciting a moan from him. Eva could see his straining cock throb at the contact.

Brent hands parted her thighs further, spreading her for him and Eva. His fingers slid along her slit, slipping into her dripping cunt. Elizabeth McCabe moaned than, "That's it slut, fuck me with your fingers, fuck me like it was your cock, make me cum all over your fingers, your face." Brent moaned again and began pushing his fingers into her, slipping them in and out of her wetness. Two fingers at first, then three. his mouth licked and sucked at her clit as his fingers thrust inside her harder and faster.

Eva could hardly control herself. The scene before her was too erotic. She slipped her hand down and pulled up her skirt, slipping her fingers in her panties. She was dripping wet and the touch of her hand on her clit caused her to groan. Her other hand slipped into her blouse and found her breast. She squeezed her already erect nipple and gasped again. She was so close to cumming. Her fingers skidded over her aroused clit as she continued to watch...

to be continued...

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At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, how intensely arousing. You made me cum so very hard and my hands were completely covered with my hot thick cum. I'm so looking forward to the next part.

At 11:52 AM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

This is just delightfully erotic, such a delicious start to this scene. You left me intensely erect and needing to cum - good job you have those delightful archives, so that I was able to cum intensely for you, just minutes ago... ;) xxx

At 3:07 PM, Blogger Eponine said...

Mmmm. Whenever I go away for awhile it seems almost defiinite that when I return I will encounter some delicious writing from you. Now I'm gonna be around for awhile I hope it doesn't mean things are gonna be any less delicious ;-) x x x

At 5:07 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

anon - such a delight, I do very much arousing you. xo

roger - always such a pleasure making you cum. I like knowing you're exploring me ;) xxx

eponine - it's lovely to see you! yes, please do stick around, hopefully I'll have the next part written soon. xoxo


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