Monday, September 17, 2007

Join me for a Dirty Haiku

Your cock warm and hard
Undulating between my thighs
Each thrust brings pleasure
I growl and take charge
Pinning you to my firm bed
Spanking you for fun
I pinch my nipple
A soft moan escapes my lips
Wetness grows inside
Kissing my lover
The embrace tightens with lust
Passion inspires
Thoughts of you enter
My cunt pulses with your touch
I need you here now

Care to try one of your own?

If you're unfamiliar with the process, the first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables and the third line has 5 syllables.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Washington D.C. Series 3:4 - Fucking the Artist Continued

"Fuck me," she whispered again and he plunged his hard cock deep inside her with one stroke. Both of them cried out as he entered her, both equal in their lust. They both held themselves there taking in the heat they gave to each other. Eva's thighs tightened around his back as he began to thrust inside her. Her hips moved up to meet him. She needed to be fucked hard and deep. She grasped him, pulling him to her, encouraging him. Her hands clawed at his ass, bringing him forcefully against her. His hands gripped the table as he did as she asked. Thrusting his hip, plunging his cock into her over and over.

Eva suddenly released his ass and ripped her shirt up, Exposing her lacy bra, wanting more from him. He groaned and roughly pulled her bra aside allowing her breasts to free itself from the cup. He groaned again and let his head drop to her breasts. His mouth licked over her, finding her hard nipple and twisting it between his teeth. She cried out and thrust her hips up violently, she was so close. His mouth clamped harder over her nipple as he growled with his effort.

Eva gasped, she needed more, she needed it all. She needed to have him satisfy her the way she wanted. She made her decision and pushed him back. He moaned loudly at the loss of contact, confused as to what she was doing. But then his eyes flashed when he saw her get up and turn around pushing her ass to him as she bent over the table. An open invitation to take her from behind. He moved quickly up behind her, stroking his hard wet cock in his hand. His fingers traced up her slit, finding her dripping juices as they spread down her thighs. His fingers pushed into her cunt and Eva groaned. Three fingers slid deep inside her, feeling her. He pulled them out and ran his slick fingers over his cock, wetting it more as he inched closer to her. Eva could feel him push the head of his cock back against her waiting cunt lips. She pushed her ass up to him, teasing him, begging him and the artist thrust his cock back inside her waiting cunt. She cried out as plunged inside her, this time deeper than he had been before. This is what she needed. He filled her now and reached the place she needed. Her cunt reacted and pulsed around him. His hands grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto him, creating a rhythm, hard and urgent. Their gasps and grunts filled the silence of the studio.

Eva pushed back against him, knowing she was going to come like this, knowing he could take her there. Her body on fire and she could feel it building inside her.

"I'm going to cum." she gasped, "Oh god, make me cum."

The young artist growled, pushing his cock forcefully into her, his stomach and balls slapping against her as he thrust. She needed more than this. She didn't want to ask but she knew she had to. She needed what he had given her earlier. Eva craved the intensity he had introduced to her.

"Make me cum like you did before. Oh fuck, I need it. Hurt me."

He uttered a guttural growl and grabbed her hair, pulling it back sharply.There was the pain she wanted, craved from him. He pulled it hard again causing her to cry out. Her cunt pulsed. He pulled her up by it, suspending her over the table. His hand then slapped her ass hard. Sharp tingles of pain moved through her body. That was it. That was what she needed.

"Again,"she breathed, "Hit me again."

He complied, slapping her again across her ass. She could feel the heat growing through her cunt and clit as he hit her.


With a sharp yank of her hair, he slapped her hard causing her whole body to jerk. She was right there. He thrust his cock in one more time and she exploded. Her orgasm shook her body uncontrollably as he slapped her one last time. The pleasure radiated from her core and she could feel her juices pouring over his cock. She could hear the wetness as she flooded his cock with her cum. Her whole body convulsed beneath him. He gasped at the force of her orgasm, her cunt squeezed and pulsed around him as her body writhed. He couldn't hold it back.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum," he cried, his fingers digging into her flesh as his cock pulsed inside her. He thrust again and again, his body jerking against her. He came, hard. Thick jets of hot cum spurted from his cock. He cried out as his lust shot from his body. He pulled back from her, wrapping his hand around his cock, masturbating as more cum spurted across her ass and back. His body tremored as the cum poured from his cock. Eva could feel it dripping over her, down her back, over her ass. She smiled and turned to face him.

He smiled back and then Eva lowered herself once more. She knelt in front of him, down between his thighs. Taking his cock into her hand, she brought it to her lips. Parting slightly she allowed the artist to push his cock back into her mouth, licking him as his cock entered her again. Warm cum still coated his cock and Eva swirled her tongue over him, drinking him down. She felt his cock pulse in her mouth and she smiled again.

Slowly, she backed away from him, letting his cock release from her mouth with a small pop. She stood and gathered her clothes. They both dressed unhurriedly, still smiling at each other. Eva thought he might perhaps be invited to service her again, but declined to tell him so. She would save that for another time--she knew where she could find him. And besides, Eva still had more shopping to do for both her and Brent for the upcoming weekend with Ms. McCabe.

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