Monday, September 28, 2009

Needing you to make me cum

A soft sigh escapes your lips when you walk into the room. You knew I'd be here, but you didn't know for how long or in what state. I lay on my side looking at you, letting my eyes wander over your body. My clothes lay carelessly discarded at the side of the bed. Your stance shifts as you lean against the doorframe. One eyebrow raises questioningly. You know why I'm here, but not specifically what I'm looking for today. I know what you're waiting for. You like to hear it come from my lips just as I'll want to hear it later.

"Come here," I say. "I want to feel your hands on me. I want to feel your skin against mine."

No movement comes from you.

I smile and lean back slightly. "I want you to make me come... and then I want you to fuck me."

A smile appears and you walk toward the bed. It takes little work to shed your clothes.

"Take me." I whisper as you lean over and press your lips against mine. Our mouths open, the kiss initially soft but quickly becomes deep and erotic. Warm skin slides against mine as you ease onto the bed with me. Strong hands push me back against the pillows. The change in your eyes is immediate. Once bright and smiling, they now reflect the hunger and desire burning inside of you. But it's not the look which arouses me, it's the change in your voice. It's deeper, softer, controling as you speak to me.

"Lie back," you say as sit back on your heels between my thighs. "Close your eyes."

I do as you ask.

Your hands start on my stomach, rubbing softly, feeling my waist, the curve to my hip and back again. Flesh meets flesh as your hand slides up between my breasts, up my neck and under my jaw. My head is immobile, taken as your lips press down against mine again.

"I'm going to posses you."

My breath inhales sharply through my nose. It's what I wanted to hear. Your lips trail down my jaw and neck. Your hand releases me and moves down to find my breast. The warmth of your tongue joins it circling around my nipple, causing my back to arch to you. Your mouth assaults my senses, pulling my nipple into your mouth and sucking hard. Sharp bursts of arousal move through me and my cunt begs for attention. You know this though. You know my body so well. Fingers drag across my skin and dip down between my open thighs. One fingers slides slowly inside me, gliding easily into me through my slick juices. You don't leave it there though. As quickly as you entered me, you were gone. Raising up on your elbow, you smile slyly as you bring your hand up to taste my pleasure.

I need the attention now, I crave it. My back arches again, seeking you but you pull completely away. You sit back on your heels again, looking at me. Hands slide over my calves and along my thighs. I hear you sigh as you let your fingertips graze over my skin. Then your body shifts. Hot breath blows on me as soft kisses begin to trail up the inside my thighs. Your tongue, hot and wet, tastes my skin. I suck in my breath again.

"Spread your thighs wider for me."

I do as you ask.

My body melts into the bed at your first touch. Slowly licking and kissing the outside of my cunt, your hands take turns caressing the soft skin of my thighs. The warmth of your body, the closeness of your mouth, the sheer torture of need makes me tremble beneath you. Your tongue snakes out and licks at my wetness. I can't help but groan. Your hands slide under my ass and pull me up to your mouth, drinking from me like a vessel. Your tongue begins to dart in and out of my slick cunt, fucking me with it.

My body is writhing with your touch. My own hands slide over my breasts, pinching my nipples between my fingers as you lick and suck at me.

"Please," I utter. I can't keep the words from escaping. I want to come for you, I need it so badly.

You moan into me, knowing the full state of arousal you've taken me to. Ever so slowly, your tongue drags up my slit, dragging over my swollen clit. I gasp as you flick your tongue over it, pleasure exploding inside of me.

"Please," I say again.

"Turn over," you respond. "Turn over and get up on your knees."

I groan, not wanting you to stop, not wanting the pleasure to end. Your hands take my hips and push me over onto my stomach. As I come to my knees, you steal my breath from me. Your hands push my thighs apart and I feel your tongue from behind licking at my cunt. My arms tremble as I hold myself up. Your hands grasp my hips tighter and your tongue trails up licking and sucking at the soft skin leading to my ass. As your tongue slides back further still, your hand slides forward, cupping my cunt, fingers finding my clit. A sharp gasp escapes my lips.

Your voice drifts over me, soft yet sharp.

"Do you want me to fuck you."

The question beckons me and yet I can't answer. You have me so aroused, so close to my orgasm. I whimper softly as you continue to lick and touch me.

You ask me again. "Do you want me to fuck you."

Your mouth glides around my ass, tonguing my tight hole as your fingers rub my clit.

"Yes," I finally manage to gasp, feeling the pleasure building in me, knowing you're going to make me come soon. "Fuck me, please. I need it."

Your mouth leaves me and is replaced by your erect cock. It rubs along the slick trail your tongue left, sliding it along my ass before moving down between my thighs. The head of your cock poises at the entrance to my cunt. I try to push back against you but you stop me.

"Tell me."

I groan again. "Fuck me. I want you. I need you. Oh, god, please fuck me."

You respond by pushing your cock hard against me, sliding all the way inside. I cry out with the pleasure, my cunt tightening around you. Moving your fingers faster over my clit, you pull back and plunge deep into me again. I move my hips back to you, wanting you deeper, harder. You pull back and plunge in again. Once. Twice, Three times... the wave of pleasure hits me suddenly, a sharp agony of arousal that makes me cry out again. My body trembles as my orgasm takes me, my cunt pulsing, squeezing around you, my juices streaming over your cock as you fuck me harder, working toward your own orgasm.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Savannah 2:4 - Getting Fucked by Bryant

Bryant remained sitting in his chair for a moment. His hand was firmly situated around his hard cock, moving slowly up and down his rigid shaft. Gwen studied him. His eyes had changed since he first opened the door. Gone was the look of panic and replacing it was a wild, glazed stare that had Gwen uncertain as to what to expect. The sexual involvement with Linda had been extraordinary but still light and fun, she suspected her involvement with Bryant may be a bit more intense. He had been denied her pleasure, he was put in place by his wife, he looked like an animal ready to burst from his cage.

Bryant licked his lips.

"Get up on all fours for me. Face away from me." he said as he slowly raised from his chair.

Gwen did as he asked. She glanced at Linda who seemed completely at ease with the situation.

"Move back to me, toward the end of the bed."

Gwen crawled back until she felt Bryant's hand rest upon her ass cheek. It slid over her ass, feeling the soft flesh beneath his fingertips. She heard him suck in his breath as his other hand slid slowly up her back. His fingers wandered over her skin, taking in every inch of her. Heat emanated from his trailing touch causing Gwen to shiver slightly. A soft moan escaped her lips when he reached her breasts. Her nipples were taught with excitement and desire as he pinched them between his fingers.

Keeping one hand on her breast, he let the other slide up between her thighs. It was his turn to moan as he slid his fingers through her growing wetness.

"You really are a wonderful slut." he whispered to her. "You get wet just the way I like."

Bryant pinched her nipple hard and Gwen groaned again.

"Spread your thighs wider" he said. As Gwen slid her knees open on the bed, she felt his fingers penetrate her.

"You're so tight. It's going to be such a pleasure fucking you."

Before Gwen could react, he pulled his fingers from her. His hand slid from her breast, up over her side and through her hair. With a firm grip, he grabbed a handful and pushed her face down to the bed. She and Linda gasped at the same time.

"I've been wanting to fuck you since you walked in the door. I've been wanting this tight little cunt of yours. It's my turn," he said gruffly.

"Fuck her," gasped Linda. "I want to see you push your cock deep into her."

Bryant groaned at his wife's words and moved closer behind Gwen. He positioned his cock between her thighs, rubbing himself through the wetness streaming from her. Her own arousal took Gwen by surprise. Instead of feeling fear from where this scene seemed to be going, she felt turned on by the edge in their play. She moved her head to look at Linda and was even more aroused by the view.

Linda's legs were spread wide and she ran her fingers over her clit. The fingers on her other hand has sunk deep inside her cunt. A look a heavy desire was on her face as she watched her husband.

"I can't wait any longer," Bryant said. "I have to fuck her."

Hot hard flesh pressed against Gwen's cunt. One hand remained in her hair, holding her against the bed, the other grabbed Gwen's hip, holding her in place as he pressed harder against her. Searing heat moved through her as his cock slid slowly inside causing Gwen to gasp loudly. Her body stretched around him, his hard cock fulfilling her need. Her cunt pulsed as he pushed his full length inside. He stayed like that for a moment, his cock buried deep inside her, both of them feeling the other. His cock throbbed in her and Gwen could feel how close he was to the edge.

"I want one more thing," growled Bryant, his voice raspy with desire. He grabbed Gwen's hair and lifted her up from the bed slightly. "Lick her. Lick my wife while I fuck you. Make her come for me. God, make her come while I fuck you."

Gwen could barely suppress her groan. Linda quickly got to her knees and came alongside Gwen to kiss her husband deeply. Gwen was in heaven, to be used like this, Bryant in her cunt while her mouth was on Linda. Linda moved back in front of her and lay down, spreading her thighs for Gwen. Linda's fingers replaced Bryant's in her hair, pulling her face to Linda's dripping cunt.

"That's it," Bryant whispered, "lick her cunt for me."

Bryant's obvious arousal fueled Gwen's even more. Gwen let her tongue flick out to Linda's clit just as Bryant pulled back and plunged his cock into her once more. Groaning into Linda, she flicked her tongue again, over and around her clit. Linda's thighs trembled slightly. Gwen could feel his clit swell, sensitive from her attention before, needing pleasure once again. From Linda's reaction, Gwen knew she was close.

Bryant began sliding his cock in and out of her, pushing her forward into Linda's cunt each time he moved in. She ran her fingers over Linda's pussy lips, wanting so much to let Linda feel what she was feeling. Moving slowly, she began pushing her fingers inside her, beginning to move them in the same rhythm as Bryant. Linda moaned sharply, pulling Gwen's face tighter against her. Byant moaned as well, pushing himself harder and faster into Gwen. It was all too much for Gwen, the arousal, the desire, the pure sexual energy flowing between them. She moved her free hand back to touch her own clit. She gasped into Linda as she did so, the feelings overwhelming her instantly. Her cunt squeezed around Bryant as her fingers worked her clit. She needed to come.

Linda was pushing her hips up to Gwen now, her arousal frantic as her body was close to her orgasm.

All the while Bryant spoke to both of them. "That's it, god, fuck my wife. Lick her until she comes. Make her come for me. I need to see it. I need to hear it. Oooh, Gwen, you are so fucking tight around my cock. I want you to come for me too. I want you to fucking come all over my cock. Keep touching yourself. Don't stop."

Linda was the first to give in to the pleasure. As Gwen pushed her fingers deep inside her once more, Linda cried out. A warm gush of wetness flooded Gwen's fingers. Linda's clit pulsed under her tongue as the orgasm coursed through her. The feeling of Linda coming for her again and Bryant's cock sliding in and out, pushed Gwen over the edge. Her fingers worked harder over her clit, the heat pulsing out from her core. A gush of wetness poured over Bryant's cock as her body surrendered to the lust. Gwen moaned sharply as the orgasm pulsed through her. Linda switched positions on the bed, taking Gwen's mouth with hers, pushing her tongue inside as Gwen's body convulsed with the pleasure.

Bryant could scarcely control his movements, his body pounding hard against Gwen. "Oh fuck," he cried, "I'm coming." With his words, Bryant grabbed Gwen's hips hard and pulled her back tight to him. Gwen felt his body give way as his cum spurted from the head of his cock. His body trembled with the force of his orgasm as his cock throbbed hard inside her.

It took them some time to untangle their bodies an have the energy to move from the bed. As Gwen pulled her clothes on, Linda came over to give her a kiss.

"Here's your payment," she said as she laid the bills in Gwen's hand. "I can say for certain that we'll be calling for your services again."

Gwen smiled warmly at her before opening the door and heading out into the night air. She looked forward to the next meeting.

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