Sunday, March 04, 2007

You, me and another girl - Part 3

*Contest Update*
I have received all of the entries and must admit I'm having a very difficult time choosing the winner. I promise to make the decision by the end of the week. In the meantime, here is Part Three of the survey winner: You, Me and Another Girl. ;) If you're just joining us now, go here to read Part One and Part Two.


I moaned again as he began to move inside me, my cunt reacting immediately, pulsing around him. Closing my eyes briefly before looking up to her again, I relished the feelings. Coming closer, she leaned over and kissed me, her lips parting and her tongue sliding over mine. I heard him groan as he watched us, pausing for a moment, his hard cock throbbing inside me as he took in the view. She was naked, her beautiful body glistening in the candlelight. Her fingers slid over her clit, circling as her other hand wove through my hair. Our mouths connected, separating briefly so he could see our tongues dancing in each other's mouths.

Breaking our kiss, she turned to look at him, her lids heavy with desire. Leaning closer, she kissed him over me. My thighs tightened around him as his hips involuntarily began moving against me. Their bodies moved together, rocking gently as he began to fuck me again, one of his hands on my breast, one against the back of her neck. We stayed like that, three bodies writhing together, touching, moaning. Her hand moved quicker around her clit as I slid my hands up inside her thighs. Her juices ran down her leg covering my fingers in its slickness. Moving up higher, I found her warm wetness, so inviting. Gently, I slid my fingers around her, giving her the time to spread her thighs for me. Greedily, she spread herself wide as my fingers slid over and around her dripping cunt. With one soft movement, I slid two fingers inside her, feeling her body welcome me. Her gasp was reward enough and I started to slide them in and out of her cunt. Slowly at first, but increasing speed as her hips pushed down against me, fucking my hand as she kissed him.

Suddenly, I was lifted up off the sofa and I tightened my legs around his back. Carrying me, he pushed the coffee table out of the way and laid us down onto the plush carpet. As he placed us on the floor, his hard length pushed deeper inside me, deeper than he had been while we were on the sofa. I moaned again, my breath becoming more rapid. Reaching for her, I pulled her toward me, pulling her thighs to my face. She crawled over me, her hands by my breasts, her knees beside my head. Lowering her over me, I tasted her sweet juices dripping from her cunt. She was so clearly aroused. Lowering herself more, I could feel her smoothly shaved cunt grinding against my lips. With one hand, I parted her more, lapping at her wetness. The other hand reached around to find her clit, stroking it as she rode me. He moaned again and thrust hard. From the sound of them, I knew their mouths had met. I knew that their tongues parted their lips and they hungrily devoured each other.

A tingle of arousal ran through me as I envisioned what we looked like. Him, on his knees, his cock buried deep inside me. My thighs parted wide, my wet cunt engulfing him each time he thrust forward. Her over top of me, her thighs on either side of my head, my hands stroking her, my tongue licking her, my face smeared with her juices. And the two of them, their hands touching each other, the three of us connected. Each push and pull, each movement affecting all of us.

My tongue pushed deeper inside her and her legs trembled. Her hand pressed against my stomach, steadying her as she drew closer to her orgasm. I could hear him above me as I lapped at her begging for her to come for him, to come for us. Over and over, come for us, he wanted to see her come. Her moaning was rhythmic as she ground down against me, using me for her pleasure. His hips thrust to his words, wanting me to feel what he wanted to see. I felt his hand join mine over her clit, both of us rubbing and stroking her. Her body was lost to the sensations. She gasped time and time again, each movement, each lick, each stroke pushing her there. He spoke to her again, soft, desirous talk, telling her to come, telling her he wanted her, telling her he wanted to feel her juices pouring over his fingers, telling her he wanted to taste her on my lips. She moaned, her muscles stiffening, her hand reached back and grabbed my hair, her body arched and she cried out. I could hear him pushing her to come hard, to come all over my face. Her body convulsed as her cunt throbbed with her orgasm. Her juiced streamed from her as I drank her down. Her hips didn't stop, my tongue never stopped. "Please," she moaned and we didn't slow. Our hands moved together, intertwined as we pushed her there again. She whimpered softly, repeating it over and over, "please, yes, please, please" until we brought her over the edge a second time, making her orgasm more violent than the first. She cried out again, her body trembling, and shaking over me as I licked her and stroked her.

He groaned as she came, watching her beautiful body move and undulate over me. I could feel his thrusts get harder, his penis swelling inside me. He couldn't hold back much longer, his body taking all it could being inside me whilst watching her come. She pushed him back then, pushing him from me and grabbing my hand. Quickly crawling from me, her hand wrapped firmly around his cock, never slowing. Pulling me toward her, she grinned wickedly and I grinned back. He began to protest, whimpering softly at the loss of my cunt. Holding him down, my hand joined hers, both of us stroking his erect cock covered in my wetness. Leaning over him, we kissed each other deeply, her tasting herself on my lips. And he moaned, his cock throbbing in our hands. Breaking the kiss, we both lowered our lips to his erect cock, greedily licking at him. He groaned loudly and grabbed our hair. We slid our lips and tongue around him together, a blur of feelings as our hands continued to stroke. "I'm going to come," he cried as his hips bucked up to us. We never slowed, our mouths devouring him together as his cock began to thicken and pulse, his cum surging through him. My mouth was around the head of his cock as the first spurt of hot cum burst from him. It filled my mouth and I swallowed him down as the second spurt hit both of our lips. Stroking him and milking his cock with our hands, she and I kissed again, his cum smearing over our lips as he watched and writhed under us. Groaning again, I felt his cock pulse once more and felt the last of his cum pouring from his cock and over our hands...

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At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Julian said...

Exquisite. Burning jealousy. Just a story, but...damn, BURNING jealousy.

I knew I wasn't skilled enough to win the contest, so I didn't try. I'm not worthy. And...I'm not much, any still pictures, more for talk, words, and oh God sounds... I never got my three questions. That is NOT FAIR.

Do you find vampires arousing?

Would you ever consider marriage and a child with anyone, ever? or are none of us worthy?

And...if you and I had caught someone who was going to try to rape you, and if we were going to work together to torture him to death SLOWLY, so that it would take him days to die -- is it just me, or would that be hot? You supping on his intestines, he still alive, screaming, begging for death? His blood around your mouth as we kissed?

At 12:39 AM, Blogger sugarrush said...

i love it when a guy cums all over my face!

At 3:54 AM, Blogger D said...

Your every word is arousing, DLG. I have the most exquisite pleasure reading your blog. How I'd love to have you alone for just one hour. Well, maybe you and another girl. Aren't I terrible? Mac

At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Johnny said...

Damn, this is absolutely one of your best posts every! I came so hard and i hadn't even finished reading the whole text. It was so good i could almost feel your wet cunt around my erect cock.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

dear god that's fucking intense - I came, very hard, only halfway through... gonna need to come back to this... I have warm cum on my belly... r xxx

At 10:13 PM, Blogger Ravage_me said...

Wow....that was really graphic and really well written. Grats for the winner of that writing contest!

At 6:08 AM, Blogger Iriscal said...

I just stumbled upon this blog, and for some reason, I feel like writing again.

I wonder why... ;D

At 6:18 PM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

julian - let's see, to your questions:
1. Yes, I do, in fact all the women I've talked to find vampires arousing. It must be the biting thing.... or the fact that Brad Pitt looks damn good as a vampire ;)
2. I'm going to refrain from answering this question as it delves too much into my personal life which I strive hard to keep out of my blog. That being said I have no feeling for or against the institute of marriage and children. To each their own.
3. I believe in an eye for an eye. Punishment is a necessity for a crime as brutal as rape. It's not up to me, however, to decide how the punishment is to be carried out - it do have faith in our justice system.

sugarrush - mmm, isn't that such a delight? ;)

mac - you are terrible... but then I do like naughty boys ;)

johnny - oh my, I always get so excited knowing I've made you cum. It's such an arousing thing for me knowing you're right there on the other side of the screen masturbating with me.

roger - I do so love making you cum, particularly when you cum so hard for me. xxx

ravage me - thank you and stop back, I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow!

iriscal - welcome! It's so lovely to have you and even lovelier to inspire you to write. *blush*

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FUCKING fuck fuck fuck....I'm still so incredibly wet & I orgasmed twice. That is seriously the most arousing post I've ever read. Keep making me cum and you've got a reader for life!

At 5:29 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

anon - my, it's certainly a pleasure to arouse you like that.

At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. You're really, really good. Almost too good. I made a mess of my sheets not even trying.


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