Monday, January 29, 2007

You Choose - Winner!

And the votes are in. Looks like me, you and another girl is the winner. However, this is a winner for both the men and the women. This just means that I may be writing two posts... one for f-f-m and one for f-f-f... any objections? This is going to be fun ;)

As for the other votes, there was such a close call among the rest I'm going to try and work them into this story and/or continue writing until I've covered everything, I think.

Final Results:
6 - 1) You and me
7 - 2) Me and another girl
9 - 3) You, me and another girl
2 - 4) You, me and another guy
5 - 5) Domination of you
4 - 6) Rough sex
2 - 7) Fucking me in the ass
5 - 8) Me going down on you
4 - 9) You going down on me
4 - 10) Watching me masturbate
2 - 11) Fucking you or teasing you with my feet

Thank you to everyone who voted! Stay tuned... your winner is on its way.

And the winner starts here!

DLG xo

Monday, January 22, 2007

You and DLG - you choose...

I've been thinking about you. I've been in control here for quite some time. I think maybe it's time to let you have a little for once. Perhaps let you have your way with me... just the way you like it? Or would you rather give the control back to me so I can punish you like the dirty slut you are? I want you to tell me what you want.

I'll give you some choices and let you decide. Whatever comes out on top will be my next post written just for you. Don't feel married to this list though, I want to know what you want. If you don't see your fantasy here, tell me anyway, others may agree with you. This is all about you and me. Who knows, maybe I'll write about all of them. *wink*

1) You and me - delicious fucking together
2) Me and another girl as you watch
3) You, me and another girl in a sexy threesome
4) You, me and another guy in a sexy threesome
5) Domination of you - punishing my dirty slut
6) Rough sex - perhaps me taking you OR you taking me roughly
7) Fucking me in the ass
8) Me going down on you
9) You going down on me
10) Watching me masturbate
11) Fucking you or teasing you with my feet
12) or suggest your own idea - I'd love to know what else you may want

Many choices to choose from... the most popular will become the first story, though I'm sure others will follow after that.

I'm looking forward to your replies!

DLG xoxo

***** UPDATE *****
I've totaled up the current standings. I'll give it a few more days, but definitely expect a story from me after the weekend, which, will include the winning options. I'm very much looking forward to writing it. The very idea has me aroused and wanting... ;)

3 - 1) You and me
6 - 2) Me and another girl
6 - 3) You, me and another girl
2 - 4) You, me and another guy
2 - 5) Domination of you
3 - 6) Rough sex
2 - 7) Fucking me in the ass
3 - 8) Me going down on you
3 - 9) You going down on me
3 - 10) Watching me masturbate
2 - 11) Fucking you or teasing you with my feet

Just about everyone took me up on the suggesting your own idea by picking and choosing from the list for some delicious combinations. In the lead at the moment is watching me with another girl and then joining in for a delightful threesome (for the women it involved me, her and another guy). I'm sure this will also mean many hands and lips everywhere so a few others are covered within that idea.

The polls are still open so please let me know what you'd like. If you're one of my lovely lurkers, please feel free to vote as well, I'd love to know what you'd like to read.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

DLG on Audio!

My Naked in the Rain novella (renamed New York Series) has been produced by Leatherback Productions Inc. as an audiobook and is now available for download! I never thought something like this could happen. Wow! It's so very exciting to hear my words being read to me through my iPod headphones. What a thrill!

You can listen to a sample and/or download the audiobook either from or Leatherback's website. Please note: It's listed under the pseudonym Tinca Turle (don't worry, it really is my series of stories). And before you ask, naughty boys and girls, I did not narrate the story myself. That sort of thing is best left up to the professionals. No need to be disappointed though, the story is still is as sexy, hot and steamy as it was the first time around.

In addition and just as exciting, the very sexy Dirtyboy has had his Paris series produced as well! Congratulations Roger!

Or if prefer reading and would like to read the novella again or for the first time, follow these links:
Naked In The Rain 1:1-Girl's Night
Naked In The Rain 1:2-Girl's Night
Naked In The Rain 1:3-Girl's Night
Naked In The Rain 2:1-The Party
Naked In The Rain 2:2-The Party
Naked In The Rain 2:3-The Party
Naked In The Rain 3:1-Domination
Naked In The Rain 3:2-Domination
Naked In The Rain 3:3-Domination
Naked In The Rain 4:1-Exploring
Naked In The Rain 4:2-Exploring
Naked In The Rain 4:3-Exploring
Naked in the Rain 5:1-Threesome
Naked in the Rain 5:2-Threesome
Naked in the Rain 5:3-Threesome

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fucking Again with DLG and DIrtyboy

Fucking Again with Dirtyboy and DLG

The very sexy and very naughty Dirtyboy and I got together to write something for you again. No holding back this time - it left me very very aroused. It was written with desire in our minds and lust somewhere else... I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. *wink* (His words are in italics)

It's early evening, and we're all alone. It's dark outside, a cool chill in the air, so the fireplace is burning, a mellow fire spitting and crackling as we snuggle together in front of the couch, looking into each other's eyes, kissing softly and sensually. I can feel your soft breath on my face, the gentle touch of your fingertips on my cheek, and I tip your face up to mine and kiss you again, loving the taste of you.

Our lips move over each others and our tongues meet. Hot breath mingles as we continue to explore. The fire warms us but the touch of our bodies warm us more. My hands move over your chest, slipping up under the front of your shirt. Hot skin meets my fingers and I can't help but gasp. I've been wanting you. My hand slowly moves over your chest, finding your nipples already hard, already aroused for me.

You know how much I want you - I always want you, my body aches for you. Just the touch of your fingers arouses me, excites me - I can feel my breath increasing, my desire for you increasing too - I need you... I need to fuck you - and you know I'll do whatever you ask of me. Tonight I'm your slut, yours to do with as you please - just the thought of that arouses me more, my cock beginning to swell as your fingers slide over my chest, pinching my nipples. I want to take you, to fuck you... but just as much, I want to surrender to you...

I move then, my body pressing closer to you. Slipping one thigh over yours, I straddle over you. Smiling, I start to undo the buttons on your shirt... one by one, taking the time to let my fingers touch your chest as I do. Ever so slowly your shirt parts and I push it back. Leaning over, I nip your chest, relishing the taste of your skin against my lips. Your arousal becomes evident as I feel your growing harder between my thighs and I smile again at the thought of your hard erect cock... my cock, to do with as I please...

I gasp deliciously, smiling back at you, my cock becoming very erect, feeling you pressing against me as you straddle me, feeling the warmth of your heat through my pants. I slide my own hands to your blouse, slipping my fingers up inside, warmth rushing through me as I encounter bare skin, my hands drifting up to your breasts, sliding over them through the soft lace of your bra, gasping again as I feel your lips and teeth nipping at my chest. I could so easily take you, push you back and fuck you, but it's not what I need right now - I need to be taken, to surrender to your lust, your cravings. I need to be your whore...

I hear your gasp and nip your chest again. Your obvious pleasure arousing me. Slowly moving my hands down your arms, I pull your fingers from inside my blouse. Weaving my fingers in yours, I push your hands over your head, pinning them down to the lush carpet beneath us as I rock my hips against you. Your cock responds as does your mouth. Greedily kissing, I hold your hands firmly in my grasp. I feel you moan softly against my lips as you feel me moving against you. Your fingers clench around mine, pushing against me ever so slightly, struggling ever so slightly...

Something about being pinned down like this excites me even more intensely - I feel your tongue slipping greedily into my mouth as you rub yourself against me, and I know that you're going to take me, to use me... I need to touch you too, and struggle a little harder under your grasp, but you hold me down more firmly, your weight pressing on me, rubbing on me, the heat between your thighs transferring to my erection. I need you... need to be inside you... but I'm helpless now, my penis throbbing insistently as your lips slide across mine. In my head, all I can think is... fuck me... ohh god please fuck me...

Breaking our kiss I lean over to whisper in your ear. "Do you want me to fuck you?" Asking softly, "Do you want to be my whore? Do you?" Your groans answer my question. Slowly releasing your hands, I tell you to leave them where they are. I know you'll listen. I know you're my good little slut. Sitting back up, I move my fingers to my own blouse, slowly unbuttoning it until it slips easily from my shoulders leaving me in my lacy bra. I look lustfully at you as I let my fingers drift over my breasts and down into the cups of my bra. Teasing my nipples I gasp as I feel the rush of pleasure moving through me. I smile again, watching your eyes roaming over me.

god I need to touch you... need so much to just lift my hands to your breasts... but I know I'll be punished for that, I know that I won't get what I need so much if I resist your control so early. I try not to think about my erection, about how much I desperately need to be fucked, trying to ignore the now insistent throbbing of my cock as I watch you gently squeezing your own nipples, smiling lustfully down at me, teasing me, knowing how much it's tempting me, knowing how hard it is for me to remain compliant. I groan a little, and despite myself I feel my hips pushing up towards you a little, trying to rub myself against you, needing something, anything to quench my lust. "god... please..." I gasp, not entirely sure what it is I'm begging for, but begging all the same...

"Not yet," I whisper and watch as your face contorts with the disappointment. You need to learn control, you need to wait. I reach behind me and unclasp my bra, letting it fall from my shoulders. Leaning over you again, I let my nipple brush across your lips, teasing you with it. Pulling back each time you come close to wrapping your lips around it. I watch as you struggle to keep your hands down and I remind you again, "Leave them there whore, don't lift your hands." I reach back again and slowly lower the zipper to my skirt. It had already ridden most of the way up my thighs and I know you could see my moist panties underneath. Getting up slowly, I pull my skirt over my hips and let it fall to the floor beside you, naked in front of you except for my silk panties.

So aroused now that I can barely think. You know what this does to me, know just how hard it is for me to be good - part of my brain tells me 'to hell with it, touch her, take the consequences', but I know from experience that it's just as likely that you'll punish me by stopping touching me altogether as you would by spanking me... spanking is more of a reward than a punishment... and right now I can't take the punishment. I have to be good. Have to do as I'm instructed. have to be your whore, let you tease me, taunt me, so desperate to touch you, my cock so fucking hard... and your panties are wet... ohhh god... fuck I need to taste you... so aroused, so turned on, my cock so erect it aches for you... I realise I'm starting to writhe on the floor, knowing how that looks, knowing what a slut it makes me... god I need to fuck you...

I straddle you again and suddenly take your hair into my hands. I pull it back, hard, making your groan loudly as I pull on it. Such a dirty fucking whore writhing on the floor in front of me. I can see how much you need it, want it. I know your cock needs release but I need you to make me cum first. Moving up your body, I slip my other hand into my panties, finding my wetness, slipping a finger down my slit. "Look at me," I growl and hold you head so you can see me touching myself. My fingers skid over my clit as I rub it inches from your face, your lips. "Do you want to lick me?" I ask harshly. "Do you want to be my filthy slut and taste my cunt?" Pushing my panties to the side, I don't wait for an answer. I push my cunt down to your hungry lips, forcing you to lick me.

god... I feel your thighs pressing against my cheeks, your hot, wet cunt suddenly smearing against my lips, my mouth... god I need to taste you... I slip my tongue between the pouting lips of your cunt, dipping it inside you, rewarded with your warm juices dripping slowly down along my tongue, tasting so deliciously sweet, lapping you up greedily... god and you start to fuck my face, treating me like a whore, a slut... my hips arch up to empty air, my cock intesnely erect as I greedily lap at your cunt, sliding the tip of my tongue over and around your clit, hearing you gasp in response, flicking over and around you, your wetness dripping onto my face as you rub against me, your cunt engulfing my mouth...

I let my head fall back and give in to the pleasure you're giving me. Your tongue moves over me, everywhere and I can feel m thighs trembling slightly. I need you to make me cum. I want you to make me cum. Clenching your hair tighter, I push your face up to me, using you, fucking you. I watch your hands curl up in fists, trying not to touch me as I rub my cunt against you. God... I need to feel your fingers inside me. "Touch me," I finally say, "Fuck me with your fingers... push them deep inside me." Your hands immediately move you my cunt, delving into my wetness as your tongue circles my clit. Over and over you stroke me, god... I'm trembling so hard, I need to cum... so close... I can feel my juices pouring over your fingers as you bring me to the edge...

god I need you to cum so much... I hold your hip with one hand, keeping you firmly down over my face, my other hand between your thighs from behind, two fingers now finding their way into your cunt, feeling you sliding down onto them as my tongue swirls around your clit, licking and sucking greedily as my fingers begin to fuck you... god and you're so fucking wet... groaning as my fingers thrust deeper, your hand in my hair, pulling my face hard against your cunt as you ride my face, calling me a slut, a whore, using me... ohhh god fucking my face, my fingers... and I feel you begin to tremble, a delicious groan as you shudder over me... god I need you to cum so much... pushing my fingers deeper... a rush of your juices pouring over my fingers, dripping down onto my face... I lap at you urgently... so fucking wet... ohhh god please cum... please cum all over my face.... fuck I need it...

A low growl escapes my lips as I feel my body respond to your mouth, your hands. I grind my hips against your face, as your tongue swirls around me. There, god yes, right there, I pull your face sharply to me as my body starts to shake. I'm cumming now, so hard, your fingers in so deep, fucking me, pleasuring me... your tongue moving over me, making my cunt pulse deliciously as it moves through me. My wetness pouring over your fingers, over your face. I can feel your tongue lapping at me, drinking my juices as I cum over you... so fucking hard, so fucking good...

god yes... I greedily lap at your cum, drinking your juices as they spill over my face, my fingers... your cunt skidding across my lips and tongue as you cum urgently, your wetness smearing over my mouth as you convulse deliciously, cumming so fucking hard... all over me... god... so fucking erect now... my cock still hasn't been touched, and I know the slightest brush of your fingertips could make me cum hard... my tongue still lapping and swirling greedily, not wanting to miss a drop... drinking you down... swallowing your juices... god...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Needing you

If you're looking for something more interactive and possibly a bit steamier, Supercock and I co-wrote a story. The first part is up on his blog now. Go check it out, I think you'll rather like it...


I stir, shaking off the remnants of sleep. My body stretches, letting the blood begin to flow through my limbs. I snuggle back into the bed. The air is cool and the covers are warm around my naked body.

I think back to my dream, the one just before waking. You were there with me. Your body was here next to me then. Your lips had been against mine. Your skin so hot against mine. But then I woke and you vanished in a blink. I can still feel you though. Your touch so vivd against my body. The sheets press against me as I turn over. The tightness of them over my skin makes me feel you even more.

I wish you were here. I want it to be you sliding your fingers over my breasts as I'm doing now. My fingertips brush over them, softly, gently. Circling over my nipples, feeling them harden under my touch, feeling the familiar throb between my thighs as I stroke. I pinch, imagining your mouth over them, sucking on them. I know you love it when my back arches up to you, wanting my arousal. I tease them, building my desire. I stroke around the underside, feeling the fullness of my breasts. Knowing how much you love the feel of my breasts in your hands. Wrapping my hand around, my thumb and forefinger move up to pinch my nipple again.

My cunt throbs. It needs attention, it needs to be touched. I need you to help satisfy me. Fingertips drift down over my belly, over the soft swell and down through my little strip of hair. I move down further, feeling the wetness already forming between my thighs. Sighing, I let them part, opening myself for you. Feeling, wanting, needing, I drag my fingers back up my slit, spreading the wetness over me. My clit throbs under my touch as I pause over it. I press gently and feel the pulsing beneath my fingers,

My breath quickens and I feel a moan escape my lips. I can feel you, It's your fingers instead of mine. I let them move, slow motions circling my clit. A wave of pleasure moves through me. I throb again. My fingers pinch my nipple harder, my thighs open wider. I circle around and around, slow, deliberate strokes. I feel the pleasure, the desire, the want, the need as I touch myself. The sheets slide over me as I move beneath them. The soft fabric makes my skin tingle with excitement. Your touch over my whole body.

Pulling away, my fingers slide down through my wetness. Spreading my lips, I push them inside and involuntarily groan. So good. My velvety skin surrounds my fingers, the warmth enveloping them. I push deeper, stroking them inside me. I let go of my breast and slide my other hand down. Your other hand moving over my clit. I circle as I slide my fingers in deeper. My hips can't help but move. Gentle rhythmic motions matching my hands. I slide my fingers in and out, feeling you inside me. A third finger now, filling me, fucking me. My fingers move faster over my clit.

I feel my breasts moving as I fuck myself. I want your mouth on them. I can almost feel your tongue sliding around my nipples as your hands pleasure me. My eyes are shut tight, my head falling back. The sensations are growing deep in my cunt. Around and around, my fingers tease and delight me. I need to come for you.

Thrusting harder, deeper, I feel my juices running over my fingers, over my hand. I'm so close. Make me come. I feel your body over me, moving with me, needing me, wanting me. My fingers work faster over my clit. Circling faster, thrusting deeper. My hips buck up to meet my hands. My body writhes for you, wanting you. Over and over, feeling the need. Every nerve, every sense, every part of my body needing to come for you. That's it. God. My body tenses, feeling the wave start in my core. Every nerve is on fire, every muscle feeling the intense burn. The build-up is hard and fast, overpowering me. My orgasm rocks through me. I cry out from the intensity and push my fingers in deeper. Pulse after pulse surrounding my fingers, ebbing through my body. I don't want it to end...