Friday, May 28, 2010

The Girl Before Me

It's been awhile and I'm working on getting the writing karma back. To start, here's something a little different, inspired by a sketch.

The sun glistened on her long chestnut hair. A faint glow surrounded her skin, backlit from the large window behind her. I licked my lips, my mouth dry as I tried to anticipate what she was going to do. A small trickle of sweat ran down my forehand. I'd wipe it away but my hands were tied behind me.

She looked at me under heavy lashes, a hint of a smile on her lips. I couldn't tell if was seductive or evil. Her breasts rose and fell gently under the thin black lace holding them. Her slender stomach led down to a luscious ass also held by a thin layer of black lace. Her voluptuous stems ended in tall black leather boots currently tucked under her ass as she knelt on a silk covered ottoman. My eyes wandered back up to her shoulders where an octopus peeked out from her bicep and wound down to her elbow. A skull and flames completed the space to her wrist. Even the intricate detail of her ink couldn't keep my eyes from focusing once again on her delicate fingers resting by her knees and the leather crop held between them.

She blinked her eyes purposefully and pursed her lips. She sighed. Her legs unfolded slowly and she rose. She looked at me, at my body, into my uncertain eyes. One foot slide out and she moved sideways, almost cat-like as she wandered to the side of my chair. She clicked her tongue on her teeth. I tried hard to look forward but I couldn't help but glance at her.

I received a sharp tap to my back for the break in discretion. I sucked in breath and reverted my eyes back to a frontal stare. I could hardly take the anticipation but I had no choice. I felt the tip of her crop trace my spine and I shivered. I felt her closeness to me. Her breath on my neck startled me.

"Have you been a bad boy?" she whispered in my ear.


"Do you need to be punished?" Her breath lit the side of my face on fire. I could feel the brush of lace covered breasts against my back.

I groaned my response.

Her hand slid under my chin and she yanked my head back. A sharp bite to my neck was followed a simple command in my ear.

"Not until I tell you."

I knew what she meant and I groaned again. I knew I would know no pleasure until she had her fill. I knew that she intended to use me today. I was her fuck toy to do as she pleased. And she knew I would please her. She knew I would do anything to get her to tell me I was a good boy. I would take anything from her if only to see the pleasure on her face.

She let go of my head and walked around to the front of me. Grabbing my chin again, she led me from the chair to the bed along the far wall of the room. She turned me and pushed me back, forcing me to land on my tied wrists. I made no complaint.

She stood in front of me and and slipped the lace panties from her and let them fall to the floor. As she crawled up the bed, I did my best to keep from coming as her soft skin brushed over my erection. The crop forced under my chin to tilt my head back only worsened the ache.

Her lips pressed hard against mine and our tongued tangled together, heated and wanton. Her hot sex was slick against me and I pulled against my binds. I needed to feel her skin under my fingers. As she lifted her lips from mine, she smiled.

"Not yet, love."

She sat up and worked her way further up the bed, her cunt positioned over my face. I let out a soft moan as she spoke to me once more.

"If you please me, I may let you come."

She lowered herself to me and as I darted my tongue out to taste her sweet juices, I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do.


At 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Awesome.

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Vahri said...

Glad you are back to writing. I have had writers block too for some time! Loved the story. I love having a cunt siting on my face!

At 11:13 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

I have been waiting impatiently for something new from you. Whew! I needed my fix. Thank you!

At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think im actually in love with you.

You are the most fabulous lover I could ever have.

Please be mine

At 5:54 AM, Anonymous T3k said...

Thank you so much for getting back into the writing mood. Always amazing, alway hot.

Hard like an iron bar here, just like I am every time I read your stories.

At 12:49 PM, Anonymous mina said...


At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow loved it have been waiting so long for you to start writing again. It's all just pure gold.

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could learn a thing or two from your writing style - short and sweet. Well, maybe sweet isn't the right word...


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