Thursday, March 29, 2007

Washington D.C. Series 1:2-The Beginning

Eva couldn't stop thinking about the curious behavior she had seen in Elizabeth McCabe's office a few days earlier. What had Brent been doing? Did he drop something? Did he fall and miss the chair. It was bizarre. She had seen Brent a few times since then but didn't have the courage to ask him about it. And besides, he always seemed in a rush and she didn't have the heart to stop him.

She also found herself not able to call Ms. MCabe anything but by her proper title or her full name, not even in her own head. She supposed it was due to the power she exuded - it literally flowed from her and seeped into everything around her. It drew Eva to her at the same time. She couldn't help but gravitate to her. She suspected it might even be a bit of a girl crush. Eliazbeth McCabe was beautiful, successful and powerful. Who wouldn't be drawn to her.

It was a few minutes before she could pack up and leave when Brent suddenly appeared at her side. Surprised, she looked up and smiled at him and was rewarded with a very sexy smile back.
"Hey there Eva," he said in a sultry voice, "I've been looking forward to seeing you again."
"Oh?" she asked.
Sliding half onto her desk, he leaned over and whispered, "I enjoyed meeting you the other day."
Eva blushed slightly, "I enjoyed meeting you too."
"Good, then may I be so bold as to ask you out for a drink tonight?"
"Tonight?" Eva thought quickly about the amount of work she was taking home with her. It could wait until later. One drink couldn't hurt.
"I'd love that, yes." Eva said. She really hadn't been out in the city yet. Of course, that was because she really hadn't met anyone to go out with yet. There were a few nice people at her gym, but no one who match the looks and charm of Brent.
"Wonderful... shall we go?" Brent winked at her and stood, helping Eva with her bag.

It was a short ride and arriving at the bar, Eva realized she was out of her league. Every brick on the bar's facade exuded money, something Eva didn't have. She sure hoped Brent was planning on paying tonight and that this wasn't some sort of work happy hour. If it was a happy hour, she may be sticking to club soda with a lemon.

As she reached for the car door handle, Brent gently took hold of her wrist. Turning back to him questioningly, she couldn't mistake the look in his eye.
"Eva, I know this is going to sound forward again, but I just can't help but ask." he asked, managing to look kind of shy, "May I kiss you?"
Eva just looked at him for a moment. Did she really just hear that?
"I just can't help it Eva, you're beautiful, you're smart, you're talented and I can't get you out of my mind. You've occupied every thought since I met you."
Eva blinked and stared at him. No man had ever been this eloquent with his words to her. It sounded like the perfect pick-up line and Eva was unsure if she wanted to be picked-up.
"You have?" Eva asked, disbelieving he was genuine.
"I really have. Ms. McCabe has told me so much about you and I must admit that I'm intrigued."
"Wow, thank you." She said and supposed a little kiss couldn't hurt. "Just that comment alone deserves a little kiss."
Brent's smile lit up and he leaned in to her. The minute his soft lips touched hers, her body responded. His mouth was warm and gentle. His lips moved sensuously over hers. It was a kiss of desire and they both felt it. She moaned softly, an indication of much she had missed this type of intimacy. Taking her response as approval, Brent's tongue gently pushed at her until her lips parted for him. It swirled over her tongue, asking more from her. Eva allowed him to kiss her deeply and passionately. Her body surged with a sudden lust, one that had been quiet for far too long. It was suddenly as if someone switched Eva on, she wanted him. She needed him. She wanted more than a kiss, she needed to fuck him.
"Brent..." she panted as she broke their kiss. "I don't think I want to have drink any more."
Brent looked crushed as he pulled away from her. "Eva, I'm sor-"
Eva cut him off with another kiss. "No, I don't want a drink, I want to go someplace where we'd have more privacy. I want more of what we've started."
Brent groaned softly at her words, wanting her just as much and he kissed Eva deeper. His hand reached behind her head and pulled her close. His mouth crushed hers as he reached over started up the car.
Breathlessly pulling away he put the car in drive and headed to, what Eva assumed, would be his place.

Eva's thoughts raced through her mind on the drive. She hasn't jumped into bed with a man she hardly knew since her undergraduate years. Why was she doing it now? She really shouldn't be sleeping with someone from work, particularly not someone who was above her in seniority. But she didn't work directly under him... at least not yet. Eva looked over at him and lust immediately washed over her again. She was doing it for her she knew. Here was a man obviously taken with her and she couldn't help but want him. It had been too long since she last had a lover. Even then he was just someone she was passing time with. Eva needed to feel a body against hers. She needed to feel the warmth of another's touch. She needed a night of pleasure in this lonely city. Glancing out the window, Eva could just make out the lights that lit the White House. She smiled to herself then, she was here after all, she may as well enjoy it.

Brent finally pulled up to a magnificent brownstone and Eva gasped at its beauty. She really was out of her league when it came to him. Eva made a mental note not to ask Brent back to her tiny apartment. Helping her from the car, he led her up the steps to the big wooden door that led into the house. The minute Brent opened the door, Eva knew she exactly what she was going to have...

to be continued...

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Washington D.C. Series 1:1

Hello my lovely readers. Yes, I realize it's been some time since I last posted. I've been taking the time to do a bit more serious writing, the beginnings of which are posted here. The audio book opportunity has led me to writing a second "city" series which I have been developing fervently over the past several weeks. Washington D.C. is a look at a young lawyer named Eva who ventures into uncharted territory in our Capitol City. While this post may not start out with the erotic intensity normally found within my pages, rest assured that there will be highly charged sexual situations revealed in the next few posts. So please sit back, relax and enjoy. There's more to come soon.

And if you haven't checked out my audio book for the New York series, you can find it here.


As she brought up the last box from her rented Uhaul, Eva took a long look around her apartment. It was smaller then she was used to with it's gray-white walls and dirty tan carpet. The kitchen had been appallingly tiny but it was still far bigger than the others she had looked at. She'd get used to it, she supposed, for this wasn't rural Ohio anymore. Washington D.C. was a much bigger city and with a much bigger price tag.

She put the box down with the rest of them and walked into the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator, she pulled out a bottle of water. She had a half of a leftover salad from lunch and three bottles of water. She thought it might be an opportune time to find out where the nearest grocery store was when she returned the rented truck. Taking a long swig from the bottle, she wandered back into the tiny square of a living room. Her couch had barely fit against the one wall. Where was she going to put all of her stuff? There was barely enough space in here for her. She looked over the pile of boxes filling the rest of the room and hallway and mentally kicked herself for choosing to move in the day before she started her new job.

Still, she was happy to be here. It was a long time ago when she realized that small city life really wasn't for her. Ever since she was 10 years old, she dreamt of living in the big city, partying with socialites and hob-nobbing with the famous. She thought that she'd end up in New York, but Washington D.C. would certainly do. While the city wasn't filled with celebrity actors, it had it's fair share of senators, congressmen and various other politicians and her new job at McCabe, Denhurst, Fabian and Walker law offices would be the perfect opportunity to meet them. She had purposely picked this law office because of it's connections to Capitol Hill. All she had to do now was perform well enough to impress someone enough to get invited to the private parties. Eva wasn't worried about that though. She'd make a good impression in no time.


Eva's first two weeks were disappointing to say the least. Eva acknowledged that while she didn't go to a top name law school, she was certainly above doing mundane filing for the two male chauvinist, one-year-her-senior, moronic lawyers had her doing. Here she was, valedictorian of her law class, filing like some secretary. She was a lawyer, albeit inexperienced, but she deserved to at least help with some cases. Eva was beginning to question if she made the right move.

It was then that Human Resources buzzed her to tell her that Senior Partner Elizabeth McCabe wanted to meet with her. Would she be available for a two o'clock meeting? Eva swallowed hard. Either it would be about something very good or very bad. No one saw the senior partners when they were at her level, let alone only two weeks on the job. Of course she'd be available she said and set about trying to think as little as possible about Elizabeth McCabe and what would be happening at two o'clock.

Time passed quickly and as Eva exited the elevator on the seventh floor, she marveled at the difference in decor from where she sat. Here it was mahogany shelves, beautiful lush carpets and secretaries that walked out of fashion magazines. The partners did well for themselves. She hoped to do this well someday too. After announcing herself to Ms McCabe's secretary, she settled into a cushy leather chair and nervously waited for her moment.

It was then that a very attractive man sat down across from her. Eva looked over him. The man had sexy yet rugged features, strangely erotic in a setting such as this. His obviously expensive suit fit him well. Eva guessed he worked out religiously from the cut of his clothes and the strength in his jaw.

"Here's a man I could take a tumble with," she thought to herself as she noticed him looking her over as well.
Smiling with dazzling charm he said," Hello."
"Waiting for Ms McCabe?
"I am, you?"
"I am," he said with a hint of a smirk.
Eva was careful to act as professional as possible. She still didn't know who the other senior members of the firm were yet and she didn't want to make any mistakes. Yet, this man was so sexy, she couldn't help but let her thoughts wander into less than professional areas.
Clearing her head of those thoughts, she extended her hand and said, "I'm Eva Longwell."
"I'm Brent Martin, very nice to meet you."
Eva couldn't help but blush over the way he emphasized "very".
"I heard there was a young new lawyer starting here. I didn't realize she would be smart and beautiful."
Eva blushed again. Here she was on the verge of being sexually harassed and loving every minute of it.
"Did they mention I was talented too?" she retorted, enjoying the conversation.
"No," he said with a killer grin, "but I have no doubt that you are."

Just as Eva was relaxing into the conversation with her new found friend the voice behind her quipped, "Miss Longwell, Ms. McCabe is ready for you."
Smiling briefly at Brent, Eva said, "I guess that's my cue." She stood, straightened her skirt and set off toward the door to the senior partner's office. Knocking softly, she entered.

Eva immediately sucked in her breath. The view was stunning. The building was tall and the bay window in Ms. McCabe's office over looked all of Capitol Hill. She could see everything. Being a partner certainly had its benefits. Dragging her eyes away from the window, she took in her surrounding. Elizabeth McCabe's office had a slightly different feel than the waiting area. Everything in here was softer, a bit more feminine but not girly. She could sense feminine strength from everything to the look of the desk to the beautiful oriental rug over the hardwood floor.

"Mss Longwell, it's so lovely to meet you." Ms. McCabe said, breaking the silence as she crossed the room to greet her.
Shaking her hand, Eva replied," And it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. McCabe."
"Please," she said and directed Eva to a leather armchair in front of her desk.
"So, I'm sure you're wondering why I called you up here," she said looking at Eva intently, "Please be assured it's for only good reasons."
Eva let out a small sigh of relief and smiled.
"I wanted to let you know that I'm pulling you from under Vanders and Heebler and bringing you onto my own staff. It's rare that we hire an intelligent female around here and from your impressive school record, I want someone like you on my staff. I've been watching you and I know you're more capable than those two idiots think you are."
Eva could scarcely contain herself but managed to control an appropriate "thank you."
"You can move your things tomorrow and we'll get started right away. it won't be glamourous to start but I think you'll take to it quite easily. You might be doing some filing for me, but I'll be asking you to review those files before putting them away. I'll be your mentor for the next several months. There will likely be long hours, late nights and the odd weekend here and there. Are you up for the challenge?"
"I am," Eva said excitedly, "I'm honored that you'd think of me. Thank you very much."
"Don't thank me yet," replied Elizabeth McCabe with a small laugh as she held out her hand. "Welcome aboard."
After shaking hands again, Eva made her way to the door. Startling her, it opened just before her hand could reach the handle. Brent walked in through the open door. Throwing her a gorgeous smile and winking, he walked over to desk. As the door was shutting behind her, she heard Elizabeth McCabe quietly, but sternly say, "Sit." Her last view before the door shut behind her was of Brent Martin dropping to his knees.

to be continued...

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Friday, March 09, 2007

And the Winner of my Panties is...

After reviewing the many wonderful entries I received for my Valentine's Day Contest, I finally made my decision. It was difficult as they were all so wonderful, each for their own reasons. But since only one can win - the winner is.....

Al Sensu, a delightful fellow blogger whom I have been reading for quite some time. (please go check him out at erotischism and hard & fast)

His fabulous entry was unique, sexy and humorous all at the same time and came in at just 97 words. It certainly got my attention and made me want this every morning...

How to wake someone, especially a dirty little girl:
1-slowly remove panties
2-spread her legs
3-enter her and fuck her until you cum
4-pull out and watch as your cum dribbles down her thighs
5-tell her you're late for work and have to leave
6-when she pouts, tell her you were kidding
7-kneel on the bed between her legs and lick her soft outer lips
8-tease her until she says "please let me cum"
9-then bring her all the way there
10-get dressed and go to work

As promised Al will receive a photo of me in just my panties. But since the others were just as fabulous, I've posted a snippet of it here as a thank you for entering.

Taking the photos for this contest was a delight and was very arousing. I found that I was teasing myself as the photos progressed. Each pose made the lacy fabric rub against me, each pose made me more and more wet. I'd have to stop every once and awhile and let my fingers drift against me, softly rubbing my clit. Stopping, I'd take a few more photos, then rub again. It wasn't long before I stopped taking photos all together. My arousal was too much. I need to cum.

Lying comfortably, I slipped my fingers under the pink lace. My fingertips grazed over my curls and down through the slickness of my sex. I was so incredibly wet. My arousal was greater than I thought. Teasing, I ran my fingers around the entrance to my cunt, spreading my wetness over me. Pausing, I slid two fingers gently inside me, gasping softly as I pressed them deeper. I wanted to be watched then. I wanted someone else here to take photos of me like this. I wanted you to be able to see me like this. Pushing deeper, my fingers stroked in and out of my cunt. Each movement making my fingers wetter, each movement making small wet sounds as I fucked myself.

Aching up, my other fingers found my nipple, rolling it, pinching it. I stayed like this, fucking myself, playing with my nipples, until it became too much. I needed to cum. I released my nipple and let my other hand slide over my stomach. I quickly grabbed the edge of my panties and pulled them off, letting them fall to the floor. Thrusting my fingers in deeper, my other hand found my aching clit. Pressing it, my fingers began a slow rhythm, circling, rubbing. I gasped again. I needed this. I slowed my fingers, pressing a third finger inside my dripping cunt. My thighs fell open wider. My body writhed and my fingers moved faster against my clit. It didn't take much. The feeling of my fingers both inside me and on me pushed me over the edge. I felt my body contract, my cunt tightening around my fingers. my muscles tensing. The sensation emanated out from my clit, hot waves pulsing through my body. I couldn't help but cry out as I came hard. My body convulsed as the feelings ebbed though my body... Just writing this makes me want to cum again. I need to touch myself again...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

You, me and another girl - Part 3

*Contest Update*
I have received all of the entries and must admit I'm having a very difficult time choosing the winner. I promise to make the decision by the end of the week. In the meantime, here is Part Three of the survey winner: You, Me and Another Girl. ;) If you're just joining us now, go here to read Part One and Part Two.


I moaned again as he began to move inside me, my cunt reacting immediately, pulsing around him. Closing my eyes briefly before looking up to her again, I relished the feelings. Coming closer, she leaned over and kissed me, her lips parting and her tongue sliding over mine. I heard him groan as he watched us, pausing for a moment, his hard cock throbbing inside me as he took in the view. She was naked, her beautiful body glistening in the candlelight. Her fingers slid over her clit, circling as her other hand wove through my hair. Our mouths connected, separating briefly so he could see our tongues dancing in each other's mouths.

Breaking our kiss, she turned to look at him, her lids heavy with desire. Leaning closer, she kissed him over me. My thighs tightened around him as his hips involuntarily began moving against me. Their bodies moved together, rocking gently as he began to fuck me again, one of his hands on my breast, one against the back of her neck. We stayed like that, three bodies writhing together, touching, moaning. Her hand moved quicker around her clit as I slid my hands up inside her thighs. Her juices ran down her leg covering my fingers in its slickness. Moving up higher, I found her warm wetness, so inviting. Gently, I slid my fingers around her, giving her the time to spread her thighs for me. Greedily, she spread herself wide as my fingers slid over and around her dripping cunt. With one soft movement, I slid two fingers inside her, feeling her body welcome me. Her gasp was reward enough and I started to slide them in and out of her cunt. Slowly at first, but increasing speed as her hips pushed down against me, fucking my hand as she kissed him.

Suddenly, I was lifted up off the sofa and I tightened my legs around his back. Carrying me, he pushed the coffee table out of the way and laid us down onto the plush carpet. As he placed us on the floor, his hard length pushed deeper inside me, deeper than he had been while we were on the sofa. I moaned again, my breath becoming more rapid. Reaching for her, I pulled her toward me, pulling her thighs to my face. She crawled over me, her hands by my breasts, her knees beside my head. Lowering her over me, I tasted her sweet juices dripping from her cunt. She was so clearly aroused. Lowering herself more, I could feel her smoothly shaved cunt grinding against my lips. With one hand, I parted her more, lapping at her wetness. The other hand reached around to find her clit, stroking it as she rode me. He moaned again and thrust hard. From the sound of them, I knew their mouths had met. I knew that their tongues parted their lips and they hungrily devoured each other.

A tingle of arousal ran through me as I envisioned what we looked like. Him, on his knees, his cock buried deep inside me. My thighs parted wide, my wet cunt engulfing him each time he thrust forward. Her over top of me, her thighs on either side of my head, my hands stroking her, my tongue licking her, my face smeared with her juices. And the two of them, their hands touching each other, the three of us connected. Each push and pull, each movement affecting all of us.

My tongue pushed deeper inside her and her legs trembled. Her hand pressed against my stomach, steadying her as she drew closer to her orgasm. I could hear him above me as I lapped at her begging for her to come for him, to come for us. Over and over, come for us, he wanted to see her come. Her moaning was rhythmic as she ground down against me, using me for her pleasure. His hips thrust to his words, wanting me to feel what he wanted to see. I felt his hand join mine over her clit, both of us rubbing and stroking her. Her body was lost to the sensations. She gasped time and time again, each movement, each lick, each stroke pushing her there. He spoke to her again, soft, desirous talk, telling her to come, telling her he wanted her, telling her he wanted to feel her juices pouring over his fingers, telling her he wanted to taste her on my lips. She moaned, her muscles stiffening, her hand reached back and grabbed my hair, her body arched and she cried out. I could hear him pushing her to come hard, to come all over my face. Her body convulsed as her cunt throbbed with her orgasm. Her juiced streamed from her as I drank her down. Her hips didn't stop, my tongue never stopped. "Please," she moaned and we didn't slow. Our hands moved together, intertwined as we pushed her there again. She whimpered softly, repeating it over and over, "please, yes, please, please" until we brought her over the edge a second time, making her orgasm more violent than the first. She cried out again, her body trembling, and shaking over me as I licked her and stroked her.

He groaned as she came, watching her beautiful body move and undulate over me. I could feel his thrusts get harder, his penis swelling inside me. He couldn't hold back much longer, his body taking all it could being inside me whilst watching her come. She pushed him back then, pushing him from me and grabbing my hand. Quickly crawling from me, her hand wrapped firmly around his cock, never slowing. Pulling me toward her, she grinned wickedly and I grinned back. He began to protest, whimpering softly at the loss of my cunt. Holding him down, my hand joined hers, both of us stroking his erect cock covered in my wetness. Leaning over him, we kissed each other deeply, her tasting herself on my lips. And he moaned, his cock throbbing in our hands. Breaking the kiss, we both lowered our lips to his erect cock, greedily licking at him. He groaned loudly and grabbed our hair. We slid our lips and tongue around him together, a blur of feelings as our hands continued to stroke. "I'm going to come," he cried as his hips bucked up to us. We never slowed, our mouths devouring him together as his cock began to thicken and pulse, his cum surging through him. My mouth was around the head of his cock as the first spurt of hot cum burst from him. It filled my mouth and I swallowed him down as the second spurt hit both of our lips. Stroking him and milking his cock with our hands, she and I kissed again, his cum smearing over our lips as he watched and writhed under us. Groaning again, I felt his cock pulse once more and felt the last of his cum pouring from his cock and over our hands...

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