Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Orgy Part 3

I hadn't noticed that you weren't partaking in the feast before us. Intrigued, I turned to observe you. You were relaxed on the large soft sofa pushed against the far wall. One arm rested along the edge of the couch, your fingers clenching and unclenching at the fabric. Your face shone with desire, your eyes flicking back and forth between the scenes before you. From the movement in your chest, your breathing was heavy and your body was obviously aroused. Your fingers glided over your hard cock in a slow but purposeful motion, masturbating yourself as you watched. I could see your pre-cum glisten in the soft candlelight as your hand stroked rhythmically. Every now and then I'd see your lips part in a gasp as you watched something particularly arousing. I could see your intense excitement at every little nuance of the feast.

It was then that you turned to me. Our eyes met heatedly, sparks of desire lighting the room on fire. You were at my side in an instant, taking me into your arms. No hesitation, no delay in our frantic rush to have each other. Greedy fingers lifted the silk fabric from my body. Gasping, I watch you undress for me. Shirt and trousers quickly discarded so that our skin can move together. Hot flesh melting. Our mouths meet, lips crushing lips, tongues swirling together. Your fingers find my wetness immediately. We don't need foreplay, we don't need the slow build-up of a romantic encounter. We need release, we need gratification, we need our raw carnal cravings fulfilled. My fingers find your hardness and I wrap them around you. I stroke you firmly, sensuously, feeling you throb. Your fingers push into me gently, feeling my warmth surround your hand. Reaching up, your thumb finds my aching clit. Soft circular motions urge my desire on. My thighs part on their own, giving you entrance to me. Pushing me back against the pillows, you draw back for a moment. Your eyes grace my curves as mine wander over you as well. Dipping your head down, you pause to take a nipple into your mouth rolling it gently between your teeth. My fingers fly to your head, holding you to me as you suck at my breast.

Suddenly I feel your shift and the head of your hot erect cock is rubbing against me. With a growl, you thrust into me, your full length pushing me down into the soft cushions. Wrapping my thighs around you, I take you in, your hard length pressing deep inside me. Groaning, I feel every nerve in my body come alive with pleasure. Your hard thrusts were what I needed, a hard urgent fuck to fulfill my needs. Desperate for release, I slide my fingers across my belly. Running them around my clit, I gasp as I feel your body trembling. The sights were too much, the desire too strong. My orgasm hits me fast and unyielding. I cry out as my body convulses and pulses with the long needed release. You aren't far behind. Your body shakes as you fuck me. Your orgasm imminent, I tell you to cum in me. With a gasp, you body tenses and with one last thrust, you cum. I feel your cock pulsing as you release jet after jet of thick cum inside my cunt.

Breathless from our frantic tryst, we collapse against each other. Slowly gaining a sense of our surroundings, I look to see how my other guests are faring. With amusement, I notice that most are watching us. In various states of entanglement, my guests have turned to let us be the entertainment while they rested. I smile at them and a comfortable laughter spreads through the room. Slowly disengaging ourselves, we settle into the couch. I watch then as my male entrées for the evening exchange looks and get up. Smiling they walk toward me and take my hands. Looking at them inquisitively I let them lead me off the couch to the table. Gentle hands pick me up and lie me across the table. A pillow appears under my head and another hand strokes my hair.

"You have been so generous with us tonight, I think it's only fair we return the favor." I hear you say as you smile lustfully at me. Smiling in return I watch as my guests approach the table and hands make contact with my skin.

What will your pleasure be?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Orgy Part 2

From a couch positioned at the front of the room I watched the scene unfold before. The blonde had been lifted from the table now and she lay on several pillows piled in the floor. She was fully engaged. One guest was between her thighs. I could see his tongue moving over her, flicking softly over her clit as his fingers pushed deep inside her. His shirt was off and his trousers were undone so that I could see his hard cock pushing against his boxers. The blonde's thighs were draped over his shoulders and moved rhythmically with him. Another guest had draped herself over the blonde. Her cunt ground down against the blonde's face as she licked her. I could see the pleasure evident in the way their bodies moved. Standing over them, the third guest had his cock in my female guest's mouth, getting sucked as she was getting licked. From the look on his face and movement of his hips, I knew he was close. I knew that look well. I watched as her skilled hands stroked his cock while her tongue swirled around him.

Suddenly the blonde started writhing, the man between her thighs was making her cum. I watched as her body convulsed under them, feeling the rush. Her mouth worked faster at my guest, letting her feel the pleasure she was feeling. Suddenly, the guest between her thighs pulled her hips up toward him, pushing his throbbing cock deep inside her, starting to fuck her dripping cunt. The guest getting sucked moved away from the gorgeous mouth around him, and taking a cue from the man fucking the blonde, moved behind the other guest. She turned to kiss the man fucking the blonde, their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. Pushing her forward a bit, he stroked his cock between her thighs, letting the blonde taste his pre-cum as she licked her clit. I watched as he nudged against her wet cunt, slowly pushing himself inside. Taking a hold of her hips, he began to thrust hard and deep inside her. Such a gorgeous scene - two men fucking the two beautiful women while one woman licked and sucked at the other...

Dragging my eyes away, I turned to see the dark-haired male entrée kissing another one of my guests. His one hand was in his hair, the other was around his hard erect cock. The guest was having trouble standing and was leaning against the other guest in front of him. She was knelt between the two licking and sucking at both their cocks. I watched as she took the dark-haired's cock deep into her mouth. Her hot wet mouth sucked and licked at him until he was swollen with cum. I knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer like that. Her dress was partially down, her small perfect breasts were exposed and her fingers played with one of her nipples. The two men were completely naked and very erect. Their hard bodies rubbed together, oblivious of the scenes surrounding them. The guest let out a low moan and quickly drew himself away from the torturous hands. He needed to cum and he wanted to fuck her. Making a motion to the dark-haired man, he dropped to his knees behind her. Gently, he pushed her back onto the floor and stripped the rest of her dress away. She was naked beneath the fabric and quite aroused from the visible wetness between her thighs.

Lying beside her he pulled her over him so he could feel the full weight of her body. Her thighs moved to straddle him and I watched as she slid her cunt along his length. She was so very wet. Her cunt slid easily over him getting his cock ready to enter her. The dark-haired man came to kneel behind her. His hard erect cock in his hand as he stroked himself, watching the two before him. He held her hips as she moved forward to take the cock into her waiting cunt. Holding her, he helped her slide him deep inside her. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt him fill her. Moving his hand down, the dark-haired man fingered her clit, stroking it, teasing it. She moaned, writhing on top of the other guest as he thrust his hips up into her. She leaned over then, pushing her ass up to the man behind her, she briefly looked over her shoulder at him, asking him, telling him. He made no mistake as to what she wanted. He leaned over and ran his tongue over her tight ass hole, licking her to make her ready. He knelt then, behind her, his cock oozing pre-cum and moved against her, pushing his hard cock over her tight hole. She moaned again, pushing pack against him, wanting him to fuck her. He pushed forward and I watched as the tip of his cock moved past the outer muscles of her ass. He moved slowly, thrusting gently, working his way in. She was already starting to convulse, The feeling of a cock being pushed into her ass and the feeling of the cock in her cunt pushed her over the edge, As she came, the dark-haired man thrust his cock deep into her ass. She screamed with pleasure as both pushed up hard into her. I heard her groan at them not to stop, her second orgasm was already building...

My own arousal was growing steadily as I watched my guests. All were fully engaged and enjoying themselves fully. I looked to the last scene. The last two entrées were involved with another set of guests. Two gorgeous women were using them for their pleasure. One was naked lying, draped over more pillows that were scattered about the room. The brunette's mouth was between her thighs, licking at her hard little clit. Her breasts were being licked and sucked by the male blonde entrée and another guest. I watched as his tongue circled her nipple while her lips pulled hard at the other breast. She was in ecstasy. Every now and then, the blonde man and guest would pause to kiss each other over her body. Their mouths heated as they met. Her back arched as their fingers continued to play with her breasts. I could see the flush moving over chest and up her neck. Her eyes were closed and her face was a vision in excrutiating pleasure. I watched as my beautiful guest looked across to the blonde man and whispered something to him. He smiled and moved around the bodies. He knelt behind her, taking the care to let his fingers explore her. He moved them softly over her cunt, feeling her wetness glide over him. She paused and turned her head to speak to him again. Her expression was lustful and sultry. She wanted more of him. I watched as he groaned and then took her hips in his hands. He thrust into her swiftly. Moaning loudly, her mouth found the other guest's lip and she kissed her greedily. I watched as they all lost control, lost in the moment of the ecstasy.

It was then that I saw you...

to be continued...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Orgy Part 1

Another little celbration for you. Today is my 100th post. As a thank you to all of my amazing readers for being so wonderful and supportive, I've invited you to dinner...

I walked into the room and surveyed what lay before me. My little gathering seemed to be progressing nicely and everyone looked to be having a nice time. I could see where the attractions lay by the pairings around the room. I had delayed my entrance, wanting people to become comfortable before I served dinner. I walked in unnoticed by most and made my way to the bar. As I walked, I took notice of how the gold silk dress draped across me as I moved. A few started to notice as well. As I sidled up to the bar I couldn't help but hear the noises around the room quieting. The bartender, knowing my poison, serves my drink with swiftness and finesse. Taking a sip, I savour it for just a moment before turning around to face my guests.

Beautiful faces looked inquiringly at me. I had chosen them all for a reason. All had come at my request. They didn't know each other or why I had brought them here. They all had a special bond to me though. I smiled at them all, I had eaten the canary and they were about to find out what it tasted like. Rising, I turned and walked toward to dining room, nodding at my guests to follow. Sitting at the head of the table I motioned for everyone to take their seats. Once settled, I looked over the inquisitive faces again. So many memories in this room.

I stood then. Raising my glass I spoke softly, addressing my lovely companions. "This dinner tonight is for you. It is my thank you for being a part of my life. You are deeply cherished by me, all have shared my bed, all have been my companion and all hold a place in my heart. You have been my most cherished lovers and, I may add, my most adventurous ones. You deserve to receive every bit as much as you have given. I've asked you here specifically because I know your tastes, I know your weaknesses and I know your arousals. I've asked you here to partake in an evening of decadent pleasure. It's your night and your time. Whatever you want tonight, you'll get, whatever you desire, you'll receive. I only ask that you leave you inhibitions behind and enjoy yourself."

With a slight nod to the wait-staff, trays of varying desserts were brought in and set around the edges of the table. Every decadent desire waiting to be tasted and indulged. The door to the kitchen opened again and four more guests entered the room. Two were women dressed in red silk slip dresses, their long hair—one blond, one brunette—tumbling over their shoulders as their stilettos crossed the room. Two were men, handsome and built dressed in black silk shirts and linen trousers. As they moved to the table, my guests eyes followed them. With the men's help, the ladies climbed the table. Open mouthed, my guests watched as they let their dresses fall from their shoulders revealing their nakedness underneath. They moved to each other, mouth connecting in a long heated kiss. Their hands wandered over each others bodies, feeling the curves where eyes traced, softly moving around each other until they were on their knees. Then, separating, slowly crawling opposite of each other and draping their long lithe bodies along the length of the table, offering themselves to be devoured. The men had moved similarly, helping each other undress. Touching each other until their hard aroused bodies were ready for my guests. They too moved to the table, climbing to the middle and, laying opposite, draped themselves over the length.

I walked along the the table letting my hand trail over the bodies, their heat permeating my skin. Leaning down, I kissed the closest girl deeply. Her mouth responded eagerly to my touch, her taste was divine. Breaking her kiss, I moved to the man next to her, his legs were parted and I let my tongue drag slowly up his thigh. Watching his cock pulse slightly, I smiled and stood up to face my guests.

"Please, help yourself to anything or anyone you want," I said as I motioned to everyone. "Feel free to partake in any delicacy here. You may have these lovely dishes you see here on the table, you may have each other if you're in agreement or you may just care to watch. It's your night tonight."

Bodies moved slowly around the table. Tentatively seeing how serious I was. One hand moved cautiously over skin. Another hand moved more boldly over another. A soft gasp, a low moan, breath quickening. The lights were dimmed, candles were methodically lit. Sensuality filled the air. I watched as one guest slid her hands up the blonde's body. The blonde's body arched up to the touch trembling at the excitement. Her mouth descended to the blonde's breasts, taking one into her mouth. The guest standing next to her lowered his mouth to the blonde's lips, pushing his tongue deep inside her mouth, his hands finding her other breast. I could hear the blonde moan at the intrusion, her thighs parted slightly as a third guest slid between them. I could see his hard cock through his pants, the desire in his eyes.

Other guests followed their lead, moving to their chosen entrée with ease and purpose. Oh yes, there was a reason I chose my guests. Each were amazing lovers. Each were not afraid to express their sexuality. Each would not only satisfy each other tonight, but as I have no doubt, me as well.

to be continued...

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Surprise Part 2

She had emerged from the bathroom, her hair and makeup fixed. She had a giddy smile on her face as she slid up next to you. She hotly whispered in your ear as she slyly looked at me, "Are you ready for round 2?" Nodding softly, you took my hand and led us both back to the bedroom.

Having the advantage of alcohol and the loss of inhibitions, she quickly stripped off her clothes. She went to work on you next, taking the time to unbutton each button and lick down your chest while her fingers moved. I watched, amused as she reached the bottom and ran her fingers over your erect cock. I began to slowly strip then, watching her moving over you. Her body slid down yours and she was working your belt off. I walked up behind you and helped by sliding your shirt from your shoulders. Tossing it, I reached down and unzipped your pants. As she eagerly pulled your cock from your boxers, I pressed up close behind you. My hard nipples brushed over your back as I ran my hands over your chest. My lips found your neck and I lazily slid my tongue over you.

The sound of your moans filled the room. I could tell by the sound of you that she had your cock in her mouth and was sucking you rather delightfully. My hands continued to move over you as your hands found her hair. You guided her on you, starting to fuck her mouth as your arousal grew. I looked down at her. Her beautiful body draped at your feet, her gorgeous lips wrapped around your cock. She was clearly enjoying you very much. I could feel your hips thrusting toward her, she was bringing you so close.

With a small groan, you pull her from you. Not ready to cum yet, you wanted to enjoy us more. You took her and gently laid her down on the bed next to you. I climbed up on the other side a tucked my body behind yours. I watched as your hands took better care to explore her body and at the same time, mine explored yours. My hands wandered down your side to your hard cock. Taking it in my hands, I began to stroke you slowly. Not enough to make you come, but just to keep you on edge. You moaned softly and kissed her passionately. Her beautiful body writhed for you as your one hand found her cunt and her other hand found her breast. She gasped into your mouth as your fingers found entrance to her again. I watched as they dipped inside her wetness, feeling your warmth envelope you. You stroked her, slowly, as your thumb found her clit. She gasped and moaned again, clearly loving what you were doing to her.

Knowing what you'd want, I pulled back on your shoulder to lay your down on your back. Taking her hips gently, I guided them over you, pushing her up to your face. You needed to taste her again, taste you mixed with her. That flavor turned you on more than anything. Moving her forward, I helped her settled over your face. She eagerly ground her cunt against you. Your lips eagerly licking her back. I could see your fingers parting her, her cunt so swollen and red, so ready to cum again.

I slid down your body, kissing my way down your stomach, kissing over your hip and finding your cock. Slowly dragging my tongue up your length, I wrapped my lips around you. I swirled my tongue over the head of your cock and listened to you moan into her. Your hips moved up to meet me and I easily slid your length deep into my throat. Deeper, faster, I could her her moans, I could see her trembling. I know you're going to make her cum. I want you to cum at the same time. I slowed my movements a bit, taking long sucks around your cock, pacing you to match her. I felt your hand find my hair, pushing my lips down over you, faster. Her cries were loud. I looked up and watched her arms move. I knew they were up at her breasts. Her nipples in her grasp. She was pinched them, rubbing them, feeling nothing but the pleasure you were giving her. I could see your tongue moving into her cunt. Pushing past her lips, tasting her again. Then it was your fingers, thrusting up into her, fucking her again as you had earlier in the night. Your tongue skidding over her clit now. Trying to hold on to her as she began to cum.

I quicken my pace seeing her in this state. My hand came up to stroke you as I pulled you in and out of my mouth. Each time, sucking at the head of your cock, swirling my tongue over and around you. Faster now as I saw her body begin to shake. I could feel your cock swelling in my mouth, the cum starting to pulse through you. Suddenly she cried out, convulsing over your face. From your gasp I could tell her warm juices had flooded over your waiting lips. I could hear your tongue lapping at her. Taking you deeper, I squeezed with my hand and felt the reward of your cum in my mouth. Spurt after spurt of cum pulsing from you deep into my throat. Your hip bucking up to me, shaking as she shook over you. Both of you coming together, both of you feeling the release you desperately wanted. Your brreath ragged as she slowly moved from over your face to lie next to you, her hands wandering again over your body in a lazy sated way. You reached down and slowly pulled me up and finding my lips, you kissed me. Our tongues met and we tasted each other.

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Surprise Part 1

I look over at the girl lying next to me. Your arms and legs are tightly entwined, snuggled together and I see a slight smile on your lips. Both of you are worn out and I get up so you can sleep. I wander out to the kitchen and put some water on. I curl up on a chair, tucking my robe underneath me, I reminisce about last night.

She was your gift to me. You had called me earlier in the night to tell me you had a surprise for me. From the sultry sound of your voice I knew I was in for a treat. The doorbell rang a little while later. I took a moment before the mirror before I answered the door. I looked alright but nothing compared to what greeted me beyond the open door. She was a stunning creature. Tall, lithe and beautiful. Your arm was around her waist as you guided her inside. From the flush on her face, I could see that you had already begun the evening. I gave you an inquiring look as she headed to the bathroom to freshen up. Smiling, I heard about how she was properly warmed up for me.

You had met her at the club. It was an after work thing and you were only going to stay for a few drinks. She walked in shortly after you with her own group of friends. It became clear very quickly however that there was no denying the attraction between you. As your friends began to leave, she meandered over in your direction. She introduced herself as the woman who wanted her eggs poached for her morning breakfast. Laughing you were readily clear about the invitation, you bought her another drink and told her about me and what you'd like to do for me. She easily agreed.

After one more drink, you headed out the door, arm in arm. The walk to my place wasn't far so a cab wasn't necessary. It wasn't long before hands roamed each others bodies and the warmth between you became to irresistible. Rushing down the sidewalk, you took a quick turn in the park on the next block over. There, privacy could be ensured as you ventured deeper into the woods. No sooner were you out of site than hands met skin and the two of you were devouring each other. You told me every detail. Your lips found her neck first. Biting it gently, discovering her gasping as she enjoyed the pain. Your hands quickly tucked under her shirt, finding her nipples already hard. As you pinched them, her leg moved up yours, pulling you tighter against her. Pushing her back, against a tree, you pulled up her shirt to suck on her gorgeous breasts. Your hard cock was already pushing against your jeans, desperate for release. Her hands were clawing at your back, pulling your shirt roughly from your jeans. Her hands were warm and frantic, running over your skin, dragging her fingernails down your spine. Her moans were all you needed though to tell you what she wanted.

Dropping quickly to your knees, you pushed her skirt up. Pulling her soaking wet panties aside, your tongue found her heat. Pushing it in, your tasted her sweetness. Different than mine, but still like honey. You lapped at her urgently as her thigh came to rest over your shoulder. Her hands grabbed wildly at your hair as you licked her cunt. Moving up, you found her hard swollen clit. She was so aroused for you, she was so ready for you. You hungrily circled her clit, around and around as your fingers came up to find her lips. Thrusting them in, one then two, you began to fuck her with them. Slowly at first, but as her cunt clenched around you, pulsing around you, you began to fuck her harder. Her voice was small gasps now, her orgasm so close.

"Fuck me," she cried as she drug your body up her to kiss your lips. She groaned as she tasted herself on you. Not wasting any time, you spun her quickly around, lifting her short skirt up over her ass. Admiring for a moment, your hands ran over her smooth skin, such a luscious ass. Crying for you again, she broke the spell and you moved her thong aside. You stood there, rubbing the length of your cock against her dripping cunt. Sliding it back and forth getting you so wet. Then with a quick, thrust, you entered her. Hard, greedy and urgent. She screamed with pleasure as your erect cock thrust into her, deeper, harder. Your hand reached around and found her clit again. Rubbing it now, you could feel her starting to tense beneath you. You were so close to coming. The excitement of taking her like this, out in the open. The danger of being caught fueled your excitement. She cried out suddenly, saying she was cumming. You could feel it around your cock. Her cunt was pulsing hard around you, over and over, pulsing deliciously. You couldn't hold back, not with sensations like that. With a groan, you thrust deep and hard into her, once, twice, and then your cum surged through your cock. Spurt after spurt, cumming deep inside her, your body trembling as as you emptied your lust into her.

Breathing heavy for a moment, you both giggled. She laughed about how you were going to be too worn out to play with me later. You assured her that there were no worries in that respect and helped her rearrange her clothes. As you straightened up and walked the rest of the way to my place, she laughed again about how she could feel you running down her thighs. Feeling aroused again, you rushed her along, anticipating how the rest of the evening would go...

to be continued...