Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year too

continued from Merry Christmas Lover.

You smile at me, looking over my body. I know my face is flushed from my orgasm and my body is relaxed under you. Your lips find my neck again and I feel you smiling into it. "How about we make this a Happy New Year too."

I laugh. Rolling over, you pull me with you. Our bodies press tightly together, skin against skin as I slide on top of you. My thighs part, straddling over yours until I feel your hardness pressing against me, growing harder with each throb. Our mouths meet heatedly, the passion surging between us. The fire roars and I can feel the heat over me. I need to feel you. I need to have you. I can feel the wetness between my thighs, a rush a lust for you. Slow sensual movements take over my hips, my sex finding yours, grinding down, feeling you. Soft moans come from your lips, no longer playful. Fingers weave through my hair and pull my face closer. Powerful emotions pass between us in that moment, leaving me trembling. I need you inside me.

Pulling back, I let my fingers drift over your stomach, teasing, before taking your cock into my hand. Warm and wet from me, I stroke you. Your mouth opens in a silent moan as your head falls back. Your hands grasp my thighs, letting the pleasure consume you. I smile wickedly for a moment before moving over you. Guiding your hard cock, I let you find me, my warm wetness inside. Inch by inch, I sink my cunt down onto you. Slowly letting you fill me, slowly feeling the desire rise. I've needed this.

I move then, small movements at first, rocking against you. Your body responds as your hips begin to move against mine. No hurry, no rush, slow and deliberate movements, ones of familiarity. My hands find your chest as I press against you a bit harder. Leaning over, my mouth finds yours again and I moan. Strong hands guide me to your rhythm. Tongues entwine once again as you start to fuck me. Your hard cock strokes in and out of my dripping cunt. Harder now, a bit of urgency showing through. My hands find your hair, pulling on it, pulling your head back as I find your neck.

Biting hard, I hear you moan louder, your pace quickening, my hips grinding to meet yours. In and out, stroking me, thrusting into me, fucking me deliciously. Suddenly you move, rolling us over you kneel between my thighs, pausing for a moment to kiss me greedily. Leaning back, you hand finds my clit. My body explodes with desire and I cry out to you. Hot sparks shoot through me as your fingers skid over my clit. circling it, around and around as your cock thrusts into me. My body tenses, my cunt pulses. I need to be fucked harder.

You sense this, you see this, you know this. Hands find my ankles and they slide over your shoulders. You push harder then, pushing me into the carpet, pushing deeper inside me, making me gasp with delight. My hand replacing yours on my clit as you start to fuck me. My fingers move frantically as I feel your body trembling. Thrust after thrust bringing me closer, bringing you closer to climax. Fingernails rake down your back as your cock delves deeper. Teeth find your neck and chest, sinking into your flesh as you pound into me.

I'm so fucking close. My legs slide from your shoulders and hook around your waist. Lifting my hips to meet you, my body starts to tense again. I need to cum. Gasping in pleasure, I move my fingers faster. my thighs tightening around your waist. Fingers dig into your ass, pulling you deeper into me, encouraging you to fuck me harder. I don't want you to stop. I don't want it t end. Your hard cock, slips in and out so easily, covered in my juices, covered in your pre-cum. My tight cunt clenches around you, over and over, pulsing hard to my increasing pleasure.

My climax comes hard then, taking me by surprise. My body tenses and I scream your name. Hot waves of lust flood over me as my body convulses beneath you. I hear you groan as you feel the wetness rushing over your cock, the surge of muscles tightening around you. I know you can't hold it back much longer, not after I've cum over you, all over your cock. You moan and thrust in deep, splashing in the wetness flooding you. Thrusting hard, once, twice... I bite your neck again and you start to cum inside me, your hot spunk spurting into my cunt. My hands clutch you tight as I feel your cock pulsing in me, another spurt of cum filling me, and another. Your body releases all of your lust inside me.

We stay like that for a long moment, our bodies glistening with sweat, your cock still deep inside me, our arms around each other. We kiss deeply, sensually as we settle into each other. Pulling back we smile at each other, "Happy New Year lover."

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas Lover

I'm not sure what kind of sight I am, but I wrapped myself up just for you lover. A red silk negligee and red lace panties, nothing else but me under the tree, your gift. I wait for you to come join me on this beautiful Christmas morning. The sun streams through the windows and the fire is lit.

I watch your smile appear as you walk in the door, a smile that shines with immediate desire. Your bare feet pad over to me softly and you kneel beside me. Fingers run through my hair and our lips me. Sweetly and softly, our mouth s touch. A whispered good morning in a soft embrace. Your hand takes mine and we move to the fire. A warm, crackling fire, perfect for this morning. We lay then, side by side, running our hands over each other, smiling into each other's eyes. Our lips meet again as our bodies touch. warm and inviting. My thigh slips over yours and we pull closer. Your hand slips over my bottom and you tug me closer against your hardening cock.

Soft fingers slip under the silk finding the underside of my breasts. Soft butterfly touches caress me, making my body tremble. Kissing you deeper, my back arches, needing more of your touch. You find me then, your deft fingers moving over my nipples, stroking them gently, feeling them harden for you. I gasp softly as your lips move from mine. They tease my jaw, kissing, licking, moving down to the hollow of my neck, brushing your tongue over it, tasting me.

Silk moves up as your mouth moves down. Warm kisses brush over my breasts. Your tongue so sweet and loving. Your mouth so merciless. You tease me, seduce me, pleasure me... I let go to you. Hands push me back as I feel the weight of your body over me, slipping between my thighs. Your tongue circles my nipple causing me to gasp again. I need you.

Hands move up my arms, gently pulling them from you. I protest softly but don't fight. Fingers slide up my arms, pushing them over my head to rest against my hair. A firm yet soft motion and I know to leave them there. Deft hands move back down my sides, brushing again over the swell of my breasts. Your tongue follows and it trails down over my belly button.

Leaning back n one elbow, you look up at me and smile. Fingertips brush over my belly and tease along my panties. I smile back, bringing my hand up to run through your hair and down your cheek. Your lips kiss my palm and I let it rest above my head again. Smiling still you lean down and kiss me through my panties, moving lower with each touch, nuzzling into me. Ever so gently your fingers tug at the sides of my panties, little by little, kissing each patch of skin revealed, finally sliding them all the way off. You pause momentarily, looking at me, desire filling you.

A small kiss again and your tongue slips along me. The warm wetness of you causes me to gasp. Such pleasure runs over me. I moan a little and let my thighs spread wider for you. You take me then, you tongue delving into me, pushing in to taste my wetness. Your fingers find my clit and circle it lightly, knowing how I like to be touched, loving touching me.

Finding my wetness, your fingers slide inside me, one, then two, stroking me as my hips push up to meet you. My body purrs with every movement, every touch, every kiss. Your tongue slides over my clit, licking and sucking me. Hungrier now, you know what you want. You want me to come for you. You need me to come for you. A third finger slide inside and they curl forward, stroking me in the spot I love so much. You tongue doesn't slow and i gasp again. My hips buck up to meet you, wanting you deeper, wanting more.

Your other hands slides across my belly again, back under the silk to find my breast. Pinching my nipple, you tongue works over my clit, around and around. I feel the heat moving through me. My body tenses. My hands come down to your hair and I pull you closer to me, grinding into you.

"Come for me," you look up at me and say. You know I love that, to have you ask me to come for you. You know that pushes me there, to the edge. I feel you smile against me. "Come for me..."

I push my hips to you as your fingers slide in and out of me, my wetness dripping down them. I feel myself letting go. I feel myself start to cum. You groan as a splash of wetness moves over your fingers and my cunt tighten around you. "Come for me," I replay in my head and I comply. My body trembles as my orgasm washes over me. I cry out your name as I come for you. My cunt pulses hard around your fingers as your other hand cups my ass to bring me closer to you. Your tongue slows, but still gently circles me. Slowly letting me down, letting me bask in the moment.

Soft smiling lips kiss up my belly and over my breasts. They kiss up my neck to meet my waiting mouth. Your tongue meets mine in a long sensual kiss so I can taste me on you, your body resting against mine, your fingers lazily tracing over my wet curls, stopping very so often to slip back inside me. A gentle sigh escapes from me as I run my hands over you, your body which brings me such pleasure. I press myself closer to feel you against me, to let your warmth envelope me, relishing the sensations, enjoying our closeness. Breaking our kiss, I smile at you again and whisper, "Merry Christmas, lover..."

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Needing Her

I opened the door and looked at her. She took my breath away. She always does. Her hair hanging down over her shoulders, her beautiful face smiling seductively at me, her lithe body waiting to wrap itself around me.

She leaned forward and kissed me, softly, sensually. I could taste the alcohol on her lips. I should have said no when she called. She always does this to me - going out, partying, getting drunk, then horny and she always calls me. I really should have said no. But I didn't. I said yes... like I always do.

Her body pushed me back into my apartment, her lips still against mine. I felt my will disappear and melt into her. I should be thankful really. She calls me instead of going home with them. But she is out with them. Her lips caress my neck and I forget all about it... again. Her warm soft fingers press against me through my thin silky robe. They know just where to touch me. Pressing between my thighs she finds my wetness already there for her. She does this to me. I can't resist the feelings she gives me. She pulls her head back and smiles at me. "Miss me?" she purrs.

She knows I have. She knows just how to get to me. I press my lips back against her and take control. She whimpers softly as my hands find her hair and I pull her head back. "Is this what you want?" I ask harsher than I intended and she smiles. This is what she wants, this is why she called.

I push her back against the wall behind us, slamming her into it. She groans but does nothing else. I grab her hair tighter and lean into her ear "Such a fucking whore," I say, "that's why you're here. You want to be treated like a fucking slut. You can't stay away."

"Yes," she whimpers again, starting to feel the pain. I push my fingers under her short skirt and meet soft velvety skin. Sliding up her thighs, I roughly spin her around an push her back up against the wall. She gasps and pushes her ass to me. Sliding up further, I push her skirt up around her waist. A tiny white lace thong barely covers her and I gasp softly at the sight. She's so beautiful. Pulling her head back to me, my other fingers slide between her thighs. Slipping along her soaking panties I feel her warm wet arousal. She moans and pushes against my hand.

"Not yet slut," I hiss at her and remove my fingers. "You call me in the middle of the night..."

SPANK! I bring my hand down hard against her ass hearing her groan deliciously at the contact.

"... you try and seduce me..."


"... you want this too much..."


"... such a dirty fucking whore."


She writhes against the wall, taking in the pain and the pleasure that follows. I push my fingers between her thighs again and feel the rush of wetness running down them. She makes me want her too much. I grab her thong and rip it from her, leaving a red mark where the side snapped apart. She cries out and I feel a small gush of wetness against my fingertips. I look at her again, her hair disheveled, her ass red and raw, her beautiful body pressed up against the wall. I slide my fingers to her cunt and dip them in. So warm, so inviting. She pushes back against me and I spank her again for her efforts. "So fucking greedy," I say, sliding my fingers back out. "Is that what you want? You want me to fuck you? Right here in the hallway like some common slut?"

"Yes," comes her moan, low and throaty, "please Master, please fuck me, I'm begging you, I need you."

"Tell me," I say again, my fingers just barely touching her.

"I'm your dirty whore, your slut, please, please fuck me..." her strangled voice says again, desperate now.

"That's my pet," I whisper pushing my fingers back to her cunt. Sliding two inside I start to stroke her. She moans again and pushes back against me. My fingers glide easily in and out of her and I finally let go of her hair. Moving closer, I press against her back, my hard nipples brushing against her through the fabric of my robe. Fingers find her nipple and pinch it hard. Another gasp and I'm rewarded with another gush of wetness. "That's it pet..."

I play with her nipple, pulling it, pinching it as her fingers try to dig into the wall. "Please..." she says again needing her release. I slide my fingers in and out, rubbing against her, sliding a third inside, filling her. Her thighs spread more and I feel them trembling. "Please..." she whispers again and I slide my hand from her breast and down between her thighs.

I find her then, her hard little bud, circling it, I press deeper with my other hand. She bucks against me with the touch of her clit and I know she's close. I feel her cunt tightening around my fingers, pulsing around them. Skidding over her clit, I rub her around and around, feeling the pressure building in her body. Her muscles tighten, her hips move rhythmically against me. Soft mewling noises come from her throat as she tries to fuck me, my hands.

"That's right pet, come for me," I begin to whisper into her ear. "Come for me you fucking slut. That's why you're here - to be fucked, to be screwed, to be treated like the whore you are... come for me then, that's right, come for me."

I pull away from her clit and spank her hard again and she utters a low groan. I feel her body writhing against mine. My words pushed her there. Sliding my fingers back between her thighs, I press against her clit, finding the spot she likes, knowing I'm pushing her over the edge, fast and hard. Her body tenses and I feel her release hit her, another gush of wetness pouring over my hand and her cunt squeezes hard around my fingers. Her ass pushes back against me as her fingernails drag down the wall. She cries out then as her orgasm reaches it's peak. My fingers continue their assault - pumping them in and out of her I continue to rub her clit, continue to fuck her, knowing a second will soon follow.

"No..." she tries to say. I don't stop, pushing her hard into the wall, fucking her mercilessly, fucking her greedily, rubbing, circling... another wave of pleasure washes over her and her body convulses gorgeously against me. Her cries fill the room and I feel my own wetness dampening my thighs. I need her... her hands leave the wall and reach behind to cling to me. Her knees are weak and she fights to stay standing. Her breathing is ragged and her body savaged. I slowly pull my fingers from her cunt and drag them across her lips, letting her taste herself. She moans again and sucks my fingers, licking them clean...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wanting to Taste You

"I want you," I whisper softly into your ear. My warm body is pressed up close behind yours and I feel you shift back against me. "I want you," I whisper again and hear you let out a soft moan. Your body shifts again, and I hold you close. My fingertips graze over your chest as I find your erect nipples. I rub them without any hurry, letting the arousal build slowly as the early morning light filters in through the windows.

"I want you," I whisper one last time and your hand takes mine in its grasp. Moving with you, I let you guide my hand down over your belly to your awakening cock. Wrapping my hand around it, your move us both, stroking gently as your cock begins to harden. I love the feeling of your growing erection. It lets me know that I'm pleasuring you, it lets me know that you want me, it lets me know that you desire me. I kiss the back of your shoulder as I stroke you. Your hips push against my hand ever so slightly as your other hand reaches behind you to find me. I slip my thigh between yours, letting you rub back against me. My lips trail up your shoulder to your neck. I breathe against you for a moment feeling my arousal growing with yours. Stroking... stroking... your cock is fully responsive and you groan with the feelings.

My teeth find your neck then. Nibbling at first before biting harder. You wince at the pain but press against me tighter. Your cock throbs and I bite you again. "Yes," you hiss and your cock grows harder still. You like this, you need this. My hand grips slightly tighter, my strokes around your cock light yet firm. Up and down, twisting my wrist a bit on the down. I bite again and then lick you. Bite. Lick.

"I need you," I say then and pull your shoulder back to me, pressing your back against the bed. Our lips meet finally, sliding against each other's in desire. Hands caressing, sliding, moving. Tongues touch briefly, tasting before slipping back inside for more. We both moan at the heat between us and my body moves across yours. Skin touching skin, my weight now over you feeling your hardness against my wet heat. Your hands find my hips and you pull me against you, grinding up to me, wanting me.

I have other plans. Smiling at you, my fingers running through your hair, I inch my way down your body. My lips kiss your chest, nipping, biting, licking, sucking... my hair tickles as it softly plays over your belly, my breath hot against your cock. My hand strokes you, making you hard, keeping you hard. I smile up at you relishing the look on your face, the need, the desire. My lips find you then, parting to take you in my mouth.

Only the head at first. I suck you, tasting your pre-cum beading on the tip, swirling my tongue over you to take you in. My lips part more and I slowly slide you inside, wet heat enveloping you. Your hips move to me, pushing up against me, eager for more. Fingers move down to stroke you again as I allow your cock all the way inside. Holding you for a moment, I let your taste fill me, strong and musky. I slide you back out then, twirling my tongue around your length as I do. I move back down, my tongue dancing along your cock as I start to fuck you with my mouth. Groaning louder, your hips move to me again. We start a rhythm, slowly at first but gaining speed. My lips part and you slide in and out of my mouth, over and over, fucking me, wanting me, needing me.

My other hand slips between your thighs and gently pull on your balls. Rubbing them softly, I feel my saliva dribbling down over them. I rub it into you and massage you. My mouth licks and sucks. Slipping my fingers down further, I press against you harder, rubbing you there, that place you like so much. I press firmly as my mouth fucks you. Your hands have found my hair, your fingers tangled in it. You guide me, slower then faster, trying to keep control. I don't want you to keep control. I press firmer with my fingers, letting them slip back further, still slick with saliva. You groan again and press your hips up harder to meet my hungry mouth. Feeling my fingers against your tight hole, you let your thighs part more. You want this.

Pausing for a moment, I slip your cock from my mouth. Stroking you still, I duck my head between your thighs and lick down to your ass. I lick over it, wetting it, letting my saliva pour from my mouth, getting you slick and slippery. Coming back up, I look up at you again and I let my fingers slowly press against the wetness I just left. "Come for me," I whisper up at you just as I let my fingertip slide inside you. You groan louder. "Come in my mouth. Shoot your hot spunk in me. I want to taste you," and I slide my finger in a bit further. Your cock pulses and I feel you pressing back against my hand. "Come for me," I say again and part my lips back around your cock. Groaning urgently, your hips press against me and my finger slides deeper inside. Slick from my tongue, it slides in and out easily and I start to fuck you with it, rubbing you gently. My mouth resumes its movements, fucking your cock with my lips and tongue... fucking... licking... stroking... sucking...

I feel your hands tighten their grip in my hair and I feel your cock swelling in my mouth. Breath ragged and chest heaving, you buck your hips up, fucking me as I fuck you. A second finger teases your hole. I know this will send you over the edge and I tease you with it. You moan then, a soft, breathless, "no," but you push back against me anyway. You want it, you need it, it will take you there and you have to have that. "God," you say again and push against my fingers harder. I give it to you, the pleasure you want, the pain your desire. I slip the second fingertip inside, pausing for a moment to let you feel it and then keep slipping it in, pushing... fucking... my mouth... my fingers... you can't hold it back. The feelings are too intense, the pleasure is too much. I feel the surging and pulsing in your cock, your body tenses and you cry out. I push the second finger all the way inside just as you cum, spurting hot spunk into my mouth, into my throat. Another long groan as you body continues to spasm, all the while I continue to fuck your ass. I suck at you and lick you and drink all of your cum, until you've surrendered all of it to me... until you've surrendered to me...

Friday, December 01, 2006

Fucking at the Office

Wishing you goodnight, I hung up my office phone. I had many more hours left ahead of me and the night was quickly progressing. Sighing softly, I spread my papers out in front of me and began the task at hand. The building had emptied out hours ago and save for a few cleaning people, I was alone. Not caring about appearances, I slid off my jacket and hung it over the back of my chair. Still feeling encumbered, I slid my heels off and stretched my toes. Today had been long and I was certainly feeling its effects.

Startled by the phone, I realized I had been working for an hour non-stop. Answering it, I heard your lovely voice again, "Still working hard?" you asked. Confirming that I had, you inquired "Need a break?" Of course I could always be tempted by a break so I said yes. "Good," you said quickly. "I'm out front, come let me in." Surprised and pleased I slipped my stilettos back on and quickly walked to the front to get you. You had a sly smile on your face when I greeted you. I knew that smile well. You were up to something, I just didn't know what.

"Is anyone around?"

"No, we're alone tonight. Everyone gave up hours ago."

"Mmmm, good," you said as you tucked your arm around my waist. "Now why don't you show me what you were working on..."

Reaching my office, you gently push me inside. Taking one last look out into the hallway, you close the door behind you and lock it. "I'd rather we weren't disturbed tonight," you said as the door clicked firmly shut. Stepping quickly to me, you pulled me close to you, kissing me passionately. Our tongues met heatedly as our mouths caressed each other. Not being one to pass up a good fuck, I wrapped my arms around you pulling you tighter. Your hands wasted no time finding the buttons of my blouse. One by one you pop them open taking the time to caress my skin between each, Your fingertips glowed with the energy hidden beneath the surface. Each touch showered me with sparks. Finally reaching the bottom, you tug my blouse free of my skirt. It comes free easily and I let it slide from my shoulders and onto the floor.

You pause to look at me for a moment. Your eyes trace the curves of my breasts and drift over my stomach. Looking back into my eyes, you pull me close again and kiss me sensually. One hand is on the small of my back pulling my hips to yours. Your hardness presses firmly against my wanting heat. Fingers drift over my skin again finding my breasts. Shivers run through me as they slide inside the cups of my bra. My nipples react immediately and harden under your touch. I moan softly at the feelings you're giving me. Pushing me back against the desk, your hands move to unclip my bra. Letting it fall free of my breasts, I hear you groan as you take them into your hands.

Whispering breathlessly as you bend down to lick at my breasts, "I just kept thinking about you tonight. You were here all alone. It made me want you that much more."

Moaning softly at your transparent lust, I arch my back to you and your hungry lips. They tease me and torture me with their incessant desire. I can't help but push my hips harder against yours. You make me want you. You make me desire you. You make me want to fuck you.

Slipping my hand forward I press against the hardness under your jeans. I rub, slowly, against the fabric, letting you feel what I want. Your teeth bite and I moan louder. My fingers move to the button of your jeans. Tugging at it, it pulls free. The zipper slides down so easily and my hand slips inside. Hot hard throbbing flesh meets my touch. Gliding my fingers over your velvety skin, I take you in my grasp. Stroking slowly, I feel your body move with me. My hand moves over you, up and down, stroking you deliciously.

Drifting hands move from my breasts to my skirt hem. Inch by inch you tug it up, pausing for a moment to trace your fingers where my stockings end and my flesh begins. You mercilessly stroke my thighs, each movement drawing closer and closer to my aching cunt. Soft fingers knead my thighs, gripping me when I stroke you harder. They find me then, my aching wetness. Slowly and softly you tease my cunt. Your fingertips find my clit and your move gently over it. I gasp. Rubbing for a moment, you slide them back to dip into the wetness waiting for you. Pushing them inside, I gasp again. Stroking me in and out, your fingers start to fuck me. I can't take this.

"I want you," I whisper into your ear as my lips find your neck. "Fuck me."

You gasp softly and pull me up to sit me on the desk. Pushing my skirt up the rest of the way, I pull your cock free. We both move together, wanting each other so very much. Leaning back and spreading my thighs for you, I wrap my legs around your waist. "Fuck me," I whisper again.

Your hips move to me. Your hard cock, pushing against my wetness. My cunt opens for you as you slide slowly inside me. My warmth enveloping you as you push in deep. We stay like that for a moment as our mouths meet again in passion and lust. Our tongues swirl over each others as our bodies begin to move, skin against skin, sliding over each other. I tighten my grip around your waist, bringing my hips up to meet yours. My cunt squeezes you tighter each time you push inside me. I've needed this. I've wanted this. Your hard cock fills me with such intensity. Slipping my hand in between us, I find my aching clit. My fingers skid over it as you fuck me hard. Don't stop. I hear your groans as you feel my cunt pulsing around you. Thrust after thrust bring me ever closer. I need more. I need to feel you deeper in my cunt.

Pushing you back I turn around, leaning over the desk. Raising my ass I look over my shoulder. "Fuck me from behind. I need to feel you deeper. God, fuck me hard." Your hand moves over your cock, stroking yourself firmly. You groan at my insistence. Coming up behind me your cock head teases my cunt. Moving against it, spreading my wetness over me. With a growl, you thrust suddenly and hard. I gasp at the penetration and push back against you. "That's it, fuck me hard." I moan, and your hips waste no time pushing your cock deeper inside me.

I can feel everything now, your body pushing against mine, your cock throbbing deep inside me, your hot breath over me as you thrust harder. I raise my hips to you as your hands hold m tight. One slips underneath me and finds my clit again. Your fingers circle it, teasing it. That's it. There. Your fingers find the rhythm and rub me faster. My body begins to shake as I feel my orgasm approaching. I know you feel it too, my cunt starting to clench you harder as you fuck me. The heat moves over me.

"Now, I say breathlessly, " I'm cumming now." Your groan again and I cry out as it hits me hard. My body tenses and the wave of pleasure moves through me. Your pound deeper into me as my body convulses under you. Pulse after pulse of pleasure overwhelms my senses. It's all you can take. Feeling me cumming around your cock, feeling me writhing under you pushes you over the edge. You thrust hard again and start to cum. Shooting your hot cum into my cunt, you groan with pleasure. Spurt after spurt, filling my cunt with you. Your hands grip me hard as your cock pulses deep inside me...