Sunday, January 06, 2008

Washington D.C. Series 4:4 - Climax

*A big thank you to the very lovely and very beautiful Always Aroused Girl for mention in this week's One Eyed Monster Sex Blog Roundup on Fleshbot*

"Oh fuck, Brent," she gasped, "make me cum. God, I'm so close..." Her voice trailed off into another moan as Brent pinched her nipple harder.

Brent moved suddenly, lifting Eva as he flipped her over onto her back. Pushing her dress up roughly, he pressed his lips against her breast, pulling her nipple into his mouth and biting it. Eva's thighs clamped around his back as he pulled back to rest on his knees. His hands founds her hips and he pulled her onto him, over and over, letting her feel the rhythm of his pulsing cock. Kneeling back further he leaned almost backward pushing his cock up against the front of her cunt, rubbing against her g-spot. Eva groaned loudly, her own hands clawing at his thighs pulling him to her as he pulled back.

His hand found her clit again and Eva bucked a little as his hand made contact. Brent moaned as he rubbed her. He could feel her juices streaming over his cock. With every rub, it pulsed from her, she was so wet. His fingers slipped over her, around and around, building her up again.

Eva's body writhed against him. Her head thrashed from side to side as her thighs slowly, but steadily tightened around Brent. Her muscles tensed and Brent watched as she slowly started to arch from the bed. Her lips parted into a silent moan and her eyes closed tightly. He knew she was there. He thrust his cock in hard as he focused his fingers around her clit. Her breasts heaved as she finally screamed with her orgasm. Again and again her body bucked beneath him as she convulsed with the pleasure. Gasping, she groaned again, a long guttural groan as her body absorbed what Brent had given her. Eva's cunt pulsed around him, her juices flooding his cock with her orgasm. Brent fought to hold back his own orgasm, but Eva cumming for him like this was almost too much to bear. Brent's cock pulsed hard, his breath raged as he struggled to maintain control.

Eva looked up at him then, her eyes filled with lust. She grabbed his arms and pulled herself against him. Their lips met again in a fury of passion. Eva pushed her tongue into his mouth and swirled it over his. Brent groaned at her suddenness and pulled her tight to his body. Her sex continued to squeeze around Brent as she pushed him over onto his back once more.

Her hands clamped over his wrists and she pinned them over his head. With a new vigor she began moving her hips, sliding his cock in and out of her dripping cunt. She let her hard nipples run against his chest as she rode him. Her fingernails dug into his wrists as she used his body once more, fucking him hard, knowing just how close he was.

Brent cried out then. "Oh Eva, oh god, I can't hold back. I can't. Ohhhh, god I'm going to cum. Please let me cum. Please tell me to cum for you. Eva... please."

Brent body bucked underneath her as he said those words. He had lost control and could not hold back from her. the movements of her body was too much for him to take. Eva felt his body tense, trying so hard not to cum yet.

"Cum for me Brent," Eva gasped. "God, cum for me like the fucking whore I know you are. Cum deep inside me. I want to feel your spunk dripping from my cunt."

Brent cried out and thrust hard up to Eva, his body arching from the bed as he released his cum into her. She could feel his cock pulse with each spurt into her already wet sex. His body convulsed with each surge until he had released all of his lust into her.

Both breathless, they lie there for a moment enjoying the feel of flesh on flesh. Slowly Eva extracted herself from Brent and rose from the bed. She glanced at the clock and saw they needed to catch the car soon for the night to follow. She walked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel for Brent to wipe himself down. As he rose to go to the shower, Eva stopped him.

"I don't want you to shower, lover," she whispered softly to him. "I want you to be able to smell me all night so you remember who you came to the party with." With that, Eva turned toward the mirror to fix her hair...

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Stepping in with a brief interlude while I finish up Eva's story. I hope everyone's New Year's Celebration was fun and safe. During my time off I found myself relaxing and browsing YouTube for all matter of things and came across this:

Dirty Little Girl by Paul Mahos & New Life Crisis

Good song and I found it quite appropriate. He seems to know me so well. ;)

All my best for the new year,
DLG xoxo