Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A gentle wake-up

I slowly open my eyes. I've awoken from a very sensuous dream in which I could feel your hands roaming over my body. Am I awake? I still feel your hands. Smiling, it dawns on me that you are the one who has awoken me. I start to turn my body to face you but you push me back on my side and press into me a bit closer. "No," you whisper, "this is for you." These simple words begin the throbbing between my thighs. I lay my head back down on the pillow and give in to the feelings created by your hands. Your fingertips sensuously trace the length of my body. I can feel your body pressed up against mine, thighs touching thighs, hips touching hips, chest touching my back... I press back against you, I need to feel more of you. I feel your fingertips brush the underside of my breasts and it makes me suck in my breath. Mmmmm. They continue to trace the contours around my chest, up and over my collarbone, down my sternum between my breasts, up the side of my breast to circle my hardening nipples. The feeling is so sensual, so arousing. Your circle my nipple a little tighter, causing me to writhe a bit, trying to find relief for the growing ache between my thighs. Sensing this, you slide your arm under me and hug me tighter. Your other hand is now circling its way down my belly and brushing the small patch of hair nestled above my pussy. I moan, I need you to touch me. Your fingertips continue their circling on my nipple, pinching gently, twisting... My breath quickens. I try to reach my hands back to you, but you gently, but firmly, put them back in front of me. "Just let me pleasure you," you whisper. Your tongue flicks the back of my neck sending sparks down my spine. Oh god. I feel you tasting me, gently nibbling. I don't know how much more I can take. "Please," I whisper urgently. You respond my sliding your fingers along the length of my slit. I suck in my breath. ohhhhh. Your fingers gently part my pussy lips and run the length of my slit again, spreading my wetness up its length. You move to my hole, gently sliding one finger inside, circling as you go. My hips are rocking with your motions. I need you. Please. You slide a second finger in and start stroking them in and out of my pussy. Oh god, please. Your thumb reaches up and starts to circle my clit in the same rhythm as your fingers. I arch my back with the pleasure. You press yourself closer. Your fingers on my nipple pinch harder. The fire inside is building. Your hand at my pussy now slides three fingers inside, fucking me with them. Ohhhh, I'm so close. "Take me over the edge. Let me come on your hand, " I hiss. You moan and feverishly begin licking, sucking and biting at my neck. Your hand works harder at my pussy, your thumb moving faster on my clit. Yes. Please. Oh god. I can feel the heat rising. I can't hold it back. Oh god. Yes. That's it. Like that. Oh god. Ohhhhhh. I'm exploding... cumming.... cumming... ohhhhhhh

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Hockey Game

It started out just like any other weekend. Not sure of what to do. Not sure how it would end up. Friends called up with an offer to go watch a hockey game. Sure, why not, I wasn't doing anything else. We got warmed up in the parking lot, tailgating, drinking a few beers. I decide it might be a good night after all.
We get inside and head to our seats. Floor level, diagonal from the home team goal. Spend the warm-up time chatting, laughing, having an overall good time.
The team begins to circle around, stretching, warming up. My, aren't hockey players flexible. They've gotten my interest now. A few hotties in the group. My, my. I watch with interest as they skate around. I lean forward in my seat now, the deep v in my shirt showing a bit more of my breasts. This has garnered some interest from some of the players. Nice.
The period begins and the play starts. Fast action, sweaty men, nasty brawls. All this has the heat in my panties rising. The goalie skated by and caught my eye. Did he just look at me? I think he did. I swivel in my seat to get a better look at him. Nice eyes. Unfortunately I can't see much more of him due to all of the pads and gear. Ah well, the eyes say enough. Play moves to this end of the ice and the men grunt as sticks knock together. Then the play is back down at the other end and his eyes are on me again. There's a fire in his eyes. This really is going to be a good night.
I sit in my seat getting more and more uncomfortable. My panties are soaked, my pussy is aching. His eyes bore into me. My god, what gorgeous eyes. I need this man, now. I tell my friends that I'm going to stay after the game to get some autographs. Hugs, drive safe, see you later. I can barely stand it now. He and some other players are a few feet away. A gaggle of girls are oooohing and ahhhing over them as they sign autographs. The goalie skates over to me and asks if I would like an autograph. I smile warmly and tell him I would like one, made out to me, personally. Eyes locked. The heat between us could have melted the entire rink. Wait right here he tells me. He skates back to the giggling girls and finishes signing autographs. The house lights are starting to be turned off and the security guard has made his way to the front to usher the last remaining fans out of the building. He beckons to me to exit but the goalie speaks up and says that I'm with him and it's ok if I stay. The security guard shrugs, whatever, and makes his way to the exit as well. The rest of the players head off to the locker room leaving just myself and the goalie in the arena. I'm shivering now. The cold from the ice has seeped it's way into my bones or maybe it's just the anticipation of what is about to happen. He skates back to where I am. His eyes penetrate me. God, those gorgeous eyes. He reaches out and pulls me closer to the boards. His hand drifts up and cups my breast, his thumb flicking over my rock hard nipple. I gasp. "Are you cold?" he asks. "Not anymore," I say. I reach up under his shirt and run my hands across his abs. I love a hard athletic body. My hands wander up to his chest, so muscular, so firm. My mouth is watering and my pussy is on fire. His other hand reaches up to my face, stroking it gently. I arch my back into him to feel his hand on my breast better. He motions for me to climb over the boards. I do so, stepping onto the ice. Slipping a little, he grabs my hands to keep me from falling. "Just hold on," he tells me.
I reach up and put my hands over his shoulders, desperately wanting to kiss him, but strangely don't want him to remove his mask. I instead lean my head to his neck, tracing warm circles with my tongue. I hear him groan. His hand is back on my nipple, flicking it, rubbing it. His other hand has reached down to the crotch of my jeans. I feel like they must be soaked through with my juices. He rubs his hand roughly against them, I can feel the pressure through to my clit. oh god. My hands reach under his shirt again, clutching him tighter as I feel my knees going weak. His hand moves back up to my waistband and pops open the top button, then the second, the third... his hand slips easily past the other buttons and into my panties. His hand feels heavenly. Two fingers slide down the length of my slit, parting my lips and dipping inside. My hips move forward involuntarily forcing his fingers deeper. They slide in easily. I moan and feel my breath quicken. His fingers are stroking me, in and out. The feelings are incredible. His thumb moves up to find my clit. Finding my hard little nub, he begins to circles it. My knees start to buckles. Sensing my need, he skates us over the the net and puts my arms up so I can hold on to it for support. Our eyes meet again and I can tell that he is smiling wickedly at me through his mask. Then his head dips down and he works his way down to his knees, tracing my form with his hands as he does. He returns his focus to my jeans and unhooks the last of the buttons. Looping his thumbs thorough my belt loops, he helps me shimmy out of them. The cold air is a shock to my hot, ready body. I shiver. He pushes his mask up and starts to kiss and lick his way up my legs. Taking his time. Torturing me. My pussy is aching for him. Please I moan. His finger reaches out and pulls my panties to one side. I can feel his hot breath as he admires my pussy. I try to resist the urge to grab his head and push his face into it. It's then that I feel his soft wet tongue tentatively lick the length of my slit. Ohhhhhhh. So exquisite. He tongues me again, slightly more forceful this time. I shudder. He grabs the sides of my panties and roughly pulls them down. Totally exposed to him, he stops briefly to look up at me. My head is back, my back is arched. He returns his focus to my pussy and licks me again and again. He pulls my lips open with his fingers so that he can have better access to my cunt. He dips his tongue into my hole, fucking me with it while his finger rubs my clit. I can feel my pussy start to pulse as he brings me closer to an orgasm. He replaces his tongue with two fingers and drags the flat of his tongue across my clit. Flicking it, sucking it, tonguing it. I cry out. White hot sparks are shooting through me. Just as I reach the edge he stops. I gasp at the sudden loss of contact. The force of him standing up makes his mask fall over his face again. His eyes are burning. He spins me around and leans me over the top of the net. His cock is out now and I can feel his head at the entrance to my cunt. With a growl, he pushes his full length into me in one move. I gasp at the intrusion and groan at the pleasure. Grabbing my hips, he moves me into him. fucking me slowly, grinding into me each time he pulls me back. I am completely filled. His long hard shaft strokes me deep and slowly. I reach behind and gently cup his balls, massaging them with my hand. He returns the favor by reaching around and placing his fingers on my clit again. His other hand reaches up to my nipples and pinches them. His hands work in rhythm with his cock. Slow and hard. I feel myself coming closer again. I start to move my hips faster, encouraging him to fuck me faster. I need to feel him harder, deeper, I want more. I gasp for breath. The sensations are building. My pussy is clenching him. I want to come, I need to come. His fingers push me over the edge. I come hard, convulsing on his cock, my juices flooding over him. My pussy is pulsing and I need him to ram his cock into me. Help me ride out the wave. He pulls my hands up and places them on the cross bar of the net and then places his hands on top of mine. Using the leverage, he pounds his cock into me, I push back hard into him with each thrust. Faster. Harder. "I'm going to come," he moans. I pull myself off of him and spin around on my knees to catch the first spurt of cum in my open mouth. He groans and shoots the rest of his cum on my lips and tongue. I greedily lap it up, savoring his taste. Breathing hard, he looks down at me and our eyes meet again. Oh yes, I think hockey is my new favorite sport.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

For you...

I want you to trail kisses down my neck. I want you to nip at the place where my neck meets my shoulder. I want to feel your hand on my breast, your fingers on my nipple. I want to feel your tongue in my mouth. I want to feel your hard body pressing into mine. I want to feel your cock grow hard against me. I want to feel your biceps flex as you move your hands across me. I want to feel my fingers in your hair. I want to feel the air cool the wetness your tongue leaves when you lick my nipples. I want to feel the throbbing in my pussy when you do these things to me. I want to feel my thighs tighten around you. I want to feel your hands exploring me. I want to feel your hot breath on my clit driving me wild with anticipation. I want my breath to quicken when I feel the tip of your tongue lick my clit. I want to feel the desire coming from every nerve. I want to feel your fingers gently probe the length of my slit. I want to feel how wet you have made me. I want to feel you push a finger into me and gently stroke it. I want to feel your tongue drag across my clit. I want to feel your hand on my thigh, holding me down. I want my hips to rock to the rhythm of your tongue. I want to feel the fire build inside me. I want my legs to uncontrollably shake as you lick me. I want moan your name. I want to wrap your fingers in your hair and push your head closer. I want to feel like I have to have you, NOW. I want to feel the head of your cock at my entrance, teasing. I want to feel your enter me. I want to groan out loud with pleasure. I want to feel your hard hot cock filling me, stretching me. I want to feel your muscles tighten each time you enter me. I want to see the pleasure on your face. I want you to see the pleasure on mine. I want to feel you fucking me. I want to feel my body respond to your every move. I want to feel my own release rising. I want to feel like I'm out of control. I want you to make me cum. I want scream your name. I want you to keep fucking me until I explode. I want you to, oh god, keep fucking me. I want you to make me grab the headboard. I want to feel my release in every inch of my body. Oh yes, I want to feel it, I want you to feel it too. I want to scream for you. I want my hips to buck against yours. I want you to ride out my wave. I want to feel you cum too. I want to feel your cum on me. I want to feel your hot, wet cum cover me. I want to watch you explode. I want to lick my lips with excitement. I want our eyes to meet. I want you to cum for me. I want to feel you all over me. I want to hear you breathing hard. I want to see you groan and smile at your release. I want you to cum and cum and cum. I want you to kiss me, slowly, sweetly. I want to feel your body go limp on mine. I want to feel you caress my arm, my stomach, my breasts. I want to feel your breathing on my neck. I want to run my fingers through your hair. I want to sigh with satisfaction.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

...Or a Bad Boy

(this is the sequel to Being a Good Girl - see below)
I hear a gasp and look up to the doorway. You're standing there with a look of utter surprise on your face. I can just imagine the sight in front of you. Your wife tied spread eagle on the bed. Me straddling her with her tongue in my pussy and my tongue in hers. Faces wet from our juices, hair tangled, sheets rumpled. Your eyes are wide, but I can tell you don't mind the view by judging the growing bulge in your pants.
Slyly, I extract myself from your wife and get off the bed. She whimpers from the broken contact. I saunter over to where you're standing and place a hand on your still growing bulge. Your still seem a bit stunned so I lean closer and lick the side of your neck. This seems to break the spell and you give a groan of approval. I move closer and nip at your ear. "Do you mind?" I questions. "No," you respond huskily. "Good," I say,"because we've been waiting for your cock." Tentatively you place your hands around my waist. I move my lips up to yours, kissing gently at first. Lips brushing lips. I lick your bottom lip, tracing the outline. I push my tongue into your mouth, gently probing. Your respond by kissing back fiercely. Our tongues intertwined, frantically searching, exploring. You pull me closer letting your hands drift to my ass, cupping it, caressing it. I grind my hips into your cock. You're rock hard now. I push you back against the bedroom wall, hard. Your fingers fly up to my breasts. Cupping, pinching, rolling. A moan escapes from my lips. Your other hand has moved around front, exploring my very wet slit. I trace my tongue down your neck, moving to your chest. Tasting you, smelling your sweet masculine scent. My hands work at your pants, unzipping, opening, pushing them to the floor. Pushing down your boxers. My, you're much bigger than I had imagined. Your gorgeous cock, pulsing up at me is more than I can take. I have to have you.
Getting down on my knees, I get a closer look. A bit of pre-cum has escaped. So beautiful. I must taste you. I stick out my tongue and lick the tip. You groan with pleasure and anticipation. I lick up your shaft and take your head into my mouth. Ever so slowly I twirl my tongue around the underside of your head. I want to savor your taste. Your hands go to my hair, fingers entwined. I release you and lick down your shaft again. Mmmmm. I move my hands up and begin to slowly stroke you. My hands slide easily from my saliva all over you. I move my tongue back up and take you into my mouth again. How I wish I could see how I looked. My lips around your engorged cock. Just thinking about it has my pussy throbbing. I pull your length into my mouth - all the way in until you touch the back of my throat. In and out, I stroke you this way. Your hands push me into you, fucking you with my mouth. I can tell by your sounds that you're getting close to coming. I want you to last a bit longer.
I release you and slowly get up, trailing my tongue up your chest. Curious as to how your wife is doing, I look over at the bed. She looks so delicious. She's writhing, a look of pure desire in her eyes. "What do you want?" I ask her. "I want to see him fuck you," she moans. What a wonderful idea. He needs no more encouragement. Turning me around, he reaches his hands around, one finding my nipple, the other finding my pussy. Oh god, so nice. His fingers circle my swollen clit sending waves of desire through me. I need him. NOW. I walk us to the bed and get on all fours over his wife. I lean down and kiss her. She hungrily kisses back. I feel you get up behind me, the tip of your cock at my entrance. "Fuck her," she moans. With that, you plunge the full length of your cock into me. I cry out from the pleasure. You withdraw and plunge in again. Every nerve is tingling with delight. Over and over you ram into me. Oh yes. Your hard cock stroking every inch of my pussy, so good. Your hands on my hips, pulling me into you. I rock back with every push. I could stay like this for hours, but I can tell your wife wants more of the action. I slow you and crawl up her length to that my pussy is over her face again. I prop another pillow under her head so she can reach me better. I beckon you forward. With my hand, I smear my juices over my ass. You look at me questioningly. "Yes, please," I say. No hesitation, you begin to push your way into my tight hole. You slowly inch your way in until I can feel your balls against my pussy. I scream with pleasure and longing when you pull out and push your cock back in. Harder. Faster. You fuck me so well. All the while your wife is licking and sucking at my pussy. Such a wonderful sensation being sucked and fucked at the same time. The feelings are too much. I can feel my pussy clenching. Pulsing. You pound me. I am close to coming. Licking. Fucking. Oh god!. Fuck me. Yes! Starting to come. body is convulsing. Bucking hard against your cock, her mouth. Ohhhhhhhh. I come hard all over her face. She frantically laps at me, licking up the juices flowing from me. After feeling me come, you can't hold back any more. You pump at me harder. At the last moment, I pull you out and have you come all over your wife's pretty face. She eagerly licks up what she can. I bend down and kiss her. Tongues mingling, tasting you.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Being a good girl

The door is unlocked when I try the handle. Good, better this way. I hear the shower running and head up the stairs. I walk into your bedroom and place my bag down next to the bed. I gently crawl onto the bed and prop myself up on your pillows. I hear the shower turn off and the curtain being pushed aside. A few moments later the door opens and you walk into the room with just a towel wrapped around you. Your lips curve up as you take in the sight of me on your bed. Your eyes
wander up my boots and take in the curves of my hips through my leather skirt. They drift upward to my breasts sheathed in a shear short sleeve black shirt. I can hear your breath getting quicker. I know you didn't expect me this soon.
"Come here," I say. You comply, dropping your towel, and walk to the side of the bed. "Are you glad to see me?" You nod. "What do you say?" "Yes," you respond. SLAP. "What?" *gasp* "Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress." you quickly reply. I move my hand forward and cup your sex, gently probing you with my fingers. "Ready for me already I see," I say as I feel your waiting wetness. You smell sweet and clean and the scent rushes to my head. You sigh as you move your legs out a bit to give me better access. "A bit too ready I think." And I abruptly take my hand away. Your nipples have turned into hard little buds and your breasts are heaving from your excitement. I want to take them into my mouth and suck them but I need to show restraint. "Kneel down," I order and you kneel on the floor in front of me. "Do you want to touch me? Do you want to taste me?" You moan and respond with a throaty yes. SLAP. "Yes Mistress," you say quickly correcting yourself. "Then take off my shirt. Suck my nipples." You waste no time pulling my shirt over me head and engulfing my breasts in your mouth. You do that so well. I put my hand in your hair and pull you to me. "That's it," I say. You alternate your focus between licking, sucking and biting my nipples with your mouth and rolling my other nipple between your fingers. Desire shoots through me. I moan softly, "You're such a good girl." The fire begins to rise in my pussy and I ache to have you touch me. but I will not give you that control. I notice that your hand has disappeared from my breast and has worked its way down to your own clit. I yank your head back. SLAP. "Did I give you permission to do that?" "No Mistress," you whimper pitifully. But from the flames rising in your cheeks I can tell that you are anything but scared or sorry. I can see the wetness on the inside of your thighs. "If you want to touch pussy that badly, then you need to touch mine, not yours." I push your head back to my breast. Your hand snakes its way up the inside of my thigh and strokes around my lips finding its way to my clit. You begin to circle it slowly, purposefully. Every so often you slide a finger into my wet pussy and stroke a few times before returning to my clit. "That's a good girl," I whisper. The feeling is exquisite and I don't know how long I can hold out. I reach forward taking your nipples into my hands, massaging your breasts and pinching your nipples between my fingers. I can see your thighs pressing together trying to relieve the pressure building in you. The sight of that pushes me to the edge. "Keep stroking," I say. "Make me cum." You moan and speed your fingers at my clit. Circling faster. Rubbing. Probing. Stroking. Oh fuck that feels good. Ohhhhh. "That's it," I whipser again. Moaning. Moving my hips into your hand. Oh god, I feel the heat. I tense. Ohhhhhh. I explode and cum all over your hand. Breathing heavy. Coming down. Your hand still gently stroking. I lift my skirt and tell you to lick it up, lick my cum off of me. You greedily get to work dragging your soft tongue across my swollen sex.
Just the feel of your tongue has me wanting more. I order you up and onto the bed. I walk around to the side of the bed where I had left my bag and pull out a set of restraints. I watch you lick your lips in anticipation. I take each wrist and apply the restraint careful not to fasten it too tight, but tight enough you know I mean business tonight. I tie each one to the posts of the headboard. Then do the same with each leg. You now can only move a few inches each way. Just the way I like you. I strip off my skirt and kneel on the bed in between your legs. You are trembling now. "Do you want me to touch you?" I ask. "Yes please Mistress." I move my hands about a half inch above your body, over your mound, your breasts. I watch you strain to lift yourself to come in contact with my hands. You want it too much. You need to learn patience and restraint. SLAP. "Don't try and move to my hands." I warn. "I'll touch you when I'm ready." I move up your body, rubbing my leather boots against the skin of your legs, my breasts gently brush your stomach, your breasts, your lips. You dart out your tongue and lick them again. Fire explodes in me. I lean forward more to give you better access and you hungrily take them in your mouth, biting, sucking, licking. That familiar feeling begins to rise in my pussy again. I pull my nipples free and move further up your body until my pussy is above your face. I lower myself onto your waiting lips. "Fuck me with your tongue. Lick me." You lap at my sex, moving your head up so you can reach every part of me. Delicious. I grind myself into into you. Oh god. Licking. Biting. Nipping. I grab the headboard to steady myself. My juices cover your face. I must have you... now. I lift myself off and turn around so that I can taste your sweet pussy. I lower myself back onto your face and you resume the torturous lapping at my cunt. I lean forward and part your lips with my fingers. I can smell your heat, your wetness. My tongue flicks out and catches your hard little bud. *gasp* You suddenly suck at me harder. I keep my tongue gentle, barely licking you. I give your pussy a gentle slap, just enough to sting. slap. slap. You buck your hips up to increase the pleasure. I smile to myself. You have such an exqusite pussy, tastes so good. I set to sucking you harder now. Tracing your clit with my tongue, delving it into your core. The taste is divine. I push a finger inside you and have to hold on to keep you from bucking me off. I can feel your moan in my pussy. Licking, sucking. You have me to the edge again. I back off of you a bit to have my own pleasure over take me. Flicking your tongue directly at my clit now. oh god. That's it. So close now. I moan outloud from the pleasure. Hearing this makes you tongue me faster. Oh yes. Oh fuck, yes! Starting to cum. The heat shoots out and makes every muscle tingle. Oh fuck! I'm coming. ohhhh. I grind my pussy hard into your face riding out the waves. So fucking hot! I dive back to your pussy. You deserve relief now. slap. I stick another finger inside. Stroking you harder. Another finger, harder. You're moving to my motions. I bite at you, suck at you. I can't get enough. The taste is driving me wild. You're so fucking sweet. Licking at your clit again, I can feel your muscles clenching. You moan louder and I raise your hips up to meet my lips. I love fucking you. I pump my fingers faster. Licking faster. Harder. Your sex clenches my fingers tighter. You pulse. Muscles stiffen. You scream. Bucking. Moaning. You cum on my hand. Juices hot. Oh, so good.

Monday, November 14, 2005


"I'm in the mood to play today," I email you.
Your response was quick in reply. "You are so sexy. Write to me at my non-work address. I'll check as often as I can. What are you wearing?"
I look down at myself, amused. I picked a good day for you to ask that question. "lean back, close your eyes and picture this...black turtleneck sweater, tight, stretchy fabric that shows off every curve, blue plaid fitted skirt with a slit above each knee and knee high black stiletto boots (you know the ones). Black lace thong and matching bra. You want a visual?"
"Nice. I don't know if I can take a visual.. I'm already wandering from my project... well maybe a little tease."
I smirk. A little tease, huh? Ok. I get out my camera and ponder how I'll take a shot. You like my boots so I need to include those in the pic. I prop the camera on the cabinet in front of me and spread my legs a bit so you can see the inside of my thigh. With one hand I pull the edge of my skirt up a bit. *snap* That ought to do it. I upload it to the computer and send it on it's way. "Hair is down, in curls. Nipples are rock hard and my top is now off so I can have better access to them."
The delay in your response is longer this time. I pass the time by gently stroking my pussy through my now wet panties. I can imagine you touching me, pushing my skirt up my thighs, reaching...
*Chime* I giggle as I read your response "ohhhh, I just swallowed my gum. I can almost taste the inside of your thighs. So shapely but soft. Your skin is such a nice contrast to the authority of your boots. mmmm, the skirt... a definite promise of something sweet."
It's something sweet alright. I'm aching for you. My pussy needs to feel your touch, your lips, your hot breath. I need you here. I need you now. I wish you could see how much. I tell you so.
You respond sweetly "I wish I was there. I want to taste every inch of your body. I want to be enveloped by your warmth. But, I have to go now. I am taking my fantasies with me."
Another night alone. Another night I think about you and touch myself. I would kill to have you take me, touch me, lick me...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Girl's Night

The limo pulled up right at 8:00. The chauffeur promptly got out and open the door and 8 slightly drunk women clamored out to greet me. Hugs and kisses all around as a champagne glass was placed into my hand. This was going to be one interesting night. Girl's night had begun.
The drive into the city was spirited. Music was turned up loud enough for the other traffic to hear. Pictures were snapped of dear friends. Everyone looked spectacular. Being free of the husbands and boyfriends for the night had everyone in a raunchy and rowdy mood. Flashing for the camera moved to quickly to lighthearted spanking and fondling as we approached the city. And, since I was the last pick-up spot, I needed to "catch up" with the rest of the ladies and proceeded to down 2 more cocktails before we reached the restaurant.
We pulled up to the restaurant about 9:00. Music could already be heard out on the street. What a sight we must have made, stumbling across the street, laughing, holding hands.
Our table wasn't quite ready so we were shown into the bar. Giggling, we settled in piles on the available couches. More pictures snapped. Hand on my ass, tongue mock-licking my tits. All good fun. It was then that she leaned over and whispered into my ear, "You look stunning tonight. Very delicious." I smiled back, knowing what she meant. Figuring I would get the evening started, I motioned her to follow me and headed to the ladies room. Pushing our way through the bodies, we opened the ladies room door and locked it behind us. Her hands reached for me and drew me to her. Lips on lips, hands roaming each other bodies, a gentle nibble, a soft tongue licking, a sigh. Breaking apart, we smiled at each other, fixed our lipstick and headed back toward the table. There was much more to do and the night was still young.
Wine flowed freely at dinner as conversations turned to more interesting topics. I write erotica, B is having a sex toys party soon, D is shocked at both of us. J want my blog name as does M and T. I decide it's my secret for now. They may not view me the same if they had access to my blog. My fondness for certain things may shock some of them. I just smile and say, "maybe someday." More wine is poured, talk turns to marriages, kids, work... all the while her hand is making slow circles up my thigh.
After dinner comes dancing. Many sweaty and drunk men trying to lay claim to us for the evening. Persistent bastards. No matter, the evening was still ours. Clock strikes 1:30 and we must go. We head back to the limo. A bit more sedated for the ride home, a lot more drunk.
Reaching home, she climbs out after me. "The limo is making me feel sick," she says to the rest of the ladies, "she will take me home in the morning." Kisses and hugs, we say our goodbyes and head into the house.
We immediately head upstairs. She borrows a pair of my pajamas and climbs into bed next to me. "I've been waiting four years for this," she tells me. I sigh as she leans in and gently kisses me. Her lips are soft and warm. She traces my lips with her tongue and works her way down my neck. "So beautiful," she murmurs. Her hand works its way up the front of my t. Circling my breast, feeling it, kneading it. It feels so wonderful. Pushing my shirt up, she leans down and circles my nipple with her tongue. I gasp at the pleasure. So warm, so wet. Greedier now, she sucks them sending shivers down my spine and heat through my pussy. I reach up and feel her breasts through her t. Her nipples are taught against the shirt. Oh god, it feels so good. She's biting my nipples now. Ohhhhh. She reaches down and slides her hand into my pajama bottoms. I'm on fire. She gently parts my lips and slides her finger along my slit. I am already soaking wet. She lets out a groan when she feels me. She removes her hand and helps me off with my top. I in turn help her off with hers. She's smaller than I am, but her nipples are as hard as mine. I lean over and take one in my mouth, twirling it with my tongue. She moans louder. I rub my hands along her side and move down toward her mound. "Not yet," she says, "You first." I don't resist that thought.
I lie back on the bed and she climbs on top and straddles me. She works my breasts in her hands alternately taking each one into her mouth. I buck and rub my pussy against her ass. Everything feels so good. Sensing my need, she moves down and slowly removes my bottoms revealing my freshly shaved pussy. She smiles wickedly and moves her body and hands down. She slides her finger along me again and I jump at the pleasure. How do women just know how to do that? She finds my hood and circles it, teasing me. I gasp. The pleasure floods my senses. She moves her fingers down and pushes them into my dripping cunt. She then moves her hand forward so her palm is against my clit and simultaneously begins to rub and pump her fingers into me. I arch my back, sucking in my breath. Ohhhhhhh. I move my hands to my nipples and begin rolling and pinching them between my fingers, the intensity of the feelings increase. Oh, not yet, I don't want to come yet.
I stop her. It's my turn. I push her back and straddle her putting my pussy against hers. I move my hips, grinding them together. Her head goes back, thrusting her perfect little tits toward my face. I hungrily lean down and take them in my mouth again. So firm. Grinding harder, she moans louder. "So close," she says, "I can't believe you're fucking me." She grabs my hip and pushes me harder into her. He other hand grabs my hair and pulls it, pinning me to her. Harder. Our juices mingle as we both come closer to climaxing. Our pussies are so hot, frenzied now. She lets out a load moan and bucks hard underneath me. Startling me, she throws me back, opens my legs and dives into my cunt. Her tongue searching, flicking, sucking at me. Oh god the sensations. She finds my clit. Fire explodes in me. She presses her tongue against me and begins to lap at my clit. She pushes her fingers inside, fucking me with them. The feeling is building now. Muscles are tensing. She strokes me fiercely. I grab the headboard as I feel my climax approaching. Her tongue is so soft, so wet, so hot. Ohhhhh yes. I feel her against me and can't stop. ohhhhhhhh yes. I press my pussy up to her mouth, grabbing her hair to push her into me. I cum hard. Bucking under her. The wave pulses through me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fuck. YES. I gasp for air. Breasts heaving. I release her hair, stroking it now. She slows down, licking me gentler now, licking the insides of my thighs, my cunt, tasting me, smiling at me.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I need it

I'm in a mood today. I want it hard. I want it rough. I want you to bend me over and fuck me hard. Grab my hair, pull my head back and fuck me. Do you want to? Do you want to fuck me? I know you do. Just like I asked for. Pull off my shirt. Unhook my bra. That's it. Suck my nipples. Not gently. Bite them. Tease them. Make me moan. Make me wet. Make me grab fistfuls of your hair and press you harder into me. Ah, like that. Yes. Harder. Oh yes. Mmmm, your cock is rock hard. I can feel it against me. My turn though, you'll have to wait. Move your hand. Put it under my skirt. That's good. Feel how wet my panties are. Get rid of them. Just tear them off. Gasp. Feel me. Feel my wetness. Find that spot. You know the one. Ohhhhhh. That's it. Rub me. Stroke my clit. Faster. Don't stop. Push me against the wall. Hold me up. That's it. Keep stroking me. You like it when I'm this wet. Makes you groan. Kiss me roughly. Bite my neck. My legs are trembling. Yes. Faster. Yes. Send me over the edge. Make me cum. Yes. Fuck YES. Ohhhhhhh. Cumming hard all over your hand. YES. Turn me around. Push my tits against the wall. Fuck me NOW. Ram it in. Fuck me hard. GASP. Harder. Slap against me. Ram me. Harder each time you slide in. You know how I like it. Hold me up. Fuck me. Harder. Keep going. I want to feel you. I want to feel your hardness. I want to feel hard cock slamming into me. Move me to the table. Bend me over. Make me grasp the table. Fill me. Push your cock in deep. Lift my leg up. YES. Fill me deeper. Fuck me. Fuck me. YES. Grab my nipples. Twist them. Roll them between your fngers. Don't stop. Harder. YES. That's it. Push me down. Grab my hair. Don't let me move. Harder. YES. Tell me you're going to cum. Tell me. I want to hear you say it. Harder. Faster. YES. Say it baby. Say it. Oh YES. Flip me over. Finish on me. Cum on my tits. Cum on my face. Let me feel your heat. I want to lick it off. YES!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Secret Meeting

We meet in the afternoon. It's warm out but we both feel a chill of anticipation. I wordlessly get into your car. We don't speak as you pull out of the parking lot. We arrive at the room and you help me out of the car. Your hand brushes mine sparking desire. You open the room door and we go inside. You close the door behind me, not sure of what to say. I say, "Don't talk."
I go over to the bed and push on it. It's firm but has enough give to be comfortable. I climb up onto the bed and kneel before you. I start to caress my breasts through my shirt and ask if this is what you've wanted to see. You lick your lips and nod as I slowly begin to move my hands under my shirt. You can see me reaching into my bra to play with my nipples. They harden immediately with my touch. I am so turned on I can feel the wetness in my pussy.
I begin to slowly pull my shirt off over my head revealing a black lace bra. I continue to touch my breasts sliding my hands in and out of my bra. You move to the side of the bed, obviously aroused by the look of the hard bulge in your pants. You undo your pants allowing them to fall open. Your straining cock can't wait to come out. It's straining hard against your underwear. I ask you if you want to touch yourself. You say, "Not yet, I want to watch you first." I ask, "Do you want to watch me touch myself?" You say, "Oh yes, be nasty, I want to see you fuck yourself."
I undo my bra and toss it to the floor. You can see my breasts fully now and my nipples are totally erect. I move my hands over them occasionally pinching my nipples. A small moan escapes my lips as I do this. I can feel the heat building in my core.
I begin to feel across my stomach, reaching down between my legs. Through my skirt, I begin to press my fingers against my clit. This sends shocks of desire through me. Wanting you to see me better, I lift my skirt up revealing the fact that I'm not wearing panties. A low moan escapes from you as you can see my juices on my thighs. You can see how wet and aroused I am. Being too much, you bring your cock out of your pants and begin to stroke it slowly. I can see how hard you've become and it causes me to get wetter. I'm stroking my pussy now a bit faster. I slide a finger into my cunt and start pumping it in and out. With my other hand I start playing with my clit. Not being enough I slide two fingers in, then three. I am so wet my juices have completely covered my hand.
You have begun stroking yourself a bit faster now. You say, "Let me see your pussy, let me see you fuck yourself." I smile and take my skirt off and lie down on the bed with my pussy facing you. I reach back and pull a vibrator out of my purse. I hear your breath quicken when you realize what it is. I start to rub it along my pussy, getting it wet. I then push it into my cunt with one fast stroke, gasping at the feel of it. The thick shaft completely fills me. I start to pump in and out feeling the sensations. You say, "Turn it on, I want to see you ride it hard." I comply and almost orgasm as soon as the vibrations begin. I look over at you and see you stroking your cock harder now. It's larger now and I can tell by the look on your face that you're close. You have me so hot. Watching you get off is ready to send me over the edge. I continue to pump the vibrator in and out of my cunt while I wet my finger with my juices and push it into my ass. The feeling is so intense and overwhelming that I scream out loud as an orgasm rocks through me. Seeing this was enough for you and you moan loudly as your cum shoots onto my stomach and breasts. We stay there for a minute, breathing hard, not needing to say anything. As we pull on our clothes, walk out of the room and drive back to my car, we don't say anything, but have a smile on our faces knowing that we'll talk again soon.