Sunday, December 23, 2007

Washington D.C. Series 4:3 - Reaching Climax

Eva's hands reached down to her dress and pulled the bottom up further. Taking Brent's cock into her hands, she guided him to her, the head of his cock nestled against her labia. With a hard passionate kiss, she pushed down against him. A low growl grew from Brent's throat. She slipped all the way down on him, feeling his heat fill her. Their bodies locked together in a passionate embrace.

Slowly, Eva's hips began to move, rocking slowly at first. Her mouth remained on Brent's, a hungry kiss they both shared. He could feel her wetness around him, dripping from her over his now slick cock. The embrace tightened and Eva let her cunt contract around Brent. She pulled at him, pulling him deeper into her. Her hands slid over his bare chest, pinching his hard nipples. They slid up further to cup his face. Pulling back for a moment, she looked into his eyes. Deep pools of blue hazed with lust looked back at her.

"Make me cum," she whispered and kissed him again. Her tongue sliding over his lips before slipping inside.

Brent responded by slipping his hand down between them. Grabbing the edge of the dress, he pulled it up further, freeing the path to her warmth. Slipping further still, his hands grazed over her sex, feeling his own cock sliding up into her. He moaned at the feeling the slick juices running over his hand.

Wetness spread over her clit with the help his deft fingers. Eva gasped with the new found pressure against her. His thumb flicked over her clit and she gasped again.

"That's it," she whispered and slip her mouth over his jaw. With each flicker from his wrist, she gasped. Her tongue slid down his neck, licking and biting at it. The feelings were too strong to concentrate on anything but the feel of his skin against hers, his cock in her cunt, his hand against her sex.

"There?" he murmured as his thumb flicked over her again.

Eva could do nothing but moan. She rocked against him, her hips rolling against his forcing his cock up into her and her clit against his hand. His other hand grasped her hip, pulling her to him as she fucked him. Greedy, urgent thrusts came from him. Knowing he could make her cum, he thrust hard again, he knew how she needed it. He knew the details of her body, each pressure point, every sensitive spot. He knew how to make her moan with arousal and growl with excitement. He knew he was hers.

The sensation spiraled out from her sex, the growing arousal dominating her body. She could do little more than let her body move on its own. She fucked Brent hard and unrelenting. Brent rubbed around her swollen clit. His thumb flicked at it, holding her to that spot, heightening her arousal. He had her there at the edge of the plateau and he kept her there. Backing off when he felt the pulsing begin around his cock, he kept her pleasure just out of reach. He wanted her climax to be strong and powerful. He wanted to pull the carnal pleasure from her. Brent needed to prove to her that he was the one who was hers, especially because of what they headed into tonight.

Eva gasped over and over. Her breath was ragged as she fucked Brent. Her thighs tightened against him as she threw her head back. Brent slipped his hand inside her dress, capturing her nipple between his fingers again and pinched it hard. Eva moaned, her fingernails clawing at his chest.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Washington D.C. Series 4:2 - Getting Distracted

Eva walked Brent back toward the bed. His knees backed into the edge and it sent him tumbling. Laughing, Eva climbed over him, climbing up along his aching body. Loose hair brushed along his stomach as her lips kissed their way across his stomach. The soft touch of her sensuous mouth drew sparks from him. Resting his hands in her hair, Brent closed his eyes. Eva glanced up to see him enjoying her attention. She smiled and kissed up further, pausing to rest her head briefly on his chest. Brent's arms encircled her and held her tight to him. He kissed the top of her head and murmured soft affections. Eva kissed his chest again and drew up from him. Her mouth touched his once more and they kissed deeply.

Brent's hand brushed over her breast, feeling her hard nipple through the fabric of sequined gown. More greedily, he slipped his hand into the generous cut of her dress and slid his hand around her firm breast, groaning softly as the swell of her breast filled his hand. Eva kissed him deeper, her tongue pushing into his mouth, possessing him. Suddenly she gasped as his thumb flicked over her nipple. The pulsing between her thighs began to grow. Pulsing with his touch, her clit yearned for more.

Eva rose from his grasp and smiled again. "It's my turn now," she said eagerly and slid her hands over his hard chest. Making sure she brushed over his nipples first, she slid her hands up and over his shoulders, trailing down both arms. Fingers encircled his wrists, and with a wink, she raised his arms over his head.

"Leave them there."

Brent smiled back at her and left his arms where put them.

Looking at him mischievously, she said "Let's see how well these pants work."

Her hands slid over the leather once more and she tucked her fingers into the waistband of his new leather pants. WIth a sharp yank, she tugged hard at the pants and the snaps along the sides gave way with short popping sounds. Eva grinned widely and pulled at them again. His pants split apart, releasing his straining cock and pulling free from the back section. She stepped off the bed and dropped the front half of his pants.

"They work rather nicely," she laughed and helped him shift so she could drop the back half to the floor as well.

"Now then, I think I'd rather like to fuck you before we go tonight. Any objections?" she asked as her body moved over his again. Brent went to speak but a groan escaped his lips instead. Eva's mouth had found his cock. Her lips had parted to allow him to slide all the way inside her. She closed tightly around his throbbing penis as her tongue swirled around him.

"Ohhhhh, Eva," Brent said in a rush of breath that pushed from his lungs.

Her hand wrapped firmly around him and began to stroke in the rhythm of her mouth. Her tongue pressed him tightly against the roof of her mouth as she sucked at him. Moving her head, bobbing it between his thighs, she fucked him with her mouth. Quick movements followed by slow sensual licking kept Brent on edge.

Eva sensed Brent moving his arm. He tried hard to leave it over his head as she had instructed. The pleasure was too great and he needed to touch her. Eva didn't slow but was prepared to become harsh with him if he disobeyed her. Brent knew this too well. She felt his hand hovering right above her head, not quite touching her. He groaned with frustration. His hand moved closer to her, wanting to hold her head as she sucked him. With a great deal of control and another groan, he put his arm back over his head. Eva smiled around his cock and sucked at his head a little extra hard to let him know she was pleased.

Her hand reached down to cup his balls. They squeezed gently as her mouth engulfed him fully. Tightening in her hand, they pulled up to his body, showing Eva how close he was. His cock pulsed in her mouth, beginning to thicken as he drew nearer to his orgasm. With her hands still his thighs, she withdrew her mouth and looked up to him. Brent's eyes were closed, his head was back. His hands gripped the bedspread hard in order not to succumb to touching her.

"Tell me how close you are," she whispered.

"Oh god Eva, I'm ready to explode. Please let me cum for you." Brent's voice cracked as he breathed hard.

She hand closed over his cock and stroked him firmer. Brent moaned.

"Please Eva, I can't hold back much longer if you keep doing that. I've been trying so hard, but I'm too close now," he cried as Eva stroked him again.

"Perhaps I should fuck you then," she said coming up onto her knees. "Perhaps I should slide my wet cunt down over your cock so you can make me cum again."

"Yes, Eva, please fuck me."

"And?" she inquired.

"Oh god," he said visibly excited to say the words. "Please fuck me. I'm your dirty fucking whore and I need you to fuck me. Please, I'll be your dirty fucking cum slut. Please, please fuck me."

Eva moaned softly as she heard his words. The power of them had an instant effect. They aroused her knowing he was hers, knowing he was submitting to her, knowing he would do anything she asked.

Releasing his cock, she crawled further up his body. Her thighs straddled his and she leaned down to kiss him. Taking a hold of his wrist, she brought his hand up to the back of her head, giving him permission again to touch her. He groaned again as both arms wrapped around her, pulling her to him. Her body crushed against his, her wet sex sliding over his cock. Her hips rocked as she slid against him, juices covering him in her slickness. She slid over him, letting the head of his cock rub against her clit. She needed to cum again. She needed his cock to bring her there.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Washington D.C. Series 4:1 - Getting Ready for the Party

Eva laid her hand on Brent's knee. He had been nervously fidgeting beside her. She glanced over to see him playing with the tight collar of his shirt. She smiled warmly at her and he nervously laughed and let his hand fall on top of hers. Eva was a bit nervous as well, but she didn't want to make Brent seem any more uncomfortable than he already was.

Eva had discovered earlier that week that Brent had never been invited to an evening like this either. He knew Ms. McCabe has hosted events like this before but she had never taken Brent as her escort for the evening. Eva pressed him for any details or rumors he may have heard, but he heard none. The idea of the extreme secrecy had Eva excited.

They began their evening about two hours earlier. Brent had arrived at Eva's to gather the outfit which Eva had picked out for him and escort her for the evening. He smiled brightly when she presented his gift, a large box with a red ribbon on it. With the enthusiasm of a child at Christmas, he tore into the box smiling broader as he discovered its contents. He pulled out a crisp white tuxedo shirt first, tailored to fit him perfectly. The tie was underneath and he laid them on the bed beside him. Giving Eva another brilliant smile he pulled out his trousers. The black leather crinkled softly as he lifted them from the box. His eyes twinkled as he examined the discreet snaps that ran along the sides.

"Just in case I need to remove them quickly?" he mischievously asked.

"No," Eva replied with a smile on her lips, "in case I need to remove them quickly."

Brent laughed and ran his hands over the leather. He then put them down on the bed beside him and began to undress. Eva never tired of seeing his naked body. As Brent discarded his clothing, Eva wandered over to him. Her hands ran over his bare chest while Brent shed his jeans. Her mouth moved to his and she kissed him greedily. He gasped at her passion, not anticipating the hunger in her kiss. His hands moved around her waist, pulling her to him. It was a strong movement, powerful in is meaning, but Brent knew it wold be Eva who decided where it went next.

Eva's hands snaked down between his thighs and felt his cock beginning to stir. It was a cock that had rewarded her with so much pleasure over the past few months and she wanted him. She backed away though, knowing their night hadn't even begun yet. Eva had no idea what to expect and didn't want Brent to be overspent before they even began. Eva kissed him softly and stepped from his grasp.

"Get dressed lover," she said gently, "we have a full evening ahead of us and I have a sneaking suspicion that it will involve plenty of that later."

Brent sighed softly and set to work on his clothes.

"Wait," she said, stopping him and looking at the fabric still restraining his cock, "remove those first. I want easy access to you tonight"

Brent return her gaze and stripped off his boxers before stepping into the leather pants. Eva had guessed right at the size. They fit him perfectly. A pleasant smile crossed her lips as he spun around for her. His ass looked even better when clad in leather. Eva nodded her approval.

"Come here lover," Eva motioned to him to come to her. "Help me with my dress."

Eva led her robe slip from her shoulders exposing her naked body. Brent sucked in his breath slightly. It appeared as though he too never tired of seeing her.

"The dress is in the closet," Eva said as she motioned to the door.

Brent picked it up and brought it to her. The red sequined gown was heavier in his hands than he anticipated. Eva lifted her arms slightly and he slid the gown over her shoulders and down her body. The deep V in the front plunged down below her breasts and the fabric clung to her curves, accenting her generous breasts and svelte hips. Brent smiled widely as he looked her over. She was so beautiful like this.

"And my stockings," she said in a tone verging on wicked.

Eva knew his weakness. He loved the feeling of her legs in the soft silk of stockings. He loved that spot where the stocking ended and her flesh began. He loved feeling the silk slipping against his as Eva tighten her thighs around him. Brent cock stirred once more.

He took the stockings from Eva's hands. Kneeling down at her feet, he gathered the first stocking in his hand. Gently lifting her foot to his knee, he slipped the socking over her toes.

"Be careful not to tear them," Eva warned as Brent began slowly sliding the stocking over her calf.

He nodded in response and continued his slow climb up her leg. His breathing was slightly faster as his hands caressed her. The stocking inched its way further as Eva pulled her dress out of the way for him. The high slit along the side made it easy for Brent to reach all the way up her thighs. As he reach the top of the stocking, he let his hands linger over the soft flesh still uncovered by the silk. He looked up to Eva for permission to go further but he saw none.

"And the other one," she whispered.

Brent dutifully picked up the other stocking and began sliding it up her other leg. He was visibly uncomfortable now. Eva could see his straining cock pressing against the leather covering him. The leather did not have the give of regular fabric and she knew his cock was pressed tight to him. She felt a surge of arousal as she watched him. She hadn't planned on allowing Brent any pleasure until later, but she was rethinking that decision now. As Brent's hands slid up her thigh, he again looked up for permission. This time she gave it to him.

With a soft sigh of relief, he let his hands move up further along Eva's thighs. Her soft skin always aroused him. Eva smiled again, musing over her lover at her feet. He was always eager to please her. How would he be tonight? Eva helped him ease the dress up exposing her naked cunt to him.

He moaned softly and continued to move his fingers over her thighs. They teased her just as she was teasing him. Slowly, Brent leaned forward and kissed her thigh. Soft lovely little kisses bestowed upon his lover's flesh. His lips made their way up her thighs, his breath warm against her. Her flesh was hot and his lips felt cool against her skin.

Eva felt his knees tuck between her ankles and she allowed him to spread her thighs. His lips brushed over her soft curls as she pressed her hips to him. Slowly, he tongue probed her soft moist flesh, caressing over her clit. Eva let out a gentle gasp as his tongue swirled lightly around her. Her hands dropped to his hair, tangling her fingers through it. He breathed hotly against her sex and swirled his tongue again. His fingers slid easily through her wetness as he made his way between her delicate folds.

Eva's knees grew weak but he steadied her with his other hand. It cupped her ass and brought her closer to him. Brent licked along her slick flesh, moving back and forth from her clit and the wetness pooling between her thighs. Eva opened herself up for him, allowing him to delve his tongue deep inside her. He was purposely moving slowly, purposely torturing her, building her up. Eva didn't mind this time, she reveled in his touch. His tongue moved over her clit again as his fingers slid inside her. They slid in and out rhythmically, gaining speed slowly as her hips pressed to him.

Eva felt a warm trickle spill from her as Brent moved his tongue back down to her cunt. A throaty groan escaped his lips as he licked her again. It was too much for Eva. She needed to cum. Her fingers tightened in his hair and pulled his face to her once again. Brent groaned. A hand slid back down her stockinged leg and wrapped around her ankle. Steadying her, he lifted it up over his shoulder. A low moan escaped Eva's lips as Brent's tongue found her again, pressing into her with a new intensity. His fingers has better access now and he slowly thrust them deeper inside her, fucking her now. Eva rolled her hips and her fingers gripped his hair tight, willing him to make her cum. Pleasure eased through her as his tongue swirled and sucked at her clit. Her back arched as he gently pulled her clit between his teeth. Over and over, swirling, licking, sucking at her as his fingers slid in and out of her, fucking her.

Waves of pleasure poured over Eva, flowing through her body. Short little gasps escaped her lips before letting out a sharp cry as her orgasm washed over her. Brent held her tight as her legs trembled with the force. Slowly, he pulled his face back from her and looked up. His lips and chin glistened with her juices. He grinned at her, taking pleasure in know he had pleased her. Eva smiled back at him.

"Come here," she said huskily, "I want to taste me."

Brent eased himself from her and slid up her body. Wrapping his hands around her waist, he pulled her close. As their lips met, a rush of warm moved through them both. His mouth covered hers and their tongues mingled. Eva could taste the sweetness of herself on his tongue. Her hands snaked behind his head and drew him closer. The kisses became deeper, hungrier and their bodies pressed tight together. She could feel his hard thickness against her and knew she wanted more.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm Back

Contrary to popular belief, I have not fallen off the face of the planet nor have I given up blogging. After reaching my two-year anniversary with this blog I took the time for a much needed break.

I came to find that I wasn't enjoying writing as I should. I found my writing was beginning to feel like the "same ol' same ol.'" I felt the need to reassess how I approach writing. While I do love that you enjoy my fantasies, ultimately I write for me. Think about this as a journal of sorts for me. Looking inward, I found I needed some time away from this and other things in my life. Consider it as soul-searching, consider it experimenting with life, consider it whatever you will. Ultimately I found the drive and inspiration to come back to writing and to you.

So with that said, expect some new posts soon. I have Eva's story to finish and have many new things to share, all of them filthy, of course. It feels good to be back.