Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tied - Part 1

Thank you to the lovely Madeline Glass for including me in this week's Fleshbot Sex Blog Round-up!


Her knuckles are beginning to turn white as she grips the ropes binding her wrists to the headboard. Her body makes a clean line, outstretched arms above her head following her spine down to her naked ass. Her knees barely touch the floor though it doesn't matter. The bed holds her weight, her legs merely dangle off the edge. It does make her quite helpless, however, and this makes you smile.

The leather makes a loud slapping sound when it strikes her ass. The sound reverberates through the otherwise quiet room. Tears spring to her eyes and she tries not to cry out from the impact. You strike her again. And then again. Warmth begins to settle where the pain is and her gasps turn to a soft moan. Her body relaxes just a bit and her thighs spread ever so slightly. You strike her a fourth time across the back of her thighs and she groans.

"Is this what you wanted, slut?"

You strike her again.

She gasps into the bed and says nothing.

"I asked you if this is what you wanted."

Another strike, this time across her left buttock.

She mumbles a "yes" into the bed, just loud enough for you to hear.

"You don't want me to ask you again."

She immediately replies this time, "This, this is what I wanted."

"Why?" you ask with your hand raised ready to strike her again.

"I've been bad. I've disobeyed you. I need to be punished. I only want to please you. I'm a fucking slut and deserve to be punished."

"Greedy girl," you say and put the crop down. You walk to the side of the bed and see a flash of disappointment in her eyes. She really is very greedy tonight. She wants more of the crop, but you have other things in mind. If it's punishment she wants, it's punishment she'll get.

Reaching under the bed, you pull out a box. Her eyes widen, but only for a moment. She knows what you keep in the box. You move back to the foot of the bed again to where she can't see, open it and place it on the floor. Her chest heaves as she calms herself. She needs to get to that place, she needs to be inside her head.

You take out what you need and line it up along the floor beside the bed. Satisfied with your choices, you put the box back in its place. She doesn't look up this time.

"You have been quite bad," you say, "I agree that you need punishing. But I'll decide how you get it tonight. I think you need a refresher as to your place. I think I need to remind you why you beg and why you submit to me."

A small whimper comes from the top of the bed but she says nothing.

You allow your hands to touch her then. A light touch, feeling her ass. Running your fingertips over her curves, down her thighs to her knees and back up the inside. Pressing gently, you push her legs wider. Her cunt glistens. The crop alone has aroused her. Your fingers smooth her pussy lips and you dip a finger inside her. So wet for you. She gasps softly, her muscles tightening around you briefly before you pull your finger back out.

"Not tonight, pet," you say and she groans heavily.

You slide your hands up the back of her thighs and over her ass again. You suddenly slap her ass hard and she gasps.

"This is what I'll be taking tonight."

to be continued...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The One in Your Fantasies...

You say you want me.

But it's not me you want.

You say you need me.

But it's not me you need.

I am no one. And anyone. It's why you come here, isn't it. It's so you can have me be anyone you want me to be. You don't need to see me or know what color my hair is. You don't need to look into my eyes and see yourself reflecting there. It's not what I'm here for. I'm here so I can become her. She's the one in your fantasies, the one I become as you read the words. I'm her, your wife, lover, girlfriend, mistress, sexual fantasy, the girl next door, the one you noticed walking by, the one you admire from afar.

It's her voice you hear when I tell you to fuck me. Hers which makes your body tremble. When my hand slides over your body it's her you feel. Her scent fills your nostrils and her taste lingers with you long after we're done. She's the one you want and desire. That's who I am.

I want you to think about her now. Close your eyes and think about her, all of her. Think about her soft skin, her beautiful smile, the curve of her hip, the swell of her breasts. Think about how much you desire her, how much you want to touch and feel her.

Keep her there in your mind as you feel her run her hands over your body. Her hands are soft over your skin. They lightly caress you as they trace over you. Her breath is hot against your neck as she presses up against your back. You can feel her hard nipples brushing against you and you feel yourself sigh. Relax into her as her hands reach around and slide up your chest, her fingernails lightly scratching you sensually. Her lips kiss across your shoulders, wanting you, needing you. Her body rubs against you, swaying to an unheard song. Her warm skin envelopes you. Her hair gently tickles as she rubs her body against you. Her legs connect with yours, molding herself to you as her hands explore.

They touch your neck and her fingers slide up through your hair. Her hands run down over your shoulders, down your arms and briefly intertwine her fingers in yours. They slide down your back, cupping your ass and slip back up across your ribs to your chest. Her fingers touch you everywhere. Her hands drift back down over your stomach, down over your hips and caress your thighs. They run back over your ass, pausing before moving down to tease your inner thighs causing you to part them for her. You can feel her smile against your back. She knows how much you enjoy being touched like this.

Your head falls back a little as her hands continue to arouse you. Your sensitivity increases as her touch intensifies. Her hands feels like they are everywhere; touching, teasing, caressing. As they slide over you, the drift down again, down over your stomach once more, slowing down between your thighs. You ache for her to touch you. And she does. The heat of your body meets the cool touch of her hands and you moan. She slides her hands over you, touching lightly at first, feeling you, before deliberately moving over you. She knows what you like. Her fingers move over purposefully. She wants to bring you pleasure. She wants you to cum for her. Her hands stroke and fondle you. Moving over you, teasing you, heightening your pleasure.

Her teeth gently nip your back as her tongue tastes your skin. Her breasts are pressed hard against you as you feel your body surrendering to her soft grazes. Her breath quickens as she feels your body reacting to her. She slick with the excitement of pleasuring you. It's what she wants. Its what she arouses her, the noises you make, the reaction of your body to her touch, the pleasure she knows she's giving you. You can feel her heat from between her thighs. You feel her slide her fingers through her wetness, getting her fingers slick so she can spread her juices over you. She wants you to know just how much she wants you.

Her wet fingers tease you more, aching to have you show her how good this feels. Aching to know how much she arouses you. Her touches increase, stroking, touching and caressing you, wanting to feel every part of you. Speeding up when you want her to, slowing down to keep control. Her breath is so hot against your back and you know she needs to feel your cum over her fingers. She doesn't want you to hold it back from her. She wants to feel your release. She wants to share in it.

Her hands take control, not stopping. Moving over you just how you need. The rhythm increases, touching, caressing, bringing you to the point of no holding back and then she asks you. She asks you to cum for her. She needs to feel it. She needs to know she was the one you did this for. She needs to know she's the one you desire. She needs to feel how much she aroused you. She needs you to cum for her.

And so I ask you as my hands leave your satisfied body, a soft smile on my lips as I whisper in your ear, "Who is she?"