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Savannah 2:3 - Gwen and Linda in the Bedroom

This post is dedicated to someone very special. A long time reader of my blog recently passed away. She was young, lovely and so full of life. Because of her I found a wonderful friendship and my life has been blessed by the presence of her and the man she shared her life with. She will be missed.
Thank you to the very lovely Madeline Glass who included this post as part of the Dirty Girls Sex Blog Roundup on Fleshbot!

By the time they reached the bedroom, both Linda and Gwen managed to shed the remainder of their clothes. There was a heat running between them, a passion which needed to be fulfilled. Gwen was fueled by her first orgasm. It was an experience unlike any other. Having a woman touch her, desire her and make her come was so exciting and Gwen wanted so much more. She needed so much more.

Gwen practically pounced when they entered the bedroom. She pulled Linda to her and kissed her deeply. Her hands wound around the other woman's waist, caressing her skin as they kissed passionately. The feeling of another woman's skin against her own was incredibly sensual. Linda's soft breasts, her delicate touch, her warm scent so different than that of a man's, Gwen couldn't help but run her hands over the sultry flesh of this woman.

"Show me what you like. Show me how to pleasure a woman. I need to know." Gwen murmured when their kiss broke.

Linda smiled and led Gwen to the bed. She climbed up, stretching cat-like over the billowing duvet, and turned to face Gwen. She beckoned her onto the bed. Gwen smiled and crawled up the length, up between Linda's now open thighs.

The gasp behind them snapped Gwen's attention away. She looked over her shoulder to see Bryant standing at the foot of the bed. His hand slowly stroked his erect cock, his mouth was slightly open as he breathed heavily. His eyes moved from his wife to Gwen and back to his wife again. Gwen grinned at him and Bryant smiled back and began to climb onto the bed.

Linda spoke sharply, "Don't even think about it." She held up her hand as he began to protest. "You'll have your chance with us but first she's mine. You were the selfish one to hire her so I think I deserve the chance to have a little pleasure before you have yours."

Bryant looked as if he were going to protest but stopped, realizing what she said was fair. He sighed softly and withdrew from the bed. He looked around, unsure of what to do with himself. Linda beckoned to a chair in the sitting area.

"Sit there," she said. "Sit there and watch us. I do so love being watched."

As Bryant moved to the other side of the room, Linda reached up and touched Gwen's cheek, drawing her attention back to the beautiful woman beneath her. Their eyes met and both smiled at each other.

"Touch me," Linda said.

"Where?" Gwen asked.

"Anywhere you think it will feel good," Linda replied. "You know this body. You know it because you have one of your own. If it feels good to you, it will feel wonderful to me."

Gwen took a long slow breath before nodding. She looked at the woman before her. Her long lean body was stretched out, her breasts moved with her breathing, her long legs were spread on either side of her, she was a vision of sensuality. Gwen sat back on her heels and admired her before reaching hers hands out to caress the legs which were now ever so slightly curling around her.

Gwen's fingertips moving softly around Linda's ankles, passing over her calves, to her knees and back again. It was strange touching another woman yet it felt so natural. She let her hands drift up further, over her knees and up the outside of her thighs. Gwen shifted forward so her hands could continue their journey. She caressed her stomach, letting one hand slide up between Linda's breasts before allowing it to circle over the soft mound of flesh. It was invigorating and Gwen felt the twinges of arousal begin inside her. Her hand circled over Linda's breast, pausing to pinch her nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Linda gasped and her body arched a little under Gwen's touch. Gwen let her other hand do the same to Linda's other breast and Linda began to writhe. Gwen felt another surge of arousal. She released her breast, leaned over and licked where her hand had been. Linda's taste was exquisite and Gwen suddenly needed more.

Gwen let her body rest on top of Linda's now, their legs entwining as Gwen's mouth explored her. She hungrily devoured Linda's breasts, moving between them, alternating with kisses, licks and sucks. Gwen's hands roamed over her contours. Linda moaned at Gwen's movements. Her legs encircled Gwen, pulling her closer as her hips moved up, wanting Gwen. Gwen let her hand drift down as she moved her body up. Her lips kissed up Linda's throat and came to rest on her lips. Linda groaned as they kissed deeply, Gwen's tongue slipping into her mouth. Gwen's hand brushed down over Linda's mons, pushing down further to cup her waiting cunt.

"Am I doing alright?" Gwen asked when their lips parted.

"Oh yes," said Linda. She began to say more but moaned as Gwen slipped her fingers slowly along Linda's wet slit. Gwen could barely contain her own arousal. Feeling how wet Linda was and watching Linda react to her touch created a burn inside of Gwen. She needed this.

Gwen's fingers softly moved around Linda's cunt, sliding through the wetness she had caused. She teased her wet lips, moving around them, caressing them, sliding over the slick skin. Linda pushed her hips up, loving the feeling of Gwen's hand against her. Gwen continued to tease, avoiding her clit, working Linda up, rubbing, sliding and touching her sensitive skin. She knew the build-up of arousal would make it so much more pleasurable for Linda. She knew because it worked so well for her. Linda's body writhed under her, her hands clutched at Gwen's skin, her breath was quick in Gwen's mouth as they kissed.

Linda broke the kiss next. "Please," she said. "Please, make me cum, touch me, oh god, please touch me."

A thrill ran through Gwen as she heard the words. She watched Linda's face, the agony of pleasure so close to the surface. She dipped her head down and kissed Linda's neck and let her hand find Linda's heat.

Linda gasped and then groaned as Gwen's fingers finally touched her clit. Her legs trembled as Gwen began to circle the tender bud. Gwen bit at her neck as her fingers increased their speed. Linda whimpered softly, pushing her hips to Gwen's hand, clutching tighter to Gwen's body. Gwen tried to keep hold as Linda's hips moved up and down, fucking her hand to the rhythm of her body's arousal. Gwen adjusted her hand, letting her thumb move over her clit so she could slide her fingers down to Linda's dripping cunt.

Gwen pushed them deep inside her, fucking her now with her fingers while her thumb rubbed her clit. Linda's body clamped down against her invading fingers, milking them as she would a man's cock. Pure arousal hit Gwen as she watched the flush move up Linda's neck. She knew she was close. Gwen kissed her way back down to Linda's breast and took a nipple into her mouth. She sucked hard forcing Linda to cry out. Linda's hand suddenly clamped down on top of her own, asking her to move faster, harder, deeper. Gwen did as she asked and felt a gush of wetness over her fingers.

"Fuck," Linda cried, "oh fuck, I'm coming."

Gwen felt the rush of wetness between her own thighs as Linda's body bucked up against her. Linda's cunt tightened around her fingers as her body spasmed with the pleasure careening through her. Gwen sucked hard at her nipple again as Linda's hips trembled with her orgasm. Linda's hands grabbed her hair and dragged her up to her mouth. The kiss was heated and rough. Linda pushed her hand down harder against Gwen's, forcing Gwen's fingers deeper and harder inside her. Their kissed deepened and Gwen could feel the last surge move through their bodies as the pleasure slowly ebbed away. Slowly, the two eased back into the soft bed, their bodies still entwined and Gwen rested her head on her hand.

Breathing heavily, Linda whispered, "Well done."

Gwen let out a giggle, releasing the tension of the moment.

Linda slowly pulled herself away from Gwen and propped up on the pillows above their heads. She gently ran her fingers through Gwen's hair before letting them drift back down to where Gwen's had been. She began to move her fingers around her clit as she let her gaze move from Gwen to Bryant.

"I think it's time for you to fuck her now." she said and leaned back to watch.

To be continued...


At 12:43 PM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

okay... so I just came really, really hard... and there's cum all over me here... my god...
can I send you the cleaning bills...? ;) xxx

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Chayyim Jaeger said...

Been reading for a while now and just wanted to finally say how much I enjoy reading your work.

At 6:14 PM, Blogger shawnstring said...

wow....i mena good as always, DLG

At 6:18 PM, Anonymous -Sparks said...

"Gwen pushed them deep inside her, fucking her now with her fingers while her thumb rubbed her clit. Linda's body clamped down against her invading fingers, milking them as she would a man's cock."

Sooo yummy... thanks for the inspiration!

At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Mina said...

This had me thinking of you! I wonder why? ;)

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wondefully written, so erotic. My whole body is waiting for the next installment.


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