Thursday, June 05, 2008

4AM Fuck

His breath was hot against the back of my neck. Hands slithered around me and I could feel his hard cock nestled against my ass. His body moved slightly, a gentle rocking, pressing against me in a slow rhythm. I moaned softly as his hands drifted over my breasts. The question 'What time is it?" entered my mind before quickly leaving as his fingers pinched a nipple. I groaned as my body began to respond. I pressed back against him, letting him know I needed him just as much while lips touched my neck, gently tracing its contour. His hands caressed and soothed me as I began my own rhythm of want and need.

I let my hands drift over his before sliding them behind me, down over the side of his body, feeling his heat and strength. I moved slightly to allow my hand to slip between us. His cock was hard and erect. Heat poured from him into my hand as my fingertips grazed over him. His lips responded by parting to kiss my neck a little harder. His tongue swirled over my skin as my fingers did the same to his cock. Not quite touching him fully, just enough to tease. His hips pushed up to me, pushing his cock into my hand, asking me to stroke him.

His hands found their way across my body, sliding down over my hips, over my thighs. They coaxed my thighs open, giving him access to me. Already hot and wet, his fingers nimbly slid along my slit, gasping as he discovered just how aroused I was. Showing his appreciation, his fingers pushed against my cunt, slipping inside me as I took my turn and gasped. My hand grasped him a bit tighter as his fingers worked me. Pushing up inside then sliding out to slip up and tease my clit. Little circles over and over, building me up. My cunt was drenched in my juices, slippery for him, wanting him.

His cock pulsed in my hand, telling me what he wanted. I stroked him slowly, sensually, teasing out his erection, wanting him desperate with desire. His body pulsed with arousal, rocking against me, my hand. His lips pressed firmer and I turned my head to meet his. His mouth devoured mine, greedily kissing. Lustfully kissing. His tongue slipped past my lips, letting me taste him, letting me return my desire. His other hand slid up into my hair, holding my head to his. His fingers tangled in my hair, fueling his arousal as the silken stands caressed his skin.

His thigh slipped in between mine, pushing my thighs open, urging me. Without hesitating, I moved against him, directing his cock to my dripping cunt. feeding him into me, opening for him to slide all the way inside. We both broke our kiss and groaned at the feeling. My soft wet cunt enveloping his cock, his hard hot penis filling me. Our bodies moved together. Slow, lazy, intimate fucking as we found our rhythm. His hand held my hip, pulling me back to him as we rocked together.

His breath turned ragged against my neck. His body trembled slightly as my cunt tightened around him with each stroke of his cock. His hand released me and slid back to my clit. His fingers drifted down further, feeling his cock thrusting inside, getting his fingers wet. Finding my clit again, he started with the little circles. Centering his touch, he elicited gasps from my aching body. Flicking over me, he made me groan his name. Over and over his fingers moved with my body, taking what he wanted from me, giving me so much pleasure. Sliding over me, pushing me, empowering me to feed my desire.

Pushing against him, I moved. Pulling from him I turned to look into his eyes. Hungry eyes stared back and our lips met again. Passion swirled between us and I pushed his shoulder back, pushing him back onto the bed. My thighs straddled over him, my cunt slid over his drenched cock. His hands took my hips as I slid myself down onto his throbbing erection. Hot and deep, his cock filled me once again. I rocked then, my body needing to fuck him hard, to heighten what we had started. It was no longer enough to lazily fuck, the feelings were urgent and needy. My breasts swayed and his mouth found them. Pulling a nipple into his mouth, his tongue played with me, heightening my pleasure. His other hand snaked down between my thighs finding my clit once again.

My head tipped back, my eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure of the man beneath me. His fingers moved and my hips rocked against him. Such intense feelings and my body responded. My hands grabbed his hips, pulling him up to me. My fingernails dug into his flesh leaving scratches in their wake. He groaned deeply, enjoying my passion and returned his lust by pushing his hips up hard to meet me. Sex permeated the air and we breathed it in. Our bodies were slick from each other, hot filthy sweaty bodies moving together finding the crescendo and needing the release. His fingers worked me faster, matching m rhythm as I fucked him. My juices streamed from me, his fingers were moist against my skin. His cock was hot and hard inside me, thrusting deep inside me. My body trembled as I felt my orgasm drawing closer.

His gasps let me know he felt it too. His voice filtered into my head, asking me, begging me, wanting me. I responded in kind. My body bucking over him, fucking him hard as my muscles tensed around him. His fingers pushed me over the edge, his hard cock kept me there. My body writhed on top of him as I started to cum. My juices spilled over his cock and he continued to fuck me. The pleasure drenched me as I gasped his name once again. He groaned intensely as my cunt pulsed around him. It's what he wanted and he let go. His body tensed under me, his cock pulsing deep inside me as he came hard. His hot spunk filled my cunt as his body arched off the bed, lost in the sensations between us.


At 7:38 AM, Blogger Mina said...

*sigh* I need my mojo back.

At 10:56 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

it will come sweetie, give it time xoxo

At 12:01 PM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

mmmm... I just came all over myself... just delightful, thankyou ;) xxx

At 2:09 PM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

roger - it's always a pleasure making you come for me ;) xxx

At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best wait for Leon to come home to give the pussy a real workout.

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous pub friend said...

Early morning is such a lovely time to fuck. Perhaps you'll invade one of my pre-dawn wet dreams, DLG?

At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Tboy said...

Wonderful as always.

At 3:07 PM, Anonymous tinaslut said...

You are a great writer... your stories are so erotic, exciting and, well they make me horny... *blushes*

Take care and have a nice summer,
tina of Sweden

At 7:13 AM, Blogger Toshio said...

Such a great description, of both the physical and the emotional. So erotic, and at such a great pace...

At 11:37 PM, Blogger Rose said...

Damn. That makes me wish I had someone next to me in moments like this when I can't sleep! lol

Beautifully written, as usual.

Blessed Be.


At 8:58 AM, Blogger max said...

man oh man, this is a keeper. i can see why he wants it and you.

At 8:23 AM, Blogger Simon said...

"My juices spilled over his cock..." *groan*
You certainly know the images that drive me crazy :P

At 6:18 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

Jacinta - I hope Leon had a good night!

pub friend - it would be my pleasure ;)

tboy - thank you xo

tina - my dear, I do very love making you blush

rose - thank you and welcome!

max - mmmm, thank you

simon - I do so love driving you crazy ;)

At 5:59 PM, Anonymous longdistancelover said...

thank you so much for writing these this and in the shower helped me show how much i love and desire and cum for my long distance boyfriend after i showed him the link to these two pages and he read them he came like crazy =] i love reading these and they make me cum sometimes immediately you are truly amazing please don't stop writing

At 12:00 PM, Blogger this one time i... said...

i love 4am fucks. especially when afterwards neither of you know how you even woke up and who started first. i always submit to a cheeky reach around. thank you for helping me relive pretty much this exact thing happening to me last night and letting cum all over again.


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