Monday, March 24, 2008

And the Winner of my Panties is...

After much deliberation, I've decided to award my panties to Blow Job Babe for her delightful and arousing beginning to our date. Congratulations! She has requested that I finish the date so below her winning entry you'll find my response. And go check out her blog too! It's rather hot.
For all those who entered. Thank you so much. It was a very hard decision to make as all of the entries were fun and certainly arousing. If I could take you all up on your dates, I certainly would!
(The photo shown here is a small snippet of her prize. Sorry folks, this is all you get. *wink*)

One more note before I get to BJB's winning entry. Since I've reached the 2,000,000 mark, I've decided to have a celebration which will involve you, my fabulous readers. Stay tuned for more details. Right, on to the story...

It’s Valentine’s Day and you and I are in a local coffee shop waiting to purchase our regulars. You are standing in front of me and I am admiring your tight firm ass in a short skirt. My mind begins to wander and I find myself accidentally bumping into you. As I do, I drop my newly purchased book, the new Jenna Jameson book. I quickly bend down to pick it up so no one sees the book. At the same time, you are doing the same and we both find ourselves apologizing and then looking down at the book. “Oh, is that good?” you ask. “I don’t know, I just purchased it,” I said. “If you want, after we get out drinks we can sit down and look at it.”
“Really,” you ask? “Sure, it is Valentine’s Day. Everyone deserves some loving.” You chuckle and after purchasing our drinks, we find a table in the corner. We look through the book at the pictures and read some passages out loud to each other. Soon our conversation moves to ourselves and I learn that you have nothing to do tonight. “I was going to watch some chick flicks and drink some wine tonight. Want to join me?”
“Sure, what time should I be at your place,” you ask. I give you directions to my place and tell you to come around 7 p.m. On the way home, I stop at the video store and pick up some movies. Once home, I shower, shave and put on tight jeans that make my ass look divine and a button down blouse that shows off my cleavage. I am pouring a glass of wine, when you knock on the door. When I open it, you are standing there dripping wet. It decided to down pour while you were making the 5 minute walk from your place to mine and you were caught without an umbrella. You hair is tousled and I love the kinky curls the water brings out. You are wearing a white blouse that is soaked through and I can see the outline of your bra and you hard nipples protruding from it.
“Oh my, come in out of the rain,” I say. “Sorry, I am dripping on your floor. It was sunny when I left home and I didn’t think about it raining,” you explain. “Not a problem,” I say. “I have some things you can change into. Come into my bedroom and we will find you something.”
As we make our way back to the bedroom, I wonder what I should give you. Perhaps some comfy sweats or maybe a wife beater and some short gym shorts. “Since we are going to be drinking, it might be best if we find you something cool. It will probably get hot in here.” You smile and nod your head. I ruffle through the drawers and find a wife beater and some sky blue gym shorts. I turn around and you have already begun to undo your blouse. All the buttons are open and there is your white lacy bra, right in front of me. I can feel my pussy getting warm and I stammer, “Here these should do,” handing you the clothes.
You take off the blouse and then say “Do you mind helping me with my bra?” Of course, I would not mind. I undo the clasp and feel your breasts fall a bit. You slip on the wife beater and turn around saying, “This fits perfect.” It certainly does. Your perky 36D breasts are practically popping out of the top. You then pull down your damp jeans, revealing a matching lacy thong. I can see that you are clean shaven and I like my lips thinking about how sweet you must taste.
“Lets have a glass of wine and watch some movies.” I hand you a glass of wine and we make our way to the couch. I pop in the first video which is a girl on girl video of Jenna. “I thought you might enjoy this since you liked the book so much,” I say. “Oh I am sure I will,” you say. It isn’t long into the first scene that I am leaning over and kissing you. My pussy turns to juice and I passionately kiss you, exploring your entire mouth. My hands find your hard nipples and I began to tease them.

My turn:

I gasp gently into your mouth as the feelings of arousal begin to course through my body. Your fingers dance around my nipples and I have no choice but to arch my back to you. Your kisses become more urgent and passionate as you feel my body react to you. Your clothes suddenly become too restrictive and you find it had to breathe.

"Help me take these off," you moan and start stripping off your blouse. Not one to deny you or I pleasure, I stand and help you shed your clothes. I suck in my breathe as I admire you standing there in front of me. Your gorgeous breasts are barely contained in your black lacy bra and your panties barely cover you down below, hinting at the secrets underneath. I strip off the shirt and shorts you had given me leaving me in only my panties as well.

I move to you, pulling you close, crushing my body against yours and kiss you passionately. I let you take the lead when I first got here not knowing how you felt about women, but now I can see I arouse you as much as you arouse me. I can feel your heart racing as my tongue dips into your mouth. Slowly and sensually, my fingers trail down over your back and unclasp your bra. Your breasts free themselves and I moan softly as I feel your skin against mine. Our hard nipples brush over each other and jolts of electricity trail down my spine. My fingers slide down further and cup your luscious ass. I let one finger slide up the back of your thong and I can feel the warm wetness from your arousal.

Smiling wickedly at you I ask you to lie down on the couch. You smile back and turn from me to lie down but I change my mind and stop you before you do, bringing you up to all fours. I smile again as I admire you. Your hair is tousled and you smile again as you look at me over your shoulder. Your gorgeous ass is up and facing me. I move to you, my fingertips slipping into the sides of your panties and I slowly slide them down. As I do, I lean over and kiss your back, kissing all the way down to your ass. Freeing you of your panties, I work my fingers back up the insides of your thighs. Pushing your thighs a little wider, I slowly trail a finger own your slit. We both gasp as my finger slides over your dripping cunt. I lick my lips at how wet you've become and I need to taste you.

Dropping to my knees I push your thighs wider still. I can see how gorgeously wet you are and my heart beats a little faster. I move closer and flick my tongue out, savoring my first taste of you. You moan softly and push your ass to me, opening yourself to me. I take the cue and lick up your slit this time, your wetness covering my tongue. You moan again. I bring my face closer and lick you again, this time slowing and circling over your clit. Pulling back, I gently nip at the outer lips of your cunt. My fingers tease you as I do it again, slowly circling over your clit and back to your lips. My tongue dips inside you, lazily fucking you as I taste your arousal. My fingers then slide over your clit and your body trembles at my touch. Your moans have become rhythmic, your hips rolling back to me.

I increase my speed just a little, sliding my tongue back up to your clit as my fingers find your slick opening. Your arms and legs start to shake as I begin my assault on you. Faster now, my tongue and teeth play with your clit as my fingers start to fuck you. Your head drops to the pillows in front of you and you groan loudly into them. Your hands clench the fabric of the couch as you spread your legs wider for me. Small gushes of your wetness cover my hand and your cunt tightens around my fingers. I know you're close. I pull my head back for a moment and you cry out from the loss. I flick your clit and stop. Flick it then stop. teasing you, bringing you higher. Flicking it over and over, not direct pressure, just teases. You squirm and moan, trying to regain the constant pressure of my tongue. The teasing is arousing you more.

Suddenly I press my tongue back over you and push my fingers in hard and fast. It's what you need. Your muscles tense and the warm thrill of your climax takes hold of your body. A sharp gush of breath escapes you as the feeling moves through your body. Your body trembles as you feel your orgasm pass over you. I stay where I am, pressing against you, trying to extend the pleasure you're feeling, your juices covering my face and hand. I stay there until your exhausted body collapses on the couch in front of me. You smile happily at me and I move to you. Our arms wrap around each other and we kiss again, slowly, passionately and without hurry. We still have plenty of the Valentine's evening left to do with as we please.


At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, this made me cum so hard. My cock is in my hand, throbbing, my hands are all covered by cum. Holy god this was hot. I wish i were there with the girls....

At 8:10 PM, Blogger kissandtell said...

mmm delicious. you two work very well together


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