Thursday, April 03, 2008

Masturbatathon Part 2

And here's the next installment of our delightful Masturbatathon. Part 1 can be read here. Many orgasms to come so stay tuned for more installments of our party!

Tboy: mmm
dirtyboy1uk: though if DLG starts getting hot and heavy, I may have to cum too
dirtylittlemindgirl: it's so sweet to share that kind of love
TDHand: mmm
dirtyboy1uk: I'm intensely erect, actually ;)
TDHand: where are those green panties now?
dirtylittlemindgirl: thank you for sharing with us Scruffy
dirtylittlemindgirl: such naughty boys
dirtylittlemindgirl: ;)
SabM: thank you Scruffy
Tboy: Ohh, Roger is dirtyboy, haha, my bad
dirtyboy1uk: yes, thank you Scruffy x
Scruffy: andi now taste myself from his fingers
dirtylittlemindgirl: so very hot
Scruffy: bliss after bliss
dirtyboy1uk: I'm happy to go up next if no-one else is volunteering ;)
Tboy: Should a guy go up next then?
dirtylittlemindgirl: I can go as requested ;)
TDHand: mmmm
TDHand: how many times can you masturbate in 3 hours?
dirtyboy1uk: mmm - DLG first, yes ;)
dirtylittlemindgirl: by all means dirtyboy or Tboy, I do think a gentleman should go nest
Tboy: dirtyboy, please feel free
dirtylittlemindgirl: I can manage quite a few
TDHand: i bet a lot of people will come in later wanting to see the show
Tboy: Go ahead
dirtyboy1uk: k ;)
Tboy: I don't mind watching
Scruffy: we will be quiet now and watch
dirtyboy1uk: since I'm already pulsing...
dirtyboy1uk: sitting up on my bed
dirtylittlemindgirl: mmmm, do tell
dirtyboy1uk: the laptop pushed down my thighs
dirtyboy1uk: to give me room to stroke
dirtyboy1uk: the same way I write ;)
dirtylittlemindgirl: and as I recall, you're naked
dirtyboy1uk: I am naked ;)
Tboy: Mmmm
dirtyboy1uk: sort of typing
dirtylittlemindgirl: even better
dirtyboy1uk: then stroking
dirtyboy1uk: sometimes typing with one hand
Tboy: It's quite hard to stroke and type, i tell you
dirtyboy1uk: when it feels nice
dirtyboy1uk: I know! lol
dirtyboy1uk: discobring that lol
dirtylittlemindgirl: well, please don't stop
dirtyboy1uk: discovering lol
dirtyboy1uk: breathing harder
dirtyboy1uk: my hand around my cock
dirtyboy1uk: warm
dirtyboy1uk: so very hard
dirtyboy1uk: and i can feel it pulse
dirtyboy1uk: god like that
dirtylittlemindgirl: tell me what you're thinking about as you stroke
dirtyboy1uk: if you must know... ;)
dirtyboy1uk: I'm thinking about you there touching yourself
dirtylittlemindgirl: my fingers are still in my panties as I watch
dirtyboy1uk: and how much I want to see all of you cum
Tboy: mmmm
dirtyboy1uk: excited being watched
dirtyboy1uk: wanting you all to watch me
dirtyboy1uk: my hips flexing now
Tboy: We're watching
dirtyboy1uk: god
dirtyboy1uk: moving up towards my hand
dirtylittlemindgirl: I love you touching yourself for us
dirtyboy1uk: with each stroke
dirtyboy1uk: breathing harder
dirtyboy1uk: god
dirtyboy1uk: precum now lubricating the head of my penis
dirtylittlemindgirl: my fingers slip further down and slide through my wetness
dirtyboy1uk: god this feels so good
dirtylittlemindgirl: don't stop
Tboy: mmmmmmmm
dirtyboy1uk: not sure how long i'll be able to hold it
dirtyboy1uk: god
dirtylittlemindgirl: i don't want you to hold back
dirtyboy1uk: rubbing harder
dirtyboy1uk: fuckkk DLg
dirtylittlemindgirl: i want you to come for us
dirtyboy1uk: my erection pulsing with each stroke
dirtylittlemindgirl: knowing we're all watching you
Tboy: come for all of us;)
dirtyboy1uk: keep saying that and you're gonna push me over the edge lol
dirtyboy1uk: closer now
dirtylittlemindgirl: knowing we need you to come
dirtyboy1uk: groaning with each stroke
dirtyboy1uk: fuckk
dirtylittlemindgirl: it pushes us closer too
dirtyboy1uk: wanting you to watch me
dirtyboy1uk: wanting you all to see me cum
dirtyboy1uk: god
dirtyboy1uk: unnhg god
dirtyboy1uk: so fucking close now
dirtyboy1uk: dont think i can hold it back
dirtylittlemindgirl: that's it, keep stroking yourself
dirtyboy1uk: tell me to cum
dirtyboy1uk: fuckkk
dirtyboy1uk: god please
SabM: cum for us
dirtylittlemindgirl: come for me
dirtyboy1uk: need it
dirtylittlemindgirl: come for us
dirtyboy1uk: godod
dirtyboy1uk: good gonna cum... tell me again
dirtylittlemindgirl: don't hold it back
dirtylittlemindgirl: come for us
dirtyboy1uk: fuc kkkk
dirtylittlemindgirl: we're watching you, come for all of us
dirtyboy1uk: fucukk thats it
dirtylittlemindgirl: oh god, yes
Scruffy: spurt and splash
SabM: oh gof
dirtyboy1uk: nnow
dirtyboy1uk: god dd
dirtylittlemindgirl: mmmm, god
dirtyboy1uk: god god
dirtyboy1uk: my hand is wet lol
dirtyboy1uk: pulsing
dirtylittlemindgirl: that's what i like to hear
dirtyboy1uk: so much cum
Scruffy: yummy
dirtyboy1uk: god....
Kyma: hehehe....
dirtyboy1uk: who's next *phew
dirtylittlemindgirl: I rather enjoyed that, thank you
dirtylittlemindgirl: lol
dirtyboy1uk: I loved that ;)
SabM: yes thank you
Tboy: Maybe a lady next?
Tboy: SabM or dirtygirl?
dirtylittlemindgirl: a lady perhaps?
Tboy: Yes, i think so
TDHand: we have ladies in here?
SabM: i'm not coherent enough to fully take the stage...
dirtylittlemindgirl: s'ok, I can take the stage

to be continued...


At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No surprise... almost the entire session is consumed by "dirtylittlemindgirl" (DLG) and "dirtyboy1uk" (Roger). I never thought I would say this, but what was once the most erotic site/blog in the world... Dare I say it?... Has actually become predictable and, worse, boring. Trust me, I take no pleasure in saying this. I am just being (much to my regret) honest, a trait that I know is respected here.

At 4:45 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

'm sorry to have disappointed you with this post, but it was dirtyboy's turn to masturbate for us. Just as in Part 1 it was Scruffy's turn. After this, I masturbate as does Tboy, TDHand, Eter, Ac, Kyma and SabM. What doesn't interest you this time will hopefully interest you next time.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger dirtyboy said...

I can only apologise to the above commenter for having a boring orgasm lol (tch!). Maybe 'anonymous' might like to know that there's a very intense section coming up (assuming you post it), which involves most of the group that were there, both male and female, masturbating together and coming rather urgently, all at the same time... ;)

At 11:32 AM, Blogger dirtylittlegirl said...

I am indeed planning on posting the next part. As I recall it involves my blue vibe and multiple orgasms.

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Scruffy said...

I think you missed several important points.

The Masturbatathon was to celebrate Dirty Little Girl's 2,000,000th website hit. It was her gift to us readers and, in turn, it was also our opportunity to be a gift to her. Therefore, it was not unexpected, in truth it was completely and precisely predictable, she would be the center of attention. It was Dirty Little Girl's party. Why in the world would she not be? Further, as she invited everyone, including you, to participate, why is it annoying to you she would have someone important to her, Dirtyboy, take part? You could also have joined in and, if you had, could have been in the spotlight -either getting off or, even better, helping, as everyone did, Dirty Little Girl get off- your own self.

Also, perhaps in the cold reading of the chat transcript it may seem boring or that everything was dominated by Dirty Little Girl or Dirtyboy but if you had joined in, as we did, you would have experienced a completely different dynamic. Many, many different people were the instigators as well as the focus of ecstatic attention throughout the three hours. It was by no means only Dirty Little Girl and Dirtyboy on stage and everybody else in the audience. Not at all.

You should have been there. (And why were you not?) If you had been you would clearly understand why what you wrote was not remotely the case in the real time of the event itself. It was, by any measure, breathtaking and heartpounding naughty, sticky fun.


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