Friday, June 30, 2006


It's my turn. It's my time. I'm going to have what I want. I'm going to take it. I want you. I need you, right now. You're what I think about, who I think of. And I need you, now. I want to feel you against me. I want to feel your hot skin on mine. Let it go, just feel. Kiss me, hard. I need that. My fingers wind through your hair and pull you to me. Gasp into my mouth. Feel it. Feel my passion. Feel that I want you. Do you know just how much?
Let me strip you, completely. I want you naked. I want you mine, utterly and totally mine. Tell me you are. Kiss me again, passionately. Run your hands over me. Feel me. Pull me tight to your body. Feel my breasts crushing against you, my hard nipples against your chest. Your hard cock pushes against my belly and you make me want you more.
Wrap your arms around me and pull me to the bed. Fall back and let me land on top of you. Slide me astride you. Feel my wet cunt pressing against your cock. Arching back, I guide your hands to my breasts. Run your hands over them. Pinch my nipples, make me groan. Make my fingers dig into your chest. Sit up, pull my nipples into your mouth. Suck on them greedily. Make me writhe against you from the pleasure. Feel the heat between my thighs growing. Feel my wetness spreading over you. I push you back, suddenly. My mouth crushing yours, I lean over you. My hand finds your erect cock and I stroke it. Give in to me. Feel the sensations, feel my passion. Let it overtake you. Let me be your lover. I want to feel you eager for me. Moan my name as I stroke your cock. Moan my name as you feel my lips on your neck, licking and biting.
Let me feel your desire as I press you to my cunt. Feel my wetness now, dripping down your cock. Feel my heat on the head of your cock, wanting you. Grab hold of my hips as I press myself down on you, letting my lips part around you, pulling you into my depths. Feel me. Want me. Fuck me. Don't hesitate, don't stop. Thrust up inside me. Push yourself in deep. Feel how much I want this. Know how much I want you. Gasp my name as I squeeze around you. Leaning over, I kiss you, greedily. My tongue in your mouth, swirling over yours. Breath mingling. Make me moan.
Pull me over and push my legs over your shoulders. Show me how deep you can be, how hard you are. Let me slide my fingers between my thighs and find my clit. Feel me react as I touch myself. Feel my cunt pulsing around you. Feel how close I am. Give yourself to me. Fuck me. Thrust deep and hard. Let go. Let it all go. Lean down and suck my breasts. Find my nipples again, bite them hard. Make me cry out from the pleasure. Feel my fingers moving faster against your belly. I'm almost there. Feel my cunt tightening around you. Show me you want me to cum. Show me how much you want that. Fuck me harder, take me there. Make me cum. Make me convulse around you. Feel my body shudder as it hits me. Feel my cunt massaging your cock as it rocks my body hard. Let go. Cum with me. Cum in me. I need it. I want it. Be mine.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Naked in the Rain 4:3 - Exploring

**Update: thank you to the very lovely Chelsea Girl for including me in this week's Fleshbot Roundup! It's always such a delight to be included in such ass-loving erotic and talented company.**

The conclusion to parts 4:1 and 4:2.

Our tongues continue to mingle as I move off to the side, taking my friend with me. My lover crawls out from under us as we make our way to the floor. My hand finds his cock and I begin to stroke it. HIs hands find my breasts, teasing my nipples between them. Our bodies move together, hot skin coming alive. My lover sits back for a moment, watching, recovering. I glance at him for just a moment. His eyes alight with desire, roaming over our bodies. His hand stroking his cock, masturbating while we writhe in front of him.

I gasp, feeling my friend's fingers slide up my slit. My wetness spreading over me, I part my thighs for him. I let my head fall back as I feel his fingers push into me. His mouth finds my nipple, pulling it in, he rolls his tongue around it. My hips move to him, yes. I let go. My thighs fall open and he pushes his fingers in deeper, fucking me with them. His thumb moves up and finds my clit. I feel his fingers slide so easily against me. My back arches against his touch. I moan at the invasion. My legs tremble as they try to wrap around his body. His hard cock presses firmly against my side as he works me. I can feel my juices flowing over his hand, god, I'm so wet, so aroused. My fingers tangle in his hair as he moves his lips up my neck, licking, sucking. His mouth finds mine again. Our tongues desperate for each other. I need to be fucked.

I break our kiss and look to my lover. He's moved closer, stroking his hard, erect cock, intent on what we're doing. I reach my hand over and draw him nearer. Our eyes meet, we smile. He crawls to me and lowers his mouth on mine, kissing me sensually. Then, drawing away, he kisses my friend.over me. I watch as their tongues mingle, causing me to gasp at these gorgeous men kissing above me. Hands find me, and I close my eyes. They roam over my body, feeling me, fucking me. I feel tongues and lips trace over me, down my belly. My body is so excited, needing them both, needing so much. I moan softly as I feel my thighs parted. I look down and see my lover there, kneeling between them, my friend encouraging him to me. The head of his cock brushes against me. My friend guides his cock to me, pushing him inside me, wanting to see, wanting to have him fuck me. I moan again as his cock slides deep inside me. I arch up to him, my hips wanting. He starts to move slowly, long slow deep strokes. They kiss again as he starts to fuck me. My hands ease down, finding my clit, finding my friend's cock. I begin to rub myself as I stroke him. I gently lead him to me, my mouth. I want to suck him. I need to taste him. He groans as my tongue finds his head, licking around it, teasing him. He thrusts his hips forward as I part my lips, taking him deep into my throat. My lover gasps, watching me being fucked in my cunt, in my mouth, being filled. I feel my friend's cock throb against my tongue. His cock grows harder and my tongue swirls over him, around and around. My fingers move faster against my clit. so close.

Suddenly I'm pulled away. My lover pulls me over on top of him, needing me to ride him. My hips rock against his, begging him deeper. My mouth finds his chest, biting him. He groans, "Please..." I start to fuck him harder. Needing to be filled by him. My hands find his and I push them up over his head, pinning him to the floor, using him as leverage as I stroke his cock in and out of me. I feel my friend then, his hands behind me, on my hips. I feel his wet cock sliding against me, against my ass. I feel the head of his cock pushing against me, asking permission. "Yes," I moan. Needing no further encouragement, he pushes his cock hard against me, pushing the head of his cock into my ass, feeling me stretch around him. I slow my movements for a moment, needing to feel him push into me. His fingers tighten their grip and he slowly works his way deep into my ass, little by little until I feel his balls pressed up against me. I am completely filled. My clit throbs from the feeling. I can't hold back like this. I can't last much longer. I feel his cock slowly slide out of my ass and thrust back in hard. I cry out and move roughly against my lover, forcing his cock deeper into my cunt. Three bodies, moving together, fucking as one. Every thrust I can feel their cocks rubbing against me, rubbing against each other through the thin wall that separates them. I can feel them swelling inside me. All three of us needing to cum. My lover finds my clit with his fingers and circles it, skidding over it. God. I need to cum. I can feel my cunt pulsing, my ass tightening around his cock. I feel the heat rising through me. God. That's it. It's washing through me, searing heat as I cum, hard, convulsing against them. My juices flooding my lover's cock, my ass pulsating around the other cock. My lover cries out and thrusts up hard into me over and over. He needs to cum, now. "Please..." he cries out again. "Cum in me," I hiss," "Cum deep inside me." God, his body spasms as he cums, spurt after spurt, his cock pulsing inside me. My friend can't hold it back, watching us cum pushes him over the edge. Growling, he grasps my hips hard, fucking me wildly as his cock swells and shoots his spunk deep inside my ass. Three bodies convulsing with each other, collapsing on each other as our orgasms ebb. My friend slowly slides from my ass, leaving his cum to dribble down my leg. My lover eases me over to my side. The two of them drawing near, holding me between them, holding each other...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

An Interview with DLG

A new erotic post is imminent, I promise. In the meantime, however, the very lovely and very sexy Aragorn of Sexty9Ways was kind enough to interview me. I realize I don't post personal things in this blog, so here's your chance to learn a little bit more about me. As a special incentive, some photos are posted along with the interview - and yes, they are of me (and my favorite boots).

So, please, do enjoy the interview and make sure you come back here to let me know what you think.

DLG xx

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Naked in the Rain 4:2 - Exploring

Feeling breathless, I pull his face closer to mine. Our breath mingles as our tongues meet. I can feel his hard cock pressed against me, but then I take control. I slowly, gently push him away. His eyes question me and start to fill with anguish. I smile sweetly at him as I pull my body completely away. Taking his hand, I lead him to the bathroom.

"Be a good boy and take a shower," I say softly. "I have plans for you tonight."

He begins to protest but quickly shuts his mouth. He knows I'd never leave him wanting for too long. He knows I'll take care of him. With a pathetic sigh, he turns and steps into the bathroom. I wait until I hear the water running and lay out an outfit for him. It's a simple one but it shows off his body well - Tan button down fitted shirt, black jeans, leather belt, no underwear. I want him completely accessible to me. I pick my own outfit out and lay it on the bed beside his. A tight black leather skirt, white sleeveless shirt, matching white lace bra and panties and my new shoes. Perfect.

I step into the bathroom and make my way through the steam to the shower door. I open it and step inside. Such a sight. Water cascades over his body as his hands work lather into his hair. I slide up next to him and help wash the shampoo out of his hair. His cock is still rock hard, needing relief. Soon. Very soon. I move him aside and make my way under the hot spray. His hands roam over me as my skin begins to get slick from the running water.

I smile at him again and gently whisper, "Not yet my love."

He tries an unsuccessful pout and steps out of the shower. I laugh and let him know his outfit is on the bed. I can see him through the glass door of the shower as he towels off. His cock is still erect. I watch him stroke it every once in awhile, so needing release but not so much that he wants to ruin the evening. I finish in the shower and towel off. Walking to the bedroom, I can smell his cologne. I just love the way he smells. I walk in and see him standing there, dressed and noticeably anxious to get on with our evening. I dress for him, slowly. Letting him take in my body as I cover it. He licks his lips, waiting, wanting. I walk to him then and kiss him sensuously. He pulls me into his arms, tight to his body, and kisses me back. He holds me tight not wanting to let go. I stay there for a moment, enjoying his touch, his feel. I pull away gently and lead him to the door. We have many things left to do tonight.

The restaurant is crowded but I spot our dinner company right away. My friend looked gorgeous tonight, dressed in all black. He waves and smiles and we weave our way through the people to a small quiet table in the back, a nice private table. He pulls me into his arms, giving me a generous hug as I laugh. He turns to my lover and does the same. We sit, and order and chat casually about what is new and what is to come. I feel a hand on my knee, his? My lover's? Mmmm, I don't really care. I can see my friend's eyes burning. He's admiring my lover. I can see the desire growing. He turns the conversation to me and I wink at him. He knows this is what I want. He smiles sexily and suggests a night cap. I suggest my place would do nicely.

As we walk out the door, I whisper to my lover, "He is for you tonight. He's my going-away present for you."

A bit of confusion and excitement enter his eyes. I nod sweetly and give his arm a squeeze.

"Let's enjoy ourselves, shall we." I smile. "It's the least we deserve."

He smiles back, lust forming in his eyes. He kisses me softly and leads us home.

Once inside, I wander to the bar to make us a few drinks, leaving them to get acquainted. I can hear them talking softly, conspiring I'm sure. I've already talked with my friend and showed him my lover's picture. He was eager to meet him and very interested in an evening together. I knew they'd get along well. I finished the drinks and carried them back to the sitting room. To my surprise and amusement, they were already kissing. Such an arousing sight. I stood there for a moment, not wanting to disturb them, enjoying what was laying out before me. I quietly walked the drinks to the table and set them down. My lover broke the kiss, looking at me, a touch of blush rising in his cheeks.

"Please," I say as I walk to them, "don't stop. We're all here to enjoy ourselves tonight."

I kneel down on the floor between them as they turn back to each other. Their tongues swirling in each other's mouths. I watch as my friend's hands wander over my lover's back, pulling him closer. My lover has his fingers wound into his hair. Their breathing is heavy, so ripe with excitement, such passion. I let my hands wander up each of their legs, slithering up the inside of their thighs. They both gasp as I reach their cocks. Both are erect. I rub them through their jeans, feeling them grow harder under my touch. Hands reach down to me, encouraging me as they continue to kiss greedily. I rub harder, feeling the excitement growing in me. I can feel the wetness beginning to seep through my panties as I watch. My fingers find their button and zippers. I slowly release them. Pushing their jeans down a bit I notice my friend is not wearing any underwear either. Both cocks are in my hands, so hard, so erect. My lover moans as he feel me breath hotly on him. His hand flies to the back of me head, asking me, beckoning me, needing me. I lick over the head of his cock slowly, tasting him. He's waited so long for this. His cock pulses in my hand, needing me so much. I look up and see both of them watching me. I smile and slide my lover's cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue over him. He groans. My hand strokes both of them as I start to fuck his cock with my mouth. Two hands on my head now, both of them wanting this. I slow and pull from him. He gasps at the loss and gasps again as he watches me take my friend's cock into my mouth. I suck him, twisting my tongue around him, feeling his cock throb in my mouth. I pull off him and return to my lover's cock, sucking them alternately. I can hear them kissing again and then suddenly I'm pushed back from them.

Four hands help me out of my clothes and help strip each other, My lover pulls me to the floor, laying beside me, his hands move over my breasts. He moans softly as his legs are spread and my friend crawls up between them. I look down and see him there, slowly dragging his tongue up my lover's cock. My lover gasps into my mouth. I feel his hips thrust up as his cock is sucked deep into my friend's mouth. He pulls me up his body quickly, wanting me over him. I oblige and crawl up him, kissing and biting as I do. I turn around then and straddle his face. I want to watch. My back arches as I feel my lover's tongue delve into me. His fingers find my clit. God. yes. I lower myself further, grinding against him, needing him to make me come. I let my hand wander down across my lover's belly to his swollen cock. I take it into my hand, stroking it as my friend continues to suck him. I feel my lover moan into my sex. I know he can't last long like this. I watch as my friend's hand strokes his own cock, loving the pleasure he's bringing me, my lover. I watch as his mouth moves faster, wanting my lover to explode, wanting him to come in his mouth. God I need to see that. I'm so close. This scene before me is too much. I need to come. Hands, mouths, cocks. God. My lover's hips are pumping up to meet his mouth. I can see him swelling, I know he wants to come, I know he needs me to come. His tongue works faster against me, swirling around and around over my hard clit. Yes. That's it. My hand strokes him faster as I feel it rise in me.

"Come for me," I cry. "God, please come for me. Come in his mouth. Shoot your spunk down his throat. Do it, please"

He growls at my words, waiting so long to feel his release. His tongue moves faster still as I see his body tense. Yes, god, yes. I need this. I feel my own orgasm rising as I see my friend's hand moving faster. I feel it then, the pulsing in his cock, the cum surging through him. He cries out and comes hard, comes deep in his throat, in his mouth, over his lips. I can't hold it back. I need to come, now. It rocks through me, searing heat, pulsing through every muscle. Yes. My cunt contracts and I cum so hard over him. He groans loudly as he feels my juices release and flood his face. We writhe there like that, trying to keep the pleasure as long as possible.

Suddenly my friend stands up, releasing my lover from his mouth. He leans over and kisses me hard, letting me taste the cum on his tongue, on his lips. So good. But I want more.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Tell Me

I've been fantasizing about you. I've been needing you. I'm already wet for you. My hand has slinked into my panties and my fingers are caressing my clit. I want you. Let me remove my clothes. I don't need them today. Look at me. Do you like what you see? I want you to want me as well. Tell me. I want to hear it from you. Tell me how you want me, what you want me to do to you. I want to know. I want to be yours. Perhaps you want me to take you and tie you down, use you. Or perhaps you want to flip me onto my belly and fuck me from behind. I know how much you want this. I want it too. Tell me...