Thursday, February 22, 2007

You, me and another girl - Part 2

Before I begin, this is a reminder that the Win DLG in Her Panties contest is still going on. Entrants have until February 28th to seduce me and win a photo of me in just my panties. For more details on how to win, go here.

And without further ado, here is the continuation of the winning post...


Her gaze never left me as I guided the car into the driveway. Her fingers felt for the seat belt release and she quickly opened the car door. Glancing up at the windows as I felt for my own seat belt, I could see light flickering behind the curtains and I smiled. Stepping out of the car, I looked over to her to find her looking up at the curtains as well.

"He's home I see," she said grinning wickedly at me. Walking to the back of the car, I pulled her bags from the trunk. Stepping closer she whispered softly, "It's certainly going to be an interesting night then. Just make sure I get a little alone time with you later on." With that, she winked at me and bounded off toward the door.

It opened before we made it up the driveway and I saw him standing there, looking quite sexy I might add. The foyer was dim and I could see the candlelight flickering from the living room. He went to great lengths for our evening together. Kissing him softly as I stepped inside, I murmured that I've missed him. He smiled back at me and deepened our kiss, but only for a moment. Taking the overnight bag from my hand, he sauntered off down the hall to the bedroom while I made my way into the living room after her.

She had already settled onto the sofa, the plush pillows surrounding her as she sank back into them. Softly lit by the candles, her hair looked like it was made of gold shimmering in the light. It danced in her eyes as well, eyes that were filled with lust. Her body language was quite clear as she settled back further into the lush fabric. It was only two steps to her side and I knelt on the sofa over her. Our mouths met again, uninhibited, unbridled in our passion. Her hands roamed, feeling me, taking what she couldn't get while we were in the car. Pulling me closer, our bodies touched, mine on top of hers, undulating softly, slowly. Passion surged and our kisses became more heated. A gasp, a groan, I needed her.

She startled suddenly and I pulled back, concerned. A look of disgust crossed her face and she reached into her purse beside the sofa. Looking at her cell phone, she shook her head. "I'm so sorry. I have to take this call. It might be a bit, I'm so sorry."

I knew about her work and her clients, It was a 24/7 type of job. "No worries," I whispered softly," We do have all night, you know."

She grinned back at me and sashayed off to the kitchen to take her call. Settling into the spot she just occupied, I glanced at the doorway. He was leaning there, one hand at his side, the other rubbing his cock through his jeans. He had been watching and waiting.

"Come here," I said huskily. He always had a way of bringing the lust out in me and knowing he had been watching us made me want him, right then and there. He wasted no time moving to my side. Kissing me greedily, he took the position I had just been in. His warm body pressed tight to me, his erect cock against me was evidence of his arousal. Our mouths connected in a hunger that only he and I shared. His hands knew my body well and he made little effort of removing my blouse. Soft warm hands glided over my breasts and a small groan escaped my lips. Between him and her, my body was screaming with cravings of carnal lust. His lips moved down my neck, licking and sucking at it. He sat back for a moment, quickly stripping off his shirt, and then leaned over me again. His lips found me as I arched up to him. Fingers deftly removed my lacy bra. Lights flashed behind my closed lids as his lips found my nipple. Hunger ached in his touch and I couldn't help but respond to it. His tongue swirled over my nipple, sucking at it, biting. His other hand massaged my breast as my hips sought him out. Every bite, every suck made my body pulse with arousal. I needed him.

My fingers found his belt and quickly discarded it. Unbuttoning his jeans, I slid the zipper down and was greeted by hot, hard flesh. Groaning at the feel of him, I delicately wrapped my fingers around his erect cock. He was so aroused. Stroking him slowly, I felt his body shudder for a moment. His mouth closed tighter around my nipple and I could tell he was as close as I was.

Releasing my breasts and moving down, his tongue traced circles over my stomach. Tracing around and around until he met my pants. Slipping the button out and sliding down the zipper, he gently tugged at them until they slid off. He looked at me then, a soft, loving look, sliding his hand over the wet silk still between my thighs. I was so aroused for him, for her. He tucked his fingers in my panties and slid them off, leaving me naked in front of him. Kneeling back down, I could feel his warm breath against me. "Yes," I moaned as his tongue met my flesh. His hot, wet tongue touched my skin, slowly moving across my clit. I gasped. Swirling over me again, his tongue caressed me, knowing how to arouse me, knowing how to make me cum. My hips moved in rhythm to his mouth, rolling with his caresses. Every stroke of his tongue brought me closer. My fingers clutched at his hair, at the pillows beside me. My body moaned at the sensations. Every lick, every suck heightened my pleasure, over and over against my clit. His fingers found me then, sliding through my wetness, pushing up into me, fucking me. My thighs were wide open, wanting him, needing him. He made me whimper then, pushing another finger inside. Stroking his fingers in and out, matching my hips. Pushing in every time I brought my hips up, thrusting inside me, filling me over and over. His tongue was merciless, licking, swirling. Every movement of his tongue bringing me closer, every thrust of his fingers heightening my pleasure. I groaned louder, gasping out his name. He pushed me closer and closer. God, I was going to cum.

I grabbed at his hair, my breathing ragged, gasping. His head pressed tighter against me, his tongue moving faster. There, yes. Muscles tensed and I pushed my hips up hard to meet him. My body cried out before my voice did. My orgasm rushing through me, convulsing against his face, his hand. My juices gushed over him, my cunt pulsed around him. I gasped for breath as the pleasure pulsed over and over. I needed more. I needed him inside me, I needed to feel his hard cock deep inside my cunt. I needed to be filled by him. I didn't need to say anything though. He knew. I looked down and watched as he quickly discarded his jeans, his hard cock throbbing between his thighs. Reaching out to him, I pulled him up the length of my body, my thighs parting around him. Arching up again, I felt his hard cock against my wetness, sliding against me, coating his cock in my juices. He reached down then, positioning himself over me, pressing his cock against my aching cunt.

Moaning as his cock began to slide inside me, I heard movement by my side. Turning to look, I saw her there... naked beside me, her hand between her thighs, stroking. She had been watching and wanting....

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day Contest - DLG in her Panties

Hello my fabulous readers!

I know you've been patiently waiting for the next part of You, Me and another Girl. I've been dreadfully busy and haven't had the chance to get to it yet. I do promise it'll be done soon though as I'm very much looking forward to writing the conclusion. I have a feeling it will be rather long and rather filthy.

In the meantime I thought I might start a Valentine's Day Contest to win my panties again. (yep, did this last year too.) The winner gets a lovely private picture of me in my panties. You heard me... just in my panties. The picture shown is a snippet from the picture last year's winner received. ;)

How do you win?
It's quite simple. In 100 words or less, write me a fantasy... seduce me.

Here's the catch.
Over the past few months, I've been collecting some filthy google search terms that led readers to me. All very fun I might add. In those 100 words or less, you must incorporate at least 5 of the search terms I've listed below. You must use the whole term, not just some of the words. I'm looking forward to seeing how creative you are.

Who will win?
The one I think is the best. What determines that? I won't know until I read them. It could be sexy or seductive or it could be humorous. It's a subjective thing, I know.

The winning entry will be posted (with permission of course). The winner's prize will not be posted, it's for them and them alone unless of course they want to share it with you, then I'll post it for everyone. ;)

The Rules?
1. You can either post your fantasy in the comments or email it to me at
2. Your fantasy must be 100 words or less - I'll be pasting them into MS Word for a word count.
3. You must use 5 of the search terms listed below - use the whole term.
4. Seduce me for Valentine's Day. Tell me how you want me, turn me on, make me desire you more than any others. Make me want you.

February 28... you have two weeks to get me out of my clothes and into my panties.

Good Luck!

DLG xoxo

Official Search Terms List (actual searches by which people found me)
rope bound
bound by her wrist in bondage
swirling the tongue
watch me rub my panties
cum is delicious
when I linger with my finger
please let me cum
the ropes pulled her elbows together
delightful little nipples
down on my knees, begging you please
don't make me cum on your tongue
nipples hardening
kneel down in front of me
don't you dare cum
dirty little girl
how to wake someone
stroking my cock
cum dribbles down her thighs
soft outer lips
naughty boy
spread legs and punished lips
hot red lipstick lips who like cock
restrained cock
beautiful bodies of the rain
my lips his cock
cock squeezing
tied down and cum on
cumming deep inside her
I'm going to cum in your mouth
erect cock
tug my wood sexy
slowly remove panties
teach me to grind my hips
her hand slid up my skirt
gentle wake-up alarm
sluts begging for cum
just close your eyes and imagine your tongue in between
fuck me in my panties
Master playing with my clit

Thursday, February 01, 2007

You, me and another girl - Part 1

The train was late. I wasn't all that bothered though. I had an entertaining view from the bar stool I was on. Leaning back against the bar, I sipped my Diet Coke and picked at my order of fries while I casually watched the other travelers pass by. Most were in a hurry, but a few lingered reuniting with loved ones or checking their cell phones. There was no hurry for me, however, she'd be here to enjoy soon enough.

Seeing the arrival information finally change to indicate your train, I slid off the stool and made my way to the gate. Through the throng of people rushing off the train I spotted her. Actually, there was no way to miss her. She glowed with a beauty I adored. I wasn't the only one who noticed. A few other heads turned as she made her way to me. There she was, my girl, with a gorgeous smile that said she was happy to see me as much as I was to see her. As she reached me, I moved toward her to close the distance faster. We met in a warm embrace, our arms wrapping around each other, pressing our bodies close. It had been far too long. I pulled back then and kissed her softly. She glanced around for a moment, looking to see who was watching, but I didn't care. I kissed her again and felt her give in to me. Such warm, soft lips. Our tongues met and our kiss deepened. Two lovers reuniting.

Breaking our kiss, I smiled again. Gathering her bag we headed out to find my car. It wasn't long before we were on the road and heading down the highway. I looked over at her as she let her head fall back against the head rest. She had a long trip and was clearly a bit tired. Lifting my hand, I brushed away the hair from her neck and stroked her face. She smiled again as I let my fingers trail up and down her neck. Such a gorgeous neck. Still smiling at me, I felt her hand settle on my thigh. A shiver ran down my spine at her touch. Only a few more minutes until we were home and only a few minutes more until I could hold her the way I craved.

Letting my hand rest against the back of her neck, I gently massaged. My fingers moved in slow soft circles and I heard her moan softly. Her hand moved slowly over my thigh, her fingers matching the rhythm I had created. God, she had me so wet already. I could feel my juices dampening my panties. I needed her. Her hand continued to move softly against my thigh, inching its way up, slowly beginning to torture me. She turned then and kissed my hand. I glanced over and grinned at her. Looking devilish, she kissed my wrist. I laughed and smiled back at her.

"What's on your mind?" I asked and she just smiled back at me. She kissed me again, moving up my arm until she was leaning over far enough that I could feel her breath on my neck.

She whispered, "I think you know what's on my mind."

I felt her lips touch my neck and I had to struggle to keep the car on the road. Her hand had found its way between my thighs and I groaned softly as I felt her fingers pressing against me. Soft warm fingers pressed tight against my aching mound and increased my desire for her. Her lips moved along my neck, warm and soft. It was then that I felt her other hand. She had undone one of the buttons on my blouse and slipped inside. Her warm touch now caressed my breast in addition to my clit. I groaned again. My one hand held tight to her neck as her mouth worked at me mercilessly.

"You're going to make me crash the car." I gasped.

"Now that would be interesting," she replied but didn't stop her movements.

"I'm serious," I said, but only half meant it. I didn't want her to stop. God, she felt too good to stop.

I turned the steering wheel and hit the brakes hard. Now, in the safety at the side of the road, I pulled her lips to mine. Our mouths met hungrily as passion surged through us. I wanted her. Our tongues swirled and I heard her gasp. Unbuckling my seat belt, I pushed her back. Greedy for her now, I let my hands be the ones to do the exploring. I gasped at the feel of her soft skin underneath the hem of her skirt. Her skin was like silk and my hand easily glided up the length of her thigh until it met the silk of her panties. She moaned once more and my fingers found what I desired. She was greedy for me too. Tucking my fingers inside the silk, they gently slid down the length of her slit. So hot. So wet. Stroking her, I broke our kiss and let my lips find her neck. Biting gently, I tasted her. Such a divine taste. Her gasp told me I had found the right spot and I bit her again as my fingers circled.

"We'll get caught here," she moaned unconvincingly.

"You started it," I retorted playfully and my fingers pressed a bit firmer against her sex. Her hips pressed up against my hand. She was what I had been wanting, what I had been needing. Her moans permeated my skin and I felt my desire growing stronger. She pressed herself tighter to me and her fingers tighten their grip around my back. My lips were making my way down her neck when she suddenly pulled back from me. "Please," she moaned. "I want to feel your body against mine, I want more than this. I need to taste you and caress you and touch you... all of you."

Smiling lustfully at her for a moment, I pulled back and gently slipped my fingers from her. Bringing them up to my mouth, I tasted her before turning and putting the car back into drive. My house wasn't far...

(to be continued...)