Thursday, December 24, 2009

Savannah 3:1 - The Stranger

Gwen knocked on the door to the hotel room. She had taken the care to put on a sophisticated grey sheath dress and black heels before coming out tonight. The hotel was of the expensive variety and the request made of her was to dress accordingly. Gwen checked the dangling black crystal earrings that hung from her ears just as the door opened. The gentleman before her stood tall in the doorway. Gwen's eyes roamed over the tight physique that filled an expensive black Italian suit. Gwen knew from the cut that he likely shopped in the same places her husband frequented. Green eyes sparkled over a dazzling smile. For a moment, Gwen wondered if she had the right room. A man like this didn't need a woman in her profession. His smile alone could easily bed any woman of his choosing.

"Come in," he said and stepped aside.

"I'm Gwen," she said and hesitated, giving the man a chance to tell her she was in the wrong place.

"I know," he said in return and Gwen stepped into the room. Her eyes swept over the expensive suite and settled on a large black box on the bed.

"I have a simple request," he said as he took her hand and led her further into the room. "Put on what's in the box and meet me at the bar." He must have seen the sudden concern in her eyes and continued. "Don't worry, it's perfectly decent. I called for your size and do believe you'll be quite pleased." He let go of her hand and walked to the door. He turned to her before stepping out. "Sit at the bar. You do not know me."

"But I don't know your name." she said, confused.

"I know. All the better," he responded and was gone.

Gwen stared down at the box. The date was turning out to be most unusual. With a tentative motion, she opened the lid. She was met with a luxurious gold paper. Delicately opening the paper, she gasped softly at what she revealed. Fingers slid through the straps of a sequined dress. She lifted it from the box, admiring the exquisite material. The thin straps led down to a plunging neckline. Black sequins shimmered in the low light of the room. The short hemline would reveal quite a bit of leg but she knew that was the plan with a dress like this.

She laid the dress aside and looked at the remaining items in the box. High black strappy satin stilettos sat next to a small black lacy thong. The most puzzling was a short blond wig. She shrugged her shoulders at it, knowing the tastes of men ran the full gammut.

She slipped quickly out of her clothes and laid them neatly on the bed. She slid on the thong he bought for her and turned to look in the mirror opposite the bed. He got the size right and the cut fit her body perfectly. She felt the warmth of beginning arousal and hurried to put on the dress. The fabric clung to her curves and molded superbly to her. It was almost as if the dress had been made specifically for her. The low V in the front revealed enough cleavage to be sexy but not enough to be slutty. The edge of the short skirt cut a few inches below her ass. She would need to remember not to bend over. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she slipped on the shoes and fastened them around her ankles. The result was stunning. Her legs looked longer and leaner and she was taller by a few inches. The man knew how to shop, she thought.

Gwen picked up the wig and turned it over in her hands. It felt like real hair and undoubtedly was with the resources this man likely had. She had never worn one before and hoped she would get it on so it looked convincing. Her hair was going to be a problem if she was going to get the wig on. She dug around in her purse for something to hold it up before realizing a small packet of bobby pins were also in the black box. She quickly swept up her hair and pinned it so it could be completely hidden. Carefully arranging the wig, she worked it over her head. After fiddling with it, she finally felt satisfied with the look. The results were dramatic. She hardly recognized herself.

With a deep breath and one last touch up of her makeup, she headed out the door and down to he bar.


The bar was fairly crowded and it took Gwen a few minutes to find a vacant seat. She was well aware of the eyes that followed her through the room but she did her best to ignore them. She wasn't sure if they thought she was a patron or a hooker in this outfit. Luckily, a few other women were dressed to the nines as well and it made Gwen feel a little more at ease.

A gentle touch of her elbow startled Gwen out of her thoughts and she turned to look at her intruder. A stranger smiled at her and Gwen kindly smiled back. It was not the man she was waiting for.

"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked looking hopeful at her.

"No, thank you." she said as nicely as she could. "I'm not interested."

He gave her a sad smile and walked away. A moment later another man approached her. She rebuffed him as well. In the next half hour, she turned down two other men. Gwen began to wonder if it was part of the game or the man who hired her had chickened out. Just as her thoughts turned to leaving, a hand cupped her elbow. She turned to look into the green eyes that met her earlier at the door. Her smile broadened.

"I see you've turned down several men. Do you think perhaps I have a shot at buying you a drink?" he asked.

Immediately recognizing the game he was playing, she smiled coyly at him, "Perhaps." she said. "What makes you think, though, that you are any better than those other men?"

His smile intensified and he leaned closer, "Because I can follow up the drink much better than them."

"Oh can you," she said and turned back to the bar, "What makes you think I'll let you get to the follow up?"

"Have a drink with me and you'll find out." he said in a low sexy, sultry voice that gave Gwen the shivers. She didn't doubt his words.

She looked back at him. Even if she wasn't his hired partner for the night, he would have enticed her to have a drink with him anyway.

"Okay," she said, "but you'll have to do some pretty good convincing."

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "My darling," he said, "I completely plan to." The hot breath against her ear coupled with his words caused a flood of wetness between her thighs.

"Shall we?" He held out his hand and she took it. As she turned she saw the other men who had approached her. They stared angrily at her date. She couldn't help but smile.

He led her to a booth in the corner of the bar. The area and table was small and her knees touched his when they sat.

"The dress becomes you," he said after their waiter walked away with their order.

"Thank you," she said, "The man who picked it out has very good taste."

to be continued...


At 7:44 AM, Blogger Nitin said...

:D.. i really wished she dressed up like santa's spl helper.. ;).. so much for christmas cheer.. :D.. merry merrry christmas to you.. i guess i could say ho ho ho.. ;p.. sooo appropriate :D

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Gray said...

Oh wow, that was so enticing. I can't wait to read more!:)

Merry Christmas!

At 6:55 PM, Blogger shawn s. said...

mmm…what a great start.

At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

merry xmas . .cant wait for u to continue

At 8:50 PM, Anonymous angelslave said...

its quite a teaser for christmas eve huh.. nice.. cant wait to read the upcoming posts.. LOL.. Happy Holidays dlg..

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous mina said...

oh this was hot.. can't wait to see where it goes!


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