Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Hot Fucking Dream

I had a dream last night. You were in my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep and you came back to me as I slipped deeper into slumber. We were together. I'm not sure of the place, but it was soft and dark. I felt your hard body next to mine and I smiled. My arousal was sudden when your lips touched mine. I was not expecting it. It took my breath away just as it did the first time you kissed me.

Your kiss was long and hard and deep. Our tongues swirled over each others in a hot and urgent frenzy. My hands grabbed at your neck, your hair, your shirt. I balled the fabric up in my hand as it became more intense. We pulled at each other, barely taking the time to breathe. I wanted to be next to you, a part of you, in you. Then the scene shifted as it often does in dreams.
My body lay naked on a white silky surface. My mouth sought you out but you weren't there. Only your hands were there. They drifted over my whole length. Strong hands caressed my curves, moving sensuously over my breasts, pinching my nipples and sliding down over my stomach. They moved slowly but with purpose. I left out a soft mewl, asking for more than just these soft touches, but you would not relent. Your hands touched, caressed, teased and massaged every part of me. At times it felt like there were two hands, while other times it felt like six. My body was alive with your presence.

I reached out to touch you but my hands found nothing. I grasped again but only a warmth eased through my fingers. I knew you were there, but it was only your hands that I was allowed to feel. My body grew restless. My hips shifted as I tried to bring your hands closer to my aching cunt. I arched my back, pressing my breasts up only to have you focus somewhere else. I felt tormented by you, a tease, a touch, but I still couldn't have you.

And then I was falling. I wasn't afraid. Dark warmth surrounded me once again. Your naked body pressed against mine; long, lean and hard. I felt the velvety skin of your cock against my side and I reached down to you. My hand ached to feel you as I slid my fingers around your erection. I felt your breath hot and moist on my neck as I stroked you. Your hands clutched at my back, pulling me tighter to you. I couldn't help but groan with desire as your cock reacted to me, swelling in my hand. My mouth ached to taste you, but your hands reached to my face pulling me into a deep kiss, not letting me take you.

And then we shifted again. I was lying on top of you, my leg tucked in between yours, my clit rubbing against you. All I could see was pleasure swirling around me. Your lips were on mine again, greedy and decadent as you slid your tongue into my mouth. Your hands emanated heat as they roamed over my back and down over my ass. You pulled me to you, crushing my body to you. My body felt flushed with desire. My hips moved against you, straining to to feel you against my clit as I felt the familiar pulse rising in me. The heat flooded my senses. There was no floor or ceiling, there was nothing but a black veil of warmth billowing over us.
I pressed harder against you, needing the release, no longer in control of my body. My lips were assaulted with kisses as I reached my climax. Long, pulsing waves of pleasure ran through my body. I groaned into you as the heat engulfed me and my body surrendered to it. The world disappeared.

The scene shifted one more time. I was lying on something warm and soft. I opened my eyes slowly and blinked into the darkness. I was in my bed, lying face down. I slowly moved my hand from between my thighs and felt the slick juices coating my fingers. I smiled wistfully as I turned to my side and settled down into the mattress. It would be a reality soon, I hoped...

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

3 Million!

Wow! I almost missed it! My blog is going to be rolling over to 3 MILLION HITS! I never would have thought when I started this blog back in October 2005 that I would see 3000 hits, let alone 3 million. That, my dear readers, is all because of you. Thank you for visiting, reading, leaving comments, sending me emails and being generally wonderful to me over the years. You're the best!

In celebration, I'd like to do something special. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas, though, and I'd love your input. How do you think we should celebrate? You can leave me a comment here or send me an email to dlilgirl (at) gmail (dot) com.

As a small gesture before we kick off our celebration, I'm offering a small prize to whomever gets a screen shot of my 3,000,00th hit.

What do you say? Ready to help me celebrate?

DLG xoxo